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When I chant ignite, black figures next to me would strike a match

One of the so-called clear ways supported by the black figures


Author: Morokorosu 


I can see the amount of magic or black figures. While I became famous as a young demon lord, I have been spending my time busily everyday managing my black figure team, hanging out with my big sister or soothing my father who had turned inconspicuous, but visitors and work increased, limiting my time for those. I was seriously in the middle of recruiting an assistant. Won’t anyone come to the other world for me? The requirement is to be able to see the black figures, that is all.


A well sunny afternoon. At the town plaza, putting around ten meters of distance, I squared off against a challenger. Even though I say plaza, it was that place that was called the town outskirts until a while ago. Although it was maintained as a training space after the gasoline hellfire incident, the residents increased, probably thanks to me, and the town expanded, so it’s no longer the outskirts. On top of that, the amounts of ruffians challenging me and curious onlookers increased too much, so my sister and father hit on a good idea. They negotiated with our territory lord and so the people of the town constantly gathered in this former town outskirts which was settled to become a public plaza as well as my dueling space. It’s a rural town so I was treated as convenient entertainment. And thus, a shrill voice and throaty voice resounded, which sped up my headaches even more lately.


“Here! Portraits of kid demon lord Miary-chan, three coppers each!”

“How about delicious sandwiches! A new sensation developed by the kid demon lord-chan! You can eat while you spectate! How about some sandwiches!”


The portrait one was my big sister and the sandwich one my father. I thought nostalgically to the present time, where both my father and sister were having really strong commercial spirit and I was called “kid demon lord” even by my real father and sister. There’s absolutely something wrong. And I really want them to stop the idol treatment. Recently my father and sister being a fan of me is in dangerous waters.


I’m derailing my story. Currently the teenage boy standing in front of me was an assassin who turned up from a distant eastern country. Well, it’s mostly right in the written report of the black figures.


“So that’s the Hero”

“So it is a trip to gain experience for the sake of subjugating the demon lord?”

“I heard he’s searching for the sacred sword you know”

“There’s also rumors that he went in a frenzy after being given the cold shoulder by the princess, had the tables turned on him and got exiled you know”


I turned my head towards the latest gossips. I so wanted to hear it in detail. What kind of person is the princess? There was nothing about her in the black figures’ reports you know.


“Don’t look away demon lord, right now I am your opponent”


The challenger, Hero Takehiko-kun interrupted me. He was a helpless boy who could not read the mood, that’s a Hero for you. It’s not my fault that I looked away, but I reluctantly faced him.


A little taller than the standard japanese person, could be called a youth very soon, some of the boy’s innocence still remaining; he was that kind of black haired, black eyed boy. A transfered Japanese person. He stood there, wrapped in slightly dirty leather armor, with his sword hung on his waist and his arms folded.


Behind him were six black figures of whom I had the impression were dirtied by sand. Six people is really a lot. All of them were carrying large rucksacks. Are they for mountain climbing, no that’s not right, are those magic bags? Is what I noticed. Infinite stowaway and time suspension is likely impossible for ordinary people.


Oh right, this time let’s put batteries and a refrigerator onto a bicycle trailer and play a make-believe magic bag. I will be able to handle fresh goods and perhaps I may be able to do business with a greengrocer. Hum, a country-wide greengrocer network by refrigerator trailer. I should need several of them if I do country-wide. My father and sister would make a fuss so I’m worried about this.


It was the limits for Takehiko-kun’s irritation towards me as I murmured “Hum, that is, no it’s troubling” and such, and he greatly kicked the ground with one leg, so I reluctantly stopped with my wild ideas. It wasn’t because of me. Your magic bags are just too meager.


“Won’t you stop capturing a ten year old child and calling her a demon lord?”

“So you have kept me waiting for this long and then you say that? Making fun of me. Like there could be a ten year old with a mature tone of voice who can slaughter even a dragon. You bastard, you must be the reincarnation of the demon lord of legends like I had thought. I’m convinced of that now”


I was dissed by Takehiko-kun, but I wanted to rebut him with “like you’re one to talk about tone of voice”. What’s up with that way of speaking, you youngster. No wait, I’m ten years old too though.


