Hiki-NEET Vol 12 Chapter 5

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Vol 12 Chapter 5

Yuuji, entering the perilous pass on the fifth day of their trip


“This is quite… Mr Kevin, shall we go down?”

“Hum, well that should be fine”


The fifth day since Yuuji left the city of Premie.

Their trip to the royal capital was approaching the perilous pass.

They were crossing the mountain pass.


The horses they exchanged in the fourth inntown Yagiri-Nyon slowly ascended the hill road.

Without breaking their formation so far, Kevin’s two personal escorts rode the horse in the lead.

Behind the covered wagon was the adventurers guild master Salomon, who was accompanying as an escort for the elven girl Riese.

Salomon was riding a horse as well, but he was not travelling right behind the carriage unlike before. He took a slightly diagonal rear position.


“Horsie, do your best~!”

“Do your best!”


Inside the covered wagon were Alice, Riese and the seamster Yurshelle.

The two girls cheered on the horses who were pulling the carriage. Riese was also using local words taught by Alice.

Kotarou got off the wagon bed and was running parallel to the former third rank adventurer scout Enzo in the lead on alert status.


Today, on the fifth day, they would camp on an open space at the end of the mountain pass.

On the sixth day, descending the mountain pass towards the last inn town would be the schedule.

□ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


“Crossing a mountain is pretty difficult isn’t it” “Yes it is. But, going by boat is a hit or miss after all”


Lunch break, during the crossing of the mountain pass.

Although they were slower than until the fourth day, they seemed to have advanced favorably until here.


“Crossing the mountain pass. The Hakone mountains are the swords(剣:ken) of the world, huh”


Yuuji whispered, seeing the scenery under his eyes after climbing this far. But it is not the sword.(剣:ken) It is the steepest place.(嶮:ken)

Beside Yuuji, Kotarou barked twice. It’s because you’re trying to look good, you idiot, was what she seemingly wanted to say.


“Wow, Yuuji-nii, it’s pretty isn’t it!”

“It’s pretty!”


The open space that was used for lunch break commands a view of the river and the fourth inn town.

Having finished their meal, Alice and Riese joined hands and gazed at the magnificent scenery.

As if having the same opinion, Yuuji set up the tripod and began recording.


Fifth day of the trip, the crossing of the mountain pass went favorably.

Until here that is.

□ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


The afternoon after finishing their rest.

The group crossed the meandering road and tried to scale the mountain pass.

Ignoring Yuuji stating “It’s like the Iroha slope”. It wasn’t similar in the first place. After all there was no traffic.


“Mr Yuuji, today’s campsite will be once we go a little after we cross this road cut”


The coachman Kevin called out to Yuuji


As Yuuji looked ahead after being told so, there was a terrain that was like they cut off a mountain and constructed a road.

The left and right of the road ran a gentle slope and the road ran through its center.

It did not pass through the treeline. Both the slope and the greenery on top of it could be seen.


Ignoring Yuuji who was surveying the scenery care freely, Kotarou and Enzo, who had the role of searching for enemies, repeatedly shook their heads and examined the state of their surroundings.

Enzo, who had run ahead, let the carriage catch up by easing up on his speed, and then jumped up on the coachman’s seat.


“Mr Kevin, it’s really strange. We either stop or go through. What will we do?”

“Is it an ambush?”

“No, I’m not clearly sure about that. Doesn’t look like Kotarou knows either”

“Hum…Let’s stop. If it’s an ambush, then there’s also the possibility that they will hinder us by throwing down a tree even if we were to go through. Mr Yuuji, please close the curtains. Please make sure that Alice-chan and Riese-chan won’t go outside. Mr Enzo, please go to the back and tell Mr Salomon”


Hearing Enzo’s vague words, Kevin immediately prepared for what he assumed to be an assault.

When the coachman Kevin reduced the speed, the two exclusive escorts entered alert status with just that.


“The possibility of an ambush… Yes, got it”


Slightly falling behind the group immediately changing into alert status, Yuuji moved. Yuuji first closed the curtains cutting between the coachman’s seat and the wagon bed. The wagon’s curtains were too, but the curtain dividing the coach and the wagon bed was a thick fabric. It appears to be a measure against bows and arrows.


“He said there could be an attack. Alice, Riese, be quiet okay? Mrs Yurshelle, please make sure not to let the two outside even if something happens”


Yuuji called out to the girls he was riding together with, and headed to the back of the wagon bed while holding a shield and short spear.


Kevin and Salomon exchanged words and arranged their formation in advance in case something were to happen.

Kevin’s two exclusive escorts were frontward, Enzo left of the carriage and Kotarou on the right. Salomon would be responsible for the rear and the carriage’s surroundings or, to put it simply, the safety of the carriage and its occupants. Protecting the horses and defending the front entrance of the carriage in case they close in would be Kevin.


Although they could use magic, the two girls, Alice and Riese, were basically not treated as fighting power. They were after all escort targets. They were indulgent adults.


What Yuuji was responsible for was the carriage’s rear entrance.

There would be their last stand to protect Alice and Riese.

