BFTG-NT Chapter 29

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Tl: SpecterZe

ED: Torianna

Chapter 29 



[But I won’t allow that.]




Maria becomes dumbfounded.



[Maria doesn’t need to fight. I will defeat it.]


[E-Err, doesn’t any attack on that Tyrannosaurus from someone other than a hero only deal 1% of damage? Is Jin-sama’s attack effective?]


[Whether there’s only 1% of damage or no damage at all, I won’t have a problem fighting it.]


It doesn’t have or <No Effect> or <Reduction>, so that makes all damage become zero. I’m sure it’s possible to defeat it if I hit it hard enough.



[Even so, shouldn’t I fight, too? It would be easier to defeat it…]

[Because of that.]




Maria tits her head a little. So cute.



[This guy is originally an enemy for the “hero from another world”. It might not include Maria’s “Hero of Beastmen” title.]


[I’m sure it’s a coincidence that we found it.]


[Yeah, considering its existence is to fight with those people, there is no other explanation.]



Especially that curse mark. It is something that’s on the par with a gift. It serves as an antagonist for the “hero from another world”.


[Our purpose is to defeat it and snatch the reward.]


[Yes, I understand that.]


[Although you have the title of “Hero of Beastmen”, are you sure you can defeat it?]


[In short, Jin-sama is trying to interrupt this monster’s role, right?]



It seems she understands. So… I have to snatch it without leaving anything.

It’s going to be attacked by us casually, so it won’t have a big moment to show its power nor fight with a hero. Even if it is a boss, I will defeat it without letting it have its moment. This is one of my decisions. Making an unusual decision is seriously fun.



[That’s right. Please let me fight alone. It is a great opponent…]

[Understood. Please take care.]




I approach the Tyrannosaurus eagerly. As expected, it notices me.




Tyranno gets up and roars. It heads straight at me as Maria is out of sight.


…This is too good. I put Frozen Orange back into <Inventory>. I don’t need a weapon to fight it.



I kick the ground and rush at Tyrannosaurus. It opens its jaws and tries to bite me. I speed up and evade it.



Belly Punch! (Spec: Really!!)




It sounds like I hit something hard. Tyrannosaurus stumbles back and collapses, just like that. HP has diminished by a third. Only two-thirds left…





Wow! Isn’t that an unexpectedly loud voice? Even for Tyranno. It rolls over on the ground. It is really surreal.



[Well, then…]



Balling my fist, I approach Tyranno as it stops rolling. It looks at me with teary eyes.







Ah, it ran away. This Tyrannosaurus is running away from me without looking back. Aren’t you the boss? Your <Tyrant> is for making your opponent flee, not to flee yourself…



After chasing it, I give it a Belly Punch from the front.









Tyranno starts rolling over like it did a little while ago. I don’t do anything, so it turns its back to me. However, the moment it rolls and shows its stomach, I give it another Belly Punch.









Tyrannosaurus stops moving after that.



[The end already?]



Maria approaches. It took less than five minutes. I don’t think it will be a rush boss after this.



[Oh, Tamo-san, please eat it. Go, Tamo-san! Ah, but leave the monster stone alone.]



As I ordered, Tamo-san (who was tagging along) starts to absorb Tyrannosaurus.



[It doesn’t take much time. Should we return in the same way?]


[No, we will use it halfway and then walk the rest of the way since Gilbert might be there.]




[Err, let’s exterminate monsters in this forest or tame some.]


I know rare monsters will appear when all other monsters in the area are killed. Like when I tamed Midori. I will defeat it and take a rare skill if fails.

After waiting a while… Specifically, ten minutes after Tyranno was killed:


Dinosaur Egg


Note: Egg of dinosaur-class monster. Random when born.


An egg pops up. It was a little unexpected. I know monsters pop up naturally, but I never thought it would be in an egg state like this.



I approach the egg. It doesn’t show up as a green dot on the map. Its size is about thirty centimeters in length. I mean… Is it possible for it to take an action in this state?



A: It can’t. It can’t do anything until <Hatching> skill has finished.



Skill that indicates an incubation period. An egg won’t hatch if it doesn’t have this skill.



No resistance at all…

HeeHee. It has no will to resist at all. (Evil face)




>Dinosaur egg is tamed.

>Please name the dinosaur egg.



I think it is meaningless to name an egg.



>Do you want to put dinosaur egg’s naming on hold?



Oh, yeah. Thanks.

