BFTG-NT Chapter 42


Hello readers! Here we are with another chapter of blessings from the goddess! Apparently some people consider the chapter title a spoiler, so I’ve put it all the way to the bottom of the chapter. I myself don’t think it’s spoilerish at all, neither any of the past chapter titles. But I guess some people are more sensitive towards it than others.


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Chapter 42


[We’ve thought of various ways to stop Cynthia from behaving recklessly, but because we couldn’t come up with anything, we decided to patiently discipline her.]


This is the first thing I said after returning to the mansion in Kastal by “Portal”. Oh, I used “Portal” because it’s troublesome to go back to the entrance, and using a transfer stone for just one level is too wasteful.


[Cynthia is not a puppy nodesu.]


Cynthia shakes her head in denial, but she’s already put in the useless dog position in my head. Since useless dogs won’t go to people who can pamper them, it’s good to discipline them strictly instead.


[A puppy would only be disciplined, but disobedient slaves are sent home by force, you know?]

[Cynthia is fine with being a puppy nodesu. Woof(Wan).]


She seems to have resigned herself and accepted her position as a puppy. She’s quick to submit huh….


[I am the hero of the beastkins though……]


Maria mutters in low voice. If I have to say, Maria is a faithful dog, isn’t she? She’s a cat beastkin though……


[So, if you ask us how we’re going to discipline Cynthia-wan, then yes, it’s the discipline door~]


I take out the “Room” ‘s door from <Inventory>. The one who spoke the end of that in a slightly high pitch voice is Mio.


[No way, I didn’t think you yourself would take it out…….]


[As expected, the combination of <Inventory> and “Room” is……]


Mio and Sakura are showing an amazed expression. ……Well, even though I stopped Mio from saying something unnecessary before, I guess I don’t mind it when I do something unnecessary out of my own initiative.


Don’t worry, the door, no, the “Room” I prepared is mat black. It’s not pink even if by mistake, I tell you.


[Jokes aside, I’m thinking about disciplining Cynthia inside this “Room”.]


[This “Room” is kinda eerie for some reason.]


[You could say that. Since it’s for discipline, it became like this when I tried bringing out the strict atmosphere.]


[Isn’t the way you use the atmosphere too much nodesu? It is really scary nodesu!]


Cynthia cowers before even entering. No, I’ve already settled to discipline her even if she cowers and wets herself though.


[I really want to at the very least make you remember to “Wait” by the end of the day. Otherwise, the twins will have the job of chasing after the rushing Cynthia.]


[That’s a bother, right Karen-chan.]


[That’s a fact, right Sora-chan.]


[I’m ashamed nodesu……]


Even though the usual Cynthia is meek and has an obedient personality, why does she only become reckless during fights……?


Ah, does she become easily excited because of her <Fury> skill?


A: No, this is how she has been from the start.


Oh, I see……


So that means she had the combat maniac temperament from the start. So Maria is a religious fanatic and Cynthia is a berserker huh…… My expectations in heroes won’t go up from now on. Expectations?


[So, Master. What’s going to happen inside? R15?]


[It’s aimed for all-ages…… I mean, there is nothing inside in particular. I only want to do this out of sight after all.]


I answer Mio’s question. I didn’t put anything inside the “Room” in particular. I’m not necessarily calling it a torture chamber, so I didn’t put in a wooden horse or an iron maiden or anything. I didn’t put them in.


[Alone with a girl behind closed doors…… Ahh! Master, what are you planning to do!?]


[Like I said, I’m just disciplining her I tell you…… I’m thinking of shutting her in for three hours for now, so don’t open it in any way. Absolutely don’t, got it?]


[It is rare for Jin-kun to say it that strongly. Moreover, for it to last this long.]


[Telling me something like that will only make me curious! But I will absolutely suffer as well if I open it!]


[You should better stop……]


Mio is wavering between her curiosity and getting punished.



[Yes sir! I didn’t peep sir!]


Looks like her fear won if that causes a shout. 


[Well then, let’s go, Cynthia.]


