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Hello readers! Here’s Jun again with your weekly translation. This one is also the last chapter of this volume, so we finally start with the next volume next week. It’ll be a while until Setsu arrives since many things are going on at the same time.

Fun stuff: The author commented how it felt like the first two volumes are like the beginning. Which is kind of true since she blazed through each continent to get all important characters introduced before the big storm which is the next volumes. I can assure you the next volume is going to be interesting. Or at least I think so from the chapters I’ve translated so far.

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Isekai shoukan wa nidome desu Chapter 50

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50 Now, onto the battlefield


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“<Shadow Lance>!”



The black spears unleashed by the black robe wearing man, Kagerou pierced through the demon soldiers.

The soldiers had surrounded him, but he escaped before they could begin their offensive with a magic that let him go into shadows.


“Do- do something about him!”

“He, he’s too strong!”



Kagerou surveyed his surroundings uninterestedly after mowing down the soldiers with a gigantic fist.


“Even though we released our main forces, are the demons still thinking of holding back?”


He could not find any satisfaction in his mind with the groups he could kill in his spare time.

He was about to swing his shadow fist again, but at that time――――――


“<Flame Lance>!”



Kagerou reflexively jumped to the side.

The place he had been standing at all this time was pierced by a flame lance and in no time another flame lance flew towards the place he escaped towards.


“Twin magic!?”


He separated that place by rolling in panic and soon the lance pierced the ground beside him.

Perhaps he was grazed; the edges of his robe was burnt but there was no damage.


“Fuh, a tough looking person has shown up!”

“You don’t have time to rest, you know!”



Realizing the bloodlust behind him, Kagerou leaped forward.


“<Destructive Fist(Haken)>!”


Together with a thunderous roar, the ground shook.

Kagerou who had his feet on the ground was distracted by the shaking and had gotten himself in a difficult situation where he had to cancel his previous magic


“I knew ordinary methods won’t do.”

“It will be better than it being unsatisfying.”

“You bastards……so you have finally appeared.”


Who showed their figures were a petite girl and a man of large build.

Those two were close aides of the demon king who have previously confronted Kagerou――――――


“One of the five demon generals, Lily Lavent. We meet again.”

“One of the five demon generals, Ides Armicks ……Here I go, black robe.”

“It’s not black robe, my name is Kagerou. ……Two demon generals, no shortage in opponents there!”


Kagerou took off his black robe and revealed his appearance.

He possessed black hair and on that well ordered face was a large scar.


“Heh!? Isn’t he quite the hot guy!?”


Lily kneaded her magic power and Ides readied his fists.

Kagerou took out and readied the sword concealed behind his back.

The powerful tops, prided by both their armies, collided here at that time.





A magic fired by Brad, one of the five demon generals, burned a human soldier.


“You can’t take me down with mere toys!”



He jumped over a blow from the magic soldiers approaching from behind and landed on that shoulder.

He plunged the red knife in his hand into the base of the magic soldier’s throat where the armor is thin and that soldier fell on its knees after convulsing.


(So appearance-wise it’s a puppet, but the fact blood comes out means it’s a living thing?)


When he pulled the knife out, blood spurted from the base of its throat.

The magic soldiers who rushed on as soon as they had come to the battlefield, had the strength of several ordinary soldiers.

They were no significant foes to Brad of the five demon generals, however they must have become quite the amazement on its own way, thanks to them being in numbers.


“So first I should take down the puppets.”


Brad cut up his palm and the blood overflowing from there emerged and floated on top of his hand.


“<Bloody Bullets>”


The suspended blood divided itself and was fired towards the magic soldiers as if they were bullets.

The spheres of blood that had hit penetrated the armor and pulverized the head which is the control tower of the body.

The magic soldiers whose functioning ceased crumbled down and the human soldiers who had seen that regretted underestimating the existence of the five demon generals.


“The magic soldiers were easily……ugh!”

“Te- temporary withdrawal!”

“You think I’ll let you get away?”


When Brad readied his red knife, the blood flowing out of his palm coiled around that knife.


“<Bloody Saber>”


The gathered blood was stretched thinly by his magic power, transforming the knife blade to unimaginable length.

He swung that thin and long firm blade with all his strength and the human soldiers were easily bisected.

And then―――――after sucking up the blood of those soldiers and stretching even more, the knife reaped the other soldiers’ lives by the roots.