It is possible to name it later. For now, this dinosaur egg was tamed without any resistance. But how is it handled if a tamed egg hatches with skill like Tyranno?



A: <Tyrant> will be invalid.



What a relief. Since it is random, I’m looking forward for it. Oh, it can be put in <Inventory>. I don’t know about this monster’s stand more and more.



A: Fertilized eggs and unfertilized eggs are treated as ingredients.



…Let’s find some settings in <Advance>. An alarm should sound when it’s about to hatch.



A: Understood.

Eh, isn’t there something strange this time?



> Special power was unlocked.


<Avatar LV1>


Special power that allows parallel thought and quick thinking. Pseudo personality will give one of the parallel ideas when interacting with this special power’s interface.



It seems a new special power has been awakened. What kind of power it is?



Hmmm… I don’t know. Let’s open the special power’s interface first.



A: Pseudo personality was established. It will support Jin-sama when he interacts with the interface.



Eh? Isn’t that what Help-sensei usually says?



A: Yes. <System Window> and <Avatar>’s pseudo personality allow it to talk.



It was like this, after all. Well, I guess it’s easier for me to check any information… But, why did it hide this ability in the first place? Was that to lessen the effect of this special power?



A: No. This is something like a bonus. Its original functions are parallel thought and quick thinking. In short, it allows you to think about many things at the same time.



Should I be worried if it can’t do that? What kind of pattern do my special powers have?



A: Possessive. The desire to protect one’s belongings. To be specific, it is something that prevent subordinates from getting injured.



Perhaps… Is this parallel thought for taking care of my subordinates?



A: Yes. I can watch over all subordinates at the same time. In case of an emergency, I will give a report to Jin-sama. It is within the scope of what I can do.



Does this help ease my worry of managing subordinates? Can I leave it to you? My special powers are from that aspect, after all. Since I’m going to increase my subordinates, my worry becomes bigger if I don’t manage them myself.



Can you use my special powers, too?



A: Yes. I have a full access to <Give and Take>, <System Window>, <Inventory>, and <Engage Link>. I can use <System Window> at 100% capacity, but I only have partial percentages for other special powers.



In short, isn’t it like I receive a very helpful secretary? But… Will you betray me? It is possible for this kind of personality to betray me, too.



A: It is likely to be fine. A model is just a model… Don’t you hate being betrayed? I don’t think I will have a personality that the owner of special powers doesn’t want.



I certainly hate to be betrayed. If this special power is based on my personality, it must not have that personality, but I can’t say that out loud.



A : Well, the possibility of having that personality isn’t zero, either…



It can’t be helped. I need to think about a way to be called since it is really confusing when Maria calls me Jin-sama with a polite tone, Uh… Please call me “Master”.



A: Understood. Master.



And now, what am I going to call you? Help-sensei was just a joke. Since Q&A has an “A” and the word for “avatar of parallel thought” is…



It is settled. Let’s call him Alta. (Spec: アルタ)



A: “Alter Ego”, isn’t it? (Spec: アルターエゴ Yep, he just uses the first three letters.)



Alter ego. A different personality. Let’s just say other ego.



Well, Alta is fine, too, so I’ll use that for Q&A answers.



A: Understood. Then, my name is Alta.



I will be in your care. Oh! Since I don’t need your help right now, can you disappear?



A: Understood.



Well, it is literally like I talk to myself all the time. This is why they are called <Parallel Thought> and <Quick Thinking>. Really amazing.



[What’s wrong?]


[Nothing. I just awakened a new special power.]


[More “cheat” again?]


[Yeah, I will explain it later.]


[Understood. What kind of a wonderful power it is this time?]


Maria is fascinated, and her cheeks are red. Although she doesn’t say it, she still treats me like a god…



[Damn it! Since my new special power has been awakened, I forgot that I still have business with Tyranno…]



[Nope. That guy is dead, and I don’t think I can do business with dead people…]



That Tyrannosaurus received a finishing blow while it was writhing. Uh, my business is done.



My business in this forest is done, so I use high-speed movement to return to the village. However, I’ll start walking after reaching the halfway point.



When we approach the village, Gilbert notices and runs toward us.



[What’s wrong with this!? Don’t tell me! You did this, didn’t you!?]



Gilbert points at the monster’s corpse (defeated) and starts talking as we reach the village.



[Oh, I guess so.]


[That is absurd! A stampede with two hundred or more monsters was subdued by two people? Even an S-ranked adventurer can’t do that!]


