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Vol 11 Chapter 3

Yuuji, fighting the wyvern together with the pioneer citizens


“Mr Yuuji, it’s here!”

“Okay! Everyone, go according to strategy!”


Spring of the fifth year since Yuuji had come to the other world.

Just as Kevin was worried about, the pioneer land was discovered by the wyvern after all. There were few spaces where the forest was open. It was as natural as it would be.


Yuuji consulted with the bulletin board, discussed with Kevin and Riese about magic and the woodworker master and Thomas about the things they could make.

Several days of preparing and hiding indoors whenever the wyvern came flying in.

Due to the wyvern flying here at a nearly settled time in the morning, the preparation advanced favorably.

And so, their preparations were ready and they had done a rehearsal.



Today would be the day of their decisive bout with the wyvern.


Inside the mystery barrier of Yuuji’s house were Yuuji, Alice, Riese and Kotarou.

Beside them were also the tank Dominique, scout Enzo and the archer Celine of the former adventurers party.

Kevin and his two exclusive escorts holding crossbows.

Yuuji’s slave and dogkin Marcel, Mark and the catkin Nina setting up her bow.

The two seamsters too were waiting for their turn in the garden separated from the gate.


What the former adventurers party and Kevin’s escorts were holding were not their own weapons. Those with the exception of the residents were unable to bring in their weapons after all. Each of their weapons were placed right outside the site. 

The bows and crossbows were things provided by Kevin as “Property of the pioneer land”. They weren’t their own weapon, but the archer duo and the two exclusive escorts were of the opinion that “well, it should not be a problem at this distance.”


The woodworkers Thomas and his master were inside the residential complex. These few days they displayed great efforts in creating bows and arrows and items requested by Yuuji. But then again, with the exception of Thomas and his two assistants who had been living in the pioneer land, they were surprised by Yuuji’s ideas. Thomas and his two assistants were experienced. They showed understanding after hearing his purpose.


The two adventurers and five criminal slaves who were attached to road construction labor were inside the tent standing near the wooden fence. 

It seems that Yuuji did not make the decision to use the criminal slaves as decoy. Sure enough, Thomas and Blaise had brought up the decoy plan as well however.

Hearing Yuuji’s decision to that, Kotarou barked once. Barking once meant yes. That’s right, you’re fine that way, Yuuji, she seemed to be saying. She was a gentle woman to her family. Since she was a dog.


The southeast direction from the pioneer land.

A tiny speck could be seen in the faraway skies.

Eventually, that speck closed in and exposed itself to the attentively watching pioneer citizens.


Its grandly spread wings were around ten meters. Midway the edges of its wings were claws.

Its streamlined slender body was grey.

Its head looked even longer and narrower than a lizard head, and fangs peeked out of its mouth.

Its rear legs that would take away its prey were not grasping anything at this time.

Its long tail could be five meters. It hovered behind it, as if maintaining its balance.


The wyvern was flying towards the pioneer land.


“Everyone, please hide!”


With Yuuji’s words as the signal, the pioneer citizens inside the plot of the mystery barrier hid themselves in their respective location.

Some lay down at the base of the hedge and some hid inside the tent that was currently still in the garden for the seamsters’ work.

Yuuji, who took Alice, Riese and Kotarou with him, hid inside a small camping tent that Yuuji took out.


Yuuji slightly unzipped the tent entrance and observed the wyvern.

It was Yuuji who would give the signal, not just to increase the effectiveness of the trap.

As the leader of the pioneer group, and as the defense captain of the pioneer group.

Yuuji commanded the battle for the second time.


The flying wyvern, exactly as Yuuji and the others predicted, seems to have noticed the being at the simple plaza, in front of the gate’s of Yuuji’s house.

The being wearing a robe was bound on a wooden post with a rope like an offering.

Lured, the wyvern dropped its speed and stopped in the sky. Is it a VTOL or something? Setting its flying aside, its hovering was abnormal no matter how one thought about it. It seems the wyvern was flying with magic of sorts after all.


“There there there, come here like that!”


While peeping at the wyvern from inside the tent, Yuuji murmured in a small voice.

In the thin gaps of the entrance to the camping tent that Yuuji had brought out were four sets of eyes lining up from top to bottom; Yuuji, Riese, Alice and Kotarou. The many housekeepers.(TL can’t find reference on 大量の家政婦) Or the reverse version of the Town Musician of Bremen.


The airborne wyvern eventually thrust its tail towards the being placed in the plaza.

Together with a “Fugoh!” cry, the robe opened up and its appearance could be seen.

It was a wild boar.


“Damn, it found out! Alice, Riese, Kotarou, we’re doing this!”


Yuuji was told by Kevin. He said “What the wyvern that comes flying in spring hunts are only humans, or humanoid monsters. I don’t know whether it could only eat that or it was a coming-of-age ritual of theirs though.” That was the information that the extensively knowledgeable Kevin had told Yuuji.

Was it a restriction in hunting a species like tribes in Africa? Or could it be assuming superiority with numbers and preys it had hunted, like the P**dator hunting aliens?