“Did I get them all……No”


Brad turned around.

There was a raincoat wearing young girl whose looks were not often seen.


(……She’s strong)


Brad judged with a glance.

That she had a level of strength similar to his.

He had a premonition that he wouldn’t lose, but even he would bear seriously injuries.


“You bastard……who are you?”


Brad asked and the young girl began approaching him.

There was no hostility in her approach and while some wariness was remaining, Brad allowed her to approach him.


“I am Hanabashira Yuuhi. I don’t have any intentions to fight, okay? I only want to talk a little.”



There were no signs of her lying.

With this occasion, Brad judged she was one of the summoned Heroes of another world.

The fact that it was an unusual name in this world, the fact she had unusual looks and the fact that she looked still green despite possessing mighty strength. There should be no doubt that she is a Hero.


“It depends on what you will talk about. With that I―――――”

“Setsu……Do you know of a boy with that name?”

“Gh!……Fine then, we change our locations for a while.”



This time, Yuuhi made a fist pump in her mind.

She had heard it from Eruka that the five demon generals knew about Setsu, but it was a gamble whether they would accept a conversation with her just by revealing that name.

Yuuhi seems to have broken through the first hurdle, so she felt relieved.


“Then, let’s go―――――”



The instant Yuuhi was about to walk away with Brad, a voice she knew of called out to her from the back.

There was Jirou standing with a look of shock.


“An acquaintance of yours?”


“Yuu! Why are you together with a person like that!?”


Jirou walked up to them.

Yuuhi, who had a troubled look for an instant, instantaneously erased that look and―――――


“Noope, don’t know him.”


―――――released an orange blaze towards Jirou.


“Ugh! Aaaaagh!”Yuuhi shooting flames towards Jirou



With his body covered in flames, Jirou struggled and rolled over on the spot.

The blaze weakened by the rain and the wet ground, but Yuuhi’s flames weren’t so weak as to vanish from that.


“Let’s go.”


Yuuhi immediately turned her eyes from Jirou, turned her back and walked away.


“Isn’t he your comrade? Is this fine?”

“I don’t know that sort of person, you know. And even if I do……he’s just a nuisance right now.”



Brad was surprised.

He immediately understood that this man and she were friends.

What was surprising was that he couldn’t sense any sort of intentions in Yuuhi’s eyes.


“……Hmph, such an eerie woman.”

“Don’t be so rude to mee……”


The two walked, heading towards the demon’s military camp.

Hanabashira Yuuhi’s treachery was conveyed by Jirou; he was rescued by soldiers who happened to pass by him and although he had received light burns on his whole body, he received medical treatment and had hung onto his life.


“――――――is our current status!”

“I understand, you may stand down.”

“Yes ma’am!”


Sitting on the throne of the demon castle, Desastre let the soldier who had come to report the progress of battle stand down and deeply pondered with her arms crossed.

It became a very wonderful scene where her large breasts were highlighted by her crossed arms, but fortunately only two women including her were in that room, so there were none who could desire this.


“Strong demons serving as soldiers, puppet soldiers that could not even be taken down with three soldiers and then the black robed men……is it. So although they still have not entered Evil Barrow, coming this far will be a matter of time.”

“The situation isn’t good, is it?”

“*sigh*……It is as you have said, Levia.”


Standing next to Desastre, whose hardships didn’t die out due to her position as king, Levia produced water and gave some to her.


“My gratitude for your troubles……”

“A king’s position is also terrible.”

“Fufu……well, it does not look like my worries are petering out.”


Desastre laughed in a self-deprecating sense.

The wars in this world was strongly like Japan’s Warring States period; the army who defeats the king becomes the victor.

Desastre whose life was targeted by all soldiers will wear away her mind, no matter how much she is a king of demons.

“The awareness of my responsibility that it will be our defeat if I am defeated, while taking considerations about the safety of my comrades; am I truly someone who would be defeated with just that?” Desastre cursed at her own inexperience.


“The number of those black robes don’t match with the number of fighting power who could oppose those people……If all five demon generals are at least present……Uugh! What are those two doing!? It’s not like they have lost their lives I suppose……”


The beastmen-demons allied forces had headed towards the human continent a long while ago in order to attack them.

Among them were the remaining two of the five demon generals.

However they have come to understand from the fact the humans were attacking the demon continent like this that the allied forces were annihilated in an instant.