[Yes nanodesu……….]


Cynthia totteringly heads towards the door. Mio is uttering Dona dona from behind her. No, Cynthia is going to come back you know? (ED: Dona dona reference: link)


3 hours later, Cynthia comes out unsteady and collapses on the spot. I catch her for now. Cynthia has her eyes rolled back and is convulsing from time to time. ……I overdid it.


We left her nursing to the maids and decided to take a rest for the day.


When I thought that, I receive telepathy from Mira before I got on the bed.


<<I’m fine with guiding them to the village where I used to live~ until the deserted village~, but it doesn’t seem like I can return to master for a while~>>


<<What do you mean?>>


<<There are no other human beings who are familiar~ with both my village~ and the deserted village~ except for me~. Ah, I’m a monster now though~>>


It’s a full-blown self-deprecating joke. Stop that.


<<The people involved that are familiar with the land~ can’t just~ say “Okay, good-bye~” after leading them~>>


<<Well I guess, if you put it that way.>>


<<In the first place~ my house is at the ruined village~, so this is the place I am supposed to be returning to as far as the others are concerned~>>


<<But there are no villagers there, right?>>


I don’t know if anyone had left the village, but at the very least the villagers who were at the village at that time are dead, with the exception of Mira.


<<Yes~, but demolishing houses~ or inviting new residents~, at any rate, if the person involved isn’t here then it will be difficult to continue the discussion, so there’s no helping that right~. Because of that I’ve ended up serving as the village representative~.>>


So an ordinary village girl suddenly becomes the village representative. That is quite a big promotion…… The reason isn’t really one to be happy about though.


<<Do you dislike it?>>


<<No~. No matter how long I’ve been master’s monster follower~, I still have attachment to this village~ and I also want to give a proper burial to everyone in the village~. So until the first stage is complete, I’ve been accepted as the acting representative~. Just in case, I’ve gotten Alta’s acknowledgement, so~……>>


If she has those kind of reasons, then even I have no intention to tell her no. In the first place, I didn’t turn Mira into a subordinate, monster follower, because I had something I wanted her to do, so I intend to allow them a certain amount of independent action. Alta too must have considered that intention of mine and brought out an OK.


A: That’s right.


<<Understood. Then Mira is going to stay at that village for a while right?>>


<<Yes~. Thank you very much~>>


<<Yeah, good luck.>>




I cut the telepathic connection with Mira and got to sleep for real this time.


On the next day, we resume our dungeon exploration and immediately come to see the discipline’s effect.


Immediately following the transfer, we suddenly encounter a dungeon goblin. The minute Cynthia sees that figure, she almost does her kamikaze attack.



[Yes nanodesu!]


The instant Cynthia hears that one word of mine, she takes a “Pay attention” stance.


She instantly comes to my side and pulls my clothes.


[Sir! Hurry up nanodesu! Hurry up nanodesu!]


She’s being restless and uncomposed and she’s pulling my clothes and urging me, but at least her starting a kamikaze charge without listening to anything is fixed. It’s fixed.


[Don’t forget to cooperate with Sora and Karen.]


[Yes nanodesu!]


Her answer may have felt nonchalant, but I guess that’s fine. That’s something to solve in the future.


[Then, “Good!”.]


[Yes! I’m going nodesu! Sora-chan, Karen-chan.]


[Cynthia-chan, wait for us!]


[Cynthia-chan, calm down!]


Cynthia starts running with tremendous force. She’s faster on her feet than the ordinary twins after all. In the end, it doesn’t look like it changes the fact that the twins are chasing after Cynthia.


That pitiful dungeon goblin was instantly killed by Cynthia and the others who started running.


[It was slightly better, for the moment.]


[Yes nanodesu. I am growing nodesu.]


The battle ended and I mutter so while advancing the dungeon. Cynthia says that full of confidence, but I think it’s a difference of “extreme minus” turning to “a little better minus”.


[Master, what did you do to Cynthia-chan……?]


[That’s not something that can come out of my mouth. Cynthia, want to try saying it?]


