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Vol 11 Chapter 6

Bulletin Board 

Yuuji, uploading the wyvern subjugation videos on the bulletin board


[Spring has come!] I kind of got to another world along with my house when I went out of my house after 10 years part 47 [Is Kevin still not here!]


1: Anonymous ETNE

This is the thread where you can enjoy the information, images and videos [Yuuji] uploaded from another world!

Questions like “Is this really another world? How did he make them?” 

go to the verification thread. 

The snow has melted and spring finally visits the pioneer land!

It should soon come alive again after Mr Kevin comes.

I’m already tired of plain winters!

And so…

After moving the site, got 1st post in both the first and second thread!

Ah, reproduction is forbidden!

[From Gunji law office]

In the case that images/videos that are uploaded in this thread are used without permission, in any media or circumstances, I will take legal actions.

For information and inquiries, please contact Gunji Law Office.



The NEET posting >>900 opens the next thread.


675 : Anonymous NEET

He’s late, that Yuuji…


676 : Clothes group member B

Look, it’s that

The preparations for finishing it up and uploading the video

take time, you know



Is Riese-chan okay!?

Well she doesn’t have to go outside the barrier, so I guess she’s fine


678 : Anonymous NEET

It’s soon time for my part-time job…


679 : Anonymous ETNE


He’s evading his responsibilities!

Also this place is… not a NEET board anymore!


680 : Yuuji

Thanks for waiting everyone!

Subjugation success, everyone is safe!

Thanks everyone!



681 : Anonymous NEET



682 : Anonymous MEAT

For the sake of this day

I’ve forged my resistance in guro!

I got many browser crashes you know…


683 : Infra worker


Is it really trained?

Well whatever, shall we look at it at once!


684 : In charge of verification thread’s videos

Is it a composition where you’re looking up from the gates inside the plot?

Film it from a much lower angle Yuujii!

You won’t bring out the impact, you know!


685 : Camera Ossan


You don’t know where it would come

and you won’t be able to adjust it once it starts

A wide and flexible angle is inevitable here

I understand how you feel though



686 : Anonymous ETNE

While the amateur cameramen are screaming

the wyvern is flying over!


687 : Cool NEET

First a boar decoy strategy, huh?


688 : Anonymous NEET

It  useless if it only aims for humanoids

It’s a mysterious ecology


689 : Well-informed NEET

There are many animals that are omnivorous but are very particular about its food

Killer whales and such has different likings depending on the pod

Others would indifferently hunt into extinction

It seems it’s the first hunt after leaving the nest, so it may be some sort of ceremony

There’s full of unusual coming of age ceremony even on Earth

Like going hunting lions

bungee jumping

or a vision quest


690 : Anonymous MEAT

… Okay, first is Yuuji’s new light magic!


691 : Anonymous NEET


I’m not gonna gather them!

I learned that it gets lengthy after all!


692 : Anonymous NEET

While you’re saying this and that

the decoy strategy easily failed

I guess four legged ones don’t work


693 : Anonymous NEET

If only there were goblins or orcs…


694 : Anonymous NEET


But if they were there

then this video wouldn’t have existed you know?


695 : Anonymous ETNE

Yuuji’s light magic!

Flashbang, did it work?

It’s lowering its altitude!


694 : Anonymous NEET

It really hurts that it can’t reproduce the sound


695 : Clothes group member B

I wonder if Yuuji really went with that magic name…


696 : Anonymous NEET

I’m glad I can’t hear the sound!

Because it’ll reach my heart!

It’s still okay, it’s just faint…


697 : Anonymous MEAT


Let’s keep up our strength, baldy!

They’re starting with their attack with bow and arrow and magic!


698 : YES Lolita NO Touch


Keep at it Alice-chan!


699 : Anonymous NEET

It’s like a dad rooting at an athletic meet, kinda pleasant (Eyes wide)


700 : Kemona Lv. MAX


The beaskin family isn’t displayed, you know!


701 : Anonymous NEET

Kevin’s team shooting with the crossbow is displayed though!

…isn’t this Mr Kevin’s first battle?


702 : Formerly talented businessman


You’re right

But well, he’s just shooting, reloading and shooting,

so we don’t know his strength well…



Riese-chan’s magic!

She looks neat and beautiful from behind too!

As expected elves are the best!


704 : Anonymous NEET

If you compare it with her height, the water ball would be 

about 3 meters in diameter?

Won’t the weight be dangerous?


705 : Anonymous MEAT

So it won’t fall to the ground even with this…

So could it be that magic-like thingy?


706 : Anonymous NEET

But we have thought of that likelihood too!

It’s the bola and casting net!


707 : Anonymous NEET

…Yup, well, it looks like it’s obstructing his movement?

What a tough wyvern


708 : Anonymous NEET

Ah, this is bad!


709 : Anonymous NEET

So it was the criminal slaves’ tent!

Just as I thought it was empty, there were people inside!


710 : Anonymous NEET

Calm down!

You can just use them till they die, right?

It’s still not the time to be in panic


711 : Anonymous NEET


Oh, a savage!


712 : Anonymous NEET



713 : Infra worker

Aren’t they putting their life on the line here…

Are these guys really the adventurers who picked a fight at the guild?


714 : Anonymous NEET


You see that, you savage!?

These are protagonists!


715 : Anonymous ETNE


No, they were supposed to be hoodlum adventurers though…

Geh, Yuuji is also rushing out!?


716 : Overwhelmingly dog person

It’s okay!

Kotarou is chasing after him!


