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Chapter 22 Requesting a cuddle with furries I’m going to meet someday (Translation: a talk about Races)




It’s been two days later since then. We’ve been shaking inside the carriage and advancing through the plains like usual. No particular problems have happened. If anything, it’s to the point I’m getting tired of the unchangeable scene.


Nevertheless, I didn’t get really bored personally. That’s because I’ve been receiving private lessons from Faima in the meantime.


“I will warn you beforehand, if you call the races other than us something like 『demi-humans』, it could become insulting enough for them to want to kill you depending on the situation, so it’s better to be careful about it. This is because the name 『demi-humans』 is what they’re called with by human race ideologists and it’s a derogatory term to them.”


Just as she promised, she has been teaching me general knowledge first, in relation to religion of this world. Although her explanations were brief, they’re also unusually easy to understand. This is proof of her possessing this knowledge at an extraordinarily high level.


In the real world there exists a large number of religions depending on the country. On the other hand in the fantasy world, there is basically only one religion. There are some differences in the teachings and precepts, but the root of the god they believe in is practically one and the same existence.


Right now I’ll omit the teachings that are trivial, but this world’s God is worshipped as the creator of this who brought forth this world. The creator brought forth the world and the world and land and then after that, it brought forth various living things including humans from its own body. This serves as the main cause of magic power dwelling in all creation. Afterwards god disappeared from this world, but it ended with him watching over all creation inhabiting this world, even now.


(I knew it, I really am not loved by god.)


This is the religion of another world, so the origin of the world may be different, but when I consider my zero magic power, I end up thinking a joke was mixed in.


After the broad explanation ended, I told her I wanted her to explain other general knowledge. She gladly accepted with『This is just right for killing time』. She too seemed to be happy of my attitude of earnestly listening to her story.


And just like that, I took lessons in general aristocracy yesterday. I’ll leave this out since they’re nearly the same as the former aristocracy I have a smattering knowledge about in the real world.


Today is the study about the Races. Finishing the break-cum-training in the noon and then listening to Faima’s story in the carriage has become my daily course of events.  By the way, todday’s training with Agaht is 1-4 for me. This too is about the usual course of events.



“I understand that. What sort of races are there specifically?”

“Let’s see. There are probably races we haven’t seen yet in the uncivilised lands, but if I sum up the existing races…………”


There seems to be animal eared people in this world. No, I only knew it since I sporadically saw some in the large city two places ago. I want to cuddle up some furries. 


First off, the human race like us. Then the beastkin, seakin and the elven race. The dwarven race. And finally the dragonian race. These six races are roughly the representation of all races of this world. That’s because each of these races have founded their own country.



“Where we are at is 『Yulephillia』, central state of the human race. The race’s strength is their ability to adapt. They can live in any location, unless the location is very harsh.”

“They’re unexpectedly strong willed people”

“Physical ability is not a large feature of theirs, but their distinctive trait is their power to grow. Also, although they don’t have as much as elves do, they also feature a relatively high amount of magic power, you see.”


The beastkin species are, as their name implies, a race that possesses various parts of animals somewhere in their body. Most of them have animal ears and tails. It seems that there are also those among them who possess a physique that can walk on two legs as a beast. Their race characteristic takes over the characteristics of the animal part the individual possesses. For example, an individual with strong characteristics of dogs has a superior sense of smell; if it’s a rabbit, then their sense of hearing is strong. There are merits and demerits in relation to physical abilities: you can be weak even if you have more strength than their race and the opposite is also possible. And also, the dog and rabbit beastkins I mentioned are actually called dog race and rabbit race respectively, but that’s justified in that case. They’re a race whose differences between individuals are the greatest. I want to furry furry up their ears and tails and all.


