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Tl: SpecterZe

ED: Torianna

Chapter 23
I try to observe the man eater from a distance away. It is simply a huge pitcher plant. It is about six meters in total length, and it has many branches. (It is too troublesome, so I call them tentacles.) Yurika’s corpse is hanging from one of those tentacle. The Fang wolf is also hanging in the same manner, like preserved food.s

By the way, Yurika is now stark-naked. I think her clothes were just a hindrance for the man eater. That couldn’t be helped. I can see that because we are going to fight against the man eater. But…
[It is no good.] Mio says. [A beautiful girl being attacked by tentacles is okay, but it isn’t good, at all, if she was killed.]
Mio is right. If I see a lifeless girl being strangled, I only feel pity. I don’t have any erotic feelings, at all. Is that the way it preserves its food, or does it has another use for it?
A : Slightly rotted is the most delicious.
…For real?
My opinion about the man eater has totally changed.
[Phew! I think it was a good idea to come here,] I begin. [Let’s drop our status a little and use this as battle training.]

[Understood,] Sakura says. [How should we fight this time?]
Sakura asks me. Hmmm…
[Let’s do something different from usual and focus on long-range attack.] I begin. [Sakura and Mio will be the main damage dealers, and the rest of us will support them. The man eater’s movement is quite slow, so poison and acid aren’t much of the threat at long range, either. I think we will be safe as long as we stay out of the tentacles’ range.]
Even if the damage is small, I’m not an enthusiast of seeing cute girls suffering from poison or acid on their skin. Acid on their clothes is okay, though.
[I intend to recoverYurika’s body after this.] I say.

[Why?] Maria asks. [Do we actually have a reason to do that?]
You are certainly right. We have no reason to recover Yurika’s body, but the situation has changed.
[It is nothing personal, but I want to stop that man eater.] I reply.
Since that guy’s presence is dangerous, we have to be extremely cautious.
[Understood.] Maria says. [I will try to recover her body.]

Maria volunteers to do that. She is the quickest among us. I think she is suitable for this job.
<<Dora can fly, too~>> Dora adds via telepathy.

That is the case, too. Because Dora’s <Flight> skill is LV7, it is unlikely she will be caught by those tentacles.
[It is possible,] I say. [However, Dora doesn’t have much experience in dog fighting yet. It is too dangerous if you don’t have prior experience before. So I will leave this role for Maria this time.]

[Please leave it to me,] Maria says. [I will complete it without fail.]

<<Boo!>> says Dora.
Dora becomes sullen. So cute. Since she is so cute, I can’t do anything but pat her. Of course, I do.
<<Eh…>> Dora groans.

[Why? Although I was chosen, why do I feel such regret?] Maria asks.
Dora’s mood is already fixed, but Maria looks a little bit sad. I can’t help but pat her, too. Of course, I do. I mean, I just rub her ears.
[fuwa~, hauuu…] – Maria
A good reaction as usual, but this is the middle of a forest with a monster in it. Do you want me to pat it? Why? Ha, ha, ha.
[Maria, you go recover Yurika’s body and then use “Warp” to return to us.] I say.

[Yeah… Uh… No, it’s all right,] Maria begins. [I’m going to cut down any tentacles during my return.]
Maria was certainly in character when she said that. She could, indeed, go there, cut some tentacles and return with just her evasion ability.
[If you are in danger, use “Warp” immediately.] I say.

[Yes, I will.] Maria says.

By the way,everyone has Sakura’s <Original Magic>, including “Warp.” It seems she can create the same magic she already did at relatively lower cost, about least than half of usual MP. So… I have copies of it for everyone. I have a feeling it is like development and mass-production costs.
After having a little meeting, our tactic is determined.
<<Is the preparation for recovering Yurika’s body finished?>> I ask via telepathy

<<This way is ready.>> Maria replies.

<<I’m ready, too.>> – Sakura says.
<<Then… Let’s start after five seconds. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Start!>> I say.
Maria jumps out at my signal. She jumps down the slope close to the man eater, cuts the tentacles and recovers Yurika’s body.

Since the top of the slope is a blind spot, we used it to our advantage, allowing Maria to approach the man eater quickly. This is good because our purpose is just recover Yurika’s body and get out of there as soon as we can.