In any case, Yuuji had avoided turning the criminal slaves into decoys, but it seems he had somehow taken into the effectiveness of decoy strategies.

That was why he adopted the strategies of putting a robe on a wild boar and making it look human-like. It was unnatural. Where there at least no bipedal animals?

He seemed to have wanted to aim for the moment it descended to low altitude if possible in order to grasp its hind legs, but he could not afford the luxury.


Perhaps having realized that it was deceived, the wyvern arched greatly and roared “GUGYAA”.


“O origin of magic dwelling in all creation. Hear my decree and emit your brilliance! Flashbang(You go turn bald)!”


Yuuji leapt out of the tent and fired a new light magic. He must have been taught by Riese; his chanting resembled somewhat to hers. The chanting.

Yuuji threw the small light sphere that sprung forth at his hand towards the wyvern. True to his aims, the light sphere flew near the wyvern’s face.


That instant.

An intense light emitted towards every direction.

Incidentally, there were no sounds. Flashbang failed to live up to its name.


The wyvern, basked by the intense light, was blinded.

The simple plaza in front of the gates to Yuuji’s house. It stayed suspended five meters in the skies above it.

But then again, it seems it could not see from the fact that it was unsteady in the air and swinging its tail disorderly.


“Now, everyone! Attack, shoot, hit!”


Yuuji shouted, taking a shield in hand in front of the gate.

Everyone who hid themselves showed up and began their attacks.


Bows and arrows of former adventurers party archer Celine and the catkin Nina.

Kevin’s two exclusive escorts, Marcel and Mark with their bow.

The bows and arrows were hurriedly constructed and their users did not seem familiar to them, but the woodworker team were firing arrows from the residential complex.

And then.


“Hmmm, hot fire, fly~!”


Beside Yuuji, Alice unleashed a new spell.

Unlike her flame spheres until now, the produced flame was rod-shaped.

When Alice swung down her hand, it flew towards the wyvern in a straight line.

It was a fire arrow-like magic. It appears that the bulletin board residents and Yuuji succeeded in Alice’s education. Alice steadily walked on the path towards a magical girl.


Arrows having pierced its wing and furthermore being attacked by a fire arrow, the wyvern gradually went down in altitude.


“Good, Riese, please!”

‘O Origin of magic dwelling in all creation. Hear my decree and manifest. O Origin of magic, take on water’s role and remain in place. Be water <<Create Water>>’


After concentrating for some reason without participating in the attack, Riese released a water magic.

The water sphere that appeared was around three meters in diameter.

With an expression like she was scowling, Riese let the water sphere fly up above the wyvern’s head. The water sphere had no speed and was originally not suited for attack.


It was water that was brought forth by magic, but it had weight.


The wyvern’s altitude dropped even further after being struck by the lump of water from above.

Its height was around three meters.

It was no longer an unreachable height for everyone who had raised their ranks and their physical abilities.


“Good, now everyone!”


From the garden of Yuuji’s house, Yuuji and the former adventurers party tank Dominique cooperated in throwing large stones. Both stones were connected with a rope. Simultaneously, Kevin’s exclusive escorts threw something similar. They were like bolas.

From a window prepared at a high place on the residential complex, ropes tied together in the shape of a net was thrown, and the window was then quickly closed. It was like a casting net.

They cooperated voluntarily, but the woodworkers team were no fighting power. “Treasure your life” was Yuuji’s wish.


The wyvern was disoriented, had arrows pierced through it and was roped, but it remained airborne, swinging around its tail even now.


It was swaying left and right unsteadily, but it had no means of escape.

A huge wooden post was created under Yuuji’s instruction, while the woodworker team inclined their heads. However, seeing the post set up, the woodworkers understood as well.

Wooden utility poles stood up, as if surrounding the plaza left and right. By the graces of Alice’s earth magic and the former adventurers’ physical ability.


The wyvern was already a rat in a bag. No, or was it a bird in a basket?


The wyvern rampaged all the same.

At that time.

Something occured that Yuuji and co did not expect.

The sloppily swung tail of the wyvern who still could not see, destroyed the nearby temporary tent.


“Uwaah!” Along with such a scream, the figures of the five criminal slaves were exposed.


It either reacted to their voices, or it was mere coincidence.

The pointed tip of the wyvern’s tail headed towards one of the criminal slaves.

The criminal slave closed his eyes as if he resigned himself.


The attack of the venomous Wyvern tail.

The criminal slave would naturally be used up.

However, one man stood in front of him, as if saving him with his own body.

The two handed axe wielding giant man who picked a fight with Yuuji at the adventurers guild. Nickname: Woodcutter.


“Wh- why…”


Receiving that word from the criminal slave, the giant man silently smiled.


And, another one.

He appeared out of his hiding place, leaped by making use of his jumping speed and diverted the trajectory of the wyvern’s tail by crashing into it.

The partner of the giant man who was involved with Yuuji, the male apekin. Nickname: Monkey, or City boy.



