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Hello readers! Jun here with your weekly translation of second summon. I just noticed the name of the character Brad could actually be Vlad or something. I mean, I see a lot of his abilities are related to blood. What do you say, should I change this one? Both are written exactly the same in japanese.

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Isekai shoukan wa nidome desu Chapter 52

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52 Intensifying war



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Brad who was advancing in order to avoid the battlefield stopped walking.

Yuuhi who was walking behind him also stopped by that.


“This magic power……an extremely reliable group seems to have come for us.”

“Ah, it’s miss Elka and the others.”


On the other end of their gazes, Elka and her group had been fighting in that direction, though they were too far and hadn’t yet entered their field of vision.

Brad who did not consider that Yuuhi knew them was surprised to being responded to the contents he tended to mutter in soliloquy.


“You are acquaintances to Elka Versoe and her group?”

“Yup, the one who trained me was miss Elka after all.”


Hearing that, Brad understood Yuuhi’s behavior.

Elka, Glain and Tia were the gang of three who once visited the demon continent together with Setsu.

Never mind the five demon generals at the time, even the demon king Desastre was surprised to the extraordinary fighting power of the three humans.


(It was strength I could understand considering the fact they’ve been spending time together with that monster(Setsu), but……if this woman is raised by such group then I can comprehend her attitude and strength I suppose.)


“? What’s wrong?”

“No, it’s noth――――――gh!”

“What? You’ve been sinking into silence and making a grim since a while ago……”


Even while being looked at with a quizzical look, Brad was unable to restore his stiffened expression.


“Yo- you! Can you not see this hideous magic power!?”


“It’s in the direction of Elka’s group!”


Yuuhi guessed it wasn’t a trivial matter, seeing him disturbed who she had a cool impression of and she concentrated her sense towards said direction.


“……Not good, my sensing ability is too lacking so I don’t get it.”

“Someone possessing hideous magic power is heading towards them!”


From the start, Yuuhi had specialized training in fighting power and thus she was taught the minimum detection skills.

The minimum means the degree to not get suddenly stabbed in a dungeon or a free for all fight, it’s not a high level skill where they could grasp the location of a being separated from her by several kilometers.

And conversely if one were to ask why Brad knew, then it is because the horn grown on his head is executing its role of a high performance magic power sensor.

The reason he is in the position of the five demon generals is because of his magic power, martial arts, search ability and his diverse support skills rather than his combat skills.


“Hideous magic power?”

“It gives off this impression as if the magic powers of several races are mixed together……if I have to give an example, it’s close to a chimaera created from parts of every animal.”



It’s a name close to irrelevant to Yuuhi who didn’t really have much to do with amusements called manga or anime during the time she had been living in Japan.

She thought she had seen such name once when she borrowed a fantasy novel in Setsu’s room, but she didn’t remember the details.


“It’s suspicious……I can’t let them do as they please.”

“If it’s miss Elka’s group then isn’t it fine?”

“I’m not worried about them, but……If I don’t ascertain it, then it may put lady Desastre in danger.”

“Eh!? You’re actually going!?”


Yuuhi stopped Brad in a panic who unexpectedly walked towards that direction.

She ought to have been thinking about currying favors to the demon army in order to not become enemies with Setsu, but if she were to be left behind by him then she would end up in a situation where both armies would turn into her enemies.

In order to prevent that from happening, it was necessary for her to have Brad lead her to the demon headquarters.


“I didn’t say I will leave you behind did I? However I somehow feel ill at ease taking you, who still hasn’t established any of our trust, with me to fight.”

“……you still don’t trust me do you?”

“These so-called humans are quite the crafters after all. Your actions until now could likely be part of your tactics to destroy all of the demons from the inside.”


“I frankly don’t want a joint struggle. If you want some level of trust from me, then……right, there is a little something I’d like you to do for me.”



Brad turned around and pointed towards the direction they were coming from right now.

As usual Yuuhi’s detection ability wasn’t high, so she didn’t know anything just by being shown that direction.


“It appears they are your former comrades you see? You have brought along an extremely troublesome group of people with you.”

“……Ugh geez……They’ve already found Jirou-kun”


Her expectations that they will be a little later in discovering her because the place she left was quite separated from the stronghold was entirely overturned.


“They are quite far away, but unlike us who are proceeding discreetly in order to not get unnecessarily inquired about, the group seems to be directly cutting through the battlefield. They will immediately catch up with us, you see?”

“……I get it, so you’re telling me to confine them, right?”

“No, not confine. Render them unable to fight.”


“I am not telling you to kill them. Either way it appears you didn’t kill the man a while ago either; even you have compassion have you not?”


It’s fine not to kill them――――――is what she was told, but his nuance told her to knock them about until they’re half killed.

She should have resistance in killing her former companions as one would have expected, so Yuuhi would refuse if she, for argument’s sake, was told to kill them.

Even if he won’t end up trusting her, then she will think about a different way at that time.

Her mind was not a scene of carnage yet.

The chains called compassion was restricting Yuuhi.

While she depended on it, she thought adversely to that at the same time.


