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Hello readers! Jun here with your weekly translation of second summon. I’ve also taken some time to upload the colored illustrations of volume 1, volume 2 and volume 3. The illustrations are all on the first few pages of the novel, so you’re free to see it before the coming chapters. I’ll eventually think of putting the rest of the pictures there, but later. There’s no comment section there, so you’re going to have to comment about it here. The pictures are translated, but I’m not going to edit them. The scans aren’t that high quality either since I only have a regular 3 in 1 printer. Not the cheapest ones, but still.

Also, I notice Roa’s last name in the light novel is Leonail like in volume 1’s webnovel(probably edited) while in volume 2 webnovel, Roa’s last name is the same as her father Regulus, which is Gold. Which should I take though?

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Isekai shoukan wa nidome desu Chapter 51

Tl: Jun

ED: Jun


Volume 3 Compilations of war


51 They start to move


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The war of humanity and the allied forces suddenly intensified.

The situation where the allied forces attacked and the human army defended crumbled instantly; as if they were saving up so much power, the humans advanced to the demon continent in one breath.

The result: the warp device for sending in soldiers, <Gate> was installed and in the twinkling of an eye and the demon army turned to defense.

With the situation where the beastmen could not participate, their function as allied forces were roughly ceased and the demons were starting to be pushed little by little towards their capital city Evil Barrow.

It is due to lack of fighting power……due to having no fighting power who could oppose the group of black robes who are lead by the former Hero Touma accompanying the human side.

However this time, the fighting power who could oppose the human’s military strength was arriving at the demon continent.




Alize Ifrille had been wandering about on the battlefield with a group of magic soldiers.

Whenever she discovers demons she would slaughter them without argument and she walks with that body dyed in spurts of blood.

However, such girl too was surrounded by soldiers this time, trying to greet the time of reckoning.


“Alright! You’re mine!”


While the arriving soldiers becomes the rust on Alize’s rapier, one soldier who evaded that cut her arm off from the elbow.

When losing one’s arm, one would have their balance destroyed.

It is much better than having her arm taken including her shoulders, but Alize was certainly unsteady.


“Go! Attack now!”

“This is the end for this traitorous demon! Drop dead!”


The soldiers cut towards Alize with a furious expression.

Besides her were dozens of demons in the battlefield who were considered traitors.

They were cut down at an early stage and what was left was only Alize Ifrille.

However, that last one was strong, too strong.

It may have been a short time, but she was that Setsu’s pupil after all――――――


“The, the puppet soldiers are going that way!”


The instant the soldiers’ swords was about to capture Alize, they were mowed down by a large arm along with their swords.

One damaged magic soldier stood in the way in order to protect her.



“Hey! What are the lots restraining the puppet soldiers doing!?”

“Not good! They’re completely destroyed! Those guys are coming!”


The troops who were suppressing the surrounding magic soldiers in order to take down Alize were destroyed.

Weapons amounting to fifty bodies came surging with the force of surging waves.

Due to the overwhelming power where three soldiers could not even compete with one of them, the formation reversed immediately.





The magic soldier called Ramel by Alize carried up the injured girl and took refuge in the back in order to slip into the other magic soldiers.

The demon soldiers who were about to chase after them fluttered about in the air by the arms of the front row magic soldiers.


“Damn it! With this number……”


The colors of despair floated on the soldiers who not only could not take down the traitor who became a threat, but also fell into a crisis in an instant.

The demon soldiers in this location counted 50 and the number of magic soldiers were also close to 50.

The fact the magic soldiers whose military strength is thrice that of a soldier are the same number means essentially that it’s a difference of 50 against 150.

In this situation that would stand for a so-called checkmate.


“At the very least……We sacrifice ourselves and hurt them……”


However, the demon soldiers changed.

Their determination to offer those lives of theirs to the demon king was by no means weak.

Burning with fighting spirit, the soldiers held their sword and charged at the magic soldiers while raising a warcry.


Between such soldiers, a gust of wind was set out with the speed impossible to see.




The demon soldiers doubted their eyes.

The magic soldiers which were that much of a threat did not move even a twitch.

No……they could not move.

Their bodies were wrapped in a lump of ice and even their strong arm which mowed down many soldiers stopped, unable to do anything.

The demon soldiers who were prepared to die unintentionally dropped their sword by the spectacle in front of their eyes.


“……I’m a little anxious putting them down in ice. Glain, I’ll leave the rest to you please.”


The woman who stood between the soldiers and the magic soldiers that are put down in ice, called out to the blonde man in the back.