She should have accumulated a considerable fighting power and kept it in check so that the human army could not come out of their continent, but she didn’t believe from the beginning that they would be crushed so swiftly.

However that seems to be the truth; proof is that none of the remaining soldiers have returned.

Those two didn’t appear to be safe either.


“But the fact they didn’t return means they’re dead aren’t they, I wonder?”

“No……they will be the last to die. They err……they have their moments when they act a little selfish, but I am certain of their abilities. I am almost certain that they have escaped unhurt.”


There may have been circumstances where they could not return――――――continued Desastre, but if that is the case then they should somehow get in touch with us, Levia thought instead.

It would be a different story if their circumstances didn’t even allow for that……


“If only they are here we could turn it around……kuh, I suppose they should be hiding, considering the inevitable.”

“How should I say this……quite the unique people are they.”

“They are also troublemakers you see……the ‘I’m begging you, I only wish you not to bring poor results’ sort of people.”


Levia once again handed over some water in silence to the crestfallen Desastre who hung her head.


“If we endure it a bit longer, then Setsu and his party should come. Once that happens we will turn the tide of battle upside down.”



With the name Setsu, vitality returned to Desastre’s eyes.

To the current Desastre, no, the entirety of the demons, Setsu was their hope.

In actuality, if only he arrives, then they could call this battle their victory.


That is why we hold out for now. It won’t even be a laughing matter if we end up defeated at the time he comes.”

“That’s how it is. Not to mention if we were to lose―――――”


Desastre stopped speaking.

It’s because she noticed Levia exposing her anger, clenching her teeth enough to make sound next to her.


“I will not let them……the black robed group do as they like. I will absolutely slaughter them all.”



Desastre too felt the same.

If the girls were defeated……then they would be utilised by them.

They absolutely had to avoid that from happening.

The reason why was―――――


“We can not let them cause it……! Something like the <Demise> that is……!”


―――――because this world, would come to an end.



“Setsu, preparation of the transfer magic circle is done.”

“Great. Thanks Regulus.”

“Don’t worry about it. I won’t accept the fact that a country we are bound by alliance are in a crisis either. After this I will also dispatch soldiers from here as reinforcements, though it will be by boat.”

“Really. Then I’ll rely on them on the cleaning up, because I’m going to end it before those guys are there.”

“Isn’t that quite the thing to say.”


While having a frivolous talk with Regulus, I wake up the cat sisters who were thoroughly sleeping like a log.

Roa who had been relaxing her body in a corner also noticed us and came this way fit for battle.


“Listen, we’re going! You sleepy heads!”

“Eh……ah! Yes, yes Sir!”

I’m still sleepy desu……”


I produce a water ball and throw it at Shironeko who looks still half asleep unlike Mineko who immediately began preparing her appearance.


“You awake?”

“Perfectly desu”


Shironeko scowled at me with half open eyes, but the one who is in the wrong is the shameless you.

While she who got wet by water is drying her clothes in her spare time, we head towards the transfer magic circle.


“You all, you’re ready this?”


“I’m going out now, daddy.”

“Don’t do anything excessive, you hear me?”

“I know, I know.”


Each of us are properly checking our equipments.

The outfit of the cat sisters didn’t change from the usual.

They were adventurer-like clothes that resembles mine.

Roa is wearing an outfit with little cloth area as if to make the most of her ability to move.

Some time ago she wore and randomly invited me in this equipment, so I made her faint in agony with a poke in the forehead.

Sure it’s sexy but still cute, but it’s somehow different being shown suggestively.

I knew it, it’s the shyness you know, shyness.

In contrast to the equipment of the three, I’m carrying Kuromaru on my back and it indeed has the feeling of a heavy equipment.

I feel anxious about it since it looks like the tip would scrape the ground with my height, even if I carry it diagonally.


“……How about you put that in your magic bag?”

“Roa, you don’t get it do you? This way will feel more like a battle don’t you think?”

“Is that, is that so?”


Shironeko and Mineko, don’t look at me with questioning looks.

Carrying a large sword on his back is a man’s romance you know?

……In any case, with this the preparations of all of us are in good order.


“Alright―――――Now, let’s go you girls.”


The transfer light wrapped us up who are standing on the magic circle in the middle of the room.

With this, we plunged into a battlefield large enough to remain in history.


Here……in this war, I myself will decide to tear off the shackles called my creed.



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