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Chapter 74

The demon lord returns


“Hero, I’m leaving his company to you”

“We will keep the scoundrels over there company”


Phantom and Silvar stood in front of Violette and Orange who were trying provide reinforcement.


“I’ll leave them to you”

“You dejected loser… Shouldn’t you have realized that you can no longer win against me?”

“I wouldn’t know that if I won’t try it again”


We pushed each other away after crossing swords, and then took some distance.

And then we once again crossed swords.

The impact ran through our surroundings, and a portion of the stage was broken.


“ … We certainly have become evenly matched, but… What did you do?”

“I have merely resolved myself”


Black aura spouted out of Echsdarc.

It’s evidence that I concentrated my magic power into Echsdarc.

Being filled with my magic power, Echsdarc restored my strength.




Luke concentrated his magic power into Savers, seemingly completely gloomy.

Dazzling light overflowed, colliding with the darkness overflowing Echsdarc.


“I’ve heard why you can use the sacred sword”

“ …”

“You were a Hero, weren’t you? That’s why you can use the sacred sword” 

“What about it? It doesn’t matter now”

“Right, it doesn’t matter. Your goals and everything don’t matter”


It doesn’t matter whether Luke had been a Hero, what his past was, what kind of goal he has.

It doesn’t change the reason why I have to defeat him.


“You hurt my allies. That is plenty enough reason to defeat you”

“Allies? Are you no longer calling me an ally?”

“You are the one who removed me from your group of allies”


I kicked the ground and leapt towards Luke.

My overhead swung slash was blocked by Savers.

However, my attack is normally not light enough to be stopped so easily. 





Luke sank at its feet.

I put in even more strength to crush Luke along with Savers.


“Ugh… Oooooh!”


Just before he was pushed to the floor, Luke narrowly let go of his strength and broke away.

――There is no way I can let him escape with that though.

I quickly closed in on Luke as he broke away, and unleashed a kick.

Luke blocked it with one arm, but his arm made an unpleasant sound as it broke.


“On top of that, a point-blank range――”


“――Flying blade!”


I unleashed a flying blade towards the rolling Luke.

The stage was completely broken amidst a flash and thunderous roar.

“Haah… Haah…”


Luke rolled out of the enveloping dust.

In addition to the bone fraction because of my kick, deep lacerations were carved in his body.


“I thought I certainly caused a fatal wound, but I expected no less of you, Luke”

“Don’t make me laugh…! It’s impossible that you could do whatever you like to me!”


Luke’s wounds were suddenly covered in particles of light.

In doing so, his wounds closed up in an instant, and his broken bones returned to its original shape.

The power dwelling in the sacred sword is sacred power.

Normally, sacred power is used for healing magic.

The one who holds Savers in their hand would become someone who would constantly be using recovery magic.

Since I’ve been together with Savers for a long time, the scene before me was not a novel sight.


“Don’t think this is all you need to corner me!’

“I didn’t think I would, you see. But, it accomplished my objective”



In my arms I was holding a woman.

Finally, finally I was able to get her back.


“I’ve come to pick you up, Isvel”

“ ….Gh! You… You men are…!”


While having tears at the corner of her eyes, Isvel clung onto me in order to cover her face.

After I held Isvel tightly once, I pulled her away from me.


“I’d like to be glad of our reunion, but we will make merry after everything is over”


“Also, I give this back to you”


I gave the heart of the demon lord back to Isvel after taking it out of my pocket.


“This is still yours, right?”

“ …Yes. Until I finish my last job as the demon lord, this is my strength”


The heart of the demon lord was absorbed inside Isvel.

After everything vanished inside her body, hair curling magic power gushed forth from inside her.

The magic power was enough to break the handcuffs that was likely obstructing the use of her magic power, and it leaked out considerably enough that it was clearly visible to the eye.


“It’s been a while, using this power that is.


Penetrating cold magic power.

This is her.

This is the demon lord Isvel, who I had fought.


“Adel…! So this was your objective from the very beginning”

“You were careless for the most part. You were too preoccupied in your bout with me”


Luke glared hatefully at me.

Who stepped in front of me as if to obstruct his sight, was none other than Isvel.


“How dare you do everything you’ve done until now”

“Hah! What are you saying, just because you obtained the heart of the demon lord? Winning against me with the sacred sword is nothing but a――――”


Immediately following, Luke was blown far away to the back.

When I noticed it, Isvel had thrust out her hand.

It was an attack of a speed even I could not react to. Neither Luke nor I knew what Isvel had done.


“What is the matter? Why are you so surprised about being struck by a mere lump of ice?”

“Guh… Ah, haah… haaah…”


A fist-sized ice pierced Luke’s chest.

I could see neither the instant it was fired nor the instant it directly hit him.

Did the me from before ward off something like this…?


“Hey, stand. My feelings will not settle if I do not punish you here”

“Don’t… joke around with me!”


Luke, while pulling out the lump of ice, unleashed a flying blade with his other hand.

It had unbalanced power for an instantaneous attack.

The attack would end someone without them being able to stop it if it was a person with half-hearted abilities, but Isvel still did not quiver.




――――This is the first time I’ve seen a flying blade being frozen over.


“Being defeated once by a man of this level, would stir up shame even if I do say so myself”



The flying blade that was frozen in mid-air fell on the ground as is and broke into pieces.

A nonsensical power as always, being able to freeze over even magic power.


“Have you forgotten, Knight Luke? That all of you had not even been able to come in contact with me had Adel not been with you”


Isvel stepped up to Luke.

Here begins her true terror――――


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