BFTG-NT Chapter 43.5 Pt. 1

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Chapter 43.5 Food Fight! Sera (First half)



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The town of Liraluka that is on the national border of Kastal Queendom and Eludia kingdom.


On this day is a once-a-year festival. Its name, “Food fight championship”. The grounds where thousands of spectators and hundreds of participants gathered together was enlivening the border city at an all-time high.


[Alright, it has started this year as well! The annual Food Fight championship! The stalwarts who have done harsh training for the sake of this day have been eagerly awaiting the start of the contest!]


The host holding the mic (Kastal queendom loaned magic item) begins live broadcasting as though to speak the voices of the participants.


[With Kastal not supporting the Heroes, the two countries are somewhat on edge, but such things are irrelevant to Food Fight! Let’s be enthusiastic this year as well!]


[So you’re going to tread through things that are hard to say yourself. Yes.]


It was announced that currently Kastal will not be giving support in regards to Eludia’s performed Hero Summon. Kastal had deep affinity with Heroes in the past and Eludia who thus thought they would naturally give their support to the Heroes, is in the process of requesting for a repeal together with complaints.


[Serving you as the host is I, Mic Amplifier of the live broadcasting guild!]


[Umm, this is Nino, Kastal’s cooking commentator. Yes. I’m looking forward to working with you. Yes.]


[This is Dolton, Eludia’s cooking commentator.]


Sitting on the host seats besides Mic (person’s name) is a man in his forties and girl in her early teens.


[Yes! I’m looking forward to working with you, cooking commentator lady and gentleman! Now then, I think I’d finally like to move on to the explanations of the rules! I believe there are many of you ladies and gentlemen who know them, but I cannot just drop it. There are also some changes in the rules, so please go through them with me!]


As Mic said so, a gigantic panel was set up throughout the grounds.


[The first rule! As you all know, the tournament alternates between Food matches and Fight matches and the one who remains at the very end becomes the champion! The Food matches are the so-called binge eating contest and Fight matches are fighting contests! Just by binge eating! And just by strength won’t let you remain victorious! Meaning this will become a harsh battle!]


It is unknown who had begun thinking of what, but it is a competition that already boasts a history of more than twenty years and there are many fans in every place. A world tournament is planned to be opened and it is in course of conducting adjustments of schedule for each nation. What about the demons.


[First, I will explain the whole flow of the tournament! What comes at the beginning is a binge eating contest! With this, the number of participants will first be decreased to 40! The number of participants have been increasing every year after all. The commemorative participants will start here!]


A 10,000g participation fee is required to enter the Food Fight tournament. It is quite the amount of money for a tournament participation fee, but considering the management of the grounds, cooking expenses and such, it is natural in a sense.


Due to the participation fee of the commemorative participants (just participating becomes proof of a chivalrous spirit), they were able to secure a surplus, so the fact that there aren’t any anxieties in holding the next event is important.


[Next, the remaining 40 people will carry out a fighting contest! We will halve the amount of participants with this which means 20 participants will be left!]


For humans, it is quite harsh to do an extreme work-out immediately after eating. This is what they mean with “Harsh battle”.


[After the end of all the battles, there will be a binge eating contest with the remaining 20 participants after a ten minute rest. After decreasing the participants to 10 people, we conduct a fighting contest which would leave five participants and then another binge eating contest with the five until two are left and at the end a fighting contest for the finals!]


Meaning it’s binge eating contest(large amount > 40 people) > fighting contest(40 > 20 people) >binge eating contest (20 > 10 people) > fighting contest (10 > 5 people) > binge eating contest (5 > 2 people) > fighting contest (2 > 1 person).


It is quite harsh.


[Now onto the minor rules! First are the Food matches! You receive thirty minutes in each contest to keep eating one of the dishes and you compete with the number of completely emptied plates! Naturally, the top will earn the entry qualifications to the fight matches! In case of equal number of empty plates, the one with less weight on the last dish wins!]


[If you allow me to speak as a chef, I’d like everyone to savor the taste of our cuisine as much as possible! Yes!]


[It is that sort of battle. Give it up.]


[I do know that though. Yes……]


Cooking commentator Nino seems to be having somewhat of a guilty conscience for the dishes for the binge eating. Dolton seems to have adjusted himself in that area..


[And the other rules that were decided on are: dishes can only be carried one at a time and also “No transformation allowed” and “No using magic”.]


[What is a transformation? Yes.]


[Beastmen have a secret art called . There was someone who chose a method to transform their stomach size and digestion speed and increase the amount they could eat. It was approved in that contest, but was banned from thereon.]


[Thank for your easy to understand explanation, Dolton-san! Yes!]


<Beast Form> was the direct cause of this, but to make sure other identical tricks won’t be used, they put them all in “No transformation allowed”.


