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Chapter 34



On the night of the seventh day after arriving at the capital, I invaded the castle.


Of course, <Portal> was the method I used. Since I couldn’t use magic in the castle, I put <Portal> into my <Inventory> beforehand.  (ED: don’t forget that his <Inventory> lets him store spells that he has cast, and use them like items later on)



According to <System Window>‘s map, the real queen is being confined in the castle’s dungeon.

For this reason, I asked Mio to purposely deploy <Portal> near the dungeon. Gilbert’s invitation was like a godsend for us. I decided to bring Dora and Mio because they will be less suspicious when found wandering around.



Because of the information from Alta and Lusia, the former queen knight, I found a demon disguised as the Queen and realized that the purpose of this adventurer summoning was not a good one.

Just by being a demon doesn’t mean they will always be evil. However, there is the evidence of Lusia’s treatment after she discovered the demon’s true nature by chance; her ears were left just to cause her despair.


Since she often makes light of those who can’t do anything and boasts while revealing all the information, it seems as if she enjoys seeing the state of despair in her victims. I think this is in extremely bad taste. At this point, “Demon=Evil” in my opinion.


The demon is part of a group calling themselves the “Four Heavenly Kings” and their purpose is to destroy Eludia and all heroes. Kastal is also being targeted out of convenience as it is nearby. I don’t really care about Eludia or the heroes, but I will be troubled if Kastal is destroyed. If their plans only involved Eludia and heroes, I wouldn’t bother to interfere…



In short, I’m fine if the demons only target Eludia, but I will fight against them to protect Kastal’s “Rice” and “Japanese-style Houses”.


However, defeating the demon here is very difficult. Basically, I don’t have a legitimate reason to attack her directly. I know I can defeat her, but I wouldn’t be able to explain why I did it without revealing my abilities. It is really troublesome. So, I decide to let the real Queen deal with her. In short, I must have “authorization” from the real Queen. This would destroy all the suspicions about my actions towards the (fake) Queen.


As the real Queen is being imprisoned in the dungeon, it will be more likely for her to listen to my request.


That is why I have to go to dungeon and save the real Queen. The stairs to dungeon is made from stone and is dark. Probably created the way the hero imagined it. I borrow <Silent Step> from Maria to make sure I don’t make a sound. Oh yeah, Maria tried desperately to stop me; she didn’t want me to act alone no matter what. It couldn’t be helped, so I rubbed her ears to subdue her. However, I do have Tamo-san as the last line of defense … literally.



I go down the stairs while feeling a chill. As I arrived at the bottom, I check the map again.


Obviously, the guards are demons. They are not disguised as humans using magic, but simply by hiding their skin and faces with helmets and full armor. Let’s avoid them as it would be troublesome if there is a commotion.


There is a door leading into the first set of jail cells and a guard just behind it.  There are a few prisoners with minor offenses there.  At the other end of this jail section is a door and more stairs that lead down to the prison for more serious offenders. The real Queen is there.


I use the <Warp> in my <Inventory> that I prepared beforehand to pass through the guarded area.  <Warp> lets me teleport to anywhere I see, even if it’s just a little, so I look through the keyhole past the guard and through the keyhole at other side and use <Warp>.


The sanitation in this prison for serious offenders is bad, as expected.  In a way, it makes sense, since the only people here are the ones waiting to be executed. However, if the target isn’t alive, the demons’ <Essence Steal> skill can’t be used.  Thus, the prisoners are kept in a half-dead state.


I go down the stairs and arrive in front of the prison cell where the Queen is.  When I peek inside the heavy iron door, I can barely see her in there.  Well, since I can see inside, there is nothing to stop me from entering with <Warp>.  I had stocked up plenty of <Warp> and <Portal> so I can easily afford to use it.



I smell a disgusting stench when I enter.  Checking inside the room, the girl that I could barely see from the keyhole is naked and collapsed on the floor.


Of course, this girl is the Queen.  Both her hair and eyes are black. However, her hair is unkempt and has lost its luster.  Her eyes are also dull and lifeless.  Her situation is similar to Sera’s.  The girl notices my presence and looks up at me.  She hoarsely coughs out a single request …






It looks like her situation is not similar Sera after all.  This girl has already given up on her life.


