BFTG-NT Special Chapter 1

Ever wonder what Jin does when he sneaks out?  Well, here is one such occasion :3

Another for the slew ~~


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Special Chapter 1 


[Damn you!]


I threw the vase from the desk at the wall, and it made a loud sound as it hit the wall and shattered.

[Why wont it go as I want!  I finally got the dagger back, yet they said, “A noble family is ruined when they let a thief rob them of their heirloom”!  It’s bullshit!  Those ugly bastards!  Fat to the point their rolls spill over when they wear a pair of trousers!?]

I hit the wall angrily, hard enough to make the picture’s frame on the wall fall off.  Although we are the same rank as that fat noble, he doesn’t even care that I have Sebastian, the former S-ranked adventurer with me.

[Ojou-sama, please calm down. Doing this won’t help anything.]

Sebastian’s calm is irritating me a little, so I throw a pillow at him, hitting him squarely in the face since he didn’t avoid it.


Sebastian catches the pillow which makes a miserable sound as it falls.  Damn it! You didn’t avoid it to get my attention, right?

[Shut up! If you say that, how could I calm down!?]

I’ve had a hard time as the head of the family since my parents died. If this deal had succeeded, our family’s honor would have been restored, to the same as it was before they died.

[The noble put his hand in my affairs! The thief who stole the heirloom is dead! I need to vent my anger somewhere!]

Suddenly, I have an idea.

[That’s right, Sebastian. Kill that adventurer who brought the dagger!]

I can vent my anger on him if he is an adventurer, right? Isn’t he an adventurer? Oh well, it won’t make any difference. With a noble’s influence, I can kill that adventurer without any trouble, after all.

[On the day of the repurchase, they already warned us that even if Ojou-sama is a noble, killing him would be a problem.

Especially with the adventurer’s guild as the intermediary, they won’t remain silent about this.]

[Isn’t the guild master Sebastian’s former apprentice!? Can’t you manage it somehow!?]

Even for the former teacher of the guild master, it is something unreasonable to ask of them.

[Please, Sebastian. There is no one else but that adventurer to vent my anger on. I will go crazy if it remains like this.]

As emotion surges up, a tear comes out of Ojou-sama’s eyes.  Being crazy isn’t a joke, at all.

Sebastian thinks for a while. When it comes to it, this is the same as begging him…

[Hmm… Understood. I will kill him. Since there will be trouble if he is killed in town, I will wait for him to leave.]

I gave the description along with some money to the gatekeeper to have him come and tell me directly when that adventurer leaves town.

Sebastian is going to kill him as soon as he gets the report.

[Thank you, Sebastian…]

[Since there is a high chance for the guild’s personnel to be suspicious, I will handle this alone.]

I heard that Sebastian’s ability is higher than the guild leader’s, so it isn’t a problem if he does it alone.  I don’t want to cause a lot of trouble, either.  My reputation has already fallen, so if they know I ordered the death of an adventurer just to vent my anger, it’ll become even worse. I’ll leave it to the reliable Sebastian.

[Ojou-sama has a short temper, so please remain calm. I don’t know when that adventurer will leave this town.]

[I know that…]

He has to go out and ready preparations for a while. …When he comes back, I’ll have to have the maid tidy up the room…

The next day, the gatekeeper I bribed rushed over here and gave me the report of that adventurer leaving the town. It was unexpectedly fast.

According to him, it seems he has some companions, but they are just a girl and other children. They are no match for Sebastian.

[What should I do with his companions? They are likely to be witnesses, for sure…]

[Kill them.]

It goes surprisingly smoothly. I don’t have a problem dealing with them to vent my anger, as well.

[Sebastian can use <Space Magic> to bring me all of their heads.]

<Space magic> isn’t like an item box. It can “Store” the corpse. An item box, on the other hand, was not designed to store a corpse.

[It is in bad taste…]

[It’s fine. I won’t be satisfied if I don’t see them with my bare eyes.]

Sebastian doesn’t reject it, either.

[Oh, hey! I will take that, too!]

It’s his favorite sword from when he was an adventurer.  To be honest, it’s wasteful to use this treasure for assassination.

[He is an adventurer who defeated Dorg. I have to take this to make sure.]

[Coat it with poison, if you want to ensure it.]

This is an assassination, after all. Using poison is acceptable.