“I may have defeated that and my tone of voice is clear, but as you can see, I am a mere child”

“How pretentious. “Kid demon lord Miary” can’t possibly be a mere child”

“I look like the mascot character of the town renewal, so-”

“Don’t call yourself a demon lord for some town renewal. You really have some screws loose”

“I’m losing to you, Takehiko-kun, what with you doing your best in expressly practicing that tone of voice” (I couldn’t make heads or tails in this sentence:  頑張ってその口調わざわざ練習してるタケヒコ君には負けます )


We continued our exchange. My sister, who hit on the idea that “ ‘Very young demon lord who defeated even a dragon’ won’t say anything about Miary’s cuteness”, was at- no, my father who rode on that was at fault. My sister wasn’t in the wrong. I didn’t tell them to, I’m not dangerous enough to call myself one. I’m innocent. Hmm I’m not dangerous? 


It was me who puffed out my chest and replied “It’s alright, no problem” to my mother, who was worried that my frail appeal won’t increase these type of people instead, but sister said that this was for the town renewal. It’s currently safe. I didn’t think my portrait would be used as is. It was my fault for underestimating my sister being my fan. No, my father is at fault for gleefully paying the painter. It wasn’t my sister’s fault. And I am innocent. 


I derailed my story again. 


“Enough of this. If I defeat you and make a triumphant return, then this time it’ll mean that even the princess will nod assent” 

“Eh, the gossips are right?” 

“What is right. No use in arguing with you, prepare yourself!” 


Takehiko-kun drew and readied his sword at the same time he declared that. No use in arguing with you and yet, prepare yourself you say, I muttered. 


Of course there stood around ten black figures around me with long and firm hardware store-made squared timber, and who was behind Hero Takehiko-kun from the start was one of my black figures, ignoring the gazes from the six black figures of the Hero. He had been standing ready, holding a long stainless steel pipe. I can kill him anytime. The occupation I’m heading off to the most was not a demon lord, but an assassin. 


Now then, I got a peace of mind in whatever way Takehiko-kun would move, but Takehiko-kun did not move or prepare himself. Who began to move in exchange were his six black figures, so it seems that they decided to ignore my black figure readying his steel pipe. 


His black figures, after letting down their rucksacks and stretched their shoulders, undid their rain cover and began to take out things from the six rucksacks as they rummaged. After a while, the black figures began to turn quite impatient from being unable to find what they were looking for. Hey, wait a minute. 


The things around the rucksacks increased with clothes, underwear, umbrella, rotten food, leather bag with liquid in it, a pile of bundled up medicinal herbs, doll, doll, doll and doll. Quite a lot of monster corpses, huh. And then a kettle. Put the kettle down, don’t put it in the rucksack.


Takehiko-kun was silent while they were preparing, the black figures turned increasingly impatient, their goods spreading around, my black figures and I stood  stock still. The curious onlookers were noisy around us, the black figures from the spectator’s side were yawning, and my sister was shouting “A portrait is two copper, bring it with you, you thief.” It’s not worth worrying about my father who was shouting “Sandwiches~ Sandwiches~”.


The unexpected weak point of the magic bag was clearly, how should I put it, where they should decide beforehand what to put in which rucksack and which pocket is used for what and such. The time that the black figures are moving wasn’t recognized, and I’m getting a little irritated by Takehiko-kun’s black figures doing their careless work like the lack of recognition was a good thing. It’ll be a sermon if my black figures do the same thing I guess. It’ll be a good story too if I record that. I see, not only do I want an aide, I also want a record keeper.


I was about to stray from the subject again, so I returned my interest to the six black figures.


What could be the tool they’re looking for, what sort of shocking and surprising mecha will come out? What should I do if he takes out a gun, and such; the time with the first challengers was frightening, but my opponents until now took out fishing rods, volleyball or cards and such, and sometimes they don’t bring out any decent tools, so I had it more or less easy. There are chances that they would bring out dangerous goods that exceed my imagination, but when that time comes, it’ll be a blow in the back with the iron pipe.


While they’re bustling about, Takehiko-kun’s black figures seems to have finally found what they were looking for, and what they pulled out was a large and wide white rope. What could it be, I thought as I tilted my head. Two of the black figures of the opponent’s side each held both sides of the rope, put the center of the rope to the back of the Hero Takehiko-kun and both began to take distance together. My black figure who had an iron pipe ready behind Takehiko-kun saw the movements of the six black figures and lowered the hand he readied. Ah, my black figure is amazed.


Biyooooooiinngg. The rope that Takehiko-kun’s black figures are holding was stretching. A thick rubber rope?


Takehiko-kun set himself up at the center of the rubber rope, which the two black figures were stretching with their utmost efforts, and the other black figures were supporting the rubber behind his back. The black figures with the role of stretching it approached me step by step while stretching the rubber. The black figures, who had been tidying up the scattered luggage until then, joined those with the stretching role too, and so the rubber was pulled by a total of four black figures. The black figures supporting the back also increased by two. Takehiko-kun had his sword ready the whole time, not moving either.