[Next is the fight match explanation! It is a one-on-one match! A fight with no weapons! Magic and transformation are now banned here too! Contest time is 30 minutes just like the eating contest and the outcome will be decided by being off the grounds, fainting, surrendering or vomiting! It will be a normal arrest in the case you kill your opponent! In case of a time out, the winner will be decided by their ranks in the previous food match!]


[Vomiting is a defeat condition? Yes.]


[Of course. We cannot possibly grant victory to the people who would waste food.]


[That is also true isn’t it. Yes.]


Nobody purposefully explained it, but even if one vomits, it is safe if it isn’t spit out. There are no problems if one swallows it as is. It is not taken into account on this occasion whether as a person this is a problem or not.


[And this is the meat of Food Fight! The participants will enter the fight match with 1 kg of weights for each dish less than the top participant in the food match! Those who barely pass through the food match will be in quite the unfavorable position! Oh, the fight match pairing is completely random, so don’t get me wrong there.]


For instance if the top ate 100 plates and the one who barely passed through the preliminaries ate 50, then the participant who barely passed will have to fight with 50 kg of weights on them. Of course the ones who have eaten more will have a heavier stomach the more they eat, so it will be a difficult fight dealing with that. The fact you don’t even know how much your opponent has eaten makes the match depend on each participant’s judgment, tactics and luck.


[Now, it’s the end of the rule explanation! We’re about to start immediately with the first food fight! The participants seem to be close to their limits of hunger!]


[Well, they have gone without lunch haven’t they. Yes.]


[Of course they would. There hasn’t been even a single person who has eaten a meal and then participated until now as you would have expected.]


Currently it’s one hour past noon.


[And now, the cooking for the first match is! This! Tadah!]


The host says “Tadah” by herself. She is a model host.


[It’s Smullen Bakery’s Yakisoba bread!]




The participants are murmuring.


[To think, the staple food + staple food death combo would be in the first contest……]


[Heh, this level of food isn’t much of an opponent to my well trained stomach.]


[Stuffing your stomach isn’t the problem. The problem is that you get thirsty. The timing of your water intake is going to decide the match.]


[You mean they’re trying to fill our stomach with water from the first round? Heh, they’re completely mad. Not that I hate them.]


It is a tournament with a seemingly large group of junkies in good vibes.


Simultaneously with the announcement, dishes of yakisoba bread are distributed to each participant.


[This is the best seller of Smullen Bakery whose store is established in the Eludia capital city, the Yakisoba bread! It is a dish that uses the cuisine conveyed by the Heroes recently and jumped to the top in a flash! It is highly favored by young men in their prime. Each dish has one bread!]


[Is it really popular? Yes.]


[Yes, however I understood from an investigation that it would destroy your physical health if you keep eating only that……]


[Okay, cooking commentators! Please don’t say anything that will dampen their enthusiasm!]


[Pardon me.]


[I’m sorry. Yes.]


The two cooking commentators apologized obediently.


[Okay then, first round, food match! Begin!]


Participants altogether immediately sunk their teeth into the yakisoba bread together with the host’s signal.



[Now then, five minutes left for the food match! Currently the first place is S rank adventurer from Kastal and also the last year’s victor! Contestant Galion!]


[He’s eating with an amazing speed. He already passed 70 plates……]


The first place Galion keeps eating at a pace of at least one yakisoba bread every 30 seconds.


[I will probably be full with two plates of those. Yes……]


Telling a girl in her early teens to eat a large amount of Yakisoba bread should be harsh.


[And the one running behind him is participating for the first time today! It’s one of the few female participants, contestant Sara! She has finished 70 dishes!]


In another table, a blond woman around her twenties is eating yakisoba pan with a speed approaching Galion.


Perhaps, there’s no great difference in simple eating speed with Galion, but the lady called Sara is eating carefully and elegantly, which causes some differences between them. Evidence of that is that Galion’s table has yakisoba scattered around (you can waste up to a certain weight per dish), but Sara’s table is kept clean.


[Amazing isn’t it. Contestant Se, cough, Sara. It’s surprising that a fellow woman can eat this much. Yes.]


[It’s not all, but most of the female participants are defeated at the first fighting contest you see.]


When it actually comes to binge eating, women having such forte are by no means scarce. However, that number drops sharply when it comes women who win the binge eating and are also confident in combat. Because of that, a few female participants would reach the fight match, but most would surrender at the fight match.


[That onee-chan over there is being risky. She didn’t drink even a single drop of water until now. She’s completely mad. Not that I hate her.]


[Impossible! Even with this stomach of mine I took ten glasses while eating ten dishes!]


[Being thirsty is unrelated to your stomach. You, you must be an idiot. Also you’re drinking too much.]