However, the final defense line could not be reached as long as the former first rank Salomon is not defeated. It appears that Yuuji too was being protected.


Gradually reducing speed, the carriage stopped.

There was a mechanism that was an equivalent to a brake, but it would put a burden on the horses so he could not stop suddenly.


The carriage approached the entrance of the road cut.

Both sides had a slope.

It was the perfect terrain for an attack.


The group remained silently on guard of their surroundings.

Yuuji created a tiny crevice at the wagon’s rear curtain and peeked outside.


Enzo and Kotarou parted left and right, putting the carriage between them. Kotarou was not only using her eyes and ears, but also her nose, but she did not seem to have perceived the enemies yet.

Kotarou growled softly. As if to say I can’t find anything, but it’s strange.


But, nothing occurred.


Yuuji tried to tell Kevin he will use blind with his light magic, but at that time.

Near the ceiling at the carriage’s curtain, something hit


“We’re under attack! Be on your guard!”

“Stone throwing from the left rear!”


Kevin’s sharp voice resounded immediately.

Following him, Enzo’s voice from the left of the carriage.

It appears that what hit the carriage was a stone. It was repelled by the sturdy cloth; neither people nor objects took damage however.


“Alice, Riese, make sure not to go outside. Mrs Yurshelle, please”

“Yuuji-nii, do your best! Don’t get hurt, okay!?”

‘Yuuji-nii, be careful!’


Yuuji called out to the women remaining in the carriage, got off the wagon bed and stood behind the carriage.

He restlessly looked left and right.


Did they finally give up their ambush?

The grass moved on the slopes left and right, and the assailants showed up.


“What is that over there… grass dolls? Monsters?”


Yuuji tilted his head seeing those.

This man, he was unexpectedly calm despite being in battle.


Around ten grass dolls appeared on the slopes left and right.

Aside from the one who was at the left rear of the carriage, all were holding a bow.

The one who held no bow likely had thrown a stone.

And then, the grass dolls unleashed their arrows.


It seems the grass dolls were aiming at Kevin and the horses pulling the carriage.

They must have intended to make the carriage unable to move by shutting down the coachman and injuring the horses.


“Mr Kevin!”


Yuuji’s voice resounded in the road cut.


“Twelve, huh? We’re underestimated, aren’t we”


When the grass dolls prepared their bows, Kevin half-rose to his feet.

As Kevin had expected, arrows were fired towards the coachman and horses.

Taking down the coachman and horses were standard practices of an attack.

Kevin too seems to have understood that.


Kevin, who stood up on the narrow coachman’s seat, swung his arm left and right.


It was not a weapon.

What he was holding in his right hand was a bullwhip.

There was hardly any need to swing it, but it was a coachman’s tool for instructing the horses.

What was in his left hand was his cloak.

Just as he stood up, he took off the cloak’s fastener and took it in his hand it seems.


Kevin swung the cloak and whip with his left and right arm.

The arrows flying towards Kevin and the horses were all knocked down.


“Mr Yuuji, the horses and I are safe! This much will not be a problem!”


Kevin raised his voice.

Raising his voice had a meaning.

Telling Yuuji of his safety was one, but the biggest reason was a warning to their assailants.

That he could defend against it any number of times if this was all they had.


*Waoon* Kotarou’s cry resounded.

As if to say not bad Kevin, it’ll be fine leaving that to you then,

Seeing the figures of Kevin knocking down the arrows, Enzo and Kotarou rushed out towards the slopes.


The trio of horse riders were being vigilant while guarding their post.

They were in an impatient state, but Salomon was near the carriage as well. Salomon’s part was purely the elven girl’s escort.


“I’m glad, so Mr Kevin’s safe”


Yuuji leaked a voice of relief while he readied his shield and short spear.

Due to Yuuji being behind the carriage, he did not witness the figure of Kevin fighting. He was a lucky man. If he were to see the figures of the “Fighting Peddler” knocking down flying arrows with daily necessities in his hands, he would without a doubt be left speechless.


Did they understand firing arrows would have no effect either way, or was it in order to avoid the rushing Enzo and Kotarou?

The grass dolls made rustling sounds as they ran down the slope. On the way a few fell down and red blood scattered however. They likely must have fallen in the hands of Enzo and Kotarou.


And then.

Two grass dolls descended from the slope to the back of the carriage as well.


Perhaps they tripped up during their descent, they tumbled down and rolled from the slope.

They were ten meters separated from Yuuji.

They must have taken damage when they fell down. The two lay sprawled and did not move.


“Mr Yuuji. I leave those over there to you. Don’t move and let me know with a loud voice if those are alive and attacking. I’ll be back soon. I will go kill a few”


The guildmaster Salomon informed Yuuji. Immediately Salomon got off the horse, unsheathed his favorite sword and ran away.

Even so, his role as an escort must have remained somewhere in his heart. He went cutting down the grass dolls near the carriage. All while spattered in red blood.


While the surrounding became noisy.


Just as he was told by Salomon, Yuuji stood by immediately behind the carriage, with his shield and short spear at the ready.

While staring at the grass dolls that tumbled down and were not moving.


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