The seakin species are a race capable of living at the coastline. The base is close to the human race, but they have swim fins attached between their fingers and toes. They can also breathe through their lungs, but they can similarly breathe underwater through the 『gills』 attached to the nape. Also, they have the physical strength to act in the depths of the ocean and not succumb to the water pressure. However, they are weaker towards fire and heat compared to the other races and, their physical ability will greatly reduce if the liquid from all over their body is removed. By the way, the race with fish characteristics is different from the seakins, but they can also move underwater so many live in the same places. Calling either of them a 『fish bastard』 would immediately develop into killing each other, so I have to be careful about that. It’s taken as a bigger insult than 『demi-human』. Usually it’s rude I guess.


The elven race we all know about are generally the same as what is commonly talked about in the real world. They’re slender and have long ears and an attractive face and figure (and while I’m at it, the women are flat). And also their longevity. Except, it doesn’t look like they live as long as I thought they would. Their life expectancy is roughly 180 years. The life expectancy of this world’s human race is 80 years, so they’re double their life expectancy plus a little more. They seem to grow at the same pace as the human race from birth to 20 years old and from then on they would grow at half their pace. Their race’s forte is skillfulness with their fingers and their five senses being high, their longevity just explains their quick-witted and agile nature. In addition to those, a high magic power is also one of their characteristics. As one would have expected, they seem to live in a rampant dense forest and because of their physical abilities, they seem to be focusing on a hunter’s lifestyle. As for their weak points, their frailness due to their slender body and their low fertility due to their lifespan. It’s just not so extreme like they’re not born. Real too has half of this elven blood flowing through her veins. Such gigantic breasts despite that.


The dwarven race was a little unexpected to me. They’re even more skillful with their fingers than the elves and yet they’re musclemen. Except, the fellows being hairy or women being big and heavy; it doesn’t seem to be like that. On the contrary, both men and women seem to be unusually thin and their adult height being that of a human child doesn’t seem to be any different. It’s just that their aging is even less visible than the elves. They say that even an old person who has piled up quite some years would have an outward appearance of a human in their early 30s. I almost unintentionally retorted with a “Are they 『legal loli/shota’s』!?”. I think it’s good they’re not in the real world. By the way, they’re slow with their feet or something like that.


And last but not least, the draconian race. Their features at a glance are not that much different than the human race beside the two horns growing on their head. However, this race’s real feature is their 『transformation』 ability. Dragonians who have lived a certain amount of years can release the powers of the dragon by their name and transform a part of their body into that of the dragon. The part that shows this 『transformation』 ability varies from person to person; there are cases where the arms would transform, wings sprouts from their backs or a body part we won’t see at a glance would begin transformation. It’s just that, even if it’s only one part that’s transformed, they would house strength that exceeds the other races in each and every aspect at that time. Furthermore, they have magic power rivaling that of the elves and they can display abilities that exceeds the other races in relation to the attribute of the dragon they’re carrying. If you’ve got this far, then they’re perfectly a race specialized in combat I guess. Is there a power up thing where your hair would stand up and go blonde, right? No wait, those are monkeys and these are dragons, so there isn’t, is there? But their pride is just high regarding combat and they’re not suited for group combat. Even while each of them hides an ability matching that of thousands, their overall war potential is even inferior to the other countries. While it’s like that, their war potential aren’t inferior to other countries, so I can guess that the abilities of a single dragonian is extraordinary.


“The explanation on the dragonians was awfully long isn’t it?”


Ms. Faima finished her explanation on『the races of this world』 and I expressed my frank impression on it. It feels like there are twice as much compared to the other races if we go by word count.


“It’s because the dragonian race has many anecdotes in battles. In addition, their ecology has been unraveled in the past 150 years and before that they were treated as a race of legends. By both the human race as well as the other four races. It was unthinkable to the people at that time that there exists a race possessing an element of the dragons; the magic beasts that enter the category of one of the strongest among the magic beasts. It seems like they weren’t thought of as a race that could converse in the first place when they encountered them for the first time.”


So it’s a race that’s regarded as legends even by the humans living in this fantasy world. Furries are fine too, but my desire to see them became stronger. After all, 『Dragons』 sounds cool too.


“Hm? What’s wrong Real?”


I unintentionally looked Real’s way and saw she made a complicated expression. Like she’s forcibly suppressing a shame that emerged from the inside, that kind of look.