As was said by the Junkie participants, Sara hasn’t drunk even a single cup of her beverage.


Eating dry food like bread in large quantities without water is a suicidal act, so let’s refrain from doing so.


[Food match is over~!]


30 minutes passed and the contest has ended. More than half of the participants have retired and have gone to the spectator’s side. Since there are a lot of people here and it takes a lot of time to move everyone after the contest is over, they were recommended to move in advance.


[Not surprising for the most part, contestant Galion is the top scorer with 81 plates~!]




Even the spectators are letting out a voice of admiration.


[The second place is regrettably 79 plates! Contestant Sara~!




Getting second place in a food match as a woman is normally a spectacular feat. And because of Sara being delicate (except her breasts), they must be afraid that she is likely to withdraw from the fight match. It is a pity that she wasn’t able to take first place, but it goes without saying that she has gotten a satisfying result, so she was showered with a generous applause from the audience.


Sara looked like she didn’t understand why she was applauded.


[Now, we will move on to the fight match. The 40 remaining contestants, please draw a lot and continue to the ring of the indicated number!]


Changing locations from the food match, the contestants move to the grounds with 20 rings lined up.


A (Ring) is a 10 by 10 meters stone pavement, positioned 50 cm above ground. You will be disqualified if you fall from there.


The ring isn’t really large, but that usually doesn’t matter for weaponless hand to hand combat.


The weight to be added for the difference with the top are done by attaching rings of 1kg, 5kg and 10kg on the wrists and/or ankles. They’re individually free in its distribution and arrangement. There is also the tactic to put everything on the arms and raising the strength of a blow, so they are surprisingly not to be trifled with. That the way of eating and way of fighting are all connected to victory is one of the interesting points of this Food Fight.


[Well then, please get on your respective ring! If you’re surrendering, then it will be easier later if you announce it at this stage, so if you please!]


At this point in time, several participants request for their surrender.


[Tch~, my opponent withdrew again. If I don’t move lightly and stuff then it’s going to affect the next food match.]


The ones who announced their surrender are the female participants or participants who judged their opponent is too badly matched. Specifically the opponent of the S rank adventurer Galion. Since Galion has no fight anymore due to his opponent withdrawing, he lightly runs around, seemingly to encourage digestion of the food.


[What is going on here~! Contestant Sara hasn’t withdrawn! She’s on the ring. Her opponent, Contestant Pymund couldn’t hide his surprise either. Also his gaze isn’t going away from her breasts!]


Sara’s breasts have a reasonably destructive power. The opponent’s line of sight is constantly locked onto Sara’s breasts.


[He is the worst, isn’t he. Yes.]


[He is the worst.]


[Harsh words from the cooking commentators! However Pymund is fixated to her breasts without caring about that~!]


Pymund’s appearance is, frankly said, unattractive. He didn’t seem to have any female friends. What must be reflecting in his eyes at this moment?


The female spectators are worried about Sara’s physical safety.


[Well then, I feel some anxiety but it’s time. Now, the 2nd round, fight match! Begin!]


By the host’s signal, all matches start simultaneously.


Most of spectators’ line of sight is glued to Sara’s match. Half of male spectators are in anticipation and the other half in disgust. Of the female spectators 100% are in disgust.


[Oh~~! Pymund! He dashes ferociously to try and grab contestant Sara! The locations of those hands of his are! Full of intentions to grope her breasts no matter how you look at it~!]


[He’s trash isn’t he. Yes.]


[He is trash.]


Without being discouraged by the severe comments, Pymund, who is supported by 1/4th of the spectators and turned 3/4th of the spectators into his enemy, fiercely swoops down towards Sara.


The moment the women anticipate the tragedy and try to turn away their eyes.




[Eh? What? Just when I thought Contestant Sara moved, Contestant Pymund’s weights dropped down?]


The live broadcast couldn’t broadcast it live, but the instant she thought Sara moved, her figure moved 5 meters from her kick-off and got behind Pymund.


And then the weights on Pymund’s arms broke and fell on the ground.


The bracelets are made from metal and are the type that adjusts their sizes after putting it on. It would neither come off nor break easily. Those are rolling on the ground in a bent state as if they were crushed by hand.


[Err, in the tournament regulations, fighting with weights on is determined to be the rule, so with the weights being damaged, it becomes contestant Pymund’s defeat. So, it is contestant Sara’s victory!]




Spectators could not understand well what happened either. The only one who was able to properly understand it was Galion who was stretching nearby in order to barge in immediately when Pymund crosses the line.


(To think this me barely followed her with my own eyes…… Damn it, are you telling me that beside the guy who beat the demon in the royal castle, there’s another such monster in Kastal?)


After that, Pymund left Liraluka town in order to run away. The look of 100% genuine scorn from the women was harsh as expected.

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