Well, there were two hundred and thirty-six of them all together. Most of them are actually inside <Inventory>.



[Am I all talk or do I really have the ability to do it? Apart from that, the threat is gone. I have to report that this village is already safe.]


[Y-You are right, but this is unbelievable. How did I overlook someone this powerful?]



Oh, I smell something.


[Oh, my companion’s carriage is here.]


I see that my companion’s carriage is approaching. Everybody is on board.


[Master, thanks for your hard work!]


[Are there any injuries?]


<<Show me the dinosaur.>>


[Maria-san, thanks for your effort, too.]



When we get down from the carriage, Gilbert approaches us again.



[Excuse me. I’m a little confused. Now, those people who went to give a report to Atarime town, are related to you, aren’t they?]



Now that the situation has been cleared up, there’s no way my actions here won’t be noticed.



[Oh! What are we going to do with those corpses?]


[Although I feel there are fewer monster corpses than there should be…]


[They were put in “Storage”. I’m really proud of my magic power. So only low-level monsters were left here.]


I explain the excuse I’d thought of beforehand.<Storage> can store a lot of things if the quantity of magic is huge. Well, I think it needs a really huge amount of magic to put more than two hundred monster corpses in <Storage>.


A : It is impossible even for S-ranked adventurer.



[I-I see. It is too much…]



Gilbert stares at me with a surprised look on his face.



[Do you intend to collect the rest?]


[No, I don’t.]


[Then, would you give them to the adventurers who are preparing in the town? As an apology since their preparation is useless now..]


[Yeah, I don’t mind. But, as the person who killed them, why won’t you take some?]


It is too troublesome to conceal <Inventory>.



[It isn’t a problem. I have enough of them. There are more than fifty corpses inside.]


I let Gilbert to order his subordinates (perhaps) to collect the monsters’ stones.



Once the collection is done, we’re told to leave those corpses like that and return to Atarime town. Oh, those corpses will be processed after the people return. Because it is too hard for current members, we only give priority to monster stones.



<<…Well, in short, I defeated Tyrannosaurus with belly punch and obtained new special power.>>

<<…Simply put, Help-sensei actually has a personality.>>

<<…This is Alta, my parallel thought. He can watch over my subordinates when I’m away.>>


I give this report to the main team members — using only telepathy.


<<That is Jin-kun’s fifth special power. But why parallel thought?>>


<<Does that mean master will always watch us? Ugh… Where is a slave’s privacy!?>>



Do you think slaves still have privacy?



<<I’m close to Master once again…>>


<<Anytime, Anywhere.>>


<<Well, does that mean master have anything more to hide now?>>



There are the different feelings between residents of this world and those from another world, after all. The residents of this world don’t seem to have any questions.



Sakura and Mio, who both have the concept of privacy, seem to stand up against it.



<<No! It will do! It is impossible to feel discouraged when naked or using the restroom!>>


<<That’s right! Since I gave everything to you, I will endure, even if my embarrassing scene has been witnessed!>>



Oh, those two are broken down now. I mean, their levels of resignation are high. Am I really that perverted? It will be frightening if I can share my sense and perception with Alta while he stays near my subordinates.



<<There is no merit when I’m with everyone. However, there is merit as Alta can make a decision as my proxy when I’m not around. Alta will judge the level of choice and give feedback to me.>>



Since Alta connects to me, that information will reach me in the end.



<<Well, since the number of subordinates will be increased from now on, this is a necessary special power.>>


<<Oh, this will make subordinate management a lot easier since you don’t even need to do it yourself.>>


<<Please do it yourself.>>



I see an adventurer’s defense line when I approach Atarime Town. They see who is inside the carriage and lower their guard. The guild master from while ago also calls out to us.



[Gilbert. You were really late. The last of the villagers arrived few minutes ago, didn’t they?]


[I’m sorry. I looked inside the village a little.]


[Uh… Who is with you?]



The guild master lowers his voice as if he thought the news wouldn’t be good.



[This adventurer is the one who stopped the stampede.]


[What? Impossible? Wasn’t that stampede around two hundred or more?]


Err, is two hundred a lot?



[Yeah, it is real. You don’t need to stay alert anymore.]


[It is hard to believe. I thought it was unnatural since the cloud of dust from the stampede dissipated a while ago. You. Could you tell me your name and rank?]



The guild master looks at me.



[Jin, Rank E.]


