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27 Who is the mastermind?



“Are you really…… going already?”


“I still want to stay at the village though……”


“My bad, we also have a purpose in our trip, so yeah”



After staying for a little while, Levia and I are now standing at the broken village gate. We’re planning to leave this village. If I’m asked why we’re suddenly leaving, it’s because I want to quickly meet up with the people in the beastmen continent.


When we told them that, the villagers all gave us their thanks and handed over several barrels filled with a large quantity of honey liquor. All of them are now in my magic bag.


The only ones who are seeing us off are Alize and Amelle. Ramell still hasn’t regained his consciousness and the villagers are busy repairing broken buildings and the like.



“Is that how it is……

I’m glad I met you, mister Setsu and miss Levia. The other adventurers all gave up when they heard the story, so…… if you haven’t gone to that guild, it would’ve been the end of this village. That’s why I’m glad we’ve met.”


“――――――That so.”


It’s because you won’t meet an adventurer who can take on hundreds of Lizardmen…… Me meeting Amelle is a miracle. The story is far too good to be true, but I thought that there’s plenty of that if it’s this fantasy world. Well, I can’t deny that impression of it being a little too good to be true……



“Master…… I’m really thankful for what you’ve done for Ramell.”


“Yeah…… don’t worry about that, okay? Besides, he’s my pupil’s lover, so helping him is natural, don’t you think?”


“Lo-, Lover!? No…… We’re not yet……”


“Oh…… Not, yet, huh?”




Upon noticing that she dug herself a grave, Alize hung down her head with a bright red face. We laughed, seeing that. I wonder if it was as a reaction to the tension up until now, but especially Amelle laughed with a loud voice.


“I expected nothing less of Setsu’s pupil…… how interesting…… fufu”


“Haha-! …… hey wait, what do you mean by that Levia?”


“Hahahah…… This cracks me up……”


“Yo-, you’re laughing too much Amelle!”



This time Alize’s face becomes even more red from the bashfulness of becoming a laughing stock. More like, I did say something impolite without hesitation, didn’t I?



“My bad, my bad. I guess we teased you too much”


“You can say that again…… Really.”


“Well, that’s that…… Convey your feelings seriously, okay? This time it went well, but…… we don’t know about next time something happens, okay?”


“ …… Okay.”


My question must have made Alize recall the time she saw Ramell collapsed. Having your important person collapse will pierce your heart after all. Moreover, lots of regret will remain. If possible, I want Alize to become even stronger with this time’s incident as source of encouragement for the sake of not letting that happen.



“I’m…… considering retaking the S rank test. I’ll be more diligent…… In order to protect the village the next time.”


“ …… Is that so.”



I’ve listened to her past. And also the trauma from the S rank test.

But her eyes are holding a strong will. In that case I can feel relieved.



“Hahaha…… Not good! My stomach is hurting……ugh!”


“How long are you really going to keep laughing, you!”


Speaking of Amelle who is next to her, she kept laughing for some time now. If you keep laughing like that you’re going to have abdominal muscle pain you know? Are you okay?



“What a cheerful girl…… Well then, time to go.”


“That’s right.”


Splendidly ignoring the exchange between Amelle and Alize, we walk outside the village. Feeling responsible for the ground that is gouged miserably, I’ve gone under the broken gate while making the ground flat with some light earth magic for the time being.



“Ah! Aren’t master and Levia leaving already!?”


“Come again, you two! Ah…… Not good, I still can’t stop laughing…… nfu, fufufufu.”


“Would you seriously stop it now! I’m sorry master! Please come again anytime!”


“Oh…… Okay. See ya”


We waved our hands and spoke our words of farewell. Actually, for how long are you going to laugh, this Amelle girl……


However, this time there’s still quite a few questions remaining…… In the end, what is that mysterious magic pool? Moreover, even the blunt story about the dragon suddenly appearing is [too well done to be true]……



“You’re making a long face you know? Even though we received the liquor you had your eyes on with great pains……”


“Hmm…… I guess. There’s something I’m thinking about a little.”




“No, well, I felt for a bit like today’s story is too good to be true you know……”


Especially that dragon appearing nearby. When I think about it now, that dragon really appeared suddenly. If I’m told it’s flying speed is exceedingly fast, then that’s one thing, but the fact that I didn’t sense it until I barged into the nest is, if anything, strange.


――――――That dragon’s appearance is, it’s as if it was summoned.


“ …… Summon?”


Inside me a single suspicion emerged.



“Say Levia”


“What is it now?”


“The time when the dragon appeared, Amelle’s started looking unwell right?”


“Yes, and?”


“That look, when did it start?”


Levia turns her doubtful gaze towards me when I asked about it. She had a face like “what is he saying”……



“Anything you know is fine, so when was it?”


“ …… I wasn’t looking at her the whole time, so it’s vague, but…… the moment the figure of the dragon appeared from beyond the mountain she had a terrible color on her face. When I saw that I also noticed the dragon.”


Wait, from beyond the mountains you say? The mountains I saw around that time weren’t that large. I mean, there’s none at a range significant for me. And then the time my perception wasn’t effective was only the time from when I destroyed the magic pool until I got outside. In other words, with just a short time the dragon flew over us and headed towards the village.


…… It’s impossible. I have confidence in sensing presences. No matter how you put it, I’ll notice a higher dragon species getting near me even if I don’t want to. If that’s the case,


(Then I should consider the dragon as a summoned being……)


For the dragon to be summoned…… If it’s performed at the time I couldn’t sense its presence, then it would mean that the summoner must know my existence and furthermore, it must be someone who could grasp the timing of the ineffectiveness of my perception. In other words…… even that magic pool is related to this……  Or at the very least to the extent that someone would roughly know when it breaks.


