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When I was going out of my house to stop my 10 years of being a hiki-NEET, I was transported to another world.

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53 Monster Tamer Melua



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“Uwaa……How awful. Breaking the dolls I took the trouble to make into pieces.”


Elka and co who defeated the horde of magic soldiers, pointed their swords at the person in black robe coming out riding on the shoulders of a differently colored magic soldier.

That, whose presence was like many different kinds of magic power being mixed together, looked at the wreckages of arms scattered about nearby and let out a insincere like voice.


“Nearly all of the manipulated demons are also defeated, so I have to replenish them again you know.”

“I do not know your circumstances, but……if you are the very person who have created these weapons then I have something I would like to ask in anticipation.”

“Hm? Like what?”

What happened to that female demon?”


Said Elka as she pointed at the being near that.

A demon woman who had lost an arm and had her once lovely red hair stained with mud.

The three knew her.

They moved together for a short while and they had taken care of her in many things, so they could not forget her.


This? This is, you know, what I discovered at the time I was hiding in some demon village. She was strong so I wanted her and kind of made her into my little doll.”

Character image MeluaCharacter illustration Melua

She said while taking off her hood, and upon doing so her still childish and innocent human girl’s face was revealed.

Dense bloodlust of the three assaulted such innocent girl.

That bloodlust was so dense and frightening, the demon soldiers behind them reflexively fell on their backs.


“Aha! Don’t make a scary face so much, okay! Hm? Could it be that you were acquaintances with this girl? With this Alize Ifrille-chan.”

“……She was a friend you see.”

“That’s how it is! I’m so~rry! But you know in that case then, if you become my puppets……you can become her friends again you know?”



The black robe girl stretched out her hand.

Upon doing so, the vacant eyed Alize started moving.

She readied her rapier in her one armed state and ran on the muddy ground.

Running through without getting stuck in the mud, she jumped and thrusted a hit towards Glain with her weight put on it.


“Such thrust won’t get through me.”


He caught that with the hand wearing a silver gauntlet.

He then threw Alize whose movement was stopped in mid air towards the girl.


“Waaoh……Even though this girl is quite strong even among my puppets……As one would expect from the people who possesses strength close to a king while having a human body.”


Alize who was treated gently and thrown away adjusted her body in mid-air and landed next to the girl.

And then, at the moment she was about to run off again, the girl commanded her with her hand.


“Stop there, Alize-chan. Facing them recklessly would kill you, you know.”


In accordance to her words, Alize stood still with her rapier set up.

The girl nodded in satisfaction and pulled out a knife from her pocket.


“If one is not good then two and if even that is not good then steamroll them with numbers I’d say!”


With that knife the girl, without any hesitation, cut her own wrist.


“W-!? Are you planning on committing suicide?”


Elka’s group were surprised, but the girl stared at the gushing blood dropping on the floor with a grin.

The blood extended because of the muddy ground and falling rain and before long it created a reddish brown ground far and wide.


“The rainy day spreads the blood for me so it saves me the trouble. It didn’t really take much to be completed.”


When the girl placed her hand on the wound, that wound vanished without a trace, as if the blood gushing out until then had all been an illusion.

Seeing that, Tia noticed.


“……What gushed out on the ground right now wasn’t blood……it’s magic power.”


“Coorrect! This knife is a little special you know, it lets magic power gush out from the part it cuts. Well just like blood vessels, the volume that comes out seems to change depending on the place of your body though.”


The blood――――――or rather magic power that was spread on the ground gradually faded into black and before long it was dyed pitch black.

From that which was dense and deepened enough to be sucked in, numerous sinister magic power could be felt.

Numerous――――――presences of enormous monsters that is.


“This, is bad”

“It’s too late!”


Tia noticed the threat of this first, but it was already late.

The girl called out to the ground.


“Come out, come out! Everyone!”


The ground shook.

While hearing the flustered voices of the demon soldiers behind her, Elka instantly released a <Flying blade> towards the girl.

She understood the threat of this from Tia’s words.

Its strength was not at the level of Glain’s, but an extremely well placed slash was approaching the girl.


“This arm……”


Glain dropped down a little and lined up with Elka.

An enormous arm gradually exposed its full picture and revealed its hideous looking figure.

What appeared from the black soil was a red gorilla that appeared to be 15 meters tall.

And then……there were several monsters beside it.


“The S rank monster Death Kong, the similarly ranked Death Snake, Death Lizard and in addition to those an SS rank flying dragon……and it’s a fire dragon type to boot. It’s amazing that I would collect all three of the <Death> Series, right?”


