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Vol 9 Chapter 8

Yuuji, greeting the adventurers who have come to inform him of the start of the subjugation campaign




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Yuuji tidied up the battlefield and replaced the traps during the day, and in the evening he consulted the bulletin board about the defense plans for the future.

It was the evening of the day they finally finished tidying up the first defensive battle of the pioneer land.

The figures of three men visited the pioneer land by following the animal trail.


“Ooh, so this is Sir Yuuji’s pioneer land! It’s been one year and yet it has become quite splendid. Why, I see, I see”

“Huh, Mr Guildmaster Salomon? What’s wrong?”


His hair was a so called crew cut, blonde mixed with white. He had a sharp glint in his eyes. And, perhaps forcibly stitched, a large scar remained from the left side of his mouth to his cheek. The man warped his cheeks and scar and greeted Yuuji. He was Salomon, Premie city adventurers guildmaster. It appears that, despite appearing like this, he intended to smile. It was a villainous look.


Who came to the pioneer land were two adventurers and the guildmaster himself.


“Lately my body has become dull, you see. I’ve decided to participate in the monster village subjugation too, you know. I then thought about seeing the situation of the ‘Dark Green Wind’ and your pioneer land while taking the opportunity to be the guide to the village and messenger, Sir Yuuji. Because if there are blunders made by them, then I may no longer be able to have you accept retiring adventurers. More importantly Sir Yuuji, there are large amounts of footprints left on the animal trail, but could they be monsters? Is everyone alright?”

“Eh, aah, we repelled them safely! Ah, guildmaster, are we heading off right away? In that case I will call out to everyone though… Ah, but it’s better to call them either way I guess”

“Ooh, is that so, safely eh. Goodness… If none of you have any problems about it, sir Yuuji, the let us depart tomorrow. Evening marches are accompanied by pointless dangers after all”


The arrival of the guide/messenger.

That held the meaning of departing towards the monster village subjugation, the first commission Yuuji and Alice accepted as adventurers.

Continuing the large scale base defense battle, Yuuji will this time be participating a large-scale battle on the side attacking the base.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


“Oh, it’s you master. What’s wrong? Don’t tell me you’re actually coming to the village subjugation uninvited are you?”


Pioneer village, in front of the residential complex.

Yuuji called into session, and who were there were the pioneer citizens, the three men who visited from Premie city and Kevin’s group. They appear to be planning to have a discussion and dinner simultaneously.


The former adventurer party leader found the guildmaster and immediately called out to him. The adventurer party, who were living as pioneer citizens now, were third rank adventurers who originally numbered only twenty in the city of Premie. He appears to be acquaintances with the guildmaster.


“Yeah, I hafta show them I’ve had active duty ya know. That and I’ve come to see if you haven’t cause any trouble to lord Yuuji and lord Kevin”


The guildmaster told him proudly. No, he was distinguished however.

But he seemed to look fresh to Yuuji, who could only see the part where he was cornered down by Kevin and was exposed to near death by Alice’s magic. Ah, this guy is distinguished despite all that, he murmured in a tiny voice.


“No, not at all, everyone has been doing well for us. They’ve been doing farmwork, construction and pioneering without making any reluctant expression and just a few days ago our pioneer land was attacked you see. They have properly played an active role in that”


Hearing Kevin’s words, the guildmaster said “Ooh, that so, that so,” and wore a smile of joy in spite of himself. 

Kotarou, who was at Yuuji’s feet, turned towards the guildmaster and barked. She seemed to want to say hey, your face is scary you know. Don’t make the kids cry, you.

But, Alice was full of smiles. She was a stronghearted little girl.

However, the dogkin Mark was trembling and shivering, and his tail between his legs. This was a normal reaction. In any case, even Yuuji drew back a little from the guildmaster’s villainous smile.


Now the guildmaster and Kevin began their discussion regarding the acceptance of the next pioneer citizens. They had plans to increase in people again once it would turn spring and they ensured the safety after completing the monster village subjugation. Seamstresses, or skilled subordinates. Experienced people who can do farmwork, or someone with a tenacious body. Additional personnel in opening the animal trail linking the pioneer land to the city.

It was still a talk for the future, but they were trying to start an increasingly full-blown development.

Dinner finished while such talk of a distant future advanced.

Simply because it was an opportunity that everyone gathered, Yuuji began to talk.