“This is bad!”


The seven men endured the first attack, but now they were in the open. The wyvern’s attention was still towards them. 

As it is, casualties would appear.

With shield in hand, Yuuji rushed out of the plot that was protected by the mysterious barrier.


Kotarou rushed out as if to follow Yuuji. She cried “Wan wan”. It was supposed to mean no, but her voice sounded happy in some respects. As if to say geez, you’re hopeless, Yuuji.


Who picked up his own weapon that was placed in front of the gate and barely fell behind were two men of the former adventurers party. They were the tank Dominique and the scout Enzo. They had smiling faces as well.




Yuuji raised a yell, hitting his shield with his short spear, drawing the wyvern’s attention.

Unnoticed, Dominique ran a few steps before Yuuji. He was a tall man who appeared taciturn and slow-witted, but his former third rank physical ability was not just for show.

Dominique easily dealt with the attack by the wyvern’s tail as it responded to the sound. There won’t be any problems if it can’t fly seems to be the truth.


Finally, their direct confrontation with the wyvern at the simple plaza in front of Yuuji’s house had begun.



And then.

There was a man at the back of Yuuji’s house.

He was in hide armor and had a two handed sword in his hand.

The man was obstructed by the house and could not see the pioneer citizens, but he could see the wyvern flying in the sky.

But the arrows and magic violently exploded and due to the wyvern lowering its altitude, it was no longer visible to him.


Having ascertained it so far, the man took action.

Two logs crashed as if it attacked the mysterious barrier, and leaned against an invisible wall as is.

Stepping firmly onto the crosspiece built between them, the man ascended the ladder.


The mysterious barrier that Yuuji had confirmed.

It existed like it encircled the house until up the skies at around ten meters above the house.

The mysterious barrier, where a man holding a weapon could not trespass.


The man who had a two handed sword in his sword, stood on top of it.

As if there was an invisible foothold in the skies.


“Hahah, this is amazing”


The man let out a monologue in whispers.

He examined the battlefield from the skies.

He saw Yuuji and the others rushing out from the house’s site.


“Aah, this is bad. Mr Yuuji could’ve just abandoned the likes of criminal slaves too. Well, that kindness is like Mr Yuuji I guess. That we would be attracted by that kind of naive man. Haha”


It’s different from our strategy, but no choice but to go I guess, the man muttered and began to run.

One step, two steps.

The man ran off, stepping firmly on the empty airspace- no, on the mysterious barrier right above Yuuji’s house, with a two-handed sword in hand.


The leader of the former adventurers party ‘Dark green wind’.


Blaise, jumped in the sky.


Towards the wyvern, raising his two-handed sword.





Raising a loud voice, no, yell, Blaise jumped towards the wyvern.

Did it hear his voice? The wyvern stopped moving and decided to open its large mouth and aim for Blaise.



An arrow pierced the wyvern’s eyes who stopped moving in order to be on watch for Blaise.

It was an arrow fired by the archer of the former third rank adventurers party ‘Dark green wind’, Celine.

It would seem possible for her to aim and shoot an enemy who had stopped moving.


And below it.

Yuuji and the tank Dominique acted as shields against the wyvern’s tail, putting the tail between the shields that each of them were holding.

Some weight was put onto Yuuji’s shield, making a *don* sound.

What entered Yuuji’s eyes as he looked up was the scout Enzo.

Enzo jumped from Yuuji’s shield and silently cut off the wyvern’s tail with the short sword in his hands.

“Tch, so I couldn’t cut it off,” murmured Enzo, but his eyes opened wide immediately.

Running in the sky with wind magic, Kotarou followed up.

With a thud, the cut off wyvern’s tail dropped.

“Woof” Kotarou raised a satisfied voice. She seemed to be praising Enzo, saying “you are pretty good too, Enzo.” She pretended that women were superior. In spite of being a dog.


The ‘Dark Green Wind’ diverted the wyvern’s attention, backing up Blaise who was in the air.

And then, Blaise, who leaped in the air, reached the wyvern.


One brandish.


With his momentum, he crashed into the wyvern, and the man and wyvern dropped from a height of three meter.


“Mr Blaise! Are you okay!?”

“Yeah, owow… Mr Yuuji, please check. I felt it hit”


Yuuji looked at the wyvern as instructed by Blaise who got up.

The wyvern had its head cut off and was dead.


“You removed its head with one blow… Wow…”

“Yeah, well, when they attract its attention this much for me”


So asserted the former adventurers party leader Blaise, as if it was a matter of course.

He got up and put his right fist towards Yuuji.


“Mr Yuuji, good job there. It’s our victory in our second defensive battle and everyone is safe!”

“I see, I see… Okay!”


Perhaps having made up his mind by Blaise’s words, Yuuji smiled broadly.

And then.

He threw his right fist to Blaise’s



Spring of the fifth year since Yuuji came to this world.

The second defensive battle he faced as the defense captain.

The pioneer group, directed by Yuuji, have safely succeeded in the destruction of their adversary.


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