“Elka’s way of handling people is also rough……”


<Flying blade>――――――

The blonde man released <Flying blade>, a technique to fire a slashing attack, from an Iai stance.

The slashing attack which was supposed to be swung lightly, instantly bisected the 50 nearby ice statues and broke them.


“Both of you are breaking them too quick. You couldn’t secure even one.”

“Oh my, I’m sorry Tia.”

“I want to capture several bodies for research, so cooperate with me, okay?”

“Y-……you all are……”


The man and woman who instantly killed the magic soldiers.

And then the young girl who tied the magic soldiers with magic chains and mounting their shoulder.

The soldiers recognized them.


“――――――Hero Setsu’s elite guards, Elka Versoe, Glain Armony and Tia Amarette, have come now in order to assist the demon king Desastre.”


Elka, the woman whose blue hair shook, showed a very reassuring smile towards the soldiers.




“Jirou! What happened!?”

“Move! I am treating him!”



What was carried into the stronghold the Heroes were taking a rest at was Jirou’s body which was bearing a full body burn.

Kouma and Mitsuki rushed over at full speed, but the girl whose forte was restoration magic dropped to her knees in order to remove them.


“Oh sacred light, heal the resenting impurities! <High Heal>!”


A warm light poured out from her hand, the hand of the girl called Sawada, and it wrapped up Jirou’s body.

Jirou who could not let out a single voice had finally started to speak feebly by the <High Heal>.



“Are you okay Jirou!? Sawada!”

“I know!”


Another <High Heal>.

With several Heals piled up afterwards, Jirou’s burns disappeared and he finally had come to regain consciousness.


“Ugh……This place is……?”

“It’s the stronghold! Jirou!

“The stronghold……?”

“What in the world happened to you……Jirou.”


Jirou raised his body and viewed his surroundings, confirming his situation.

His half-awake consciousness gradually began to recover and around the time it cleared up he remembered what happened to his body.

No――――――he unintentionally remembered.


“I……went after Yuu and……an enemy demon was together with her so…… I thought about hel――――――”

“Yuu did……? What did you say Yuu has done?”

“Tha-, that’s right……Yuu has……Yuu has! Yuu has betrayed us!”


Jirou’s voice resounded in the stronghold.

The surroundings were baffled by his flustered state which was different from his usual.


“What are you saying Jirou……Are you still not completely conscious?”

“I was burned by her! Yuu went together with the demon bastard!”

“Would you cut it――――――”


Kouma reflexively grabbed Jirou by the collar.

He stretched the burned tattered clothes and and glared at those eyes of his.

And he unintentionally made him shorten his words.


“She has betrayed! Us!”


There were no lies showing in his eyes.

There were no traces of him being manipulated by anything. He was flustered, but that did not mean that his head had gone strange.

Kouma didn’t know, but Jirou’s eyes seemed to show that he was betrayed by someone he trusted.

He became unable to say anything, so the classmates at that place were making noise.

The popular girl called Yuuhi who talks to anyone in class without any discrimination, has a bright smile and a kind personality. It was impossible for them to believe that she would do something like betraying them.

However……Jirou didn’t seem to be lying, even in their eyes.


“Is it really true……that Yuu betrayed us?”

“Yeah! That’s why I was attacked!”

“How about the likelihood that she was manipulated by a nearby demon?”

“That’s! ……I, I don’t know.”


Kouma questioned Jirou in order to remonstrate him.

He too began to feel doubt and anxiety, but that is because it was not definite.

If Yuuhi was manipulated or threatened――――――


“……Let’s go find out. We will find Yuu and ask her. Depending on the situation we may have to defeat her and preach, but……if she is being manipulated――――――then we’ll definitely save her.”


Mitsuki stood up holding her weapon similarly to Kouma who also stood up and took his sword.

As if getting hooked by that, the classmates also stood up one after another.

Everyone wanted Yuuhi to come back.


“Where did Yuu go?”

“……I’ll also go. I can lead the way and I also want to make sure.”

“……Got it. But you’re recovering, please don’t do anything unreasonable.”


Though staggering a little, Jirou also stood up and put on a new raincoat for battlefield use.


“Judging from the direction they were heading, we will probably catch up with them quickly if we cut across the battlefield.”

“In that case I’ll cut open the path with my sacred sword. Everyone, let’s gather up and go for a one point breakthrough!”


After rushing out of the stronghold, they started hurrying with Kouma and Jirou in the lead.

Ignoring the resting voices of the soldiers who have defended the stronghold, they vanished in the direction of the battlefield.

Not knowing that it had the worst possible future from then on――――――



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