“The guide is here, so Kotarou, Alice and I will be heading to the monster village subjugation as adventurers starting tomorrow. In the meantime, please defend these pioneer lands with everyone, okay? Well, we did repel that many monsters. I don’t think there are any problems, but…”


Incidentally, while Yuuji said so, Kotarou was not an adventurer. When they went to the city adventurers guild, Yuuji tried asking the guildmaster just in case, but he could not register her as adventurer. Since she was a dog.


“Aah, Mr Yuuji, about that. This guy and I are going too. Scouts won’t trouble us no matter how many of them we have and he ain’t really useful if he’s on the defense side either.”


The leader of the former adventurer party ‘Dark Green Wind’ moved his thumb towards the scout and informed Yuuji. He nonchalantly put himself into the participating members.


“… eh? The defense… would be fine then?”

“Yeah. We have a fence and watchtowers and if they do come attack, this guy will take on the role of the shield without fail this time and we can again turn them all into pincushions with our bows. The one before was too lukewarm, so this guy hadn’t used his shield even once despite being the tank. We can handle it, okay?”


The party leader told Yuuji with a smirk. Beside him, the large built male tank role nodded. The male tank certainly did nothing but simple work of finishing off the rolling goblins in the defensive battle before.

“Wan wan” Kotarou barked. It will be somewhat fine, that is not a flag, she seemed to be wanting to say. This party leader, uttering full of things that could raise a flag since a while ago.


“Will it be fine… What do you think, Mr Kevin?”


Yuuji brought up the subject to Kevin. Yuuji was the pioneer leader turned village chief and defense captain, but he had yet to grow familiar in understanding the enemy threat level or the adequate military strength for it. The warriors of this world were a literal match for a thousand. It’s natural for the modern day living Yuuji to have difficulties understanding that.


“There shouldn’t be any problems there. Aah, you two former adventurers should want to move freely, so I will put one of my exclusive escorts as escort for you Mr Yuuji and Alice-chan.”


Far from rejecting the party leader’s proposal, Kevin came forward with an offer of even more fighting power.


“Is that so… How should I put it, is participating on the spur of the moment like this fine?”


This time Yuuji asked a question to the guildmaster. Certainly, neither the two former adventurers nor Kevin’s exclusive escort could accept the commission at the adventurer’s guild. Nevertheless, Yuuji has become someone who was quick to notice things. It was a reasonable level for a 33 years old however.


“Hum… Well, there’s also the local residents helping in the village defenses or monster repelling after all. I cannot take out rewards for the commission, but I will at least reward you in proportion to the subjugated monsters.”

“Yo, so generous Master!”


It was the decision of the top of Premie city adventurers guild. He seems to have decided to take out a portion of the rewards, seeing that there was no problem. Without a moment’s delay, the party leader teased him.

But, Kevin reacted to the contents and held back his thoughts. This is wrong, I’m just well built, no, but I guess it would be better to be slim until spring, he muttered and such. 

He seems to be thinking about dieting before doing the marriage proposal. A little obesity was a sign of wealth. There is no problem. I am just well built. The word “overweight” did not exist in the other world. How envious. 


Hearing the Guildmaster’s talk on subjugation rewards, the male tank of the former adventurer stared at the scout with a smirk and envious eyes. You’re going to use it at the red light district either way. Turn the subjugation into funds for my wedding, is what he was telling him with his eyes. But, the male scout ignored him. Once I finish this commission, I’m going to confess to that girl, he muttered such. By the way, that girl in his heart was an employee of a store in the red light district. He was a good sucker.


On the other hand, the archer of the former adventurer party called out to the leader, her husband. “Don’t be careless just because it will be an easy victory, okay? Come back safely,” she said. The party leader responded with “Yeah, it’ll be alright. Please wait for my return. When I get back, let’s think about children too, okay?” 

Alice was staring at those two with glittering eyes. Alice was then 9 years old. She seems to be at an age where she would yearn for love stories.

Kotarou was looking around restlessly and busily. What are these people doing, aren’t they all raising flags? Do they want to die? Is what she seemed to want to say. But Kotarou could not expect to retort. Since she couldn’t talk.


Ensuring human retorts within not only the seamstresses and pioneers, but the pioneer land seems to be an urgent business.


At any rate.

Yuuji, Alice and Kotarou.

The two of the former adventurer party, the leader and the tank.

One of Kevin’s exclusive escorts, for protecting Yuuji and Alice.

A total of five people and one dog from the pioneer land have decided to head to the goblin and orc village subjugation, starting tomorrow.

With the former adventurer party, raising large amounts of flags.

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