Hiki-NEET Vol 11 Idle talk 3

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Vol 11 Idle talk 3

[11-17] Sakura, knocking together various visualizations together with George


‘Sakura, I’m home! The baby too, I’m home!’

‘Welcome home George. Ah, looks like it moved a bit. I wonder if it heard papa’s voice~’

‘Good afternoon Mrs Sakura. Oh dear, it’s gotten quite big already, hasn’t it?’


Los Angeles suburbs, USA.

The house where Yuuji’s sister Sakura and her husband George lived in.

George brought visitors with him.

It was the producer and scriptwriter couple who were worried about “Mrs Sakura being pregnant, so we will head over.”


‘I’m sorry, for having you come this way. It’s already stable, but George is a worrywart, so…’

‘It’s fine, it’s fine! It’ll be a disaster if something were to happen! So… could I touch it?’

‘Sure, go ahead! It’s been moving quite a lot lately’


Sakura and the elderly couple relaxed peacefully on the sofa in the living room that was illuminated by the afternoon shine.

George seemed to be making coffee in the kitchen. Of course it was decaffeinated coffee.


“And so… What brings you here today?’

‘Right, it’s something like an interim report. We officially exchanged it with Japan’s side by letter, but I thought of informing you as well Mrs Sakura. We also thought about giving you an advice on top of it’

‘Oh, is that so…’


George’s friend Lewis. The talks about a movie adaptation offered by the producer who was introduced by him.

A contract had already been signed for that, which Yuuji and Sakura accepted, for the sake of discussion.  Currently it’s in the fundraising stage according to the producer.

Sakura did not seem to be thinking that it’s true due to the topic not having been brought up yet.


‘Where shall we start with… Hum. Mrs Sakura, you see, I have connections in the television industry as well’

‘Oh… That’s right, recently the drama series often are made by a movie director and actors and actresses often appear in them too. Erm, who was it again, that…’


Sakura already reacted to them similarly to ordinary people. But one must not talk to grandpas about foreign dramas.


‘It’ll be after Mr Yuuji comes back from his trip, but I’m thinking about deciding to adopting it into a documentary first’


‘The images and video Mr Yuuji captured and the interview with the person himself. Well the actual interaction of the interview will be in text and on top of the videos, the video of the interview will be dubbed. And then we’re thinking about presenting the images of the site in Japan as well as the responses of the internet at that time. It should likely become a two hour program’

‘Re-really… But, then you wouldn’t know if it’s true or not?’

‘Exactly! But you’re curious about it, right? It’s an extremely questionable story, I say I’ll disclose it’

‘I think that’s normal. Even I can’t believe it’

‘Yes. But it probably will become talked about with this. And there were go to the next step’

‘Ah, I see! Will you announce the movie when it turns into a popular topic?’

‘Mrs Sakura, so we end it with, look here, it was an advertisement for a movie. Next we will be doing a verification program with a serious television channel’

‘Eh? Uhm, like Discovery Channel?’

‘That’s right. To verify whether the images and videos were processed or not. A verification including the monsters, anthropomorphs, animals and ecosystems that Mr Yuuji filmed. An astronomical observation by having him film the night sky. An inspection of the writings. We will exchange with experts and verify whether it’s real or not from every angle’

‘… And possibly also a hint that my brother will come back!’

‘Right, there may be one. In addition to that… Mrs Sakura’


‘I’m thinking about inspecting the place where the house was at’

‘So you’re expressly going to Japan?’

‘Well of course! There should be as many people as you can find who would ask to let them investigate it even if they pay money for it, not to mention through their own pocket!’

‘I- I see, so that’s how it is…’

‘Of course! In this sort of course, we will have Mr Yuuji collaborate and broadcast a documentary and verification program for a while. I’m thinking about starting the shooting of the movie at the same time and make it available for the public’

‘Is that so… It’s true that it would excite them more than a movie’

‘Yes, yes it would. I wanted to try talking with the side in Japan again and give an advice to you ahead, Mrs Sakura’

‘Eh? What would that be?’

‘Mrs Sakura, you should buy up the plot around your house and put security there’


‘There will be news coverage by the mass media, but… once the broadcasting starts, various people should go there uninvited. Fans, researchers, people who wishes to go to the other world, ordinary people or perhaps even a public institution may move’

‘…Eh? Eh?’