“…………No, it’s nothing.”


She spat out what she was putting up with together with a sigh.



“Even so, you’ve getting along surprisingly well with Miss Faima, aren’t you Kanna?”

“It’s because what she’s talking about is interesting”


We’re having lessons under the blue sky, but this is the first time I thought increasing my knowledge is interesting. I think it’s probably because it’s knowledge of a fantasy like world, but Faima’s teaching method is also one of the main cause.



“Kanna is a good listener to me, so it’s worth talking to him. It’s as if I’m teaching children so it’s enjoyable.”

“So I’m on the same level as a kid!?・・・・So there’s not much difference in our amount of knowledge I see”

“It bothers me if you reply honestly on that though. Negate it a little at least.”


“How does a former inhabitant of the countryside display that?”


“By talking back refreshingly.”


“Being frank without putting on unnecessary airs is one of my few redeeming features.”


It’s much better to expose myself with embarrassment for an hour than fatally blundering with your pretentions. No matter how much you go under in shame, there’s no problem if you can laugh at it at the very end. At least, that’s what I believe in.


A week passed by again and again after that one act. Being viciously beaten by Mr. Agaht, spending time taking Ms. Faima’s fun lessons, we then approached a deep ravine.


“If we pass through here and travel one more week at most, we will approach the national border. If we advance even further then we will finally reach the southern tip of Diagal territory.”


Sitting on the coachman’s seat, Rand explains it to me who, for some reason, is also sitting on the coachman’s seat like him. I’m not planning on getting a role as a coachman, but only got a little curious about the way the horses are controlled. I wasn’t sure though.


It took us roughly a little less than three weeks to get here from the foot of the sacred mountain. If, for argument’s sake, I followed the official route from the castle I was summoned at, it would take around three more weeks is what I had Real inform me in the shadows. It seems like it will take quite a bit of time to circumvent that sacred mountain. I spent a week at the foot of the sacred mountain, but we advanced for two weeks even if we deduct that. The people at the castle would never expect us to have gotten this far already.



“I had thought that some sort of trouble would happen during our travels, but this is kind of anti-climatic. My bad for not really being useful.”


Even the magic beasts that comes out sometimes doesn’t have the strength to pose a problem at all to the three servants. While I’m employed as the escort’s additional fighting power, it’s like me and Real practically aren’t playing an active role there. I mean, it’s to the point we’re living idly.


“No, I am grateful to the fact that your turn hasn’t come. The preparation for emergencies being unnecessary and useless is something we desire the most. Some people will think it’s an useless expense however, I consider this a necessary expense.”


Rand returned an extreme answer towards my cynicism. He is holding praiseworthy thinking each and every time.



“Besides, we had you become Agaht’s training and milady’s companion. You’re at the very least not living idly, I assure you.”

“Hold it there, you. If that’s the case, then aren’t you talking like I am about the only one living idly?”


Real heard our conversation and says so, sounding dissatisfied.



“How inexcusable of me, did I hurt your feelings?”

“No, it’s because what you have said is the foundation, lord Rand. I also agree that having no situation occurring where the guard displays their duty is the best situation. I’m just saying that.”


After showing a wry smile, Real’s expression then becomes somewhat serious.



“To be honest with you, I’m rather feeling ominous with how well it has been going until now.”

“I’m with you. Crossing over here without any attacks is nice and all, but on the flip side I’m a little worried about the fact nothing has happened at all.”


It’s a standard expression, but it surely reminds me of the calm before a storm.


Rand too has the same thoughts towards the similar opinions of Real and I.



“If we assume something will happen, then it would be from here on out. The plains with the good view continued all the way here, but the place beyond this changes completely and a ravine with numerous blind spots shall continue. A road for carriages has been maintained to some extent, but I believe this is a perfect location for starting a surprise attack.”

“Don’t deliberately pass through this kind of place. Isn’t there a safer route or something?”


This time, Faima joins in on the conversation when I stated my frank question.