Then again, it is natural for someone in her current situation…



There are no wounds on her face or limbs.  While dirty, her body also has no scars or scratches.  The only exception is the sword which is piercing her body through her stomach and into the ground.


Magic Sword – Eternal Pain

Classification : One-hand sword, Cursed

Rarity : Treasure class

Note : Inflicts severe pain to the victim stabbed by this sword, but prevents the victim from dying while maintaining the wounded state. This sword was created by someone who was betrayed by their loved one.  By distorting the love into hate, it fulfilled the wish to inflict pain and suffering to target while not wanting them to die.


Looking in detail at the magic sword, it is maintaining the victim’s HP at 1 while giving them severe pain.  Simply put, it hurts to death but you cannot die.  Furthermore, pulling out the sword while the victim has only 1 HP left will immediately kill the victim as part of the curse.


Of course, the victim will starve, but again they cannot die.  It is natural to hope for death if you were in constant pain and starvation like this. By the way, it seems that the pain comes in waves, and the Queen is relatively okay at this moment.


I won’t hesitate to kill people. I don’t know when I started feeling this way, but by the time I killed my first bandit, I was already prepared.  I won’t hesitate even if the other party are women or children, if they are my enemy. But if they are not, then it is a different story.  I don’t find killing itself fun at all …


What about killing the girl in front of me?  I can’t answer that. Of course, if there is nothing that can be done except killing her out of mercy, I will do it.  But not this girl.  Because I have a way to save her.



[Do you really want to die? Why? … Oh, I already know about the demon and the fakes, so you don’t have to tell me about that.]



Her eyes show a little surprise, but are still lifeless. She speaks slightly more than before with her hoarse voice.



[The d…demon said…if…this sword…is removed, I…will die.] 


[Yeah, that’s right.]



I encouraged her to continue.



[That demon…will return…to her original…appearance…when I die.  So…kill me…to crush the plans…of those demons]


[Is that all?]


[Isn’t it…enough? I’m…going to die…sooner or…later…after all. This is…too painful…if this continues…I want to die. Please…kill me…it could…at least…stop the demons’ plans…]



A wave of pain suddenly overcomes this girl who is gasping for breath while speaking desperately.



[Uguu…gaa! Help, hurry…]



She is writhing around. It seems she is experiencing another wave of pain. I lean close to her ear and whisper:



[If you could avoid the sword’s curse and crush the demons’ plans at the same time, what would you do?]


[*cough* If you have…gah…a way…then say it…ugh…]


[Then, if I can free you from the sword’s curse, become my subordinate.  After that, we will go and destroy the demons’ plans.]


[*cough* F-fine. If that can be done…ugh…I will be your subordinate or whatever…]


[Contract established.]



I use a <Heal> that I had stored in <Inventory> to heal this girl. Her HP is still at a dangerous level, but she won’t die from any further loss of HP as I remove the sword.  Then, I store the magic sword <Eternal Pain> in <Inventory>.


As the Queen sees the magic sword disappear suddenly, a dumbfounded look appears on her face.  If the sword was pulled out…she would die. But, what would happen if it just suddenly disappeared?



A: The curse of death would become invalid.



Yep, as he said.






Since there is still a hole in her stomach, I use “Revive” to heal it, leaving not one scratch on her body now.





[With that, you are my subordinate now.]


This girl was startled for a moment, but when her mind caught up with reality, she clung to my waist and tears spilled from her eyes like rain. Even though she is a queen, I am not happy being hugged by someone leaking tears and snot and what not.  I will definitely need the “Clean” spell for this.



[*cry* Thank you. Thank you for saving me…]



She wanted to die because she thought that all was lost.  Then, what if it wasn’t actually lost?  Of course, she will have the will to live.



After waiting for the Queen to calm down, I use “Clean” on both of us and give her the clothes I borrowed from Maria.  What’s left is to escape from this place, but…



[Hey, Queen.  Do the guards come to check on you here?]


[Ah, yes.  They come to look from the keyhole once a day.]



Then, there will be a problem if they discover that the Queen isn’t here. Then again, I have the perfect person for the job here.