When I asked, Cynthia desperately shakes her head. On a closer look, her whole body is trembling too.


[I can’t say it! I absolutely can not say it!]


[I think it will be better if you don’t think about what master does in a place no one else can see.]


[Sera-chan, do you know anything about it?]


[……I cannot say that.]


[This is bad. I’m so curious about it……]


[Then, how about you go enter the secret room with me next time?]


[I shall decline!]


She refuses with all her might.


It looks like there won’t be any problems after letting them fight a few fights, so I decided to descend the stairs to the second level. The ceiling of layer one is five meters high and when I confirmed the height with Alta midway going down the stairs it was fifteen meters high. From this we could say that each floor is about 10 meters and the dungeon should be around 750 meters deep. Of course, the height of each level might be different too……


The stairs themselves are all over the place in the dungeon, but it seems that the lower the layer you advance to, the lesser the number of stairs. It’s needless to say how hard it will be to find the very few stairs in a dungeon whose each layer has the size of a whole country’s area. It appears that is the number one reason why they didn’t make that much progress in the layer they reached.


[So, Cynthia. Which way do you want to go? Which way do you think is right?]


[Err, over there nanodesu.]


As soon as we reached the second level, I gave <Dungeon Adaptation> skill to Cynthia’s group and raised all of them to level 6. Just in case, I could raise just one person to level 10 if I felt like it, but I stopped there in order to even the pace.


Since all monsters in the dungeon have <Dungeon Adaptation> skill, it is easy to gather skill points for emergencies. Skills that many monsters have like <Body Reinforcement> and <Dungeon Adaptation> can be useful to be converted into other skills during emergencies, so they’re helpful.


[What about the two of you?]

[I think it’s that way, right Karen-chan?]

[I think it’s this way, yup, Sora-chan.]


I place the three with <Dungeon Adaptation> skill a little apart from each other and have them confirm the location of stairs to the next level. I confirm the direction they show on the map and at the border of this area are the stairs to the next layer.


[It should be here……]


When <Dungeon Adaptation>’s level gets higher, it will allow you to know the regular route and shortest routes inside a dungeon. Since you can’t see the separate layers on the map and when I think about that from before, I judge it is better to follow <Dungeon Adaptation> when it comes to the overall direction of travel.


A: It is indeed regrettable.


Not to mention the fact that there is a regular route means that there might be a dead-end route that won’t continue to the next layer. However, I predict that at least a holder of a high level <Dungeon adaptation> shouldn’t get caught in that route.


[I will leave the fights to Cynthia’s group for a little longer. Even if we join the fight, there’s hardly anything to gain. The behavioral patterns of the monsters coming out here are fundamentally based on their outside counterpart which is the base monster, and while there may be a need to get used to battles inside the dungeon, here it feels too much like a joke. Dropping our statuses until we’re able to have an even match is also unproductive……]


[Understood nodesu! Leave it to us nodesu!]


It’ll be fine if it’s at least a monster we’ve never seen before, but if it’s at the level of color variation then it won’t become training.


We leave all fights to Cynthia and the twins and move on to the second layer. Speaking of what I do, I only show Cynthia a “Go” sign.


Their cooperation is gradually shaping up due to repeating combat. Am I supposed to say that the twins are getting used to Cynthia’s charge to be exact? Well, since Cynthia’s potential is quite high, so it shouldn’t become a problem with opponents of this level if she can take out her ability even while being followed. It’s because they look like they have become able to fight steadily even against the same number of opponents and more at the time we approach the stairs to the third layer.


[Oh, it’s a monster I haven’t seen before. Go!]


[[[Yes (nanodesu)!!]]]


Maze Lizard Man

Lv 5

<Body Reinforcement LV1> <Dungeon Adaptation LV1>

Note: A lizard that walks on two legs.


I think this might be a subspecies of a monster outside but I don’t think I’ve seen its original..


It doesn’t have a weapon and it isn’t very strong, so those three killed it instantly. Also, I’d like them to stick their naming rule to either dungeon or maze.