When Maria cuts the tentacles, the man eater notices this and sends other tentacles to attack her. However, she just cuts them down when they come closer.
[Fireball!] Sakura exclaims.
Sakura casts her magic. Since she shoots it at high angle, her magic doesn’t hinder Maria’s action, at all.
[Ei~!] – Mio
Mio shoots an arrow. She is in a different location than Sakura because it is better to attack from two sides rather than just concentrating on one side. Since fire magic is really effective, a lot of tentacles are taken down with each attack.

I’m protecting Sakura while Dora and Sera are protecting Mio. Maria is going to join me later. Sera doesn’t use her shield, she just dual-wields both her sword and spear, one on each hand for better maneuverability. Maria and Sera are dealing with those tentacles while Dora and I are dealing with the other monsters. This is the basis of our strategy.
[Fuu! Ha!] Maria exclaims.
I hear Maria’s shout. Her evasion is something I couldn’t believe with my own eyes. She avoided all tentacles that came from behind her. Oh! She uses <Map>, doesn’t she?

Maria is really close to us. There isn’t much threat from the tentacles at this distance. Most of its long-range attack and tentacles are aiming for Sakura and Mio, but they aren’t hard to deal with.

The man eater approaches us, little by little, but considering our mobility, it doesn’t matter.
[All right!] I say. [Well done, Maria. Let’s burn it without reservation from up here.]

[[[[Yes!]]]] everyone exclaims.

<<Yeah…>> Dora says.
We are dealing the damage while keeping a constant distance from the man eater, making its HP to drops steadily. The number of tentacles is reduced a lot, even those which were used to preserved food are joining the fight now. Of course, they aren’t much of a threat.
[It will end soon. Be careful not to hit the acid sac in the center.]

The man eater suddenly makes a move after its HP is lower than 30%.
[What is that!?]

[Monsters are approaching us from all sides!]

[An enraged mode, I think?] Mio asks. (Spec: Wow! This is like a raid boss.)

Oh, this is common in games. When boss HP is low, it will be strengthened, and the companion is increased, too… All of the monsters in the vicinity are approaching here, all at once. Did it just shoot out a strange pheromone?
[Dora, concentrate on extermination of those monsters!] I exclaim.

<<Alright~>> – Dora

[Be careful about the man eater’s movement.] I warn. [It might do something strange.]

[[Yes!]] Maria and Sera reply.
Maria and Sera respond while they are on guard duty.
[Only a few HP remains.] I say. [Let’s burn it all at once!]

[[Yes!]] Mio and Sakura exclaim.
If Sakura and Mio can defeat it, this will be our win. Some tentacles move faster, but that isn’t something we can’t deal with. There are a lot of monsters from the surrounding area, but they aren’t that tough. Consequently, Dora and I are enough to deal with them.
It doesn’t take much time for the man eater’s HP to reach zero. It was defeated. Acid is splashing around and making a sizzling sound.
[Phew!] exclaims Mio. [We unexpectedly defeated it from a long distance this time.]

[You are right,” Sakura begins. [But it is natural, considering the status. The other party’s status is quite high, too.]

[Yeah. Sakura and Mio, how was it?] I ask. [I mean about being the main attacker in long range group attack?]
I think this is the first time for Sakura and Mio were the main attackers of the group, but they did unexpectedly well. However, what about the feelings of the people in question?
[You are right,” Sakura said. [We could fight unexpectedly well, but I think it would have been difficult without guards.] – Sakura

[Well, we didn’t need to worry because someone was guarding our back.] Mio says.
As they said, the rear guard was acting as a decoy and giving them a cover.
[Because the chance we will be attacked from behind is low, we could take time and attack without worry.] Sakura says.

[That’s right. We have enough time, so we didn’t need to use magic from <Inventory> or use <No Chant>.] Mio says. [And the bow doesn’t even have anything to shorten shooting time.]

[Well, the bow isn’t a rapid-fire weapon, after all] I say.
[An enraged mode, I think?] Mio asks. (Spec: Wow!
It can’t be helped sincethatt is one of the weapon’s characteristics. This world doesn’t have guns. I guess this is because of the different rule, and it might not as powerful as we expected in this world. We might able to replicate the firing mechanic and make guns, but we can’t expect it to be as powerful as our former world.

