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Chapter 35

The Hero lives up to expectations


“Adel, leave this to me”

“ …Will you be fine?”

“I wouldn’t be entrusted the role of a demon lord if I would lose to a subordinate”



Little by little, Isvel separated from me and went to glare at Phantom.


“We’re changing locations”

“Oh, oh? Would that be alright? Leaving your friend behind”

“Even the current me would be enough for the likes of you “

“Now you’ve said it! I understand then. Allow me to make you realize your naivety”


The two took a breath and simultaneously ran into the forest.

Isvel should be fine I guess.

She’s not making light of the subordinate even with that, so she must know what sort of personality he has.


“You’re looking worried, but is this the time for you to worry about others?”



I warded off the sword that was swung straight down all of a sudden.

Eleira instantly put back her sword and unleashed consecutive attacks starting with a thrust, following a clean sweep and a cut upwards.

The me right now is only saved by Echsdarc’s abilities.

If this was a common sword, then it would’ve been broken a long time ago.


“That sword seems to be a very sharp one”

“For the time being that is…!”


After locking sword to sword, we pushed each other away.

Superhuman strength and agility are nothing but advantageous in swordsmanship.

Although what’s important is technique.

This world’s swordsmanship was brought forth in the first place for the sake of opposing superior species like the demons.

An excellent swordsman would display enough ability to be called invincible as long as they can bring their opponents into his rhythm.


“I have hardly ever encountered people who have fought me at point blank range and lived for this long, but… I can’t help feeling a little dispirited when I happen to meet one like this”

“ …It’s not something to feel dispirited about, don’t you think? If I didn’t have this sword I would’ve been killed a long time ago either”

“It is natural to handle swords more excellent than its swordsman. I do consider your ability, including that sword”


Phantom’s subordinate is an unbelievably earnest girl.

She must have continued to forge her techniques straightforwardly.

She’s no doubt this much of a troubling opponent in an honest battle.


‘Milord, I am becoming excited after a long time’

“It feels like you’re relatively always excited though”

‘That is yet again a different excitement! Fighting a strong swordsman makes me feels blessed to be in my position as a sword you see?”

“So that’s what it is…”


I don’t understand her values as a sword, but nothing’s better than Echsdarc getting high spirited herself.

I feel grateful for her being full of motivation 


“Then, I’ll leave the support to you”

‘Leave it to me!’


I readied Echsdarc and kicked the ground.

I directly struck Eleira with my sword raised overhead at the same time I closed in on her.




Echsdarc collided with the intention to demolish sword and all, but Eleira warded her off easily.

If she wards her off clearly like this, never mind demolishing it, she won’t even be able to chip it.

However, this is fine.

I put my strength to correct her as she gets warded and had her hit the ground before Eleira shifted to a counterattack.

The ground was blown away along with a thunderous sound and a cloud of dust danced in the air.




If they are strong head-on, then that would be until you play petty tricks.

It is a winning technique I have learned after having fought for several years as a Hero.



‘I know!’


Echsdarc’s blade was broken somewhat.

In this state, it won’t cut beings well, but in exchange it will end without me killing the target.

Next, if I could slip into the cloud and hit Eleira――


“――it’s a shame”



Together with a high pitched metallic sound, Echsdarc danced in the air.

The hand that was holding her became numb, making me aware that my sword was repelled.


“It’s a disappointment at most I suppose”


My head rang an alarm bell as Eleira’s sword, which stuck out from the cloud of dust, swayed.

I kicked the ground right away and leapt behind me, but the next instant I felt hotness at the pit of my stomach as if it was burning.


“ … That was surprising”


After I regained my posture, I gazed at the blood that was spilling over from the pit of my stomach.

It’s by no means deep, but it’s not shallow enough to be able to properly recognize it as pain.

To think that my body, who has seldom borne any injuries except in the fight with the demon lord, would bear injuries easily in this way.

There is also the part where I myself have grown quite dull though…


“I had thought that I would be able to feel the passion of battle that I haven’t felt in a long time while in a person’s body, but… this would seem to be a waste of time”

“Don’t be saying that… I don’t think it’s over yet though”

“No, I have measured your ability. It is a waste of time even if we continue on”


Eleira’s concentration and magic power rose higher than ever before.

To think that she still has this much ability hidden――It’s a small shock for me as a Hero.

Or rather, I wonder why I haven’t encountered her when I invaded the demon king castle.


“ …Echsdarc”


I hold up my hand in the air.

Upon doing so, the blown away Echsdarc drew an arc and settled into my hand.


‘Do not release me next time, milord’

“Yeah, I will never let you go again”

‘Oho~! It is romantic line in its own way, is it not!’


Right now I don’t even have the leeway to put in a straight man act with Echsdarc.

This refined presence, my throat would get sliced open if I’m unlucky.

Though I won’t die, I will definitely not be able to move for the next while

It goes without saying if that happens, but I won’t be able to do anything like protecting Isvel.


“That was wrong of me, for looking down on you. I should make some serious effort as well”


I set up Echsdarc beside me like I’m hiding her with my body.

She’s not an opponent I can win if I don’t do it with the intent to kill her.

I should’ve known something like that and yet, I’m a fool.


“ …It looks like I will be able to enjoy it for a bit”


Eleira lowered her back and pointed the sword tip towards me.

It’s likely a thrusting stance.

I can easily imagine that it could end up going through even my sturdy body.


“Demon style sword art – Lunge step――

“Flying sword――”


Kicking the ground, Eleira rushed straightforward.

On the other hand, I swung Echsdarc at the same time I stepped forward.


“――Dragon’s fang!”



Power and power collided, and a shockwave traveled to our surroundings.

The trees in the surroundings jolted and the leaves fluttered in the air.

And then, I heard the breaking sound of a blade.


“ …I see. So who was a disappointment was actually me”


Eleira, whose sword broke before its tip reached me, crumbled down on her knees on the spot.

After I put Echsdac, who was not chipped at all, in the scabbard, I turned my back to her.


“I’m going to have you let me go”

“Could you let me ask you one thing?”


I turned my head to those words.

Eleira looked straight at me in the eye and asked.


“Your… name is?”

“――It’s Adel”

“Adel… Heh, I see… No wonder I could not win”


Leaving behind those words, Eleira collapsed like her strings were cut.

It looks like she fainted.


“ …Let’s go to Isvel’s place then”


After I made sure to let her gently lean on a tree, I started running towards Isvel and the other.

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