[I’m sorry. I was called the “god of death”, and I assassinated my targets with surprise attacks or attacks from the dark. Consequently, my meager pride won’t allow me to use poison.]

Come to think of it, I’ve never heard about that, at all.

Chi, didn’t I say it’s acceptable to use poison?

[Understood, but finish them quickly, okay? I can’t calm my irritation down, at all.]

I could calm myself down yesterday, but my irritation from then has returned. It isn’t a proper state of mind.

[Understood. Please wait for a while.]

As Sebastian says that, he mounts the horse that was prepared beforehand.

[Then, I’m going.]

[Yeah, I leave it to you.]

My irritation will calm down if I see that adventurer’s head.

One hour has passed, but Sebastian hasn’t returned. Since the other party is traveling on foot, shouldn’t he have caught up to them by horse a long time ago?

[Too slow.]

Damn it! My irritation is over the limit. Don’t tell me he couldn’t find them? Chi, I should have had someone follow them.

It’s now evening, but Sebastian still hasn’t come back.

[Don’t tell me, he was defeated?]

Sebastian’s ability is probably the best in this town. I don’t think he will be defeated. My plan is still perfect, after all.

But, I don’t know the reason why he is so slow. In fact, I never thought about this, at all.

Suddenly, a bad premonition is rising up in me.  I told him to kill that adventurer, but it’s possible that he will be killed instead.  Thinking that Sebastian is lost calms me down, as there is no point in getting irritated.

Sebastian is only one who has been supporting me since I lost my parents and became the head of my family. When I calmed down, I realized that I just have to give an order to someone important to me. I lost my important person from my outburst of anger. Damn it! I want to hit myself for losing my temper.

[That’s right! I must search for Sebastian!]

It is possible that he won but was injured badly and can’t move. In that case, I have to help him as fast as possible… But it is too dangerous to leave the town at night alone, there is someone who is bearing a grudge against me. The private soldiers are unreliable. If I send a big force to search for Sebastian, I might suffer the consequences.

[That’s right! Let’s contact the guild master.]

Excluding Sebastian, the guild master is the strongest person in this town. I will feel safer if he agrees to escort me. Beside, it seems he is on the good terms with that adventurer, so it is unlikely that someone will interfere with while I’m with him.

I get ready and go to the guild quickly. I go to request window and ask the receptionist girl to meet with the guild master.

A few minutes later, the guild master came.

[Sebastian is missing!]

I declare that when the guild master shows up.

[What? Sala…Sebastian is missing… How?]

[At the time of repurchase…]

I suddenly remembered that I can’t give him a detailed explanation. I can’t tell him that I want him to help look for Sebastian because I sent him to kill someone, and he might have been defeated. When I think about what Sebastian said, I realize that if I do that, I’m going to ruin myself. The escort request is 100% failure. It will also be a failure if that adventurer is still alive. The latter case is worse.

[No… It is nothing.]

My mental state isn’t normal. I need to think about an excuse, but nothing comes up at all. I can’t withdraw if that has happened.

For now, a private soldier is the only choice. Another choice is to abandon Sebastian.

[I have to gather private soldiers, arm them and prepare to leave!]

I ordered the housemaid when I came back to the mansion.

[I will take a rest in the room. Call me when they are ready!]

Since I ran to the guild, I’m physically and mentally tired. I will take a rest for a little while.


Have the preparations been finished?  There was a knock on my room’s door, but I didn’t hear anyone’s voice.  Why?  It can’t be helped, so I start walking towards the door. Was I too fatigued?  My body feels awfully heavy.  Damn it!  You should tell me if the preparations are done already.

[Who is there? Are the preparations finished?]

There is nobody on the other side of the door, so I look around to the left and right.


On the right side, I see someone who looks like Sebastian collapsed there. Why has Sebastian collapsed like that? Don’t tell me, he managed to return to mansion with all of his injuries?


I run over to him immediately. However, each step is so heavy, and my legs get tangled up with each other after a few steps.

The floor is closer.


When I felt the impact with the ground, it felt as though death was imminent. Was I to be hit in a bad place?  There is no way I can endure this. Ehh? There is someone standing next to Sebastian…

At the beginning of this chapter:



<Body Reinforced LV2> <Spear Mastery LV2> <Dignity LV2> <Etiquette LV2> <Spirit Magic LV1> <Spirit Art LV1>

~fin The story of the curling hair woman.

