BFTG-NT Chapter 27

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Tl: SpecterZe

ED: Torianna

Chapter 27 


Once the slave training was finished, we resume our journey the next day. Half of the newcomer slaves are waiting in <Room> and the rest (those who are in combat roles) are in the carriage. As expected, the carriage is quite full.


Those newcomers are surprised when they see <Room> for the first time, but they settle down quickly when I tell them it is one of my secret powers. Jeez, I think we could say that there’s nothing we can’t do.


The “Room” where I leave them is for production-focus slaves to do their jobs. I only give one point of <Compound> skill, but the potion’s quality is a lot better than Sakura and I. No, we can’t exactly compare them and us…

Let’s say, Dora can make <High> potion, primarily because her <Compound> skill is level 3 and the fact that she just adds a little more material to make them. Her potion’s effectiveness is fifty percent better than a normal <High> potion, too. So it can’t be sold…


Two days later, we arrive at Atarime Town. The toll to enter the town is 1,000g, as always. I decide to call everyone out of the production <Room> when I pay the tolls. The total sum of 14,000g is quite large. By the way, there is a different rate for slaves — They’re 200g cheaper. Well, I pay at usual rate because I don’t plan to tell anybody that they are all slaves.


We go to a hotel that I found with <Map> as usual and park our carriage there. Atarime town has a strange landscape. Why? It is because Japanese- and western-type architecture are mixed. In other words, there is a western building with a sliding door and Japanese roof. This gives a feeling of an incomplete Japanese-Western combination.


Q: Why?

A: The method of building that the founding hero left was only partially used.


Hero… You again? No. This sense of incompatibility is due to the fact that I’m a Japanese person. However, this building is quite reasonable and sturdy… Maybe…



[What is it? I don’t feel nostalgic. It’s more strange than anything.]



Sakura also thinks the same.



[In Kastal, I heard the Japanese culture is taking root here, but I didn’t expect it be like this.]



This is also outside of Mio’s expectation.



[Well, we will get used to it, sooner or later…]


[As a Japanese person, I feel that something will have crumbled if I get used to this.]


[Perhaps… It might be worse in the capital.]


[Wait! Are we going to the capital?]


[Well, I don’t plan to go that far, but…]



As a group of Japanese people groan about this “unusual building”, the rest (those who are originally from this world) don’t have the same background, so they don’t understand.


Oh, let’s go to capital! It might has a perfect Japanese house there.

Oh! I remember something important. It seems that there is rice in this town. It is like normal rice (and it’s supposed to be goo, so I’m going to buy some of it. Just because of this, I immediately set up <Portal> right before we entered this town. With that, I can return and buy more rice any time I want.


We decide to rent two rooms. One is for our original party members, and the other is for the newcomer slaves. …Actually, Coco and Roro requested to be the same room as me when I tried to divide the group. Then Sicily, who always follows Coco, made the same request, too. Consequently, Sakura and Sera had to go to the other room with newcomer slaves, so there would be seven people in each room.

As a result of Rock-Paper-Scissors, my room turned into that of a Loli harem. Above all, Sakura, who is around my age, and Sera, who has a mature appearance, are gone. Without those two, we are technically a band of young children. Is this my hobby? No, this is something I accidentally discovered.






Yeah, we have many people. Consequently, we decide to ask the hotel’s personnel for permission to have our lunch in our rooms. Well, having this huge number of people in the dining room would be quite intimidating.

We ordered a “dish that uses rice”, and what we got is a Japanish dish called Doria. (Ref: Hmmm… No. Although it used rice, it isn’t what I wanted. This kind of dish is too hard for the tastes of Mio and I. It isn’t the same kind of rice that we had back in Japan. The type of rice from this region is different. I guess I have to find Japanese-like rice this time.



A: There is a store on Main Street in the West District that has that kind of rice.



Oh! Case closed. Let’s buy it later.



<<Uh… This rice is different than before.>>



Dora, your taste buds are quite sharp.



<<But, it is still delicious!>>



Yeah, as Dora said, it is delicious.


After we finish eating, we head to the Adventurer’s Guild. Finally, those newcomer slaves can have their debut as adventurers. (G-ranked)



[There are people who want to register as adventurers. Eight of them are here.]



I declare this to Receptionist-san. Unlike Konoe’s Adventurer’s Guild, there are hooligan-like guys sitting at a nearby table. By the way, this guild has a sliding door.