And what is the use of a rapid-fire weapon if it can’t hit? I guess Mio has no choice but to give up.
We decide to collect all of the monsters we defeated until now. I didn’t have time to collect them during the enraged mode, after all.
[Come to think of it, Sakura…] I say.

[What is it, Jin-kun?] Sakura asks.

[Can you revive a dead person with <Magic Creation>?] Jin asks.
I suddenly have an idea. Sakura is lost in thought for a while. She might need to confirm it.
[It is impossible.] Sakura begins. [Not enough MP.]

[So… Does that mean it’s possible if you have enough MP?] I ask.

[Yes, perhaps…] Sakura says.
I thought it was impossible, but maybe it’s possible, somehow.
[Huh? Master, are you planning to revive Yurika-chan?] Mio asks.

[Just in case…] I begin. [I didn’t do this because of my good will since we might kill someone who wasn’t hostile to us by accident too. This was an experiment.]
By chance, it isn’t funny if we fail to use resurrection magic when our ally is dead. This will be a good experiment before that really happens.

Wait… If Yurika isn’t treated as missing in action and this anomaly in this forest isn’t dealt with, the large-scale extermination will happen. If they couldn’t find Yurika’s remains with the anomaly in the forest like this, she would be considered killed in action. So… We should clear this forest, so it won’t have any anomaly.
[For the sake of Yurika being treated as missing in action, let’s return this forest to normal. In the case of a normal forest, missing is considered worse than death.] I say.

[I understand what you mean, but how could we do that?] Sakura asks.

[How about exterminating all plant monsters and wait for nature to return it to its former environment?] I ask.

[So this is an extermination mission?] Sera asks. [This is finally a chance for me to show my skill!]

<<Annihilate them!>> Dora exclaims.
Dora, you shouldn’t say that. Was it because of me?

For now, our object is the extermination of all enemies. We won’t have a problem because we have <Map> to locate all of them.
[Those monster plants have unexpectedly high magic status and MP. You might earn enough MP for resurrection magic after this extermination. By the way, what is the percent of MP we have right now?] I say.
[Err… for all of MP Jin-kun has, it is about 20%.] – Sakura
That is extremely high. It should take quite a while even if we don’t aim to make money.
[How about we let everybody fight on their own?] I ask.

[On our own? Me and Mio-chan, too?] Sakura asks
Sakura is a little surprised. She’s been a main long-range attacker until now, but she is going to fight alone from now on.
[Yeah, but of course, I will raise the status to maximum. I think this is a good chance to get an individual combat without me.] I reply.

[Come to think of it, we’ve never had a fight without Jin-kun, at all.] Sakura says.

[That’s right.] I reply. [Completely relying on others forever is no good. Am I right?]
Sakura and Mio don’t seem to have a problem with it.
<<Master, could you go with me?>> Dora asks.

[I’m sorry, Dora, but please do your best.] I say.

<<Boo.>> Dora says, pouting.

[What?] I ask.

<<Uh, I will do my best…>> Dora says.
Dora agrees to do it, too.
[I don’t have a problem.] Maria begins. [But Jin-sama, please don’t do something too dangerous. I’m worry about Jin-sama having a crisis when I’m not with you…]
You are really worried, but you know, that I’m really strong.
[No, I don’t doubt Jin-sama’s ability,] Maria says. [But this is for my peace of mind.]

[I know,] I say. [However, everybody must not do unreasonable things, too.]

A nice answer. Their stats are at maximum, so I don’t need to worry.
[This is the individual extermination mission] Sera begins. [But I will be the one who performs the best.]
Sera says this full of confidence. I could see the burning flame in her eyes.
[Wait a minute.]
Maria says, interrupting her.
[What’s wrong?] Sera asks.
[I want to be useful for Jin-sama,] Maria begins. [So I won’t hand over the first place.]
Wow! A declaration of war.
[Uh, I understand Maria’s feeling, and I want to hand you that position, if possible, but…] Sera says before pausing. [It’s just that this is the chance to show my skill…]
Sera seems to have a little trouble, but she becomes this motivated because she isn’t starving. Or maybe it’s because she isn’t starved for food and she’s starved for this instead.
[Then, let’s have a match between me and Sera,] Maria suggests. [Whoever defeats the most monsters will be the winner.]

