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Vol 11 Chapter 5

Yuuji, travelling to Premie city accompanied by Alice and Riese


‘Riese, are you ready?’

‘Yup, Yuuji-nii! But it may be a little warm…’

‘Riese-chan, you look cute!’


The spring forest where new green leaves budded.

In Yuuji’s garden were one man and two girls.

Yuuji was wearing leather armor, holding a shield and short spear and carried a large rucksack. Both the clothes and rucksack were created in this world.


Next to Yuuji was Alice. She was wearing the clothes that the seamster Yurshelle enthusiastically made with the design that was offered through the internet as its base. Its material and technology were from this world. Even so, it turned into an exquisite garment.


Joining hands with Alice was the young elven girl Riese. She was wearing a robe and had put on a fur hat that would hide even her ears. It was Yuuji’s sister Sakura’s knit cap. After having found the method of hiding an elf’s pointed ears, they let her use a hooded robe and woollen hat to the city.


Incidentally, Kotarou was nude today as well. Since she was a dog.


“Mr Yuuji, how is it? Is Ms Riese… aah, that is a cap made of sheep wool, isn’t it? It is a little out of season, but that should be alright”


Kevin called out as he came to pick up Yuuji and the girls in front of the gates. It appears that their measure to hide her ears was a success first of all.

But then again, Sakura’s knit cap was knit with acrylic yarn.

Yuuji, who was invited by the feudal lord, and Alice and Kotarou.


And Riese, whose eyes were sparkling from going to the city for the first time under the pretext of protecting Yuuji, saying “A human city. It’s going to be a great adventure!”


  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


The second night, on the way towards Premie city.

There were four men surrounding a bonfire.


“Tomorrow we will arrive in the city, won’t we? *sigh*…”

“Mr Yuuji, it will be alright even if you don’t think about it so seriously. He said he is going to encourage your pioneering and show his gratitude for protecting the elf. Okay?”

“Mr Kevin, but the feudal lord is the top around here right? Uh, if we were to do anything impolite, we’ll be caught and all…”

“You are worrying too much, Mr Yuuji. I am sitting with you, and they have no reason to hurt the person protecting Miss Riese the elf in front of her eyes either… Look, Miss Riese’s escort and guildmaster will be sitting with you as well”

“Mr Yuuji, I’d say it can’t be helped that you’re worried from now on. Let’s think about more fun things!”

“Mr Enzo… That’s right! So what are you and Dominique going to the city for?”

“Replenishment of consumable goods and… This guy, you know, said he’s finally going to go and meet his fiancee”


So the former adventurers’ party scout Enzo said and clapped the defender Dominique’s shoulders with two claps.

As usual he was a man with few words, but Dominique slightly relaxed his mouth.

The slave who the ‘Dark green wind’ hired to let her manage their base in Premie city. After saving up money and buying back herself, the slave accepted the tall defender Dominique’s proposal. Because the house construction had begun in the pioneer land, Dominique seemed to be finally going to meet his fiancee.


“Is that, is that so… he seems happy so it’s fine. Mr Kevin too, you’re going to propose in the royal capital soon, right?”

“Yes! I will give her that dress. How will she respond… How will the president respond…”


Kevin trembled, a complete reversal from a grinning expression. He will be proposing marriage to the daughter of “Bloodstained Gaegus”. It seemed to be something that would make even the gutsy Kevin feel nervous.

Kotarou, who was stretching herself out next to Yuuji, barked once. Men are brave, you know, she seemed to be encouraging Kevin. She was sleepy though.


“Kuh… Huh? Wouldn’t this mean that the single men in the pioneer land would be just me and Mr Enzo? Mark-kun is still a kid, so…”

“Mr Yuuji, aren’t Thomas or something and the woodworkers there too? And besides…”


Enzo replied as if to comfort Yuuji as he was stared at by him. And then he took out a letter from his pocket.


“I have written a letter to Ivonne-chan, you know. Hehe, I wonder if she’ll be happy about it”


Enzo said and opened the letter, showing a grin.


“Ooh” looking from the sides, Yuuji raised his voice.