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69 thoughts on “BFTG-NT Special Chapter 1

    1. She might not be dead. We heard that the MC stole her spirit abilities but nothing else. When he killed that guard he stole all of his abilities. So far we know is that she pass out by having her magic taking away. She might make another appearance.

    1. Her parents were probably killed because they did some stupid shit like she did. Like they say, ” The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

    2. All serial killers and psychos are at one time abused themselves. Genghis Khan tribe is poor at the beginning and Hitler failed to attend art school. That doesn’t excuse their behavior , it can only explain it.

      1. Yeah, if the Sebastien succeeded in killing them she might done again in the future. And she found out that MC was alive she might have cause more problems or live with fear for the rest of her life knowing what she has done.

      2. Hitler failed to attend art school. Abuse? No, the dude that could have accepted him turned him away because he thought lil Adolf would be a good architect since he drew buildings so much. Thing is, Hitler skipped “high school” and therefore couldn’t get accepted into the architecture school. Trust me, I’ve read at least that far into Mein Kampf before stopping because it was boring as all heck.

  1. sigh. still dont think the noble girl should have died. her ordering the MCs death was done in anger and as soon as she calmed down and realized she might lose butler-san she instantly regretted it. plus it’s not like she could have done anything to the MC since not even an S-rank could beat him. still getting serious Xania vibes from the MC. not gonna lie depending on how this series continues i might stop reading it because of the xania vibes.

    1. So it’s ok to have some one killed because you just want to vent out your anger? What if the would be victim does not possess a strength like the MC? So they should just die just to calm her down? Just because she’s angry doesn’t mean that she could have the excuse of having someone assassinated. And when things backfire at her, pity towards her is just easily attained? What the actual f***. She got what she deserved. That’s just it. When you want to kill someone be prepared to die as well.

    2. Dude seriously? It doesn’t matter if it was done in anger or not. She did order to kill MC, end of story. Also she didn’t know that MC is capable enough to kill Sebastian so that argument is really silly. And what xianxia vibes? He killed her to avoid more problems in the future. Are you 100% sure that she wouldn’t send anyone else to kill them? Next time assasin will be better prepared, with poison and maybe some kidnapping. Or better! She might befriend heroes (bah, they have awesome social status, enough to be cordial with them) who will definitely come to this town and lie what a ‘demon’ the MC is. It’s better to end this now, since she didn’t even bother to send some grunts and used a boss character right from start. MC isn’t even that ruthless, he is simply pragmatic.

      1. What a white knight phaggot aren’t you ya know? If someone in real life tried to kill my family I will make sure all his descendants suffer an horribly dead. It’s natural.

    3. Haha, so he should just forgive her for ordering his death. I’m guessing you forgot if he wasn’t strong enough to kill Sebastian all his companions would have been killed too even though they had nothing to do with the entire situation. Innocent people would’ve died because of her fit of anger.

      1. Xianxia is the Chinese equivalent of the Light Novel.

        The main character tends to be unhinged, but is marginally sympathetic because the guys he’s up against are total sociopaths and psychopaths who wipe out entire villages or clans “to save face” in retaliation for any perceived slight, real or imagined, mostly imagined, and fly into apoplectic rages the moment anyone dares defend themselves against them or call them out even the slightest.

    4. you said “sigh. still dont think the noble girl should have died. her ordering the MCs death was done in anger and as soon as she calmed down and realized she might lose butler-san”

      and I say, what’s wrong with you, she didn’t regret one bit sending sebas to kill the mc, she just feared losing the “only person that supported her” nothing more. if you think that this is similar to xianxia, you should stop reading but for a different reason.

        1. Yeah, xianxia isn’t something stupidly plain as that crap that Crimson Nanashi wrote – he done what he needed to in that situation without extremes like in chinese WN’s where she will become extra lover or slave and all people in town would be smashed to a state of meat paste in name of justice “cos they are fiendish shit and tried to defy hero”. Crimson Nanashi have some mountains in his eyes and can’t see that real xianxia was from the side of this shitty noble brat.