[Understood. Please fill in the necessary information on this paper and the submit it.]



Eh? Don’t you feel that it’s odd having so many pre-teen children registering, no matter how you look at it? It is might because of Receptionist-san’s stance.



A: Depends on each person.



For now, let’s just fill in the necessary information and submit the form because there are some children who can’t write yet.



[Yes, everything seems to be in order. Please wait a minute.]



As I handed in the paper, Receptionist-san took it and went onto the next process.



[Hey, Those brats are gathering and registering as adventurers for good social status.]



Oh, <Template>.


An adventurer with a scar on his face and a shaved head approaches.  Uh… Is he an adventurer? It would have been more believable if he had said he is a thief…


What should I do if Mio suddenly shouts something about <Template>?


[Hey, stop ignoring me!]



Can an adventurer go that far? His words and tone are impolite. Of course, isn’t Maria an adventurer, too, since she had already put her sword on his neck.


Maria just used <Blink>, which is the same technique as <Saladin>, but it isn’t widely known. I’ll have to scold her later.



[Jin-sama, what should I do?]



If I tell her to kill him, she is going to kill him. I have no intention of lose my temper to a <Template> like this.



[Let him go.]





Maria pulls her sword back. An adventurer? He just broke into a cold sweat. Well, that’s a natural reaction when you suddenly have sword pointed at your neck.



[Is there anything you want from us?]


[N-No, nothing at all…]



Did that adventurer completely lost his momentum because of Maria? He just quickly returns to his table.


I want you to work a little harder.



[Your Guild cards are ready. Please register yourselves.]



So I put slaves’ blood on each of the cards and then hand ’em all over as requested.


Well then, should we start accepting requests immediately?


Goblin Swordsman subjugation.

Rank G

Subjugate five goblin swordsmen at the area around the west gate.



Slime subjugation

Rank G

Subjugate five slimes around the outskirts of Atarime City.





To be honest, a Rank G’s request isn’t considered to be that significant. Mostly, they’re just for the purpose of thinning out the monsters around the city. Although they aren’t regular requests, their deadline is usually one week or longer. The only concern is how to find the targeted monster. However, that isn’t a problem for me because I have <Map>.


By the way, from rank G to rank F, you just need to complete ten consecutive requests. Well, you can fail once or twice, too. This isn’t a problem because we have a large party, and everybody has talent that’s above average people. Yurika? I don’t think she had the talent to be an adventurer, at all.



I assign the request to the party members in the same way I used for the newcomer slave’s battle training, but I could see anxiety on their faces.


I change our formation one last time.



The first party is as follows: me, Mio, Sera, Cloud, Adel, Coco and Roro.


The second party contains: Maria, Sakura, Dora, Iris, Sicily, Knot and Yuria.


We decide to focus on long-distance attacks this time. So I put Mio in one party, and Sakura in the other party. The newcomer slaves’ formation is still the same. Sakura is leading the second party, along with Maria’s asssitance.


It is a trivial story, but we did all of them from inside the Adventurer’s Guild. At first, we were just a party of children, but after everyone saw Maria’s performance, they thought, “They are too dangerous” and don’t pay much attention to us. Or perhaps, her chilling looks is the reason.

The terrible thing about Mary is that it struck the sword “a guild staff does not see anyone”. So nothing has been noticed and adventurers have decided to avoid it, too.
The most frightening point happened as Maria thrusts her sword when “the Guild staff weren’t looking”. Although there is nothing to worry about, we decide to avoid those adventurers…



[Then, I will look for another request again once we finish these two requests.]


[Understood. Our party’s formations will be like this without change, right?]


[Yeah, we will decide that each day, and we have to accept the requests from here for a few days.]


[All right, let’s go!]


[Take care of yourselves, too.]


<<I will contact you if something happens.>>


<<Yeah, thanks for your consideration.>>



I made an agreement with Maria just before leaving. Oh! Because a G-Ranked adventurer can only accept two requests at the same time, so we have to return to town. I actually wanted to accept ten and finish them in one go…



We leave the town and start looking for the targeted monster. Of course, I can easily search with <Map>.



[Master, how do you know the monsters’ positions?]


[Secret Power.]





A completely template answer. I guess I have to explain to them about our special talents later.



[Oh, three Goblin Swordsmen are there.]



Found them.



[Are we going to fight alone again?]


[I guess you could have a little more experience.]


[Understood. Leave it to us.]