The variety of monsters gradually changes as we go down in levels in the dungeon. Maze lizard man seems to be limited to level 2 and below. By the way, the interior of the dungeon changes every ten floors or so they say. Levels one through ten are the commonly easy to imagine dungeon, the 11th to 20th will look like a forest-like dungeon. Of course, there is a boss before each interior change. It’s natural for a dungeon right?


We managed to break through the second level in the morning and the third one in the afternoon. Eh? Events that came up on the way? If even the problem with Cynthia becomes better, then other things can’t be a big deal. Oh, and these are all the new monsters that have turned up.


Maze Bat

Lv 4

<Flight LV1> <Bloodsucking LV1> <Dungeon Adaptation LV1>

Note: A bat, quite troublesome since it can fly.



Lesser Minotaur

Lv 6

<Axe Mastery LV2> <Body Reinforcement LV1> <Dungeon Adaptation LV1>

Note: A miniature minotaur. When you say dungeons, you think of this! But the deteriorated species of it.



Lesser Worm

Lv 2

<Dungeon Adaptation LV1>

Note: The deteriorated species of the dungeon worm. A huge earthworm.


The sun is about to go down, so we decide to use the transfer stone near the stairs to the fourth level.


The fights still seem to go round without us for a while I guess. But all three that are fighting today are vanguard types. Cynthia could more or less use magic, but when I asked her she told me she’ll never use it. She said [It’s because there won’t be any hitting sensation if I use magic] or so it seems. She is seriously like an up close and personal only battle junkie.


I have plans on letting Cynthia’s group act independently without us someday. I may add a member in their midst whose main point is magic. Oh, right. Since we already have it, I might as well use Elinsia’s letter of introduction and discreetly choose one at the slave market. If there isn’t any at all, then I could also take along one from the maid group.


We use the transfer stone and transfer to the entrance we used coming in. We are stopped by the receptionist as soon as we tried to go out of the building.


[Excuse me, you are Jin-sama aren’t you?]


[Yeah, I am.]


[I have a message from Elinsia-sama. She said [I have to talk about the village and the basement]. She will be in her office most of the time tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, so she’d like you to visit during that time if possible or so she said.]




It’s been only a few days, so it shouldn’t be about the rewards. Well, it’s not like there’s any harm in hearing her out, so shall I go there before going to the slave market tomorrow……


[And so, I’m thinking about adding a slave skilled in magic to the party.]


We return to the inn and I announce that. Everyone is more or less present in the room. Oh, Dora is already sleeping.




The first to respond to my line is Cynthia.


[Is a magic user necessary nanodesu? I think we can fight well enough with just us nodesu……]


[I’m certainly not worried in our current state, but I think that it is better to add one person skilled in magic among you if we consider the fact after you separate from us.]


[Separate nodesu!? Are we going to be thrown away nodesu!?]


[This is terrible! Karen-chan!]


[What do we do!? Sora-chan!]


The newcomers suddenly panic. I wonder why slaves always misunderstand me saying [doing something separately] for being thrown away?


[No that’s not what I mean, I’m not throwing you away. The separate I mean is after we have captured the dungeon.]


[……What do you mean nodesu?]


After judging that I didn’t mean to throw them away and calming down a little, Cynthia asks a question in return.


[First of all, you do know the reason we brought you three with us to the dungeon is to guide us through the regular route, right?]


[Yes nanodesu.]


[Apart from that, there is another duty after we are done with dungeon capture.]


[What sort of duty nanodesu?]


[I want you three, four including the future member skilled in magic, to keep exploring the dungeon after we finish capturing the dungeon.]


To be honest, items from the dungeon are really attractive. Of course, they’re unnecessary in any way if I take me alone in consideration. However, I have many subordinates, and have plans to increase that in the future. And a dungeon where you can steadily obtain goods and battle experience with monsters inside holds quite a lot of value.


[I think we will leave on a journey again after conquering this dungeon. That’s why I’d like to take care of having a steady practical use of the labyrinth resources even after we leave on a journey. For that explorer subordinates becomes necessary.]


