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43 Clash of personal feelings


“What is it you’re saying……that that weakling of a human is better than me who will become your husband……?”


Ruga stood unmoving in front of the throne room.

He loves Roa.

That well ordered appearance of hers, her thin but strong muscles.

If he was to be frank then he would have wanted a little more chest on her, but if one looked at that style of hers which attained a magnificent balance, such problems wouldn’t matter at all.

Her hips were somewhat of a size that can easily deliver and that too was to his liking.

And above all……that strength of hers.


A girl who was like the embodiment of his likings, that is Roa Gold.

However, he had learned from that woman a little while ago that there is a male she considered likeable.

If he was a beastman stronger than himself, then he could accept it for now without giving up.

But, the male was a human.

An existence who should be inferior to them, the beastmen. Just by having that next to the woman he loves was unforgivable.

Something like being wedded to that was absurd.


“I won’t allow this, human……I shall make you realize I am more worthy for her……!”


At the time the flames of jealousy spread in his eyes, the black fire tattoo engraved in that bare shoulder was seen releasing a faint light.


 ◇ ◇ ◇


The throne room is as spacious as always, I really missed this.

But before I reflect upon my nostalgia, I got curious in the words from Ruga back then.


“Hey you……what that guy just said……”

“Ah! It’s not like I became that guy’s woman okay!? Re- relax!”


That’s not……Well, I’m also curious about that though……

What I’m most curious is about is the part Roa lost in a duel and――――――


“Ugh! Mister Setsu, the front!”



Thanks to Mineko’s words, I have noticed the fast approaching lust for blood.

I already reflexively caught the fist I would call a lump of enormous power just as it literally approached in front of my eyes.

A weight that made a thud assaulted my whole body and the floor dented from the pressure.

The world tree shook from the shock caused the moment I caught the fist and screams on the lower floors could be heard.


“Hah……! Ain’t this a little extreme……for the first greeting in five years? Right? You lion bastard……!”

“Ku……hahahahahahahahahaha! It is you Setsu! Even if your appearance has changed, it’s really you! I’m happy……I’m really happy you know that……!”


The blonde man steadily put in strength in his fist.

This guy is the continent’s ruling beast king, Regulus Gold.

That power, the physical ability exceeds the demon king Desastre and that body is even tougher than the top quality armor that humans can create.


“That’s some beastly strength you got there, damn it.”

“In that case, don’t you think you also got strength to spare there……!?”




I loosen my strength once and bend my knees slightly.

And then this time I correct my strength in one go and also using the spring of my knees to force back Regulus.



“Here, it’s payback.”


I throw a fist towards him while he is staggering.

He seems to have barely put up his guard and stopped my fist with his palms, but that wasn’t some punch you could hold down that way.

The impact broke through the back of his hand towards his body and it blew those stockily muscled body towards the throne behind him.

Destroying the ornaments around the throne and all the dust, the world tree castle shook once again.


“Fuuh……I still won’t lose, from you at least.”

“Aah, geez……As ever the same aren’t you, daddy and Setsu.”

“Shoock desu.”

“Sis, that isn’t something you should be saying, you know……”


 ◇ ◇ ◇


“Kuhahahahahahaha! I ended up losing again! Looks like your arms hasn’t grown dull Setsu!”

“I didn’t pick up a way of training just to grow dull so easily after all. More importantly……Been a long time, Regulus.”

“Long time no see, Setsu. Have you been well?”

“I ended up having my appearance changed, but well, I’ve been so-so.”

“Well I’m glad about that!”


Said the beast king on his throne and laughed again.

This guy is……well, he looks well, so I guess I don’t have to ask him.


So, I see that you’ve come to greet us, but……you seem to have some other business as well. I mean, you even took along such strong companions with you.”


That reminds me, Regulus should know about Shironeko and Mineko.

After all, the two of them had gotten this guy injured.


“Pretty much. My bad, but if I were to be frank, then the greetings was just an extra. Coming here to borrow some of your strength is my real intention.”

“Strength? You are?”

“Yeah. You know that the demon continent is on the offensive against the human country right now, right?”

“I learned of that this morning.”

“Really. And so, not just the human continent’s Heroes or something, that son of a bitch Touma is probably acting as the human’s armed forces too.”



Listening to those words of mine, Roa shuddered and Regulus’s eyes became even more serious.


“So he’s alive, that guy……”

“I’m not sure about the circumstances there, but for the time being I’m pretty sure that some outrageous fighting power is on the other side. It’s frustrating, but the confidence in handling that many of them well is something I don’t have.”

“And there’s where we come into play, right?”



I explain that I’d like a large military force if possible, but I add that I don’t need half-baked strength since they will become a burden instead.

The enemy military strength is competent.

Guys with no actual strength will lose their lives in front of my eyes if I bunch them up.

If that’s the case then it’s better not having them from the beginning.


“……I would’ve liked to go there, but hearing that explanation, we’ll be in a situation where those guys would come to the beastmen continent some day. If Touma is really there, then it would be easy for him to change their focus to our place. It’s impossible for me to leave this place.”

“I figured as much……”


Any country would be in a dangerous situation if the king goes absent.

Besides, the king is the strongest among the beastmen and demons, unlike the human one.

If that strength goes absent, then it’ll turn into a big once in a lifetime chance in the eyes of enemy nations.


“I will go with you. You don’t have any complains with my strength, right?”

“Yeah Roa, I’d like you to come……I mean, come with us.”



