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Chapter 73

I am not a Hero anymore

“The heart… of the demon lord”

I gazed at the magic stone that was in my palm.

“Yes. It is the crystallisation of power granted to the one to become demon lord. The last thing Sir Gidara had transported was this magic stone”

“So Gidara had this”

“He knew that the objective of Sadore’s group would likely be this after all. Sir Gidara hid it in advance. In order to give it to milady demon lord after her rescue”

He was a man who could do his work until the end.

“Hero, you hold onto that please. I would like you be the one to give it to milady Isvel”

“That would be fine, but…”

“Frankly, holding something that important is heavy for me you see. No really, I am glad I am overwhelmed”

Phantom said and laughed foolishly.

It certainly is an important object, but what about me having it though?

“So shall we go? We have no more time”

“What do you mean?”

“The demon lord army commanders will return tomorrow. Now that Sadore died and the birth of a new demon lord is impossible, they can no longer manage the demon lord army. If everyone is present, then it should be unmanageable as expected. Meaning victory or defeat will be decided today. I imagine he will use milady Isvel’s execution to lure us in”

“ …I see”

It makes sense.

“Let us confirm our fighting power! First of all, Eleira can no longer fight”

“ … I have no excuses”

With an easily understood expression of frustration, Eleira apologized.

There’s no need for her to apologize.

She survived a fight with Luke holding the sacred sword.

By all rights she should be receiving high praises.

“Aah, then I will also pass”


“I’ve already used beast beat several times today, I can’t start my engines anymore. Even if I can take on the small fries, it will be impossible for me to go against those robed ones, you see”

We’ve been leaving strong enemies to her day after day as it is.

It wouldn’t be strange if she starts wearing out long before she is injured.

“Which means…”

“I can still fight. I’m not so worn out”

“Phantom, Silvar and I then”

The ones who could fight properly are these three.

The enemy fighting powers are Luke, Violette, Orange, and――Red should be here somewhere.

“The other side should be making a move before long. It will be a fight when that happens”

“――――Speak of the devil, I can hear it”

Leona listened carefully and opened her mouth.

Leona should be able to hear something with her hearing that is better than others.

“It’s from the plaza where the person called Sadore made a speech. I can hear commotion from the townspeople”

“ …Shall we go?”

“Yes, let us go”

Phantom, Silvar and I began to walk towards the hustle and bustle that Leona heard.

“Ah… Mr Adel”


Who called me to a stop was Eleira.

“It’s about the man called Luke, but――――”

“Release me! You!”

“Annoying aren’t you. Don’t be too noisy”

Luke brought along Isvel and stood again on top of the platform at the plaza.

Seeing the figure of the restrained Isvel, the people gathered one after another.

Luke saw that and nodded in satisfaction.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the demon race! Hear my words!”

The people became noisy.

A human, holding down Isvel who was supposed to be ruler of the demon race, and raising his voice.

There was no one among the demons who could explain this situation.

“I have enough with the dull speeches. Your lord has been defeated like this by me From here on, this country will be under my command… but, honestly I have no need of such country”

Luke raised Savers overhead.

Reflected clearly in Isvel’s eyes was magic power that was inside Savers for destruction.

“Therefore, I’m thinking about eradicating the beings in this country, the demons”

“Gh! Stop it!”

Even when Isvel shouted, she was unable to stop him.

When Luke swung Savers once, a flying sword that could also be called an aggregate of light was fired.

It swallowed up houses and people, destroying them completely.

Screams resounded, and the people ran about trying to escape.

Luke and the others looked at such a spectacle like they were ridiculing them.

“Now then, I will now execute this woman who could be called your final hope! Do you not want to see it? It is your lord’s last moment, you know!”

Luke shouted to the people.

Perhaps it entered the ears of a part of the demons; several stopped and looked up the platform.

Gradually it spreaded and eventually most demon had decided to look up the platform.

“Now, do you have any last words?”

“…! I will not forgive you…! I will never forgive you, bastard!”

“What boring woman. Pleading for your life would have looked better”

Luke raised Savers overhead.

The precise instant when he tried to swing it down on Isvel, an attack suddenly rushed towards him out of nowhere.



Luke moved Savers towards defense immediately.

He turned his sword towards a direction where there was nothing.

It was a comical sight when seen from a bystander’s view, something unexpected occurred.

A high-pitched metallic sound resounded.

“To hide and attack…Is that not an act unbecoming of a Hero?”

“ …I’ve told you several times already, didn’t I? That I’m――――not a Hero anymore”

The air warped.

And then, people who should not have been there showed up

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