For now, I leave the combat to those newcomers slaves. No, I’m not slacking. I will give them help if a situation becomes too dangerous. …But I’m really confident with the security of <Map>.



We keep doing this for a total of five times and become F-Ranked adventurers in half of a day. Maria’s team also ranked up at the same time. Having a lot of requests like this is quite rare around Konoe Town.


I heard they have to thin out monsters regularly in order to prevent the monster populations from getting out of control, and each type of monster is assigned according to rank.



[We had a lot of time after registering at Konoe Town, but aren’t those newcomers ranking up too fast?]


[Ranking up in half a day is really fast.]



I heard nearby staff members talking about this while I’m dealing with the process of ranking up.


[Ha, ha! Too bad. The fastest ranking up in another town was one hour. Another country might be faster than this…]

[Too bad…]


Mio drops her shoulder in disappointment. One hour… It is possible for me with my ability, but… How is it possible for normal people? Don’t tell me that’s a hero’s record. I’m really mortified when I think about it. Should I do it in thirty minutes when I train next group of slave?



While we are talking about this, the Guild card’s update is done, but we don’t accept a rank F request. Of course, the rank F’s subjugation monster is stronger than rank G’s. Let’s try it tomorrow.



For now, we decide to go to the weapon shop and get proper equipment for everyone. Some light equipment, basically.



[I will then lift the ban for range attack, and tomorrow, we will bring range weapons and magic into the fight.]


[M-Master… Can you use magic?]



At dinner (Japanese rice this time. Very delicious), I gather everybody and tell them about tomorrow’s plan.

I haven’t used magic in the fight until now. Sakura also fought with <Club>, and Dora’s <Dragonic Magic> has been prohibited. Most of the healing is from potion, so they don’t know we can use magic. Well, I did that on purpose…



[How should I put it… You guys can, too.]


[What kind of person are you, Master?]


[I haven’t told you yet, but asking about this is “Prohibited”, too.]




[I will tell you when you are useful enough to us.]


[Understood. We will do our best to win Master’s trust.]



Cloud nods. The others nod, too.



[Well then, we got off the topic a little, but do you want to use magic?]


[I want to use it. Becoming a Magic Swordsman is one of the top dreams I had to give up on accomplishing.]



Cloud’s eyes are sparkling. He has an unexpected dream. He isn’t as well-rounded as Maria, but I guess it won’t be a problem for him to have the same build. He is basically a lower-level me, and his combat style is similar to mine, too.



[Because I want to be a blacksmith, it will be convenient if I can use fire magic…]


[I want wind magic. I want to move as quickly as Maria-senpai.]



Knot and Coco seem to have a clear purpose. That’s right.



[My bad. I have to decide what kind of magic Yuria is going to use.]



The newcomers are surprised because I usually don’t intervene when it comes to their personal choices.



[It is unusual. Master has more of a direct-combat style.]


[Oh, wait a minute. Yuria, you are going to use <Spirit Magic> and <Spirit Art>.]



Those two are magic skills that I took from curling-hair woman, but nobody can use it until now. There is a reason behind this.


<Spirit Magic>

You have to give MP to spirits in the area to use magic.

It can’t be disturbed, and it has no chant. Can use two or more attributes at once.

MP consumption is high because spirit’s magic efficiency is its weak point. It can’t be used if there is no spirit around.


<Spirit Art>

Allows contact to be made with spirits. Can manifest a spirit by summoning. Always consumes MP when summoning.


Q: What is a spirit?

A: An energy life form that controls an attribute of this world. They can materialize if there is enough magic power (MP) in the area. They become active in places related to their attributes. If the amount of energy is high enough, it will have ego.


In short, it isn’t a skill that can be used at level 1. It is quite convenient, but by the time I took it from the curling-hair woman, we were already able to use all attributes, not to mention the high MP consumption and its dependency on environment. Mio wants to use it just by its name alone.



[Understood. There might be a reason behind this if Master said so.]


[I will hand over that magic now. I will give the type you want, but it isn’t necessary to give all you want.]



I decide to give each slave one point from two kinds of magic skills because I already selected two for Yuria. You need to do your best if you want to learn more. I let them remember the magic and let them practice in “Room”, but they all end up feeling faint because all of their MP was used. I think they will be fine if they get used to their limit.



The next day, we accept subjugation requests like yesterday and use that to practice magic. I also give some status to those newcomers to the point they can kill an F-ranked monster with magic without any danger.



