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44 Conclusion? 


The city Regdam of the beastmen country.

And what is at the center of it is a facility that was prepared as a place where those who like fights could regularly test their strength.

According to my knowledge, that resembles something that is called a Colosseum.


『Get ‘em! Ruga!』

『Tear the likes of that human to pieces!』


And a large number of disparagement was sent towards me who is standing right in the center of that colosseum.


“Hey wait a minute……That lion bastard……hasn’t it become overly serious?”


A large number of beastmen filled up the audience seats and they are waiting impatiently for the fight between me and Ruga to start.

We planned to quietly bring it to an end in private at first, but Regulus went and prattled,


『We might as well invite citizens as spectators and enjoy ourselves!』


Or something like that.

What should I say……It’s kind of awkward.


“Hmph, got cold feet, human? After all, you’re an inferior creature.”

“Aah, yeah……I guess.”



I, who had been intently polishing my ignoring skills up until now, didn’t move a budge when I was being stirred up like that.

Or maybe I should say it became troublesome thanks to me losing quite a bit of my motivation.

At first I considered seriously smashing him, but I wonder if it’s better to just let me finish it with a single blow before long if it becomes so much like an away match.

If I do at least that much, then even the audience should become quiet.


“Alright already……let’s hurry up with this.”

“I’ll paint your face with tears……!”


Something’s being eager, but I ignore it, ignore it all the way.

We are facing each other in the center of the colosseum, mutually standing ready.

Well, I have both of my bare hands dangling down though……


“You bastard…… are you underestimating me?”


“……I’ll kill you”


Oops, that made him unnecessarily angry.


(Well, it’d be fine if he’s not just all talk though……)

“Are the both of you ready for this!?”


Inside the colosseum, the voice of the culprit of all this echoed.

The audience seats was wrapped up in silence for a moment by that voice and Ruga’s expression quickly changed from anger to that of a keen warrior.


“Well then, shall we soon start this huge man to man fight where my beloved daughter, Roa Gold is at stake!?”


Cheers of joy echoed around together with those words.

Uh huh……shut up.

But making those guys shut up is also fun I guess.


“Are the both of you good to go? Well then――――――begin!”




A man, probably the one being the referee, showed the starting sign between us.

And then, almost simultaneously, Ruga’s sharp nail on his arm approached me.


“Whoa……now now, aren’t you fast.”



But still, his speed isn’t such a big deal.

It’s easy enough to grab and stop that arm.


“Is this all you got?”

“Kuh……There’s no way that’s all……!”


I sense he was going to pull his arm, so when I let my hand go of it, Ruga kicked the ground and took some distance from me.

He’s faster than I thought, maybe I can enjoy this a little.


“Change of plans, I’m gonna play with you just a little bit.”

“You……Why youuuuuu!”


I did notice that I sounded awfully like a baddie, but it doesn’t change much from what I’m going to do, so I relished the feeling of the villain’s role to my heart’s content.


 ◇ ◇ ◇


“――――――It went different from what I had imagined, but it’s fine this way.”


While overlooking the two opening the fight at the center of the colosseum, Roa began to converse with Shironeko and Mineko sitting beside her.


“What do you mean with it went different from what you had imagined……?”

“At first……I actually thought about instigating Setsu by becoming the betting target. I already knew that he cherishes me in the end, so then I thought maybe he will put his all into this. We kind of made him lose his strength because of daddy making it such a big deal……But Ruga is stronger than he thought, so it looks like he feels like wanting to fight him a bit――――――or rather play with him.”

“A schemer desu”

“Tahaha……I only got the result alright I’m telling you”


Being praised for going to the wrong direction, Roa showed a forced smile.

From her perspective, having it go according to her own expectations was the most ideal as a matter of course.



“It’s pitiful desu”

“Hey Sis, you’re too frank about this……”

“Well……of course it’s like that”


The opinions of the three were in agreement.

All of them were regarding to the act at the center of the colosseum, which couldn’t be described as a fight.


The cheers had already ceased and the spectators were looking quietly.


 ◇ ◇ ◇


“――――――Done already?”



Not even three minutes should have passed since then.

Right now, Ruga has his knees on the ground.


“Ri- ridiculous……This is impossible……”

“At least look at reality I tell you.”


The guy was certainly faster than I thought.

He even has the power, I can even accept it a little if I’m told that he’s Regulus’s right hand man.

But that guy, he’s not reaching him with even a single finger.

Specifically, he would get instantly killed, there’s that kind of difference between them.


……That’s why there’s something I can’t describe.


“Hey Roa! Did you really lose against this kind of guy!?”


I ask Roa who is sitting in the audience.

She was surprised from suddenly being called and turned away her face like she was embarrassed.


“Uhm……That time…… was female’s day, you know……I was a little sluggish, so――――hey, don’t make me say so much!”


Female’s day?

Female, you mean a woman’s thing right――――――Ah, I see.

It’s that thing us men don’t understand.


“You……Were you really glad about winning against a woman who was in bad shape……?”

“Shut up……! Silence!”



So you refuse to listen……

The nail he swung had been cutting up the empty air without hitting me even once.

A vein was showing on his face and he knows the fact he is losing very much to me.


“Adventurer’s guide, always stay calm……wait, you’re not even an adventurer, so I guess it’s meaningless.”

“Uoooooo! <Flying nail>!”


Ruga raised his arm overhead.

What was released after that were four beams. It’s a skill that uses the same school as <Flying sword> and it is difficult to parry the bigger the number of beams made by one swing.


“Your ability in that aspect is pretty low though.”



I mow down all four in one go with my right arm and that made Ruga lose his angry expression and have a surprised expression pasted on his face instead.

It’s different when you focus your attack on one point, but if he neglects power by giving preference to hitting me, then he won’t be able to put even a single injury on my body in the first place.

It doesn’t mean I’m going to directly receive it just because that’s so though.


“What if you undergo <Animalisation> soon? Your specialty should come from there right?”

“Gh! ……I don’t care even if you regret it, you know!?”


It’s kind of standard that characters who say that would get done in right away though……

Ruga who went on all fours was wrapped up in light and was transforming that physique of his.


(……That wasn’t surprising……right?)



Not sure if I should say just as I thought, but……Ruga’s <Animalisation> is a wolf.

That physique of his is a size smaller than even Shironeko’s <Animalisation>.

If I remember correctly, it’s about having strength only giving you <Animalisation> and the difference in strength being shown in that physique as well.

So if you think about it straightforwardly, it means that this guy is weaker than Shironeko though……




The black wolf leaps at a speed several levels faster than before.

Although I said he’s a size smaller, its size is at the level of being able to push my body down with just one leg from the looks of it.


“You got quite the nerve saying dangerous words there.”


I dodge under Ruga who was approaching before my eyes and go below his abdomen.

And then I lift him up as is.



“How lightweight……heave……hoooo!”


When I throw him from my shoulders, Ruga struck his back hard on the ground several times and stopped as he got slapped onto the walls of the colosseum.


“Gah……Hah……How did he……with one attack……”

“How about it? Ready to accept your loss?”



Even this guy should be able to understand it, the fact he can’t win from me.

You’ll understand if you look at his mortifying-like expression.

Even though he himself has been going all out, his opponent didn’t even take out his weapon.

How much of his pride must that have broken off of him.

Well, I’ve been aiming for that though.


“Let’s end this, give it up.”



Ruga lowered his eyes and hung his head.

I guess we finally have decided the match with this――――――



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