Monthly Short

Here you find a list of short translated stories that are released once(or twice when very short) every month.



December Monthly Short

The Cat and the Dragon

A tale of cats and a dragon who was raised by a cat.



January Monthly Short

The companions I trusted in were all assassins planted by corrupt Heroes

The Hero of darkness Shion was suffering mentally while being at the position of the strongest on the land.  It was his companions who completely saved him when he became distrustful towards other people. Although Shion decided to trust people again because of the girls――a tragedy occurred just then. There was a cruel betrayal from those companions he believed the most in the world. Shion barely escaped with his life, but he had come to lose ninety percent of his strength. And then above all, he received serious damage to his heart. Shion gave up living and wandered in a forest to try dying, and then one monster appeared in front of him. “Will you not kill me?” The monster made the request to Shion, who was strong even when having lost strength, to kill it. However the action that the not yet dead Shion took is——

February Monthly Short

(1/2)As a result of improving the efficiency of recovery medicine to the utmost, a new dungeon was made! 
The curio shop siblings are troubled. The older brother and younger sister were fortunate enough to have a second hand shop in a town near a dungeon and adventurers flourished, but as soon as the dungeon was captured the recovery medicine stopped selling. Every month they continued to go in the red and if this continues they will be out in the cold. There the two mustered their wisdom to think about the recovery medicine they’re selling. When thinking about it, why were recovery medicines inconvenient and illogical? The liquid stored in the bottle and such, they were heavy and would spill and you won’t be able to drink it if you don’t use both hands during combat. It will be more simple, usable at the necessary time and effect will be great. While developing such dream recovery medicine, trade grew to an unexpected direction. The result of advancing the optimization of the recovery medicine to the utmost limit was that a new dungeon was born! The story that is spun with great effort and bonds by the curio shop siblings with strong commercial spirit begins now (big lie).

(2/2)When I chant ignite, black figures next to me would strike a match
I reincarnated to another world and received extraordinary magic powers …Magic powers?

March Monthly Short

I transferred to another world and became a Hero. It looks like they will be executing me after I defeated the demon lord because I am “no longer needed,” so I will ruin the kingdom through my powers of “Domination”!

Rena, a girl who was transferred to another world as a Hero, finally brought down the demon lord. However, the kingdom feared the enormous power she possessed and not only snatched away her equipment, but also imprisoned her in order execute her later. There, Rena received advice from the similarly imprisoned demon Dejiizu and awakened her true ability – ”Domination.” That is a power where one could take control over a target by sending in magic power by means of a kiss, and manipulate them freely. She, for starters, took control over the princess who had betrayed her.

April Monthly Short

The Mother Cat and the Girl

A tale of a girl and a certain mother cat.