Hiki-NEET Vol 11 Chapter 4

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Vol 11 Chapter 4

Yuuji, cleaning up afterwards and listening to Kevin


“Yuuji-nii, are you okay!? Are you okay too, Mr Blaise?”

‘Geeze, Yuuji-nii. What are you thinking, rushing out like that!’


Alice and Riese rushed over to Yuuji as they triumphed over the wyvern.

They seemed to have been worried about Yuuji for rushing out of the mystery barrier, not letting the criminal slaves die without helping them.

Yuuji caught the two girls as they leapt in his chest. He had flowers in both hands. A thirty four year old middle aged man was embracing the twelve year old Riese and nine year old Alice. It is concerning.

April 10th was Yuuji’s birthday. Yuuji would become thirty four years old. Incidentally, he did celebrate it in particular. Something like the birthday of a middle-aged man was not something to celebrate about in particular. Well, Yuuji just did not tell Alice and Riese about it though.


“Thanks for worrying about me, Alice and Riese. I’m fine and Mr Blaise is also alright”


Yuuji answered the two girls who were in his arms, with a smile. They were winners. But then again, it did not make the huge breast faction’s Yuuji’s heart even twitch.


“Mr Yuuji! Good grief, what are we going to do if you were to get hurt saving criminal slaves!”


Rushing over late, Kevin admonished Yuuji. However, a smile was shown on his face. A tsundere old man. Disgusting.


“Sorry, my body moved when I realized, so… Ah, that’s right Mr Kevin, will we harvest materials from the wyvern? What should we do with its meat?”

“Mr Yuuji… No, it’s fine, I’ll have Blaise and the others pay attention to you from here on. Let’s see, there’s various ways to use wyvern hide. It won’t be suitable for armor, but they can be used for high-class items like shoes and bags. Naturally, they are popular. Its meat… smells as it is, so if we can extract its blood and get rid of its bad smell, then we can process it into jerky. They don’t appear on the market in this country that much, but they say it is a delicacy”


It appears that wyvern leather was popular like crocodile leather on Earth. Nevertheless, why is crocodile leather abnormally expensive? Incomprehensible.


“I see… But we can’t bring this to the city, can we? Can we process it here?”

“We will need help, but well, it will work out…”

“Excuse me, Mr Yuuji, Mr Kevin”


Who approached and called out to Yuuji and Kevin, who were talking about how to deal with the wyvern, was the giant woodcutter who was making an effort in the road construction. Beside him was the male apekin.


“There is someone among those guys who said he got experience at a tannery and butcher. If you’re fine with it, he would, uhm, help, though… It’ll be fine, he can manage edged tools properly and we will stand watch, so that’s why, uhm…”


The hairy faced woodcutter made his large built body small and began to talk nervously. Humble.


“Mr Yuuji, there seems to be an experienced person, so how about we let him help? Oh yes, you have inflicted a blow on the wyvern and attracted its attention, so we have to give you some rewards for this. How about some dried meat when they are done? We did let them cooperate in our strategy, didn’t we Mr Yuuji?”


Kevin touched on the matter to Yuuji, the person in charge, and showed a smile with his mouth as if he was scheming.



“Eh, but that wasn’t our strategy-”


Yuuji tried to say words of denial towards Kevin’s pitch.

Kotarou leaped at the insensitive Yuuji and knocked him down. “Wha- hey Kotarou” Kotarou sat on Yuuji’s face as he fell on his back and struggled. Kotarou’s breasts were touching Yuuji’s face. “It’s touching, you know’ was not what he said. Yuuji was not so far past redemption that he would be happy with a dog’s breasts.

Kotarou, who had restrained Yuuji, barked once. That’s right, treat them to a feast now and then, is what she seemingly said. It seems she recognized that the two cooperated in their strategy and intended to give them a reward in deference to their chivalrous spirit for protecting the criminal slaves. She was a gentle woman. She was a dog though.


Without waiting for Yuuji’s answer, Kevin and Blaise gave instructions to the seven men at once.