Of course, that is Tamo-san.



[Ugh, it’s slimy~]


[Endure it.]



I discovered that after I increased Tamo-san’s <Mimic> skill, Tamo-san is able to mimic anyone without absorbing them. To be more specific, Tamo-san can be anything as long as there is a model for it.


So, I make the queen endure the slime’s assault. Tamo-san has to cover all of queen’s body. I think something woke up within me.


Once Tamo-san takes the shape of the queen, I’ve decided to leave Tamo-san here with the queen’s appearance and have her on standby here. Monster followers who aren’t troubled with a standby order are great to have.



Ah, shall I have the magic sword thrusted in her just in case?



[Tamo-san, open a hole for this sword.]


With a slight transformation, Tamo-san became similar to the queen when she was stabbed by the sword. I took the sword from <Inventory>, put it through the hole and thrust it into the ground like it was before.






Queen raised a voice I’ve heard somewhere before. That must’ve triggered her trauma as expected. She is being fidgety, so I use “Clean” at her without saying anything.






She seems extremely embarrassed. What is she embarrassed about at this point…?


I tell Tamo-san to stay like this for three days before I return with “Portal”. Monster followers who aren’t troubled with a standby order are really precious.




After I returned, I introduced the queen to the main party plus Lusia.



[This is Sakuya, the queen of Kastal. She just became my subordinate (temporary) a little while ago.]


[In the end, Master’s evil clutches even reached the queen…]



What do you mean “evil clutches”…?



[She really is as young I have heard.]


[Your majesty, it has been a long time.]


[Eh? Lusia? What is is this about? What about the jail?]



The queen becomes confused. That is natural. I basically didn’t tell her anything at all. The only two things I’ve told the queen were the “Slime’s assasult” and “Jailbreak”.



[Before I explain, I will have you become my subordinate like we promised.]


[Become your subordinate?]


[It’s a pinky promise. When you do a pinky promise, you will approve of becoming my subordinate.]


[I- I understand.]



The queen pulled out her finger timidly. I also use my pinky finger to entwine with hers. With Queen’s permission, she has safely become my subordinate.



<<I will tell you this first, there are a many things we’re about to tell you that can’t be leaked outside. I forbid you to reveal any of them.>>


[Eh? What is this I am hearing?]



Queen is surprised by my sudden telepathy. I plan to give her a brief description of us and our power. This is the only method I can use to tell her without her leaking any.



[This is called “Telepathy”. It’s one of the various special powers I possess. Like I said before, but you are forbidden to reveal any of them. Okay?]





I guess she doesn’t quite understand the situation, but she seems to be obeying my orders for now.



[So as I was saying…]


[Here, here…]



Let me at least finish my sentence. Interrupting my speech, Mio moved in in front of us. We enter the explanation phase. Oh, the queen’s dining phase is included in this.



End of explanation phase.



[And that’s how it is.]





The queen looked at me with eyes full of respect. There is a grain of rice stuck on your cheek, you know. Lusia kneeled down near me and started praying and Maria is nodding in satisfaction. I don’t understand the relationship of these two.



[So with those special powers, you rescued Lusia, located me and broke the curse of the magic sword, is that right?]


[Yeah, that’s how it is, Queen.]



She’s confirming the big explanation, but there are no mistakes in what Queen said.



[A little while ago, you said you are planning to crush the demon’s plot, didn’t you?]


[Stop referring me as “you”. My name is Jin, didn’t we just introduce ourselves a little while ago?]


[I understand. Onii-chan.]



Onii-chan…you say…



[But onii-chan should also stop calling me the queen. Since my name is Sakuya.]


[Y-Yeah. I got it. Sakuya.]





Mio who is beside me had a shocked face for some reason. To be more specific, an “I’m robbed” kind of face. Wait, don’t tell me, did she also aim for my younger sister position?



[So, Why did you call me onii-chan?]


[Eh? Because you saved me, I don’t have a big brother and I am your subordinate!]



I have the feeling those can’t be the reasons.



[I really want to have a reliable onii-chan since my family only had a few male relatives. At the time you helped me in the dungeon, I have that feeling like onii-chan will save me whenever I am in a pinch.]


