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26 Gluttony



“Now, let’s…… see here”


I look at the body of Ramell, who is lying on the ground, with not even a single wound. His bent arm has returned to normal and there are no torn flesh, as if nothing ever happened.


“His armour is really in the way”


I undo his worn armour and I place my hand on his chest.


“It would be nice…… if you come back”



To be honest, this method doesn’t have any proof that shows you’ve done it properly. I made no blunder up until now, but I’ve only done this several times. There is also the worst case scenario.

…… well even so, I don’t really want to see my pupil’s sad face though……


“I’m also giving my all, so you go all out too……”


I put together my hand palms above Ramell’s chest and got on my knees. While tasting the feeling of becoming a protagonist of a medical drama, I commence a cardiac massage like that――――――


 ◇ ◇ ◇




Alize came running at full speed after I got back some time later while carrying Ramell on my back. She shows a really worn out expression, so she must’ve been very anxious.



“Master…… is Ramell……?”


“Yeah…… he’s fine for now, his heart started beating.”


Ramell’s heart is by no means beating loudly. Alize also took a breath of relief from the fact he is breathing quietly.



Thank you very much……. Master.”


“What are you talking about, he’s my pupil’s lover. I would do at least this much for you.”


“Wait, he is not my lover yet!”



Wow, not yet…… huh.

I smirked, Alize’s face went deep red as she snatched Ramell and she then separated herself from me while holding him like a knight carrying his princess. What’s up with that, I was just teasing you a little.


“Heeey, let him sleep more okay. He got quite weak after all!”


Regrettably I couldn’t return his lost blood and physical strength. I don’t think he will be in a dangerous condition, but Ramell is looking pale, even now.



“I…… I understand that! Uhm…… So master――――――”




“――――――generally, how much does that medicine back then cost?”


Is it very expensive――――――is what Alize came to ask. Uhm…… Honestly it would be fine if I just tell them what I did, but that would ruin the mood now wouldn’t it…… Moreover, I’ll also be troubled if they think I could revive anything and everything.



“It’s homemade, so the cost ain’t a big deal. Well, there’s only one of those though.”


“Then all the more I have to!”


“It’s fine. Its a medicine that’s better not to exist if that’s true. I, its manufacturer himself, was bothered with treating someone with it, you know. If you think about it, reviving the dead is generally taboo isn’t it?”


“That is…… certainly true, but”


“That’s why this will be the last time. I won’t be making that medicine anymore and I won’t be playing with life like this anymore. That’s why this time I will make it like [Ramell didn’t die and got his wounds healed with recovery magic. That’s why there’s no compensation].”


“ …… I understand.”



With a slightly unconvinced expression, Alize left. The lot who escaped from the village started to return and if you don’t look at the broken gate and the gouged ground, you could even say they’re starting to return to the original form of the village, right?




“――――――You used that didn’t you?”




Levia comes walking. I can even see a somewhat angry like expression.



“How’s Amelle?”


“She is with the villagers.”


“Is that so……”


“And so, you used that, didn’t you?”


Her voice changed a little into an assaulting one.



“ …… Yeah. How did you know?”


“Your magic power is somehow nearly gone, so I immediately knew. It had happened before as well.”


……She got me there. Ain’t I seen through?



“Once awake it won’t stop eating until it is full――――――<Heteromorphic type> sacred sword, <Gluttony> …… You hoped you could completely feed him with almost all of Ramell’s wounds, but I understand it will not get a full stomach with just that amount. What did you sacrifice today?”


“What I fed him wasn’t that big of a deal, you know…… my magic power was enough.”


“That is a lie. I can see right through you, you know?


That’s right. I recalled I’m terrible at poker faces.



――――――<Heteromorphic type> sacred sword <Gluttony>, it’s the power that woke up within me when I was summoned to this world as a Hero. It’s different than for example the <Excalibur type> from Kouma, one of my classmates who got summoned together with me back then. It’s sinister and no matter how I say it, it’s a sword that looks like it’s used by someone like the demon lord.


While there is naturally a differnce in appearance, the difference between <Excalibur type> and <Heteromorphic type> is the very large difference in its ability. The former is an ability which raises your physical and magic power as well as largely strengthening the light attribute. The latter doesn’t strengthen your physical ability, attribute or increase magic power, but instead it possesses some sort of strong ability. My <Gluttony>’s ability is as it’s meaning implies, [eat anything]. It can even eat space if I take a sweep at it and it can also eat the physical strength of your opponent depending on the amount they have. This time I let it eat Ramell’s wounds, restoring his body and by giving his heart stimulus again, he could be revived.


But this method comes with quite severe conditions.


First off, lost limbs won’t return. And then blood and physical strength won’t either. That’s why this time we were quite barely on time. Ramell’s bleeding was quite bad after all. No matter how much his body returns to its perfect state, there’s no saving him if there’s no blood. There was a big chance that even Ramell wouldn’t make it in time.


And then――――――the most important thing.



<Heteromorphic type> requires also a large compensation as a result of having a powerful ability.

In <Gluttony>’s case, the sword will eat the area around it if I don’t let it eat its fill, completely depleting the place of its features. I don’t think there will be anything left around me if I leave it to eat something for even a few minutes. I thought that this time it would annihilate the village and all unless I give him something else for it to eat.


In order to fill <Gluttony>’s stomach completely, the things that were eaten…… those were most of my magic power as well as my memory up until my first summon. In other words, the memory I had of my previous existence living in Japan. Because of that, I can’t recall the events before the time I was summoned to this world for the first time. Even the faces of my family and my friends in those days won’t come to mind.



“Memories――――――I see, and you are fine with that right?”


“Yeah, the me from that time is already a dead existence after all.”


It’s strange that I was holding memories of my old life in the first place. To be exact, I was reborn the moment I was sent back from Eclair, but personally I think that the moment we were summoned here it would be similar to dying. Besides, the memories of those times are already not needed anymore. Lonely things may be lonely, but it’s a true fact that there will be no problems even if those are lost.



“If it were to eat my magic power as well…… wouldn’t you be able to settle this without doing that?”


“Aah…… probably, yeah.”


“Would you just rely on those around you a bit more…… You’re taking on too many burdens yourself. Saying because you’re strong…… There is no need for you to take on so many of them is there?”




“Moreover, I too am not weak, so excuse me for only being carried by you.”


While saying so, Levia put her hands on my chest and let her magic power flow in me. My decreased power was being filled by Levia’s and it turned to what it was to some extent.



…… Somehow, I’m completely taken aback by Levia. When I was thinking why I want to [protect] such a strong woman……

Protecting them because they’re important is natural, but she’s――――――they’re not  only existences to be protected by me. They’re strong, stronger than I think.



“Hah…… Oh, well…… aren’t you reassuring.”


“It’s true, you know? Whatever you say, I am the sea god after all!”



Separating her hands from my chest, her smiling face can be seen expremely sparkling. Well, being cared about and being protected once in a while probably ain’t a bad thing either, I guess――――――



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*T.N. I translated it as Heteromorphic type, but the kanji combination could also mean irregular/suspicious-looking etc. Not sure if I picked the best translation, but I think it’s fine enough for now?

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    1. I’m not so sure about the opposite of excalibur. It’s like a type of weapon that covers a different aspect, like how an excalibur type makes you strong and all, the “irregular” type gives you a special and unusual ability that is kind of a double edged weapon if used the wrong way. The author didn’t add any furigana, so it’s pretty much up to me to figure this one out.

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