By the time Yuuji finally pushed Kotarou aside, the carving up of the wyvern had already begun.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


While the wyvern’s carving process advanced, Yuuji and Kevin entered Yuuji’s garden  and discussed something.

Next to Yuuji were also Alice, Riese and Kotarou.

One of Kevin’s exclusive escorts had left behind his weapon and was sitting with him, and the other one was instructed to do the carving process. Never mind tearing off the leather, the only ones who had knowledge on processing the meat were Kevin and his guards.


“So Mr Kevin, what happened with the elf in the royal capital?”

“Right, let’s talk about that first then. First, the feudal lord’s wife and the guildmaster seems to have sent a letter to the feudal lord, who was staying in the royal capital, and the royal capital adventurers guild respectively before snow fell. The other day their reply, yes, reply seems to have arrived, but they said that the elf in the royal capital seems to have left the royal capital before winter, so they haven’t made contact with him yet. It was not like he switched bases, so he should return to the royal capital eventually though…”

“I see… he’s quite the free person, isn’t he?”


In response to Kevin’s story, Yuuji told Riese the situation.


‘Really, what is that person doing! It is like him though… So what are you going to do, Yuuji-nii?’


Riese got angry at her fellow elf, puffing up her cheeks. She asked Yuuji a question, but before Yuuji told her his answer, Kevin continued talking.


“About that, Mr Yuuji… I mentioned a reply to the letter just now, but…”

“What’s wrong Mr Kevin?”

“What returned from the royal capital was not a letter, but the feudal lord, you see. It seems he wants to personally meet Mr Yuuji and convey his encouragement of the pioneering as well as his gratitude for protecting the elf. Here, the written invitation”

“Eh…? Uhm, Mr Kevin, could we turn this down?”

“No you can’t. Though you’re a pioneer citizen, you are one of the people of the fief after all”


Yuuji went rigid from Kevin’s words.

Even Alice opened her eyes wide next to him by the invitation from a noble.

Perhaps because she did not understand their words as expected, Riese looked at Yuuji, Kevin and Alice with a blank expression.

Only Kotarou, who was sitting down at their feet, barked triumphantly. Not bad Yuuji, you’ve been recognized by a person in high position, was what she was seemingly saying.


“Well, he hadn’t heard of any bad rumors, and the feudal lord’s wife and magistrate are supporting the pioneer land after all. It will be fine, yes, fine. The pioneering too is going favorably!”


Kevin repeated, as if to persuade himself.

Yuuji’s face was clouded with anxiety. 

Kotarou barked “Wan wan wan”. Hey, is this alright? Isn’t that a flag? Was what she seemingly said.

Poked by Riese, Yuuji explained the situation


‘Really… Then Riese will come along! Humans can’t cause problems with elves, right? If something happens, Riese will protect you Yuuji-nii!’


Riese strongly declared as she stood up and clenched her fist. It appears that during a single winter, Riese had gotten along well with Yuuji. This too must be an expression of deep affection. Probably. It was not because Yuuji was unreliable from Riese’s perspective. Surely not.


‘Thanks Riese. But the city seems dangerous, so I’d like you to wait here’


Yuuji told Riese, and then conveyed Riese’s words to Kevin and Alice who were waiting for his interpretation with a curious expression.

However, Kevin showed a smile for some reason.


“Is that so, that may work”

“Eh, but Mr Kevin, won’t people aim for elves if they are in the city?

“Yes, there is the possibility of that. But if it is decided that she will come to the city and to the royal capital, a certain someone will be suitable as an escort, you see. Well, due to that, Premie city adventurers guild will be in chaos though…”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

“There is this enthusiastic person, you see, and he said his substitute will take over the guild during his absence. It is a rare chance to meet an elf, and travelling with one is like an epic. If he were to be able to go to their village together, then it’ll be an experience he could not make as one of the human race, so it isn’t like I don’t understand him though… It’s just that the existence of the elf is naturally a secret, so it is like suddenly starting to declare that you would leave your job without informing your staff of the circumstances after all…”

“Eh? Will it be that terrible if that person were to be absent?”

