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 Vol 9 Chapter 12

Yuuji, facing a group of orcs and goblins

Contains depictions of cruelty



They ran.

Yuuji and Kotarou Ran towards the group of monsters.


“Mr Yuuji! The blinding magic! Ms Kotarou, the goblins around the girl!”


Instructions flew from Kevin’s exclusive escort who followed behind Yuuji and Kotarou. Yuuji, who lost his composure, may plunge into the group without a plan. They were instructions with that in mind. His accumulated battle experience weren’t just for show.


“Light oh light, emit your radiance! Flash(I’m fine even if I lose my hair, so blind them)!”


Could he be burning in rage?

Yuuji released the light magic with all his might.

Incidentally, he did not pay the price with his hair roots. He had only released it holding this amount of strength in his spirit. Yuuji was in a lineage of white hair.


Matching his incantation, Kotarou and Kevin’s exclusive escort shut their eyes.

The heated Yuuji seems to have composure left to not omit the aria and blind his allies. No, his 2nd grade syndrome may just not have disappeared however.


They must have seen Yuuji’s group rushing over them.

The two orcs and eight goblins seems to have directly seen the light source, so they were holding their eyes and were in an uproar, going “FUGOFUGO GUGYAGUGYA”.


Perhaps it was by coincidence, or perhaps he reacted to the magic.

The orc leader seems to be safe.


“Mr Yuuji, please just think about enduring his attacks!”


Several seconds prior to enemy contact.

Once again instructions were hurled to Yuuji by Kevin’s escort following him.


“Roger, Mr Aias!”


Yuuji responded to Kevin’s exclusive escort, Aias. 

He must have regained his composure somewhat with the monsters being in a state of confusion after he used his magic. He ran towards the monster group, the shield in his left hand set up before his body and his gaze towards the orc leader.

Kotarou, who ran in front of Yuuji, slipped through the sides of the vanguard, which is the orc leader, and headed right after the girl who collapsed on the ground with her eyes closed.


Similar to their usual encounters, the one who raised the beacon of battle was Kotarou.

She leaped at the goblins who had been carrying the girl until now, swinging her nails and baring her fangs.

Three goblins who were around the dropped girl, were blinded and quickly turned powerless without confirming Kotarou with their sights.


And then.

Yuuji faced the Orc leader.

“FUGOOH” the orc leader raised a cry and hit Yuuji with the wooden club he held in his hand.

When they returned to their dwellings triumphantly after obtaining a prey, their village was attacked. Their side seemed to be raging mad as well.

Having received instructions from Kevin’s exclusive escort, Yuuji thought only about defense as he dealt with the orc leader’s attack.

The shield, which he got brand new from a premie city dwarven store, acted as if the orc leader’s attack did nothing.

Of course, it owed to Yuuji’s ability, who had been worked hard almost every day by the former third rank adventurers, however.


Yuuji endured several attacks.

Kevin’s exclusive escort, Aias, arrived right after the monsters.

Leaving the orc leader to Yuuji, Aias headed to the two orcs who has yet to be able to see.

One swing, two swings, three swings.

He easily cut down the two orcs.

Orcs who could not see did not seem to be anything significant.


Like Aias who killed the two orcs easily, Kotarou too instantly killed the remaining five goblins. However, her throat was still making a growling sound. The leader should be responsible for what their subordinate has done right? Die, will you, is what she seems to be saying.


Two people and a dog surrounded the orc leader.

Kotarou aimed at his lages from a low position. The enemy had already recognized the existence of Kotarou. It was not a surprise back attack. Unlike the time with the pioneer land defensive battle, she had chosen to wound him steadily.

Yuuji handled his attacks from the front and at times attacked him by thrusting his short spear and prick him to harass him.

As the orc leader went against Yuuji and Kotarou, Kevin’s exclusive escort inserted a strong blow.


Very quickly the orc leader was increasing in wounds.

Gradually, his movements became dull.

And then.