          1. I don’t know what type of xianxia you have read but all xianxias I’ve read almost 99% of man/woman end in insta dead, without an inch of regret, like in Immortal Emperor, ISSTH, Xian Ni or Desolate Era. Like seriously you have a bad taste for Xianxia

        2. Uhm isn’t that something more Japanese? Unless you read those Harem Xianxias i guess (something I don’t read so I can’t comment_

          1. Much worst since at least in japanese harem the females consented to it and in most case it is their idea to solve the mc indecisiveness. While in xianxia, winner take all……

    5. Sigh… didn’t think that naive people such as yourself exists in this world… Can I stab you and regretfully say sorry afterwards, regretting that I’ve already killed you? (Don’t say that it’s different, because if the MC didn’t have the ability to protect himself, he would’ve died due to a tantrum thrown by a noble girl.) She didn’t know that she couldn’t do anything to the MC. She assumed she was a normal adventurer (which he isn’t, FYI which means that she couldn’t even use the guild’s rules to right herself. She is just going to be using her noble privileges.) So why do you think she doesn’t deserve to die? In that world, it’s totally okay to take another person’s life if you’re a noble but not okay if the MC is the one doing it?

      Next, get your facts right. It’s Xianxia not xania. And yes you should stop reading this because people are only going to act realistically here unlike those novels where it is so light-hearted you would think that it’s some fairytale. Xianxias (or maybe just Wuxias) have a lot of killing simply because it’s the realistic way people do things. Most people want revenge when someone tries to attack them.

    1. It was suicide I tell you. Her death was the inevitable result of her actions, as surely as jumping off a bridge.

  2. Strange how people claim to ‘hate’ a thought up character.
    I’m somewhat disappointed about how the author made her such a convenient villain small fry, feels like he took it easy. Also killing her without even talking and giving her a chance to repent makes the mc just as detestable as her.
    He killed a minor with a mental/emotional disorder and didn’t even have the decency to do it with his own hands. Sorry but that’s the attitude of trash imo.
    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. Strange how people claim to ‘love’ a thought up character. That argument is very flawed and can be used using love or like too. Emotional disorder? She could not be a privileged person considering that her family is an influential personage in the area? She did not regret sending the assassin after the MC, only regretting the loss of an excellent butler from her POV. Theoretically speaking, even if the MC did not kill her she would have brought this upon herself if she continued reckless actions. People must die for that noble girl to appease her anger… each time.

      Judging by her actions and attitude here, its quite possible she ordered Sebastian to kill other people previously too. Did those people she killed get a second chance? Why should she? Also looking at how attached she is to Sebastian then she will not forgive Jinn, therefore its pragmatic to kill her as well as she can send more ruthless assassins.

      Using the Holocaust trials of Nazi soldiers and prison guards as an example, even if you only ordered the killing, then you are just as guilty as the killer. Why? Because you played a central role by sending the reckless order to the subordinates regardless of age, gender, status.

      1. Wow all this text and you splendidly ignored what I said.
        I didn’t criticize the character nor did I spoke on behalf of it. That was the whole point of my first sentence. I’m criticizing the author.
        And nazi or whatever killing a child is still a crime, she could have bathed in the blood of innocent babies for all I care the way the mc acted is still improper. The thing I’m debating is the justification of his acts portrayed by the author.

        1. I wonder … where the hell did MC kill a kid?
          Because I only saw him indirectly killing a gatekeeper and a noblewoman, as well as self-defense against the mordant killer. They were all adults !!!

    2. She doesn’t have emotional or mental disorder. She’s just a f*****g spoiled brat, like most other nobles.
      And between a person who orders to have someone assassinated out of a fit of rage and a person who only acted out of retribution, I say, the former is the attitude of a trash.

      1. Logically, the mc offended her first by overcharging for a family heirloom, she could have ordered his arrest at that point and would have been justified no? Concluding, sending the butler was retribution. Just because he’s the mc doesn’t mean he can do as he please and be always ethically right. He’s a villain/ruthless mc. I find it strange that most readers ignore this.

        1. She pissed him off first so he overcharged her. He also has right not to sell and she can’t do anything about it.
          I won’t say he is right but he isn’t wrong either.

        2. I think it’s just being ruthless pretty much. As Specterze said, she pissed him off first with her haughty attitude (He wasn’t even obliged to return the item in the first place, the MC was only doing it out of good will.) To take that good will and trample it under her feet with her “I’m a noble so return it to me” logic is just plain rude. So him overcharging is just him giving her a little lesson on the etiquette of asking people for favours.

          FYI, the MC isn’t an adventurer and thus the items all belong to him as he found it. (Albeit he killed off the bandit group and got it by chance) So yeah it was just him being nice and then a little brat comes along to demand for it at not even the original price while being haughty? Serves her right to be overcharged. Show some sincerity when asking for stuff, this much I assume you know right? Then after that the brat wanted to vent her anger and thus asked an ex-S ranked adventurer to kill the MC off.