[And that will be us nanodesu?]


[Yeah, I’m actually thinking of adding more people from then on, so you will become the core members. This is why I’ve judged that at least one person skilled in magic is important for that time.]


As expected, I don’t intend to make the required dungeon exploration personnel close combat only. We need at least one mage as a core member.


[I understand nanodesu! I won’t use magic nodesu! It is necessary for other nanodesu!]


[We want to try and use magic, right Karen-chan?]


[We don’t have to be an expert, right Sora-chan?]


The twins seem to want to learn magic, but they don’t seem to plan on taking on a magical profession.


[But Jin-sama, we can’t possibly start from the first level just for the sake of training for the newly joining kid right?]


Maria’s right. I doubt they will progress no matter how much time passes if we start from the first level every time we add a member.


[That’s right. That’s why I’ll make it a rule to get them to properly take maid education + combat training. I’ll let them prepare a lesson on dungeon monsters.]




Sakura tilts her head.


[Yeah, I’ll let Tamo-san eat the dungeon monsters and let them do a mock battle with it with its figure changed to one.]


[Tamo-san is really convenient.]


[Yeah. When in doubt, Tamo-san or <Magic Creation> for now I guess.]


[My special power is lumped together with Tamo-san……]


[Ah, sorry. Sakura……]


Sakura ends up feeling a little depressed. But Tamo-san is useful for a fact. It’s not so free of common sense like our special powers though……


[Come to think of it, Sir, we didn’t do any treasure searching or mining at all in level one to three nodesu. Why nanodesu?]


Cynthia asks around the time we are pretty much done with the conversation.


Treasure chests could suddenly appear inside the dungeon. The logic behind it must probably be the same as the monster spawns. I could understand it if I asked Alta, but I think requesting for the theories behind the dungeon is unromantic, so I purposely left it alone.


A : ……


[In order to not steal the work from the groups who are earning their daily bread. There’s also the reason that we’re not going to spend time on the upper levels though……]


[Oh~, so that’s the reason nanodesu.]


Diving into the dungeon and collecting items will net you some money, even in the upper levels. The novices and low ability explorers do that and earn their daily income. If I use map within those levels and collect things that have value, then the low rank adventurers will become unemployed.


I can see the contents of the treasure chests if I look at the map, but the things inside the upper levels aren’t important things and to be exact, I don’t feel tempted at all.


To begin with, our purpose isn’t earning money but to travel around. It’s completely pointless to spend time on the upper levels, don’t you think?



On the next day, I’ve decided to go meet Elinsia in the morning. Only Maria has come along, the rest are taking independent actions.


[Thank you for waiting. Now, this way please.]


A cheerful Elinsia ushers us inside the knight’s office. Judging from her looks, the matter about the abandoned village should be going smoothly.


As we are being guided, we enter a well structured room.


[Here is the parlor to be used for upper class visitors. Tea will be carried in at once so please.]


We sit on a sofa and Elinsia takes a seat opposite of us. A waiter enters after a while and serves tea in front of us.


As the waiter bows and withdraws, Elinsia starts talking.


[I have not invited anybody else. It is about the rewards for the discovery of the hidden dungeon.]


[Oh, already? That went faster than I thought.]


Elinsia smiles to my suspicions.



[Yes, I thought it would take much more time for a matter or two. However, I instantly brought the conversation to the royal family for this important subject. Of course, I used a conversational stone since this is an urgent matter. And then, the conversation progressed while they gazed at me in shock and I believe a research group of scholars and a merchant group from the capital are urgently heading towards the abandoned village right about now.]


It seems this matter is moving in a grander scale than I thought.


[At any rate, it was impossible for them to not grant the discoverer anything in that situation. An urgent meeting was held and Jin-san’s reward has been decided. As a result you will be granted 50 million gold.]


[That is quite the sum.]


[Yes, but still. When it comes to granting a reward of this amount, you are expected to go through proper procedures at the capital city.]