‘Mrs Sakura. If we were to grasp a method to go to the other world… that place will be a new sphere of activity. the frontier discovered in the modern era. I don’t know how the Japanese government will respond, but… anyhow, it’s best to take control of the land around it and secure it. We will cooperate as much as we can in both the financial aspect and the introduction to a security company’

‘We’re, we’re going that far?’

‘Perhaps. At the very least, there are people among those I know who have both money and time and love interesting things. I can think of many people who would buy the whole land around it, build a research facility as well as a house and gather researchers from around the world. Longevity, rejuvenation, increase in physical ability, magic… even if it was just one of them, it wouldn’t be strange to be attracted by it’

‘…Eh? Well, if you tell me like then, it’s true…’

‘By the way, even I would do it’


‘If you and Mr Yuuji consider it a good thing then that’s fine too. It’s just, I couldn’t leave it as is knowing that it would come to that. I’ll get scolded for this after all’

‘That’s right! This guy had a lawyer examine the laws of Japan! Told him off, like what are you doing repaying good with evil?’

‘Thank you very much. A- at any rate, I’ll try consulting with my brother and lawyer’ (TL: there’s an extra line saying あ、あと、オンじゃなくて恩ですよ? オンは英語じゃないですからね?, which is roughly “A-also it’s not オン(on), but 恩(also on, means favor/obligation/debt of gratitude). オン(on) is not english after all, you know?”, towards the person before her, but I don’t know how to make sense of it in english. Any suggestion)

‘Yes, that would be fine. In any event, we will get our plan with the program going after Mr Yuuji returns from his trip. I think the shooting will be at the very least around fall, and the broadcasting around winter’


‘A- alright…’


Having heard it from the producer, finally Sakura grasped the situation as well it seems. She took out her smartphone and searched Gunji’s phone number at once.


‘Sakura, wouldn’t Japan still be in the early morning?’

‘Ah, you’re right. It looks like I got a little impatient’


Sitting next to Sakura and having heard the conversation, George informed Sakura who tried to make a phone call. Looking calmly, Sakura seemed to be shaking a lot.


‘It’ll be fine, Mrs Sakura. It should be better early, but it’ll be talked about after we broadcast it in the winter after all’

‘Ah, yes, thank you very much’

‘It should be better you say, there are people already being forward though!’


Following the words of the scriptwriter wife, George so said.

For some reason three people except Sakura laughed. It was not an American joke.


‘Erm, what’s wrong?’

‘About that, Sakura. They’ll be making it into a movie either way, Lewis said and already began modeling the otherworld monsters with CG. He insisted it was a hobby, not a job, but that guy already intends to join in the production’


‘Not to mention the fashion designer girl had already started thinking about the clothes. Well I do have plans to have the two join the production staff though’


‘Ah, so Lewis wasn’t visiting us because of that’


Hearing the reason for the three laughing, Sakura made an understanding face.

It appears that Lewis was neither being tactful to the happy George and Sakura nor taking the pregnant Sakura in consideration, but actually immersing himself in his hobby. No, it was related to his work as is.


The concrete conversation related to the movie adaptation that finally came into view, thus advanced quietly.

On this day, the company and NPO that will be established in Japan accelerated its development. 

Along with the earnest scream of the former NEETs, saying “I don’t like it black.”


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4 thoughts on “Hiki-NEET Vol 11 Idle talk 3

    1. Finally…

      Planet Earth is finally starting to embrace the sci-fi genre…

      I would personally like to have magic and monsters, as well as magical plants to be scientifically explained and the other world languages to be learnt and recorded.

      However…it’s uncertain whether or not Yuuji will even return back to Earth. The elderly couple might be getting ahead of themselves here.

      [Along with the earnest scream of the former NEETs, saying “I don’t like it black.”]

      Black? As in, black and white?
      What is this, the 1960s?

      A lot of the phrases spoken by Lewis and Sakura’s responses don’t seem to end with periods (.). I would like you to check that out, TL.

      [‘It’ll be after Mr Yuuji comes back from his trip, but I’m thinking about deciding to adopting it into a documentary first’]
      * to adopting —> on adopting / to adopt

      [‘Yes. But it probably will become talked about with this. And there were go to the next step’]
      * were —> we

      [‘There will be news coverage by the mass media, but… once the broadcasting starts, various people should go there uninvited. Fans, researchers, people who wishes to go to the other world, ordinary people or perhaps even a public institution may move’]
      * wishes —> wish

      [‘…Eh? Well, if you tell me like then, it’s true…’]
      * then —> that

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