        3. What the fuck are you talking about? In the first place the MC had the right NOT to sell the items he looted. Second, he did not initiated the offense. When during the negotiation, the girl lied about the value of the knife and thats what made the MC over charge the price. Thirdly, they cant arrest the MC because in the first place he did not stole the knife. The guild master explained before that in an even where a person defeats a band of thieves, any loot found by the person is already his. And in events of repurchase, the seller has the right to refuse. Lastly, he is not doing what even he wants. If he was like that, he would have killed the guild master as well. What he did was merely retribution.

        4. Oh, and sending the butler to kill him was not a form of retribution. I was it was nothing but assassination. Like one guy said, people like you are suffering white knight syndrome. You only stand by her just be cause she’s a girl. But would you do the same if it was a guy?

        5. Actually if you read it right, him offending her wasn’t even the reason for wanting to kill him, but more as an excuse to vent out her anger for losing that deal with the noble.

          So, regardless of his choice of overpricing, the butler fighting him is pretty much set in stone the moment he decided to report the subjugation of the thieves.

    3. I personally think that hating a thought up character is probably because the character’s personality hits way too close to home (which from the sound of it, you probably haven’t experienced it yourself..) Some people really do act like this in real life, using their so called “privileges” to make themselves seem right even though they are actually in the wrong. So I don’t think it’s strange at all.

      I also think that the MC acted the way most people who have done. I wouldn’t give my enemies the chance to repent (why would I? I’m no saint.) If you want to repent, repent after you have died. If you did something like ordering someone to kill another person (who you assume don’t even have the strength to retaliate, then you should probably repent in hell anyway), I don’t think people should return it with kindness.

      The MC killed her in a pretty merciful way IMO. He didn’t make her suffer (that’s way more detestable), let her corpse stay in one piece (it’s a form of mercy in olden China iirc) and also I don’t really see the difference if he were to use his own 2 hands to kill her. It would’ve just made her corpse messy and the room even more messy. And it would have also been 1 swift strike too which is still pretty much instant death. So how is that trash? Being merciful is trash now huh…

  3.      ∧_ ∧
        (`・ω・)  Thanks!
       ,ノ^  yヽ、  Nepu!!
       ヽ,, ノ==l.ノ    Pudding!!!
        /  l |

  4. Anything she died too quickly the mc didn’t even monologue about why he’s killing her 🙁 which made her death boring. I mean he could have shown her Sebastians body and then drain all her stats and skills so she could have been useless or maybe even drained all her skills and enough of her stats to make her weak and had someone delivers Sebastians head/body with a letter. He could have even made her rely on him to protect her and used her as a beach head for his revenge against the country.
    Although it doest actually say that she died only that she felt death was immanent and it cuts off when she notices the mc. So maybe she’s not dead and we will see what happened by the mc telling his companions.

      1. he said she is in the same place Sebastian is aka inventory, which means dead since living things can’t be stored in inventory

    1. I’m pretty sure the MC isn’t going out of his way to take revenge on the country though? He’s just going to live his life now and just doesn’t like the country. I kind of like the way she died though. It shows that the MC is pretty merciful even to an enemy. Maybe later into the story, he might get an ability to bring back the dead and then they will converse again?

  5. The possibility of ojou-sama’s skill got steal is high. But her possibility that she got killed by MC is low. The author–san leave the conclusion in a cliffhanger(half-ssed) state. So that readers made their own convenient conclusion. But it’s not that bad at all or hard to solved the mysteries that the author spice up.

    1. I’m not sure whether you’re surprised that it’s so high or that it’s so low.

      Dignity means to be respected or worthy of being respected (which in her case, I don’t see much of it… Probably only Sebastian is respecting her so…) I think it’s pretty high you know?

  6. I am sure the noble is not dead.
    The protaganist did say that she did not appear no matter how hard he look for her. And for those who are saying that the corpse is in the inventory, he said that he returned sebastian so that probability is gone.

    1. Did he not also say that it was kind of creep to store and corpse in the inventory? That it takes up to much room?

  7. She did not knew who killed her. He might resurct her with a new skill, then he can have the back up of a noble and rich merchent to do his bidding.
    I know he doesnt need to but if he becomes a vampire or something it would be cool

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