“Yes. If Ms Riese would go to Premie city or the royal capital, then he would offer to come along as an escort, it seems. The strongest of Premie city as of yet. First rank adventurer and holder of the nickname ‘Magician Killer’. The current Premie city adventurers guild master, Mr Salomon that is”


Hearing Kevin’s words, Alice was happy, saying “Ah, it’s that strong mister~!”

Yuuji showed a stiff smile.

“Woof” Kotarou let out a surprised cry.

Riese, who was standing up, looked restlessly at the group, not understanding it well.


In any case.

Regardless of the members, Yuuji’s departure to the city has been decided either way.

It would be the Pasteur territory’s Houjou village head Yuuji’s first meeting with the feudal lord.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


“We have been waiting, Mr Kevin! Okay, first this, the Jeans and Overall!”

“Ooh… Mrs Yurshelle, could it be that you’ve completely used up the prepared fabric? I believe I have prepared a somewhat large quantity though…”

“We used them up! Enough that we had some free time. If you feel like selling more, then prepare a large quantity next winter, okay!”


The temporary tent that was built in Yuuji’s garden, which the two seamsters had made into their workshop. 

Inside it were the figures of Yuuji, Kevin and the two seamsters.

Alice, Riese and Kotarou had already gone inside Yuuji’s house.

It appears that the two seamsters were more capable than Kevin had expected.


And now, are you mentally prepared, Mr Kevin? The requested you-know-what is ready, you know”

“O- ooh, is that so… then please!”


Yurshelle and Valleri, the two seamsters approached the torso that was placed at the corner. They must have wanted to surprise Kevin, the torso was covered with cloth as if to hide it.

Incidentally this torso was something whose general shape Yuuji had ordered from the woodworker Thomas and whose shape was created based on wood by taking apart the wire hanger that was in his house. In short, it was a mannequin that had its size adjusted to a certain extent.


The two seamsters made a *bang* sound and removed the cloth at once.


“Ooh, ooh…”


Witnessing the dress for the first time, Kevin could only raise his voice of admiration.


“What do you think, Mr Kevin? It’s my pride! There are plenty of people in the pioneer land who said they would want it even if the fabric is going to be different, after all!”

“Wo- wonderful… it’s wonderful, you two! Mr Yuuji too, thank you very much!”


Was he overcome with emotion? Kevin, with some tears in his eyes, asked for a handshake with the two seamsters and Yuuji. Unusually, he failed to hear what Yurshelle revealed that could become a type of business. A blunder that was unbecoming for a merchant.


“But it’s not complete yet! Next I have to have the person in question wear it and adjust it! And then Mr Kevin, it’s still a trial product, but this too…”


Yurshelle said, and what she took out were two pieces of cloth.

One had decorations attached with color and embroidery, as if to deceive its dull shape. The other one was identical, but that design was one that had a shape that was novel in this world. It had a lascivious shape.


“Thi- this is…”

“Yes, it’s still nowhere as good as the one Mr Yuuji showed me though. It’s the trial product Brassiere and T-back!”


It appears that the efforts of the two seamsters who focused on tackling it in the winter had paid off.

With shining eyes, Kevin showed a smile of satisfaction.

Yuuji similarly showed a smile of satisfaction.

The two, no, four who were in the tent shook hands with each other.

They had facial expressions that simply could not be shown to children.

Yuuji, who did not bring Alice and Riese, too seemed to have understood this a little.


However, inside the work tent were placed several clothes that were created during the winter.


The clothing and accessory boom that occurred in this world; this was the moment where it all began.


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  1. Butchering might be the word you were looking for. Technically it is the most accurate, but it does have the problem where people started only using it as a verb for when serial killers do it despite never losing the original meaning.

    1. Butchering also works for skinning the animal? If so, I may want to consider using that one instead.

  2. Thanks for the chapter desu~

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  3. In real life, when animals are cut up for material and food, it’s called butchering. The rough earlier stages of butchering, which are done in to keep the meet as fresh as possible is called field dressing. You can also use the word harvest. But that’s general. What you do to an animal in order to harvest its meat is skin and butcher it.

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