[Jin-sama is reliable after all, isn’t he? I sometimes act with this feeling… Well, even that time…]



Maria is mumbling something, but I couldn’t catch her words.



[Ah, I will return to topic. Is onii-chan going to defeat the demon?]


[Yeah, that’s what I intend to do.]


[Then, I will return as the queen, isn’t it?]


[Yeah, that’s a given.]


[And I will also be onii-chan’s subordinate, right?]


[Yeah, you did give me the permission, didn’t you?]


[Onii-chan. Do you want this country?]



A straightforward question. I didn’t see that one coming.



[No, I don’t want it.]


[Eh? You don’t want it? Isn’t onii-chan helping me because you wanted this country?]


[Well, I don’t particularly want it. I don’t have a hobby to look self-important in public.]


[In short, the mastermind!]



For some reason, Mio stood up and declared that out loud.



[No, those people have a bad reputation.]


[But you know, it fits Jin-kun’s personality and abilities very nicely.]



Sera reproves, but Sakura agrees with Mio. Not good. My image is in danger.



[The mastermind… In other words, I will be ruling in general, but onii-chan will essentially be the one ruling this country with me as his subordinate… That is so cool…]  



Sakuya also looked at me with sparkling eyes. Did her character crash from her life in the dungeon?



A: Is that not obvious?






Sakuya has a troubled expression.



[What’s wrong?]



She looked down and talked with faint voice.



[I am scared of the demons. They easily killed my family, stole my existence and ruled over this country. I don’t have the courage to confront those beings…]


Sakuya’s family was killed by the demons. The investigation at the time Sakuya was still a princess didn’t have any evidence of crime either. Because the demon planned to use the young Sakuya as a queen, the demon told her directly to instill fear of the demon in her.



[Onii-chan and the rest of you, you are going on a trip, isn’t? Can’t you take me with you as well? I will do anything, I will be at peace if I stay near onii-chan… I can’t rule this country on my own…


[That is impossible as you expect. This country is completely run by a government through lineage. This country will fail without you.]


[Then, onii-chan will be the king! I can be the queen in name so you can stay nearby and protect me!]



It doesn’t seems like she wants to part with me. Also, did she just…propose to me?



[There is Telepathy that I showed you a little while ago. And there’s also “Portal”. I can come immediately no matter how far I am.]


[But it will still take some time! Isn’t it possible I would die during that time?! There is nowhere safe except near onii-chan!]



She’s too terrified and she seems to think it’s dangerous anywhere except near me.



[I understand. In that case, I will assign Alta to watch over you.]




<Avatar> can be attached to my subordinates. But I’m the only one who can talk to Alta right now. More like, I set it that way. But I plan to remove the restriction now.



[I think this is a good time to allow everyone to talk with Alta. Your cognitive abilities will improve and you don’t have to worry about any surprise attacks at all.]



But I strictly limit Alta to use Telepathy only…


Alta can exist in parallel. He also have a mysterious method that makes his other parallel existences not drop in performance. I was worried to show him because I don’t want him to look stupid at the end…



[Come to think of it, it is the same as being protected by me. Sakuya will be protected 24 hours a day and 365 days a years without even the need to pay.]



A: No pay?



Yeah, no pay.



[Wow, telepathy suddenly feels different.]


[Is this Alta? Jin-kun’s special power?]


<<He has same the aura as master~>>



It seems he is talking to everyone at the same time.


But Dora’s specification is mysterious.



[Onii-chan’s power is amazing. I am saying this, but this is a suitable ability for a king, isn’t it…]


Sakuya mutters so. I guess she can say that my power is certainly suitable for being a ruler. I can rob my enemies of their abilities and give them to my subordinates. I can access all the knowledge in the world and detect the movements of anything. I can restrain my subordinates’ actions and give them provisions whenever I think it’s necessary. I can manage all subordinates simultaneously and even defend them.

Perhaps Sakuya is right, I may be the most suitable to act as a king. But I will make that decision at least after we’re done with our trip. It will be irresponsible for me to be a king when I may be able to return to my world.



[I won’t become something like a king. At least not until this trip is over…]



I said the later half in low voice, but it is enough for Sakuya to hear.