Err, I heard some troublesome words now didn’t I? That said, I can’t take the capital city off our traveling course either, so I have no choice but to go. Ah, the capital city’s name is Estalca. Just to make sure.


[The capital city huh…… How far is it from here?]


[It is about ten days. I am sure there are things to do, so there is no time limit, but could you head towards the capital within three months? Of course, we can readjust at your pleasure, Jin-san, but the procedures would increase if it exceeds three months.]


[……This is also troublesome. Alright. I will go there in three months.]


[Our side will also be running around for a while so I offer my apologies, but I cannot accompany you. For the time being, I have prepared the letter, so please take this and head to the capital city.]




She hands me the letter and I put it away. The envelope is even more extravagant than the last one.


[Come to think of it, has my letter been useful?]


[Yeah, it was helpful for the cards. As for the other one, it’s the place I’m thinking of going today.]


[Oh my, is that so. In that case, may I go with you?]


Eh? You can’t expect it to be a place where you would to take along a woman who’s not even a subordinate.


Elinsia notices the puzzling look on my face and denies it.


[Oh, I’m not particularly going with you to watch you choose them or anything. I am just going to put in a word or two with the slave dealer in the beginning.]


That’s very reassuring considering the influence of a word or two from Elinsia in this city. And scary.


[……Understood. Are the preparations going smoothly?]


[Yes, it’s because I’ve cleared away all the plans for today when I heard from the dungeon entrance receptionist that you will come today.]


[Sorry for the trouble.]


[No, not at all. Compared to your contribution towards our national interests, this is quite the cheap trade-off.]


So, Maria, Elinsia and I are heading towards the slave market. Hogging all the gazes of the city. Elinsia that is.


We arrive at the slave market. It is a considerably big building with the same style as the knight’s office. There are guards too, and the service could be said to be that of a high-class slave market. The entrance is quite beautiful and it wouldn’t be strange to call the interior one of a first-class hotel.


We approach the main reception. The minute the receptionists confirm Elinsia’s face, one of the two runs off somewhere in great haste.


[Please call the shopkeeper.]


[Please wait for a moment. We are calling him now.]


A moment later, a slightly overweight man comes running. He’s probably the shopkeeper. He is completely drenched in sweat as he approaches Elinsia.


[It has been a while. Have you been well?]


[Yes, thanks to Elinsia-sama, I am able to keep on living peacefully these days as well.]


[That is exaggerated.]


[No, not at all, these are humbly my real feelings.]


They continued that sort of exchange. It seems that Elinsia is somehow the shopkeeper’s lifesaver. I guess there are two kinds of people in this city, those who fear Elinsia and those who revere her.


Elinsia talked with the shopkeeper for a while. She also included her intentions of entrusting me to him in their conversation.


[Jin-san, I have given the shopkeeper a clear explanation of you, so please take your time in choosing them. Now, if you will excuse me.]


[Yeah, thanks for the help.]


Elinsia bows and leaves. The shopkeeper sees her off with a respectful bow. After Elinsia is completely gone, he lifts up his face and approaches us.


[You are Jin-sama, right? I have heard the details from Elinsia-sama. About your search for slaves, my store has become the number one expert in the field of pets. On the other hand I am told you act as an explorer, but what sort of slave would you like me to introduce you to?]


It’s the “Even with Elincia’s referral, that area is our forte” talk after all. That said, I’ve come here to search for a slave skilled in magic. It’s not like l’m keeping that in mind beforehand unlike before.


[It’ll be slaves with fighting in mind. That said, we’ll be carrying out the education in that area, so it’s fine not to take that into account. We can even spend time on it, so can’t you let me look over the young girls?]


[I understand. There are currently 39 young slave girls here, so allow me show them in groups of ten.]


He says and he leads me to another room. There doesn’t seem to be a space that isolates the nearly dying or crime slaves here. They’re being trained as pets so it must be unnecessary.


The young girls coming out range from around 5 years old to early teens, they are all wearing well-tailored clothes and have a very well-ordered face. Their purpose is to be pets so it must’ve been better to have them dressed up.