“There aren’t that many roads connecting between Yulephillia and Diagal. And when it comes to roads that are wide enough for carriages to pass through, I can safely say the risk would skyrocket if we exclude this place. The ruggedness of the road is so, but the problems are the magic beasts. There are also places that overlaps with the territory of the ferocious dragon species, depending on the route. If you approach them poorly, then you will be trampled down at that point.”


“…………So this route is the best choice, is what you’re saying?”


“Even this road had been nearly impassable until almost hundred years ago, you see? The road was nearly non-existent and ferocious magic beasts were numerous. The abled adventurers at that time subjugated the magic beasts controlling this land and from then on they could finally start developing the road. Since then, this ravine has been called 『Blaze Lizard Ravine』, taken after the name of the magic beasts.”


“Blaze Lizards………… having scales with strength rivaling that of bedrock and thoroughly burning its preys with the flame pouch inside their body, they’re large lizards with very high risks, aren’t they? Originally they are magic beasts inhabiting volcanic areas. The individual who lived on this land before must have strayed from their habitat in another area.”


“Oh, you’re well informed aren’t you, miss Real.”


“I don’t know enough to be considered well informed. It’s just that having to understand simple characteristics of magic beasts is a matter of life and death due to our line of work after all. I don’t know very well their ecology you see.”


Just in case, Real assumed the setting of a travelling mercenary. It’s an occupation where she would (seemingly) take on even extermination of dangerous magic beasts depending on the contract, so it’s not unnatural.



“What’s commonly called a Blaze Lizard has an overall span of two meters, but there were records left that said that the Blaze Lizard ruling this area was a hill-sized giant species. What’s the dominant theory is that it was not that it had strayed from its companions, but rather it ate the supplementary food from the neighbourhood of its habitat and arrived at this place looking for new prey.”

“This is the first time I’m hearing that. I suppose it may have had a risk more comparable to that of a dragon species rather than a reptile species.”


Faima pulls out the title of adventurer here, but it wasn’t to point out the passionate people brimming with an adventurous spirit to pass through uncivilized lands.


This is kind of familiar in the recent RPGs, but there exists adventurer’s guild in this world. What’s common in most games is an organisation that holds the role of accepting requests from citizens and the like and intermediating the people in search for work. And so, you call the people who are registered in the adventurer’s guild an 『adventurer』. I also learned that with Ms. Faima’s lessons. I’m digressing, but there are adventurers who seek the impossible dreams in the uncivilized lands and there are also investigation type work for those lands or something.


“If there’s such a convenient work mediation place, then you could’ve just taken applications for escorts at the adventurer’s guild” I asked Faima. There is a branch of the adventurer’s guild in the city Faima and I met and I’m sure she also had considered that. But just like she said before, there’s the problem of whether the adventurers they will employ are really trustworthy to start with. And adding to that, the journey to Diagal from that city is long, so it’s unlikely that adventurers who would accept being an escort would appear under those conditions. There was surely nothing but good fortune for Faima that me and Real’s destination was Diagal.



“At the very least, an individual this dangerous hasn’t been identified these ten years, so it should be safe to have minimal vigilance towards magic beasts. The problem is still an『enemy』 attack. During the time we are in the ravine, we will be adding another guard while travelling and a another midnight watch. There are no problems with that, is there?”


“No objections here.”




Me and Real answered respectively. Shall we work diligently in order to relinquish the shame of receiving an idle living?



T.N. From reading the author’s note, it seems he may want to go for a harem for once and he may introduce a third girl somewhere at the end of the third arc. Also next chapter is a battle scene. He also noticed there’s no romance element up till now, so that may change at some point


T.N. 2 The author is using some slang I’m not too familiar with, which is kemofusa(apparently a fusion of kemono(animal) and fusafusa(tuft, bushy, as in hair) googling only showed me girls with bushy animal tail and ear, but also a human-like dog/wolf. I figure it’s the japanese version of furry. So there. And no, cuddling as in petting them and all that. You know, what you do with dogs and cats to show affection.

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