It needs all black figures, huh, this magic.


“Takehiko-kun, Could you be planning to use acceleration or something?”

“Ho- how did you!”

“You know, I think this magic is dangerous though”

“That’s not true at all! I’ve been continuously practicing it, I can do it! Probably!”

“Probably, you say”


I gave up on persuading Takehiko-kun. I won’t mind that he had changed his tone. He has to learn from his mistakes, I guess.


I prepare another pole of squared timber, ordered two black figures to stand at the center between me and Takehiko-kun, and set up that square timber at knee height. The black figures can also stick out their feet, but a pole should be much more reliable. I finish my preparations and once again waited for him to finish his preparation. An acceleration prevented by a pole.


Even so, he was taking too much time. It feels like I could have prepared a cup ramen with the time that was spent just with them stretching the rubber. I could win soundly if I attack in this opening, but nobody moving or attacking while the black figures are preparing is a rule of this world. I waited leisurely, and the Hero waited for the black figures’ preparation, unaware of them. The spectators swelled in anticipation, and the black figures joined them and ate potato chips. Copper coins and my portrait flew past each other at the vendor of my sister and father, who were raising their voices as last spurt before the kick-off. I’d like them to stop, like really. 


There was no need to keep my word, but in light of Takehiko-kun, who was disappointing in various places, and I ought to contribute to my father and sister’s sales even if a little, I merely gazed at his black figures, who were slightly shivering and trembling by the rubber, or at the sky. Sky huh? When speaking of the sky, it’s got to be flight magic. Speaking about flight magic. 


“Now, Hero Takehiko, paying you an unannounced visit!” 



I, soo wanted to fly freely~ Okay~, a human powered aircraft that the black figures made sloppily with only things a hardware store would have~ Uwaah, that was gonna kill me~ Also stop it with the sloppiness, like seriously. I reminisce while viewing the sky, and my mind was drifting around five meters high. Okay~, wings made of hot-air balloons, no~ even the active player would often die~.


Having too much free time, I recalled the methods of safely flying in the sky and then my tracks of that challenge. Wouldn’t the hot-air balloon be fine then? Also a parachute. Why don’t my black figures ever prepare a parachute for me, it’s quite urgent. It’s because hardware stores don’t sell them I guess.


Seeing my state as my mind was forever gliding on a height of five meters, Takehiko-kun finally moved. The rubber was prepared and the arms of the six black figures were already at their limits.


“I see an openi-gepfh”


Takehiko-kun went woosh, flying by the power of the rubber. He went to me with quite the speed, so the instant I thought Ooh, the acceleration was a success, Takehiko-kun went *Kata-kata-kata*, tripped not on the squared timber I prepared, but on a pebble around there. The foot which got twisted went *whonk* hitting the squared timber, and Takehiko-kun did a belly roll kind of thing in the air. He went *thump* as he fell down and rolled in front of me, and, probably having hit his head, he lay spread eagle and did not move.


I guess if I add sound effects, you won’t understand it well instead. In short, he flew out, fell down and fainted. Easy to understand.


But to think he would get this far. I was deeply moved by Takehiko-kun’s innate “reaction” performer personality. I knew it when they prepared the rubber. Also, I won pretty well the instant his full bodyweight got on the squared timber, and my two black figures did a plain good job in sending the Hero flying.





Regardless of me unintentionally giving him words of praise, Hero Takehiko-kun shouted while looking like he would cry, and stood up unsteadily. It’s not good to move immediately after getting hit in the head.


“One more time, one more, this time I definitely will”



Takehiko-kun used his sword as a cane and returned to his own black figures. He felt like doing it one more time, this Hero. He’s a model performer. The black figures’ arms are bound to go kapow though. With my black figures lowering the squared timber on the ground, which they prepared with the intention to strike Takehiko-kun in the head even now, Takehiko-kun’s acceleration once again started.


As expected, two black figures held down the rubber at his back, and the four black figures beginning the stretching of the rubber took longer than before. I gazed at that. Mainly at the black figures’ arms.


The way how all of the black figures caught their breath and went to stretch the rubber was exceedingly moving. The only human who could gaze those gallant figures was me. Such a waste. And the arms of the four black figures left and right finally broke through their limits.