They properly bow at the time they were introduced. Child slaves don’t sell for that much. There are limits even if they have good looks, so the shopkeeper raises their value by letting them take education, he boastfully tells us.


As expected, there aren’t any slaves possessing an anomaly like Maria, Mio or Sera here, but there are several slaves that possesses rare looking skills. Magic combat oriented skills are also included there.


I have the slaves I’ve gotten interested in from my observation to remain here and as a result ten slaves remained. What’s left for me is to search for the slave who will fulfill my purpose from here on out.


[Hum, so you have come with ten candidates. If you are fine with it, I could sell them all for 100,000 g]


Shopkeeper suddenly said the unthinkable. 100,000 is probably cheap right?


A : It is cheap. Their minimum value can be considered 10 times of that.


Eh? What’s with this old man? Did he just try to sell his own local goods at 90% off?


[Isn’t that too cheap? Is there a reason for that?]


[Of course, this is due to Elinsia’s introduction. This is quite cheap if I am able to repay that lady’s kindness.]


It looks like she’s quite loved. No doubt he would go in the red. That’s not what I want. I don’t like having the other do something until it strains them.


[You’ll go in the red that way. At least go with something that will get you some profit out of it please. I’m feeling sorry for you.]


There’s the shrewd me who accepts the purchase of the ten slaves. If it’s like this then let’s leave all ten of them to Lusia and take the kid who will grow the most with me.


[Then, my obligation towards Elinsia-sama would be……]


[I’m telling you it’s fine, so there won’t be any problem right? If anything, I can tell Elinsia the gist of it.]


[……If that is the case, then it will come to 600,000 g. How about I lower the price a little more in that case? That is still 60,000 g per person you know.]


Fortunately, things happened and I’m not worried about money and also me buying slaves is a common occurrence, so I shouldn’t be complaining about that.


[That’s fine. So it’s 600,000 g then. Let’s pay it right away.]


[Thank you for your patronage…….]


I say and pay him 600,000 g. The shopkeeper accepts it with a slight frown.


After calling a slave arts user and finishing the contracts, I took the ten slaves while being seen off by the shopkeeper and head towards the carriage that was parked beside the inn.


It looks like the slave girls have been thorough with their education; they didn’t make any unnecessary chatter even after I bought them. We enter the carriage and then we immediately transfer to our base in Kastal with “Portal”.


After arriving at the estate in Kastal, I gather Lusia and the others and explain my future plans.


First off all, I’ll have the newly joined slaves do combat training centered on magic. If it seems impossible because they’re giving up, then I will have them shift to maid training. I tell them that I will take the more suitable one among the remaining people with me to the dungeon.


Looks like those newcomer slaves didn’t think they were bought for combat purposes; they were quite surprised. Well of course, they should be surprised if they learn that they are rounded up for battle despite having been brought up as pets.


I might as well tell them some of my ability. As far as I can see, they have been needlessly surprised.


Although I know all of the new slaves with my special powers, I still let them introduce themselves. I’ve put it off, but I’ve also let the the slaves I bought in the first village in Estia introduce themselves.


On a side note, the self-introduction from the maids and butlers Maria and Lusia had bought in Kastal has already been done. Remembering everyone was a disaster. Well, I can cheat with map and status anytime though……


I’ve also talked about complicated things. The most surprising thing was that there’s even someone among the pet slave girls who would want to try fighting. She’s highly suitable in magic skills, so she will be the first candidate for the team.


[Well then, Lusia, take care of them!]


[Yes, please leave it to me.]


I have decided to leave the rest to Lusia and return to Lilia city.


The maids in Kastal’s base have increased by a lot. Of course, it’s not like there are any problems with living space because it is a large estate. But still, I’m aware that I’ve increased the amount of slave maids by too much without restraining myself. I think it is about time I should stop increasing the number of slaves for now. Of course, this doesn’t apply to slaves that are exceptional like Maria, Mio and Sera though……

-End Chapter 42 Discipline and Dungeon Entrance Discovery Reward


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