BFTG-NT Extra Chapter 3

Here ya go, another release.   Two more in queue iirc,  Editor-chan went back down to help her mother for another week, is still working on them, so they’ll be coming in time \o/


Tl: SpecterZe

ED: Torianna

Extra Chapter 3: 



Eh? Do you want to know a few more details about my past? Why now?



No, it isn’t something unpleasant to talk about. I don’t even need to hide it now, either.


Well then, where should I start? First, I wasn’t born in this country. I’m from the Sanokia Kingdom at the north side of the Kastal Queendom. Sanokia Kingdom is full of nobility, and the gap between the poor and the rich is really large. And children of those from the poorer households are just tools for the nobility. I’m the fourth girl, and my parents probably gave birth to me to make me a bride.


Yeah, I didn’t feel any love from my parents. The only things I usually hear from them are orders to do this and that.


Although I had a lot of siblings, I rarely saw them. My unnatural trait has been widely known by people since I was young. My siblings were uncomfortable with it, so didn’t approach me.


Eh? About the order from my parents a little while ago? I was left to do something unpleasant like be a servant, after all. I had less contact with my parents than my siblings did, after all.


Yeah, I’ve had this constitution and <Hero’s Proof> since I was an infant. Because of this skill’s side effects, my body weight often spiked; I ate a lot; I had a weak constitution; and I was avoided by everybody. Since my parents planned to marry me off, they taught me about the manners and tastes of the nobilit. Of course, not by my parents themselves…


The current me is looking well, but at that time, I was too skinny and gave off feelings of disgust.


I looked worse than a mummy… I don’t think there is the better way to describe it more than this. I had no pride left at that moment, but I was still a girl. Being treated like mummy was too much to bear.



Kya~! Why did you suddenly do that!? Eh? Did I become fatter? Well, thanks to the meal I had after Master bought me, my skin and muscle have become better now… I think you can understand by the look of me now…



Let’s continue. As you please, Master.


There was a widespread rumor in the noble society. One about me being neglected by my own family.

My parents tried to make marriage proposals to other nobles several times, but no one accepted them because of the rumors. They only aimed at noble with big benefits. They didn’t even bother to deal with lower-ranked nobles with few benefits, even if they could force me on them.


As a noble, I was ready to marry any partner as part of my duty, too. But that determination turned out to be useless, after all, especially since I didn’t even get a chance, at all. This was primarily due to the fact that they saw a picture of me when asked for marriage proposals. I’d always think, “Oh, I’m going to be engaged soon!” when I took these pictures.


That’s right. I’d eat a lot more food more than usual before taking a picture, and so my condition would be a little bit better than normal. However, I couldn’t keep it for very long since I kept losing weight.


Why didn’t you increase the quantity of meals? My parents ordered the chef to make a specific amount of food. I still ate more than commoners, but according to others, my proportions were cut down more and more. For example, I ate about ten people’s worth of food when I was around ten years old, but I only got enough for three people. As I’m sure you can see, it isn’t enough.


Eh? About lots of activity? Of course. I felt hunger all the time, except when I was working or learning. Well, it is basically useless…



My parents abandoned me, and the talk about marriage proposals never came up. It seems my parents weren’t doing well at that time, either. I heard they were going to get rid of something bad, too.



The reason I became slave instead of being killed? That’s right. This might connected to what my parents were talking about… that one of my sibling was killed by some kind of an illness somehow…



Yeah, it might just be my imagination, but they thought it would be bad if I had died due to a sickness at the same time…



I agree. They thought nothing about killing their own family for the sake of appearance. I feel bad for my siblings, but I survived because of that.


My parents cared only about their appearance, and drove me out… Well, they sold me to a slave dealer in another country and let me die there.


They treated my case as a disappearance. I was taken out quietly in the middle of the night.



I couldn’t resist at all. I didn’t have enough strength. I also resigned myself to that somehow, too. I thought not being killed outright was better.


The situation after I was sold to the slave dealer was severe. For a former noble, meals, no, that was just a bit of food. It wasn’t enough, at all. Since the condition in the carriage was bad, my hunger and thoughts of death came up over and over again.


When the slave dealer saw me, he thought I won’t be sold, and so the amount of food given to me was decreased even further. My appearance was better, but not for long. The slaver dealer wasn’t someone who was a hard worker, so he just left me in that state.