[That is fine.] Sera agrees. [I was also thinking the same thing.. Of course, no hard feelings, no matter who wins or loses.] – Sera

[Of course, Jin-sama might not like subordinates who fight with each other.] Maria says.

[That’s right.”Competition” is okay, but “Quarrel” isn’t.] I say.

It seems these two attackers want to have a match with each other, so I add some words.
[You can count on me for the counting, I will judge fairly.] I continue.

[[Thank you very much.]] Maria and Sera both say.
So… This is the first individual combat, and the first competition is between Maria and Sera.

[Our goal is to exterminate as many monsters as you can in one hour. Ready, go!] I exclaim.

[[[[Yes!]]]] – Sakura, Mio, Maria and Sera yell at once.

<<Yes, sir~~>> Dora says
Dora’s variation in reply is increasing again.
If everyone goes on their own with full status, it will end soon. I mean, they could exterminate all monsters in this forest half an hour, and those monsters aren’t as strong as the man eater, either.

Since I told Maria not to do something dangerous, she won’t fight several monsters at once. She’ll just fight with a few of them at one time. It is less dangerous.
[This is my win.] Maria says.

[Too bad… Dora-chan interrupted me…] Sera says.

<<I’m sorry~>> says Dora.

[No, that was my mistake…] Sera says.
As for the competition between Maria and Sera, Maria is the winner. She has ten more marked. I heard it was because Dora got into Sera’s way and stole some of her kill. Perhaps Maria was thinking about that and chose the area with more monsters.

Even if Sera wasn’t first, her performance was good enough.
[Close combat is really bad, but I could manage it with knife.] says Mio.
A knife is Mio’s sub-weapon. Since we aren’t sure about what will be happening, close combat techniques aren’t completely useless.
[I could chant while brandishing the staff around.] Sakura says.
As I was exterminating the thieves with Sakura, I told her to keep chanting during the close combat. Come to think of it, I also do that too.
[It seems there are no longer has any monsters on the map.] I say. [Should we come back here after monsters show up again? It might be a rare monster.]
Speaking of rare monsters… We encounter a rainbow mushroom three times. Dora, Sera and I each defeated one of them. I have a feeling that rare monster isn’t that rare.
[By the way, Sakura, how much is it now?] I ask.
It wasn’t a polite question, but I could guess her answer.

[About 40%] Sakura replies.
In short, we have to do something like this again more than three times. Considering the plant-type monsters in this forest have a large pool of MP, the MP requirement is quite severe.
While we are talking about that, I saw a message pop up. Let’s see.

Dryad (Rare, Abnormal)


<Special Medicine Mixture LV6> <Cultivation LV5> <HP Absorption LV4> <MP Absorption LV4>

Note: Spirit of the wood monster. A tree that has been living for too long will turn into this.

A rare and abnormal creature! I want it. All right, Let’s tame it.

[I will tame that monster.] I say.
[Huh? Let me see… Wow! This is amazing in various ways.]

Taming level is… a little too low. I will convert unused points and level up the skill.

<Monster Taming LV6 (up)>

All right, this is good enough.

I head to the place where Dryad appeared. Coincidentally, it is the same place where that man eater was. Dryad is a girl who’s one meter tall with brown skin like tree bark and green leaf-like hair, the length of which reaches the ground. She looks sleepy since she was born recently.

[Then, see you later.] I say.
[Please take care of yourself.] Sakura says.
I approach Dryad. I think she is as strong as the man eater because she is an abnormal type and at the same level. However, her status is on the weaker side. She might have some abnormal skills.

As I approach her, she gives no reaction, so I cast a taming formation at her.
> Dryad is tamed.

> Please give a name to Dryad.
What? Tame without combat again. Did I do something she recognized?
[I tamed her somehow…] I say.

[Again? It was the same as Dora-chan.] Sakura says.

<<A comrad!>> Dora exclaims.

[For something like this…] Mio begins.

[As expected from Jin-sama.] says Maria.