As a result, we become E-ranked by the end of the day. There are many walls in an adventurer’s rank, and the first one is rank D, the intermediate adventurer. The next one is rank B, the senior adventurer, but that is for normal people. In short, rank D is the only wall for us.



[Certainly, slaves could become D-ranked in two days…]


[Master’s power is really amazing.]


[I don’t think I will be afraid of big monsters, anymore.]


[There are still a lot of monsters I can’t beat yet, but I won’t lose to Goblins, at all.]



The newcomer slaves’ combat abilities are rising considerably. I guess <Magic> plays a big part in this. All they need to watch out for is their MP, so they don’t faint. It will probably take a while before they get used to the sensation.


I use <System Window> to regulate their status while they make use of magic. You could say this is really a spartan style. If you look at their effort only, those newcomer slaves are full of it.



If original members and newcomers are like this, they could become D-ranked in just a few days. I head towards the Adventurer’s Guild while thinking about this the next day. There are a lot of people at the Adventurer’s Guild. Did something happen?



[Stampede! A stampede!]


[A lot of monsters are coming from the Tiara Forest!]


[Tiara Forest! There is a den of B-ranked demi-human there!]


[There is a village in their path, and they are heading to this town!]



I gather some information from the noisy crowd. Soon, there will be a monster stampede here in this town. It is our chance to use <Give&Take>. It might be hard since I have to give those newcomers some support at the same time.




Q: What is the monster stampede?

A: Monsters that move together. There are many causes, and one of them is “Runaway from a threat”.

[Calm down! The Guild Master will announce our plan!]


All noise dies down after hearing that loud voice.


A person who is supposed to be the Guild’s leader steps forward. His strength is about the same as that of Joseph. It seems one of the requirements to become a Guild master is to be S-ranked…



[Adventurers of Atarime Town! As we know, a crowd of monsters is heading toward this town right now! You have three choices. First, head to the village in their path and defend it. Second, take up the position between this town at that village. Third, close the gate and defend this town.]



In short, it is about whether to desert the attacked village or not. In case of defending in the town, the residents of that village will likely not survive.



[I’ve already told the residents of that village to come here, but it will take some time before everyone gets here because they have no horses and have to come here by foot.]



Of course, women, children and the elderly villagers couldn’t escape the monsters’ advancing speed even though they were told earlier.


[I made preparations to create a line of defense between the village and this town, but there’s not enough time to stop the damage to the village. So the Guild’s plan is to make a line of defense between this town and the village. I intend to protect all the people I can.]



In short, everybody who doesn’t reach the line of defense will be deserted.



[You have to go with it or against it, but this town doesn’t have the force to protect itself. If I handle this poorly, this town will be destroyed. Everyone, please understand my decision.]



There is nothing wrong with it. There is the middle ground for justice and damage.



[I’m sorry, but this is a force request. Please get prepared in thirty minutes! Adventurers with carriages will be asked to rescue the escaping villagers!]



Oh, we have a carriage. In short, we have to rescue escaping villagers.

There might be our chance. We can rescue villagers with our carriage before the stampede arrives. With so many monsters, there is no reason not to do so.


The village itself can’t be saved, but we can reduce the casualties…


A: …

A: …



Eh, what? Please say it again…



A: …




[Maria, Sera, please prepare our carriage quickly. The other members will join this town’s defense in order to make more room inside the carriage. Please participate in rescue operations with the Guild!]

[Yes! Let’s go, Sera-chan!]




Maria follows my instructions without any hesitation.



[Master! Why!?]


[Jin-kun, what’s wrong!?]



There is no time. I have to get to that village as soon as I can.



[I will explain later. Please take care. We are leaving now.]



As I said, I’ll take all original members and head towards our carriage. Tamo-san and Midori will go, too.


We head to the village about to be attacked by stampede as soon as the preparations are done.



<<Wait, Master! Please give me an explanation!>>




<<Sorry. I will explain now.>>


<<From Jin-kun’s sudden action, you found something, right?>>



Oh! As expected from Sakura, who has been coming along with me for a long time, you are right at that spot.



<<Yeah, the village that is going to be attacked is…>>



The reason I want to defend that village is…



<<It is production center of Japanese rice!>>



A: The special product is the Japanese rice you had at dinner the day before yesterday.

~fin Newcomer’s Adventurer Registration & Rank-Up

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