STOS Chapter 100

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Chapter 100



The battle between Satan and Yuuhi.

It was duly appropriate for the word “One-sided.”


“No this can’t be… that this me would!”

“Shut up”



Black flames directly hit Satan’s body.

Satan’s body, whose whole body was already scorched, began to show signs of danger.


“You’re being stubborn, won’t you die already?”

“Stop joking around with me!”


Shaking off the black flames, Satan swung the red sword held in his hand once.

The red slashing attack he released headed towards Yuuhi.


“Is this all?”


Yuuhi brushed away that slashing attack with her fist clad in black flames.

The slashing attack which dispersed in the sky vanished into particles.


“Wha… at…?”

“Next would be my turn then”


Seeing Yuuhi with her hands spread, Satan’s instinct was stimulated.

It will be bad if I don’t avoid it――――it said.


“ <Dusk Garden>”


It was a mere instant.

The ground, with Satan at the center, instantly blazed up.

Intense heat ruled the vicinity.

On the other hand, the penetrating cold-like black color inspired fear.




Satan leaped up at once.

He avoided it before it turned into a burnt field… was what he expected.




There was nothing below the knee of his right leg, which kicked the ground when he jumped up.

The black flames flickered and burned on that body part.

Satan hurriedly brushed away those embers.


“Don’t make fun of m――――”

“Stop talking, really”



Yuuhi shortened the distance in the instant that Satan’s consciousness was pointed towards his foot.

Yuuhi’s jumping kick clad in black flames pierced the body of the defenceless Satan.

Spitting out all of the air, Satan was blown away after receiving violent propulsive force.

He bounced several times and eventually stopped.


“Just die, you’re in the way”

“Guh… Hahaha…”


Satan stood up while trembling.

His face was smiling.

Except, a vein was firmly popped up on his head.


“Aah, I’m completely mad now… I will absolutely kill you”


Satan’s body was enshrouded in dark red aura.

That aura gathered at his lost leg and formed a new leg.

Moreover, it revolved around his whole body and began healing it 


“My rage’s ability is ‘Ease Accel’. It’s an ability that converts the anger I feel into power” (理不尽なる怒気; Irrational wrath; iisu akuseru, if anyone knows what words she wanted to choose, let me know) 

“ …”


Yuuhi did not follow up on it.


No――――she was unable to.


The power surrounding Satan was like the difference between heaven and earth compared to before.

If she were to jump in now, Yuuhi would be sunk in one attack.


“Now, die”


Satan held aloft the sword where dark red aura had gathered.



“I’m hungryyyyyy!”

“Mineko, avoid it desu”



The two easily avoided the arms that were moving like tentacles.

However, Beelzebub firmly followed the movements of the two.


“Kuh, why you!”

“Touching it is dangerous”

“Eh? Uwah!”


Mineko quickly pulled back her foot which she tried to kick away the arm with.

A mouth appeared on Beelzebub’s arm on the place where Mineko tried to kick as well.

Naturally, the mouth in the palm of her hand did not vanish.


“Avoid it desu!”



Due to Mineko pulling back her foot, the arm continued to attack her.

Even so, she was not a weak girl to get caught by that.

She nimbly took distance and once again recovered her posture after being separated sufficiently.


“Uugh, a little more”



The arm returned.

It appears Beelzebub herself too judged it was futile to pursue any further.

Except, now that the arm returned to Beelzebub, it had become difficult for Shironeko and Mineko to attack her.


“Mineko, are you warmed up desu?”

“ … Yes, about now”


The two loosened their bodies a little and focused their consciousness onto their body.

As they did, their limbs transformed into those of cats, and cat whiskers appeared on their faces.

Both arms put on the ground, the two switched to a quadruped walking form.




The ground kicking Shironeko moved in swiftness.

Shironeko shortened the distance in the blink of an eye, moved behind Beelzebub who could not chase her with her eyes, and swung down her nails――――

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