I heard the stories… they don’t treat you better, even if you are former nobility, at all.



Yeah, I was certain that I was going to die. I became so thin soon after that. Honestly, I thought I was going to die that day. I really want to thank Master a lot.



The sense of belonging? Something like that? The current lifestyle is too good, and those days were a nightmare. At least, I won’t have to go to sleep hungery now.


Even if they know about my survival, they won’t send any assassins after me. So don’t worry.



If they come, feel free to defeat them, Master. They’re nobles. Although I’m a former noble, nothing good ever comes from associating with them!



Eh, did you fight against them? Isn’t it insane? No, it isn’t lie if Master says so. Besides, aren’t you safe right now?


Well, it is hard to employ S-ranked adventurers, even for nobility… But you defeated him. And you defeated him in a one-on-one battle, and without a serious wound, too. Master… What kind of monster are you?



Ouch! It hurts! I’m sorry! I won’t say it anymore!



Ha, ha, ugh…



No, please don’t change the topic as if nothing happened.


Master, you don’t need to worry about pursuers. Even if they could employ S-ranked adventurers, I don’t think they could hire more than one.


Thank you… When my skill is equal to that of an S-ranked adventurer, I will repel them myself! Even if an army of common people came, it would be a laughing matter…



For now, you want to hear about my past, right? I’m sorry, but I don’t have any good stories.



Yes, from now on, I will serve Master as your slave.

~~fin Sera’s Situation

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  2. Let’s wish editor san’s mother have a fast recovery and get well soon. Thanks for the chapter.

    1. hai hai, Mother is out of hospital now, so it’s no longer dire straits. Should be fine at least for a while, who knows. Man Plans, God Dispatches ~~

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      1. I think you are going to face (not-so-)little setback from translator(me) for a while.

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          1. Ja, seen that when I checked the folder recently. Just saying, no pressure. We’re not going anywhere. Might host a few more WN’s down the road even, hehe.

          2. My main PC and internet connection are dead… I have to use my office’s PC and laptop for translation.

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  3. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    despite how she sounded.. isn’t she super lucky? not to be abandoned/killed when in childhood.. got more food than a servant even though she is treated like one.. got traded to a slave dealer that doesn’t abuse the products.. found an MC to take care of her..

      1. Well…the fact MC took them could be considered a lucky.

        Mio was going to be sent to mine and work to dead.
        Maria was about to die.
        Sera and those newcomer slaves were starving to dead.

        Sakura won’t survive too if MC didn’t take her along.

    1. As far as I know, an editor makes sure the story is clean, well readable and flows well from beginning to end(not sure how to say it in english).
      So they check and correct the spelling and grammar and adjust the text so it won’t become a wall of text nobody wants to read. They sometimes also make sure it’s published correctly.
      I may have forgotten a thing or two, but this is what I think they do. Think of them as quality control?

          1. Chapter 34 is done now.

            His loli harem increases again.

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          3. I suggest more editors. I see other translator groups with like 2-3 editors(not sure how many work at the same time) so having one or two for these situations would help tremendously.

  4. Thanks for the update! anyway, lemme ask, Sakura is the heroine, isn’t she? Our hero isn’t doing much to improve their relationship and it seems she only gets little exposure. ‘cuz right now our hero is just surrounded by little girls… o_o

    1. I think it will progress once he’s closer to some of his goals. He got a lot of things he wants to do and he probably wants to do it fast too.

    2. Also, isn’t there only one little girl in the group? I don’t know how many little girls he got from the batch of slaves he rescued, but I think most of them are his age or close to it.

    3. Sera’s appearance is around late teen (but she is younger than Jin)
      Sakura is around the same age as Jin.

  5. Yes yes. those ppl short on patience, I already picked up an additional editor, and once they get settled in things should be more prompt in regards to when the TL’s come in and they make it out. Regardless, the delays are just the usual Life stuff. They’re sorting themselves out in due course allowing more time to be turned towards this site.

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      1. Well, I think it’ll be fine to keep going at what ever pace you want to go at, I’ll get em out. It’s like a drama every time someone has to deal with life instead of focusing on these projects. It’s rather tiring. It’ll all get done ~~ 😉

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