717 : Anonymous NEET


Ah, here am thinking it’ll be alright then

I’m quite corrupted, aren’t I

and it’s just a dog…


718 : Cool NEET

The male defender went after him so it should be fine

It may rather be a good way to attract the wyvern’s attention


719 : Anonymous NEET


Could you be some demon sergeant who works new recruits hard?


720 : Anonymous NEET

Doing relatively steady aren’t you

Yuuji, you’re going as a tank aren’t you


721 : Anonymous NEET

… meaning it’ll be soon?


722 : Anonymous NEET

Come quick, our trump card!


723 : Anonymous NEET


724 : Prof Acorn


725 : I love huge breasts



726 : Anonymous NEET



727 : Camera Ossan


A footage of him entering from above the camera is also nice!

Improbable and unexpected!


728 : In charge of the verification thread’s video


I’d like to check it at a different angle though… 


729 : Clothes group member B

I saw it!

After Mr Blaise jumped,

an arrow struck the wyvern’s eye

and its tail was cut off!


730 : Anonymous NEET



Wait a sec, watching it in slow motion!


731 : Overwhelmingly dog person

Kotarou so strooong!


732 : Anonymous NEET

Yuuji’s doing his job ain’t he!

As the old scout’s scaffold!


733 : Anonymous ETNE

Are you serious!

Is this what you call cooperation!?


734 : Sakura’s friend

This is pretty interesting…

I’ve underestimated fantasy…


735 : Anonymous MEAT

He’s a real hunter, huh that Yuuji!

Did you roast it well afterwards?


736 : Yuuji

Its meat smells, so we’re in the middle of processing it into dried meat

They said its leather is a high class item that they process into bags and such!


737 : Well-informed NEET


Reptile type meat is supposed to be light in taste though…

Is it a problem of the venom gland?

So crocodile leather ought to be wyvern leather


738 : Anonymous NEET

Well, isn’t it different from a reptile?

Lizards don’t fly do they? 


739 : Prof Acorn

Yuuji, now is the time for smoked food!

But there’s the problem of poison,

so the flavors of dried meat may be better

If all it has is some peculiarity, then it depends on the tip though…


740 : Anonymous NEET


It’s different from insects, okay!?

The nausea when you recall it…


741 : Cool NEET

Good, so you subjugated it nearly uninjured

Yuuji, secure a ballista for next year


742 : Anonymous NEET


That’s true, but you know…

if this guy says it get rising anxiety


743 : This is Gunji

Everyone, please be careful with the video


744 : Anonymous NEET

… Yes, Gunji-sensei!


[Summoned] I kind of got to another world along with my house when I went out of my house after 10 years part 48 [by a noble!]


31 : Yuuji

I guess this is about what I will be taking for now…

Is there anything I have to be careful about next?


32 : Anonymous NEET

At any rate, don’t take your eyes off

of Alice-chan and Riese-chan, Yuuji!


33 : Anonymous ETNE


No wait, that’s not good!

Don’t separate Alice-chan and Riese-chan

from Mr Kevin and Kotarou!


34 : Clothes group member A


Yuuji’s treatment…


35 : Sakura’s friend


You should send a mail and not be here!

Staying apart isn’t good, you know!


36 : Well-informed NEET

A conversation with the noble feudal lord of a feudal system, huh…

Yuuji, basically don’t talk

leave it to Mr Kevin


37 : Cool NEET

It seems that the feudal lord’s wife and magistrate wants to let you develop it,

the elf, Mr Kevin and the guildmaster are your allies

so I think it will be fine, but…


38 : Formerly talented businessman


Calm down and be silent!



Hiding the ears of the elves, how absurd!

but it’ll be a disaster if she is kidnapped, so no choice!

I am a man who can pardon!


40 : Anonymous NEET


Who are you…


41 : Yuuji

In any case, I’ll let every escort be with Riese and Alice

I won’t talk if at all possible in the conversation with the feudal lord

Would it be fine with just this?


42 : Anonymous NEET


Also go pray!


43 : Overwhelmingly dog person

You’re worrying too much…

I’m relying on you Kotarou!


44 : Anonymous NEET

His personal skill may have gone up,

but he’s basically a noob…


211 : Anonymous NEET

So Yuuji would be at the city by now…

I wonder if he’ll be fine


212 : Anonymous ETNE



213 : Anonymous MEAT


What’s wrong ETNE?


214 : Anonymous NEET

Is he going to play stupid just because we’re free?


215 : Anonymous ETNE

This is bad!

I just recalled something terrible!


216 : Anonymous NEET


The way you said it sounds like an old-timer


217 : Infra worker

Just say it without overemphasizing it!


218 : Anonymous ETNE

Didn’t the magistrate say that the feudal lord 

is a incredibly devoted husband and he would fire you

if you make a move on the huge breasted feudal lord’s wife?



219 : Anonymous NEET



220 : Anonymous MEAT

Now that you mention it…


221 : Anonymous NEET

It- it’ll be fine if it’s just looking right?

The magistrate was just frightening him right?


222 : Anonymous NEET

Yuuji, out~


223 : I love huge breasts

Yuuji, go back!

Us huge breast faction can’t possibly exist without looking


224 : Anonymous NEET

Yuuji, age of death: 34

Died due to being charmed by huge breasts


225 : YES Lolita NO Touch

That’s why you switch to lolis!


226 : Anonymous NEET

Just looking at them shouldn’t turn into something like that

but I’m too worried!



<<| TOC |>>



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  1. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    Ehh~ What’s good about loli breasts?

    So small and flat, no softness from boneless meat…

    That aside, I want an extract of that wyvern poison. Would be good to identify what kind of poison it is from Yuuji’s otherworldly resources and develop an anti-venom or something.

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