“Eh, then if I’m unlucky, then you’ll also break free from the bachelor group…”

“Hehe, it’ll be nice if that happens though”

“Nonono, she’ll absolutely accept love letters with pleasure! How nice…”


Yuuji muttered lonely. But love letters absolutely being gratefully accepted was just his wrong impression. Yuuji was a thirty four years old man with scant love experience. 

Ivonne-chan who works at the evening store would have been more happy with the wyvern leather that was left behind by the four, than the love letter. Both the real thing, and the money after selling it off.

Yuuji and Enzo got excited without thinking about such things. They were the bachelor team who bore fantasies in women.

Perhaps knowing hard facts, Dominique and Kevin merely watched over them without cutting into their conversation.

The nearly asleep Kotarou cried “Woof woof” without opening her eyes. Seemingly saying sure, dreams are what you see at night


  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


Finally, Yuuji and co broke out of the forest, and Premie city appeared in front of them.

The same place where Yuuji saw the city of the other world for the first time.

It was a place that was slightly higher than the surroundings, overlooking the city in the distance.

The group stopped walking for Riese who saw the city for the first time.


‘Woow, so that is a human city! There are barely any trees inside the city!’


The grasslands displayed gently sloping undulations. One road ran through this grassland. At the end of that road was the city of Premie.


Riese flapped her hands, showing her excitement.

Kotarou barked “wan wan” as if to rebuke her. Riese, a lady has to be more graceful, is what she seemed to be saying. The person herself was neither a lady nor a gentlewoman, but a female dog though.


‘That’s right, there’s few trees compared to the pioneer land’


Yuuji answered Riese, showing a smiling face.


“Mr Yuuji, I will be dispatching Aias ahead, alright? I think we can talk to the gatekeeper, but just to be sure. That and we have to greet the guildmaster as well”

“Okay, if you please, Mr Kevin. It shouldn’t be dangerous from here to the city either”


Receiving Kevin and Yuuji’s words, Aias, one of Kevin’s exclusive escorts, proceeded towards the city in a hurry. It’s slightly over two hours from here to the city at walking pace. It seems he will go around ahead and pull some strings so that we could smoothly enter the city. For us, or rather for Riese.

Incidentally, Aias was the exclusive guard who had not lost his hair.


“Okay. Then everyone, shall we go! Riese, you should put on your hood soon!” 


The group replied to Yuuji in their own ways. When he noticed it, Yuuji naturally settled into his position to issue instruction.

Yuuji went to the otherworld city for the first time in spring in the fourth year.

In merely a year, Yuuji too had grown.


  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


“Oh, it looks like I am on time. Lord Yuuji, it’s wonderful to see you lively. That and seeing everyone safe”


A man greeted Yuuji and sent a glance to the elven girl Riese.

Who waited for Yuuji and co as they arrived at the gates at the outer wall of Premie city was the adventurers guild master Salomon. It appears that he received the prior announcement and came to pick them up at the gates. Just as Kevin had said, he would be the elf escort.


“Long time no see, Mr Salomon! You really have come for us”


Yuuji looked slightly surprised. The top of the adventurers guild will be employed as an escort. He heard it from Kevin, but he must have not believed it. At any rate, Salomon was the top of the organisation.


Ignoring Yuuji and Salomon exchanging their greetings, Kevin talked with the person in charge of the gate guards.


“Hello, officer. Here are the pioneer citizen’s proof of residency. And then, this is in relation to that girl…”


Due to having smoothly talked to them, Kevin held onto the proof of residency of Yuuji, Alice, Dominique and Enzo in advance.


“Yes, I have been told about her. Please pass”


Riese was allowed to enter more easily than the time Yuuji and Alice came to Premie city for the first time. Of course, Yuuji and co, with their proof of residency, passed through the gate without being stopped in particular.


Finally, Riese stepped foot in a human city.

When she did so, Kevin, who walked ahead a few steps, turned around, spread his arms and with face full of smiles talked to Riese.


“Now, Miss Riese. Welcome! This is the pioneer city, Premie!”



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