(I’m embarrassing myself feeling hesitant to this……I won’t be able to catch up to Yuki-kun like this)


Yuuhi felt angry towards herself.

Towards herself who could not reach the target Elka presented, not even a single step.

Towards herself who felt hesitation.


“――――――Okay. I’ll do it.”

“……I see. I’ll call the soldiers here on the way. Allow me to hear your way of fighting from them.”


“I am counting on you.”


Brad turned his back towards Yuuhi and started running.

Already her gaze were pointed towards her past comrades, the chains of her heart.


“Okay then――――――I’ll go and lightly burn ‘em.”


Yuuhi lightly muttered so, but those eyes of hers were very serious and for some reason housed Setsu’s face.


The war intensified and sooner or later even this place should be wrapped up in violent flames of war.

The war was finally approaching the final scene.



“Haa……haa……damn it!”

“Huh? Is that all?”

“Quite dissatisfying. Being a let down is also his strong point with this.”


That man, Kagerou was on his knees breathing roughly.

There were no large injuries on his body, but there were countless tiny wounds and in contrast with that, the two of the five great demon generals did not make even a single rough breathing.


“How could……not a clone, but the real me be overwhelmed……!? You bastards never had this kind of strength before!”

“You know that’s……because even we weren’t real at that time, you see.”


Upon saying so, Ides and Lily showed a fist and a staff respectively.

On the gloves put on Ides’s fists, a complex magic circle rose on the surface and on Lily’s staff was inserted a magic power reinforcement magic stone which was strong because of its simplicity.


“I see……so those are the weapons of you bastards then.”

“That time was also the wedding ceremony and so we didn’t have it with us so you wouldn’t get wary of us.”

“It’s been a while since I had gone all out, my <Me Ricansack> is also overjoyed.”


The demon king Desastre personally created and granted them, the five great demon generals, weapons specialized to make the most each of their special abilities.

For Brad a red knife, <Blood Clot Knife>.

For Lily a white staff, <Staff of White Conjunction>.

For Ides a glove incorporated with protrusions and magic circles, <Me Ricansack>. (メ・リケンサック; me rikensakku: according to wikipedia, merikensakku is a different word for a brass knuckle or knuckleduster, they either wanted to go with american sack or ‘Murican sack)

Each and every one of them were national treasure class articles and one which ingredients Desastre personally had gone and gathered.

Those who wear this and fight were literally on a different rank compared to their barehanded counterpart.


“Now then, we too do not have the free time, it’s about time we settle this.”



Ides unleashed his fists aimed at Kagerou.

An invisible shock ran through the air as if befitting the expression of “rupturing the atmosphere”.

Kagerou jumped.

And at the same time, Lily released magic from her staff.


“<Flame Lance – Gatling>!”


Countless magic circles manifested instantly and from those even more <Flame Lance> was released in turbulent force.

<Flame Lance> is not a weak magic.

In addition to that, <Gatling> was originally an application magic that is appended to basic magic like <Fireball>.

Her magic which is the combination of those two was something even the king would be amazed at.


“Damn! <Shadow Wall>!”


Kagerou who just dodged Ides’ attack, gave up on dodging the lances and grew a pitch black wall from his own shadow.

Appearing to be a rather strong wall, the struck <Flame Lance> immediately dispersed.

However to his regret……it was a large quantity.


“Take this and this! There’s more of where that came from!”


So the tyranny of numbers is this.

The rain of lances struck the wall without an end.

And as for the wall, its surface was gradually shaved off and before long it opened a hole.




Finally one flame lance penetrated the wall.

Seeing the lance stop in front of his eyes and sensing the collapse of his wall, Kagerou ran off towards the back.

Somehow finishing the exchange of magic, he thought about getting out of her range.



“Turning your back away and running off……If you’re a man then meet your enemy directly!”



Ides who went around and cut him in, thrusted his fist towards Kagerou.

Although he instantly twisted his body and avoided a direct hit, his body was easily blown away just from being touched a little.



“Oh shi――――――”


Being blown off, Kagerou once again entered the range of the flame lances.

Due to the damage from getting hit and his posture being broken, he could not get out of the way.

The <Flame Lance> made a direct hit and a thunderous roar resounded.

Lily grasped a positive response.


“Gah……haa……haa……I see……to think they have gone this far.”


Kagerou put both of his arms on the ground and looked down on his body full of burns.

The damage was great and intense pain ate into his body.


“Now then……You must hate suffering any more than this. We will end this soon.”

“Haa……haa……You’re right. I have to……end this soon.”


The damage on him was great, even standing up was difficult――――――however, there was still confidence in victory in his eyes.

The two reflexively stood ready to that expression of his.

They who were convinced in their victory altered their thinking and turned vigilant to the max against Kagerou.


“What are you saying? Are you giving up?”

“Yeah……I give up. Killing you bastards like this that is……Honestly I didn’t think I would have this hard fight so far, but……that I would have to use this.”


Said Kagerou and he pulled out the sword on his back.

And then Ides and Lily became surprised.

The were supposed to have the advantage.

Despite that……Seeing that jet-black sword blade, their instinct feared it


“――――――<Limit Break>”


This moment, the visions of victory within them crumbled completely.



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