Roa happily smiled broadly.

Are you that glad that you’ve been ordered?

It’s the same with Eruka, but it’s hard to understand those feelings.


“Mineko and I are expected to go desu.”

“Is that so? What, don’t have quite the fighting power here?”

“I think the amount of people is a little on the low side.”


I’m sure we have enough strength.

But at the very least I want one more with strength close to SSS rank―――――


“―――――Your majesty, the beast king! I cannot permit that! I’d like you to reconsider!”


Suddenly the door to the throne room was thrown open.

Who entered is that old man……I mean, wolf blade man named Ruga.


“I’m sorry, but I let myself eavesdrop your conversation! Listening to such present situation, your majesty can absolutely not give permission to decrease the beastmen continent’s military strength!”



Regulus made an indescribable expression towards Ruga who suddenly came in and shouted around.


“We may have certainly formed an alliance with the demon continent now, but we had been originally mutual enemies! We should have no need to use a part of our military strength for their sake! Not to mention it’s inexcusable to have our biggest fighting power go!”


……Well, he’s kind of right.

What happens with the demons has nothing to with them in the eyes of those who think the most of the beastmen. Furthermore, if they help them and fall into crisis themselves, then that would be horrible to look at as well.

The opinion of these guys are relatively quite honest.


“Once again, I’d like you to reconsider! Your majesty!”

“Hmm……Ruga’s view is certainly right. I would have done so if it was just an ordinary human’s request, but it’s different if it is a request from Setsu of all people you see……”



Looks like Ruga was shocked by Regulus’s indecisive attitude.

He probably must’ve thought he would immediately accept his opinion.

To think he wouldn’t accept his beastman view and accept the request of the human me…… or something like that.


“Is your majesty weighing the human’s request to my opinion……? This dainty human without a fragment of dignity!?”

“Look here, you asshole―――――”

“That’s right and I’ll add that I’m thinking more about listening to Setsu’s request.”

“What……did you say……?”


Interrupting Roa’s angry voice, Regulus spoke the words that bore his heart.

Yeeaah……I have a hunch that this is going to become something troublesome somehow.


“You didn’t hear me? I want to listen to this human’s request. More so than your opinion you see?”

“Wh-……Why would you!? You, with the position of beast king!”

“You see, a beast king is what the strongest becomes. I didn’t particularly become the strongest in order to rule over the continent. I just wanted to fight strong people, that’s why I have become strong. Then I was arbitrarily made beast king and now I’m sitting on such an impressive chair. Well, I am able to have this good life after receiving this position. I do love the beastmen continent enough that I will protect it my own way though. But, if you ask me which is more important: the beastmen continent or this old human friend of mine, then my choice is just a little tilted towards Setsu.”

“Wha……Then your capacity as a king is……”

“That’s right, I don’t have the capacity to be a king. You think you can endure having the likes of a king who would pick his friend over his country? And so, if you have any complaints about it, then I shall hand over this chair anytime. Only―――――――if you can win from me that is.”




Ruga stiffened and choked when Regulus glared at him.

That guy would also say something cruel.

A guy who could win from you, that very person itself would be an irregular of this world.

If Regulus is a special being in terms of strength, then someone like Ruga would be similar to an ordinary person.

An ordinary person cannot win from special.

As long as you don’t desire power even at the cost of your life that is――――――


Well, if you let me say it, then I think that this guy is just not ruling as a tyrant is better than nothing.

There’s basically nothing but guys who would do as they please when it comes to those who become king just through strength or connections after all.


“*sigh*……But your opinion is also correct, Ruga. That’s why I’m troubled you know……hmm, let’s see there……Ah, then Setsu, try a duel with Ruga a bit.”



The one who responded wasn’t me, but that Ruga fellow.

I……vaguely expected that, to tell you the truth.


“And I will listen to what the victor says. Don’t you think this is quite the beastman-like method of deciding things?”

“Me, against this human……?”


Shit, what a troublesome thing you brought up, you lion bastard.

Can’t I just beat him up and end it in this place?

Ah, lion bastard’s eyes are saying no, annoying.


“――――――Fine then.”


You’re really fine with that?


“I shouldn’t lose to the likes of such human. I shall show you a flawless victory”

“Good. How about you Setsu?”

“……I’m fine with anything. I’d rather do this than arguing with words.”


Talking nonsense here is a waste of time and it’s easy if I can make them agree by sheer strength.

I’m not really enthusiastic about it though……


“……Miss Roa.”



Ruga, one of the people concerning this duel, turned towards Roa.

Roa put herself slightly on guard towards that serious expression of his.


“If I win from that human over there, will you make me your husband?”




“………………Okay. If you win, then I will accept my loss in your duel against me before and obediently tie myself to you.”

“……Thank you, miss Roa.”


What are you saying, Roa?

Why are you looking at me after you finished speaking?

Actually, Ruga you too bastard; the hell you doing, inserting your personal feelings in a fight with your country’s resources on the line?

At the time he expressed such personal feelings, I――――――


“Hey Regulus, we’re starting this quickly got it where’s the place we’re doing this right now got it I’mma send this fuck flying――――――wait, what are you laughing at!?”


“Kuh……kukukuh……I got it I got it, let’s do this right away.”


Tch, what an irritating way of laughing.

But I don’t care about it if we can start right now.

I’ll beat you up right away.

I’m not letting this son of a bitch take Roa, she’s my――――――





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