STOS Chapter 96

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Chapter 96





“――Are you ready, you three?”


Glain turned his head and asked, when they were about to leave the demon king’s castle.

Behind him stood Tia, Elka and Yuuhi, each giving their answer.


“I’m ready”

“I’m… fine…”

“Let’s go quickly. I don’t want to let our prey escape”


Tia was her usual self.

Elka still wasn’t in her normal condition, but she was able to reply.

Yuuhi already had the eyes of a murderer.


(Ye~s… I have a lot on my shoulders) 


Glain showed a forced smile and scratched his head.

The current Yuuhi would likely do a suicide attack the instant she discovers her enemy.

Of course, Glain himself should be able to stop her, but he could not bear being treated as an enemy.


“But we have no choice but to go, so…”

“I won’t hesitate”

“I know. Let’s go then, to god’s place that is”


The four began walking.

Towards the center of the solitary island, where Creasyl was said to be at.



“Good good, they’re gone”

“ … Is this fine? Really?”


Seeing the four departing some time ago, Touma laughed with an evil face.

Kouma, who was conscious of the fact that they had escaped, still appeared to be unable to make a bold move.


“If we don’t go now, when will we? For what sake did you train?”

“ …I guess so”


Kouma sighed, nodded and went forward with his determination renewed.

Having seen his appearance in satisfaction, Touma too went forward.


“Alright then, Mr Handsome. Let’s quickly go kill a god”

“Please properly call me by my name”


The two departed the castle as well.

The two no longer cared about the fact that the demon king castle was in an uproar from the fact two prisoners had escaped.



“Sis, we should leave soon”

“I’m going now desu”


At a certain deep ravine, Shironeko jumped down from a gigantic object as she was called by Mineko.

The wounds on her increased by countless numbers, which reminded her of the intensity of the training they had been doing here for a short while.


“Geez, miss Roa is waiting you know?”

“I know desu”


The two lined up and headed to where Roa was waiting at.

In the place they were in, SSS class monsters with overall length exceeding 30 meters were rolling around.


“You’re late, bitch. Did you fuckin’ sleep again?”

“That’s not it desu. It’s last minute adjustment desu”

“Well, that’s fine though”


The waiting Roa called out to Shironeko in a rude tone.

She seems to have made sure not to endure the disorder on her tone.


“Daddy still can’t get out of the country, so only we’ll be going okay? That’s enough right?”

“Of course”

“I mean, I wasn’t training to show off!”


Roa then faced down and took a deep breath.


“――Alright, shall we go then! To knock down god!”


The departures of each.

All aimed for the solitary island in the center, for the sake of killing a god.


The time has come for mankind to challenge a god.

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