[Rank E! No, you just registered recently…]



He soon realized the reason my rank and ability are so different.



[I understand the story, but it is too absurd, no matter what. I was going to leave this and go to the front.]



Well, it is too hard to believe, after all.



But the atmosphere around us becomes more relaxed after they heard we came from that village. Of course, it is hard to believe if you don’t see it with your own eyes.



[Lastly, he also provided fifty monster stones for the people who joined. Please consider this as a dinner fee.]


[In that case, thanks, since we missed the chance to earn an income this afternoon.]


They couldn’t do any work this afternoon because they had to gather here. Since this is a force quest and low reward…


Since there are around forty to fifty adventurers here, they could each get one.



[However, a complete annihilation again… I thought you took a carriage to help the villagers…]


[Yeah, I was trying to buy some time for the rescue team, but I was too enthusiastic and eliminated them all…]



Well, it isn’t a total lie.



[No damage to the village, either…]


[This is the best outcome for a stampede…]


About thirty minutes later, the person who was sent to check the situation returned and confirms that the stampede has ended.



[My bad. However, it is still hard to believe.]


[No, it is natural. We can let those villagers return sooner than later. Let’s let them ride in the carriage again…]


[You guys already did a lot. You don’t need to go that far.]


[I just take an opportunity.]



So we send the villagers back one by one, and we also pick up some of the villagers who walk slowly, too.


The adventurers leave as they receive monster stones, but everyone who was part of the rescue team, including me and Gilbert, are called to the village and are treated to a meal.


I hear a small rumor about this in the future.



[Thank you very much. Instead of thinning them out, you annihilated them…]



The sickly woman who was boarding the carriage said that.


By the way, we will be feared if we are too strong in our world, but in this world, they seems to accept a person with because of the existence of overwhelmingly strong people like S-rank adventurers and heroes.



[Don’t worry. I’m glad this village is safe.]


[Fufu… Your purpose is for rice, isn’t it?]


[That, too. However, I really like the style of this village.]



People will show their true character when in a pinch. People who think about others while such situations are really precious.



[Really!? I’m happy when you say that. Oh, and don’t worry about the rice, we will handle it well.]


[Yeah, I will be looking forward to it.]


People whom I picked up in the carriage raise their voices in surprise as they saw that the fields are safe. In this world, you can drink alcohol when you are fifteen years old (There’s no law about it.), but I refuse to drink because I still value the manner from my former world.


We rested in the village’s hotel and were treated to delicious white rice in the morning.



[This is the rice we promised.]



The bags of rice are prepared. There are seven of them.



[Is it really okay? I didn’t say you had to give me this much…]


[Don’t worry. We gathered this as a gift of gratitude. All of the villagers are really thankful to you.]


It will be bad if I don’t accept them.



[Understood… I will gladly accept them. We will return and buy more when these are almost gone.]


[Okay, we will give you a discount then.]


[Yeah, we will entrust it to you at that time.]


We leave the village and return to Atarime Town the next morning. Gilbert also decides to leave at the same time, too.








Only the changes have been listed below.



Shindou Jin


LV 60


Skills:<Sword Mastery LV10 Up> <Leadership LV10 Up> <Encouragement LV10 Up>


Special powers: <Avatar LV1 New>


Equipment: None



Kinoshita Sakura


LV 44


Skills:<Fire Magic LV5 Up> <Water Magic LV5 Up> <Wind Magic LV5 Up> <Earth Magic LV4 Up> <Lightning Magic LV5 Up> <Ice Magic LV5 Up> <Body Reinforced LV10 Up>


Equipment: Ruby staff





LV 42


Skills:<Blunt Mastery LV10 Up> <Shield Mastery LV5 Up> <Body Reinforced LV10 Up> <Fly LV8 Up> <Charge LV9 Up> <Howl LV10 Up> <Bite LV10 Up>


Equipment: Monk’s battle staff, Steel Shield





LV 36


Skills:<Body Reinforced LV10 Up>


Equipment: Fairy short bow





LV 49


Skills:<Sword Mastery LV10 Up> <Assassination LV5 New> <Loyalty LV4 Up>


Equipment: Treasure sword – Everlasting darkness





LV 31


Skills:<Sword Mastery LV10 Up> <Spear Mastery LV10 Up> <Shield Mastery LV5 Up>


Equipment: Great sword, Partisan, Kite Shield





LV 19





LV 41



~~fin Dinosaur and the End of the Stampede

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