[He really is out of the ordinary in various ways…] Sera says.
Let’s active <Engage Link> and ask her the reason.
<<Nice to meet you,” Jin begins. [My name is Jin. I want to ask you something, why did you accept my taming so quickly?>>

<<I can’t win… So sleepy…>> Dryad says, between yawns.
I couldn’t feel much power from her voice. I guess she is a little air-headed because she was just born recently. However since I tamed you, I will make you work for me.

Next is her name.
> Named [Ria] ←

> Named [Midori]

> Named [Yukari]
Uh. Yukari again. So the best choice is Midori. Dori from Dryad is quite the same as plant-like green (Midori). Wait, is Midori (緑) is almost the same as Yukari (縁), so it has some connect…or not.
[You name is Midori] I say.

<<Understood… Midori says via telepathy. <<I will be in your care…>>
> Midori, the aloof Dryad, becomes a companion.
Uh, good enough.

But we suddenly have a problem…
<<I don’t want to move…>> Midori says.
It seems Dryad hates to move by herself. Is that because she was a tree?
Well, this will get us nowhere, so I use “Portal” to teleport her to our carriage. By the way, we confirmed there is no anomaly in this forest since normal fang wolves are popping up.
<<It is settled?>> Midori asks.
This is the word Dryad said while putingt herself the the corner almost as soon as we entered our carriage. You are tree, aren’t you? Why did you not want a sunny place?

I have a feeling she is like a hikikomori (a socially-withdrawal type of person). Well, I guess each person has a preference.

[She is “my pace” girl, after all.]

[I guess so. But I’m fine with it as long as she isn’t harmful.]

[You are right. Nice to meet you.]

<<Nice to meet you.>>
She gives a reaction, but she won’t start the conversation on her own.
[By the way, one of her skills is <Special Medicine Mixture>. What is it?]
Maria asks. After Midori hears that, she is startled a little. Why?
<Special Medicine Mixture>

It is allows you to mix a special type of medicine that is different from normal medicine.
Uh. I don’t understand. What is the difference?
A: Please hear it from her.
I’m surprised Help-sensei refused to answer.
[Could you make some kind of special medicine?]
I ask Midori. She is startled again.
<<Do I have to do it? No matter what?>> – Midori

[Yeah, please.] I say.
I look at her and see her tear-filled eyes. I couldn’t give up because Help-sensei refused to answer.
<<Okay, do you… have… a bottle?>> Midori asks.

[Oh, here.] I reply.
I hand her an empty potion bottle.
<<Please… Go outside…>> Midori says.

[Is it absolutely necessary?] I ask.

<< No… But… Please…>> Midori replies.
It can’t be helped. So everybody leaves the carriage. And a few minute later…
<<It is done…>> Midori announces.
When I go inside, I see a transparent liquid in the bottle. Let’s identify it.


Special medicine: Nectar

Note: A holy wine that can cure all sickness.


[Did Midori make this?] I ask.

<<Uh…>> Midori mumbles.

[How did you make it?] I ask.

<<Pervert…>> Midori replies.
Her face is bright red as she mutters that. Uh, I could comprehend that somehow. This is no good.

I make up my mind and ask her later when she is ready.
Status (Only changed parts)

Shindou Jin


Skill: <Blunt Mastery LV3 (Down)> <Bow Mastery LV2 (Down)> <Throw Mastery LV3 (Up)> <Recovery Magic LV4 (Up)> <Monster Taming LV6 (Up)>

Equipment: Spirit katana (Incomplete)

Kinoshita Sakura


Skill: <Blunt Mastery LV8 (Up)>

Equipment: Ruby staff



Skill: <Blunt Mastery LV8 (Up)>

Equipment: Monk’s battle staff, Steel shield



Skill: <Sword Mastery LV3 (Up)> <Bow Mastery LV9 (Up)> <Throw Mastery LV3 (Up)

Equipment: Fairy short bow



Skill: <Assassination LV5 (New)>

Equipment: One-hand iron sword



Equipment: Greatsword, Partisan, Kite Shield



Skill : <Mimic LV8 (Up)>



<Special Medicine Mixture LV6 (New)> <Cultivation LV5 (New)> <HP Absorption LV4 (New)> <MP Absorption LV4 (New)>

~Fin Man Eater & Extermination

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