[Yeah, understood. I will defend this country with Alta until then.]


[Y-Yeah. Do your best, okay…]



I feel slightly irresponsible somehow. Sorry Alta.



A: Don’t mind it.



[Before that, I need to defeat those demons. Please don’t be too hasty about this all, okay?]



Now that you mention it, that’s right. We were talking about what we’re going to do after we defeat them. Well, it’s fine, what’s only left of our plan is the fake’s exit after all



[That is right, now that you mention it. But I can’t see any way to become Jin-kun’s companion.]


[Yeah, it should be fine with just that. It is more important to make an environment where the queen can return with authority. So, how about this?]



I announce my plan to everyone.




[It’s as if this is a “reward good and punish evil” drama.]


[With that farce, you are going to present Sakuya-chan as the right one, aren’t you?]



Don’t you call that a farce…


My plan was somehow accepted. I had to correct some things here and there, but most of my scenario is still the same. I have to kneel to Sakuya to display her authority. I won’t be able to stomach looking like I’m serving someone, but I guess that can’t be helped.



[More importantly onii-chan, can you defeat those demons that easily? I imagine they will have the biggest defense ready in that situation.]


[I’ll be able to deal with it you see. That level of defense]


[I think Onii-chan is strange for being able to call the country’s greatest defense “that level of defense”]


[There is nothing that Jin-sama can not do.]


[If Master says so, it must be the truth.]



Ah, the fanatic Maria and fanatic Lusia is here.



[I mean, why is Lusia praying to onii-chan? What about your loyalty to the royal family!?]


[I have discarded it.]


[No way!?]



Sakuya was surprised by how easy she discarded the loyalty to the royal family.



[Err, you may return as a queen’s knight after this matter is over…]


[That is unnecessary. I have decided to live for my faith.]


[No way!?]



Oh, she accidentally said faith.





[Ah! I mean, I have to return the favor to master. Yes, that is all I have to do!]



Lusia is rebuked by Maria and corrects herself in a hurry. Sakuya asked timidly, but she was easily told it was unnecessary and played the fool. Yep, this is chaos.





The chaotic day is at its end. I’m sorry for Sakuya, but I had her sleep in “Room”, because I can’t let her show herself inside the hotel.

Eh? “Room” has high quality goods and there is no noise too. Letting her sleep in the bed alone, isn’t that consider a good treatment?


I use “Portal” to bring Sakuya to “Room” but she doesn’t let go of me when I’m about to return. Oh, that’s right. It is unreasonable to let her sleep alone after experiencing that.



[Shall I call the other girls over?]


[No, it’s fine. I will be with onii-chan please.]



Even when her face is colored from embarrassment, I can see she intends to say “I absolutely won’t hand you over”.



<<I’m going to sleep with Sakuya.>>


<<Alright, good night.>>


<<Take care>>


<<Good night~>>




<<Desu wa~>>



I guess everyone knew. I think that is why they told me to send her here…



[Good night.]


[Good night.]



The two of us crawl into the bed. Even though there is enough room for the both of us, Sakuya doesn’t want to part from me at all. It is hot.


I wait for a while until Sakuya is asleep and peel her off. As I did so…



[Ughh, I don’t want this, it hurts…]



She’s having a nightmare. She clinged to my arm so strongly and cried out loud. Interesting, let’s tried peel her off again.



[ugh~, ah~, no~.]



She’s having nightmare again… She is too pitiful so I let her stay like this. Good night.




This morning, my pants randomly felt cold.



A: Sakuya had wet the bed.



Well, I did prepare this in a sense, you see. She was hurt so deepl, she is getting nightmares about it. It can’t be helped if she became completely relaxed in the night after she was freed.






I just use “Clean” to put them back to normal. Oh, Sakuya moved slightly. I guess she is about to get up.



[Queen’s holy water.]


When I whisper this to Sakuya, she beats me with the pillow. It didn’t hurt, but she looks at me with bright red face and teary eyes. Well, she can see various things since I’m naked. Isn’t it a bit too late to feel embarrassed at this point?



I’ve decided to sleep just like that.


I guess I should go buy new clothes for me and Sakuya today.

~Seventh Night and the Magic Sword

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