What crawled out of the ground were nothing but enormous and dangerous monsters.

The flying dragon in particular is even stronger than the dragon Setsu took down in Alize’s village before.


“You know, I was acting like a monster tamer and at one point I had become a little famous as <Monster Tamer Melua>, but……You don’t know? I guess you don’t know.”

“……<Monster Tamer Melua>……An SS rank criminal who sold atrocious monsters in the black market for a bargain and held shows of human slaves being brutally killed by monsters.”

“Huuh? You do know me!”

“I have gone to the black market in order to study magic, so I have seen you several times. Enough to finally recall after seeing that black ground. If I’m not mistaken, that is <Monster Hotel>”

“That’s correct! I keep the monsters I have caught and tamed in my body. Though I say that, it feels more like I created a different dimension inside my body and isolated them there.”


Plenty of such people exists.

For instance concealing weapons inside one’s body so one can assassinate their foe, it can also be said to be an indispensable skills for when caught as a spy.

To be accurate it is another dimension produced with magic rather than inside the body, or in other words a type of <Space Magic>. But if there is someone sensitive to presences, then they would somehow perceive the presence of weapons inside the opponent’s body so they would be easily seen through.

No struggle would be able to separate that presence from the inside of the body, at this moment it can be thought of as a type of defective magic.

The method to connect to another dimension is where you have to expressly create a <hole> with blood or magic, which is also a reason it is called defective.

Incidentally, the reason why Melua wasn’t suspected by Setsu at the time she was close to him was because she left the monsters inside her other dimension in a different location.


“I see……That was the cause of the mixed uncanny presences, isn’t it?”


Muttered Elka, as she looked at the monsters, each raising a war cry filled with power.

The soldiers withdrawn to the back were completely terrified by the monsters whose precise strength was revealed in ranks.

There were no intentions on making them fight from the start, but seeing the state of the soldiers who couldn’t even run away, Glain calmly breathed a sigh.

Even Glain and his group could stand against groups of S rank and higher while protecting a large number of people.


“Tia! Guard the soldiers in the back! The ones in front of us are for me and Elka!”

“Eeh……I also want to go forward.”

“I’ll even treat you a cake, so please!”

“I shall obey.”

“Tia, you’re a rear guard in the first place aren’t you……”


Tia who voiced her dissatisfaction in not being able to fight in the frontlines became submissive through confectioneries and so Glain and Elka started running towards the monsters.


“There is no later for you guys! Go!”



The two went at the enormous rushing monsters without flinching.

Tia jumped off from the bound magic soldier she was on and took up a natural stance to block the way in front of the soldiers.


“Glain, the Death Kong in front of you if you please! I’ll go for the Death Snake!”



When they confirmed each of their preys, Elka kicked the ground and revolved over the Death Snake.


“Get sewed on the ground! <Icicle Drop>!”


Above the trajectory of her fluttering about in mid air appeared a magic circle with the diameter size that carefully matched her.

When the gorgeously dancing Elka landed behind the snake and thrusted her sword to the ground, gigantic blocks of ice revealed its figure from the magic circle.

The tips of the blocks of ice were pointed sharply and the vigorously protruding tips pierced the Death Snake, sewing it to the ground in an instant.




Having numerous large holes opened on its body, the Death Snake raised its voice and writhed.

When Elka slightly twisted the thrust sword, the lumps of ice also moved the same way, tormenting the snake even more.

Several seconds later, the Death Snake easily died.


“Don’t think S rank level monsters……can stop us.”


Pulling the sword from the ground, she thrusted it towards Melua who was looking at her in surprise.


“<Flying Blade>!”



The <Flying Blade> released by Glain put in a cut on Death Kong’s body.


“As expected of a Death Kong, so this level doesn’t work.”




The enraged Death Kong swung his strong arm.

Glain dodged it and released a <Flying blade> when he had the opportunity……However, its skin was as tough as he expected and he could not inflict a fatal wound with a lightly released <Flying Blade>


“This is not the time to hold back I suppose……”


While dodging the arm that was swung recklessly in rage, Glain clad his sword with magic power and put strength in his arm.


“<Flying Blade・Cutting Petals>!”


Glain swung his sword just once――――――is what it looked like.

The next moment, countless sword cuts ran through Death Kong’s body and made a red flower bloom in the air.

Seemingly already died, the Death Kong lied on the ground face down without raising even a single shriek.


“My sword is called a <Light sword> you see……you couldn’t see it could you?”


Sheathing his sword, Glain muttered while looking at the fallen Death Kong.



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