*Swoosh, Wapussssssh*


The thick rubber rope flew from left and right with big momentum and made a clean hit to the motionlessly preparing Takehiko-kun’s chin and temple. Or rather, the black figures who were supporting behind Takehiko-kun avoided it by using Takehiko-kun as a shield.


Takehiko-kun didn’t say anything and once again collapsed spread eagle, his eyes rolling in circles. A reaction performer’s spirit, I thought and admired him completely. The four black figures responsible for stretching it were dumbstruck and looked at the two black figures responsible for holding it down. The two black figures looked away. A few seconds later, the four black figures slowly got closer to Takehiko-kun, took a kettle and began looking after him. The remaining two black figures reluctantly helped out.


Alright, I won against a performer.


Takehiko-kun didn’t notice that acceleration type magic and such are unreasonable in this human powered magical world where only the black figures are working hard at various things. Go read the magic book where it’s written that you “Cannot do anything except what can be done with human powers” from the start again, Takehiko-kun. The cause of your defeat is because you don’t understand the true nature of this world’s magic, you know. That’s why you have an innate performer personality.


“The kid demon lord, she didn’t even do anything”


“Okaay, it’s kid Demon lord Miary-chan’s victory in less than a minute~”


The townspeople shouted at the fight that didn’t even turn into a fight, and my mother informed the results with a loud voice.


From my perspective, it definitely took more than ten minutes if you include the searching time of the rubber rope by the black figures, but ordinary people can’t recognize the time when the black figures were moving. In other words, from an outsider’s perspective, the Hero started running at an amazing speed immediately following the start, fell down, went back to the starting position and readied himself again, but before he started running, he suddenly collapsed, marking the end of the fight. That should be around a minute. Amazing, I really didn’t do anything, did I?


“Damn it! And I expected him to hold out for a minute!”

“AAAAAh damn!”

“There’s people betting on the Hero? The idiots!”


I met my mother, who was earning income as a bookmaker, in the eyes. Mother winked impishly, but I won’t be deceived. Where did the pretense go of secretly earning sister’s future wedding funds, dear mother? So you’re simply enjoying yourself, right? And then dragged everyone into it? Father’s also annoying, waving a flag of gratitude for being sold out on the sandwiches, and my sister was walking and distributing a “coming soon” leaflets of little Miary dolls. Really, stop with that!


I look around in hot haste and selected six woman-like black figures and four man-like black figures.




They heard my request, began to run. The female black figures gently suppressed my sister, who was walking around and scattering leaflets, and my mother, who was dancing in joy. And the male black figures violently suppressed my father, who was waving a flag of gratitude for being sold out without even considering the annoyance to his surroundings, and snatched away the flag. My father, mother and sister was surprised from being unable to move their bodies suddenly. My family’s black figures silently watched over my black figures.


I rushed over to my sister, who went “Eh? Why?” as she was gently held down by my female black figures. The black figures took up the leaflets and gave it to another black figure, and then they freed my sister from her restraints. And then, they grabbed my mother in the nape of her neck and took her out of the sky gambling den, then they broke and threw away my father’s flag. I think my black figures are doing their jobs more reliably than those of Takehiko-kun.


“If you’re making too much noise, then you will be scolded by the territory lord you know. It’s already over, so let’s go home”


I told my family with a smiling face. With my smiling face, the curious onlookers around us prepared to go home.


“It’ll be steamed buns. Let’s sell steamed buns next time, Miary-chan”


“Kid Demon lord steamed bun”, huh. I did tell you to put an end to that, didn’t I? Dear father.


“Just a little more! This one time is our chance I tell you! It’ll be very profitable you know!”


I wonder if it’s fine if my mother gets caught already, I thought.


“The leaflets disappeared in the blink of an eye? Miary’s amazing!”


And then, just like always, my sister hugged me and turned round and round, saying “amazing, amazing.”


In the end, in this human-powered world, you will fail even if you yourself move fast. Neither your senses nor your body will catch up with the acceleration either. That’s why I decided to pin down the other party and not let them move instead of moving quickly myself. While the black figures interferes, my father and my sister, who cannot recognize the black figures or the world, could only see the leaflets and flag disappear instantly, and that’s why the black figures and I can move “quick enough to be unrecognizable.”


Let’s observe the example on how to use the black figures and use them correctly. I once again strongly thought so. Also, my sister wasn’t in the wrong, my father was in the wrong for sponsoring the leaflets.

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    1. There is a third story. It has nothing to do with the princess though, but elves instead. That’s the last story related to this world.

  1. This really is a fun series of vignettes.
    How this world works is hilarious.
    It truly is a pity she’s the only one capable of seeing it.
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