While crying “FUGOOH”, he lowered his back and stepped forward, aiming his shoulder towards Yuuji. It was a shoulder tackle stance.

Seeing those movements, Yuuji threw away his short spear and readied his shield with two hands and rushed to the orc leader himself.

The orc’s charge was thwarted from the beginning before he could get up to speed. It was one of the approaches taught by the former adventurers party leader after the pioneer land’s defensive battle.


*Gagon* a large dull sound resounded.

The shield of Yuuji, who leaped in himself collided with the Orc leader who began his charge.

Their momentum killed, the two stumbled back several steps.


Kotarou plunged to the feet of the orc leader who lost his posture, and cut them up.

On top of that, Aias swung down his sword and the orc leader’s right arm fell down.

And then, Yuuji picked up his spear after regaining his posture and pierced the orc leader with the tip.


Yuuji’s spear pierced deeply through the orc leader’s chest.

*Gofu* he spat out blood and collapsed face up.

The battle was over.


It was Yuuji’s meritorious deed following the orc’s chief.

Well, even if Yuuji did not attack, the orc leader would have eventually died from the heavy bleeding from the wounds put on by Kotarou and Aias however.


*Pant pant* Yuuji breathed out roughly.

His eyes were still turned towards the collapsed orc leader.


“You’ve done that well Mr Yuuji. The fight just now was good”


A voice called suddenly out right beside Yuuji.

Who Yuuji saw as he turned around out of surprise was the male scout from the pioneer land’s former third rank adventurers party.


“ …Eh? Huh? Weren’t you in the village center? Since when?”


Yuuji was confused!


Behind the scout were also the figures of the two people from the party in charge of the monster village, ‘Dusk wind.’


“Don’t underestimate former and active third ranks is what it means. We thought about helping out, but it looked like you had it easy. We were watching while keeping watch whether there are other goblins and orcs, you see”


The male scout and showed a somewhat broad smile. It appears that they quickly caught up to Yuuji and co, but watched over them without giving them a hand from the fact they skillfully defeated the orcs and goblins and surrounded the orc leader. He was a capable man. With the exception of relations with women.


“Is that, is that so… Ah, that’s right! What about the girl!”


Easily washing away the old man scout’s boastful words, Yuuji looked at the girl carried by the goblins.


A slender body as far as one could see.

A fine long blond hair and bare skin as fair as could be.

She was a girl beautiful enough for one to know that she is even when her eyes were closed.


Kotarou snuggled up to the collapsed girl.

She loitered around the girl, poked with her head at times and licked her hand and face. I wonder if she is alright, she seems to be thinking, worried about her. Kotarou was not a pervert, but she was just checking if she was bleeding or not. Well, it would not be strange either for Kotarou to sniff her scent however. Since she was a dog.


Kotarou barked “wan” towards the running Yuuji with a calm voice. It looks like she just lost her consciousness, she seemed to be telling him. But then again, Yuuji did not understand the dog language.


“Hum… Looks like she just lost consciousness. Mr Yuuji, it’s dangerous here, so first off, please carry her to master Salomon”


The former adventurers party scout informed Yuuji.

“Ah, okay, got it,” Yuuji said and put his arms on the lying girl’s feet and back.


“Aah Mr Yuuji, make sure not to let your hands slip much, okay? Well, it can’t be helped if you slip your hands and touch various places if it’s just a little bit though”


The former adventurers party scout said and winked at Yuuji.

Kevin’s exclusive escort and the two of ‘Dusk wind’ felt somewhat drawn back by those words and conduct.

Kotarou barked “wan wan” with an amazed expression. It’s because you say such things that you’re unpopular you know, is what she seems to want to say.

Incidentally, Yuuji tilted his head, not quite understanding it it seems.


A winking old man and a thirty three year old tilting his head.


While being subtly drawn by his surroundings, he carried the safely rescued girl in his arms, and the group linked up with the guildmaster and adventurers.

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