The moment Amelle looked pale was before the moment the figure of the dragon could be seen. And then, Levia noticed it even later…… Amelle’s rank falls short to Levia. Even if it exceeded in my presence sensing…… it’s full of strange points. In other words…… one would need quite a lot of magic power to summon that kind of dragon. If one loses a large quantity of magic power in one go and loses their physical strength, then I can understand the timing of Amelle starting to look unwell.


If she’s the main culprit of everything, then most of it would come together consistently.



“ …… Levia, we’re going back to the village for a bit.”




I made a U-turn with my heel and returned to the village. I have a bad feeling about this. Taken aback, Levia became confused and ran after me, but her legs stopped when she was on the verge of catching up to me. My feet also…… stopped.


“――――――What is that.”


 ◇ ◇ ◇



“――――――Ahahaha, not good! Again, my laugh is……”


“Hey, isn’t it about time for you to really――――――”


In order to assist them in the repairs, both Amelle and Alize had gone towards the village buildings. However, Amelle couldn’t stop laughing since some time ago. It was vaguely a mocking like laugh, but Alize felt angry.



“Sorry, sorry I said! I can’t help it can I!――――――


――――――I mean I already expected you won’t become anything like lovers with big bro.”


“ …… huh?”


“――――――Invoke <Area summon>”


Suddenly, Alize’s field of vision was completely dyed white.


 ◇ ◇ ◇


“This is…… Summoning magic?”



I muttered while looking at the light dome wrapping around the village.

I vaguely recognize the magic formation written with geometrical characters surrounding the village and from within my memories I spoke the name of the magic.



“<Area Summon> …… Wasn’t it a magic that moves the living beings that are inside the sphere enclosed by the magic formation to another location?”


“I’ve also heard of that magic…… but…… to cast it on the whole village is……”



If I’m not mistaken, Area Summon can transfer as many living things as they want as long as you’re inside the magic formation. (By the way, the magic theories of sending and summoning is roughly the same, so as a result, summoning magic includes transfer.)


But the problem is its range. The wider it is, the more magic power is taken from the  user. Ordinary summoners can at most create a range of about two tatami mats. (a surface of about 3.65 m² or 1.91 by 1.91 m)


And what’s with this? This user has enough magic power to wrap up one village. And what’s more, this guy has quite the skill.



“ …… Once the light fades out, we’ll investigate the village.”


“Yes……I guess”


――――――Nobody will be there  either way though……


I stopp right when I was on the verge of saying that.


 ◇ ◇ ◇



Standing above the steep cliff where one can overlook the village, was the young girl who was supposed to be in that village, Amelle. However, her appearance was not the figure of a demon, but of a human.


She pleasantly watched the deserted village and showed a smile that was similar to the smile towards Alize some time ago.


Next to her quietly appeared a somewhat small figure.



“――――――You’ve done a good job didn’t you, Melua” (メルアー ; meruaa)


“Ah! Master Touma! …… Oh, it’s a thought body”


The Hero who was once summoned to this world, Touma was there. However, that was a projection and only his thoughts existed in this place.



“I’m sorry for not being able to praise you personally. But that was a really magnificent work you’ve done for me.”


“Oh please…… this is natural if it is for Master Touma.”


Formerly Amelle, Melua conversed with him with a face full of smiles. As if she was a maiden in love……



“But you were able to pull off an Area Summon after summoning a dragon, weren’t you? Aren’t you supposed to be completely out of magic power?”


“Ehehe…… That’s because I had an unexpected present, you know.”


Upon saying so, the girl took out a test tube looking thing from her pocket. What was inside was air.



“So that’s how it is…… the highest grade potion, its effect is large restoration to physical strength and magic power. This is something Setsu had given you right?”


“I really didn’t think I would be given salt by the enemy. Thanks to that I was able to execute our plans earlier, so it’s fine right? If I would proceed normally, the execution of our plans would be tomorrow onwards after all.”


“That’s right isn’t it? You’ve properly sent all the villagers to the royal castle’s basement, haven’t you?”


“Yeah! I’m talented with summoning magic you know!”


Melua talked about her magic boastfully. What Setsu had realized was correct; the one who summoned the dragon was her, and that magic pool was her original magic, <Point Summon>.



“I know, your magic is splendid!”




“And so…… were there any useful looking human resources?”


“Let’s see. Miss Alize can be used. It looks like she didn’t do much activities as an adventurer recently, but I think her abilities can become S rank if she redoes her training. Big br…… Mister Ramell is decently strong I guess? The rest is not bad I think. I think they can be sent off as <Magic soldiers>.”

“Yeah, that will be plenty. Especially there being an S rank is great, it looks like we’ll be having some good war potential.”


Touma, who made quite a dangerous remark, gazes at the village which is ruled by the silence spreading from below the cliff. To be more exact…… he was staring wholeheartedly at the figure of a single man investigating the village.


“ …… Setsu, I will be bringing you back soon. I will slaughter all the demons and beastmen who had snatched you away from me…… and then I will take you back. That’s why, wait for me a little more, okay? I will absolutely come meet you……!”


When he judged that he spoke the words resembling his determination, Touma’s thought body already disappeared. And then the Melua beside him was already no longer there.


Nobody had noticed anybody had been at that place――――――


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T.N. This marks the end of the first volume, next chapter will be the first chapter of the second volume, the beastmen continent. What do you think about the twist? I hadn’t realized it either until Setsu pointed it out.

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