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Chapter 31

The demon lord becomes skilled in farmwork




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“The Lady Demon Lord still has not returned!?”


The angry voice of a middle-aged man resounded in the demon stronghold that was called the Demon lord Castle.

The man glared at the throne where the demon lord was sitting, and stamped his feet with an angry expression.

His name was Gidara.

He was a man who was made a close aide to the demon lord and had been supporting the rulers for many generations.


“Now now, lord Gidara. The demon lord is also a mature woman, so…”

“She’s not at an age to say selfish things just for that reason, don’t you think!? Not to mention at a time like this!”


Gidara cried in a thundering voice towards the other vassals who had come to calm him down.

It was already a month since the demon lord had abruptly run away.

In the meantime, too many troubling incidents had occurred for Gidara.


“There are unusual movements on the human side and yet… what will we do without our commander? Foolish woman…”


Gidara muttered in soliloquy while stroking his splendidly grown beard.


“Movements on the human side…?”

“Yes. The battle may not end, so long neither the demons nor humans have perished”


Looking up at the ceiling, Gidara took the vassals with him and left behind the throne room.


“We cannot possibly let the humans learn of the demon lord’s absence. At any cost”

“Yes we know, but… how should we deal with the Hero?”

“He should be exhausted by the battle with our lady, the demon lord. I wish nothing more than for him to not attack us at this moment”


He closed the door to the throne room.

The footsteps of Gidara and the vassals resounded in the corridor that was damaged in several places by the attacks of the Hero and his group.


(She could have at least carried the heart… after taking extraneous care in order to preserve the demon lord castle)


Gidara struck the corridor walls and sighed deeply.

The demon lord castle was not just a building, its structure and outward appearance would change in accordance to the demon lord of each generation.

What made that possible was the ultimate magic stone called the heart of the demon lord.

The heart would become the core of the demon lord castle and perform self-repair on its interior and castle walls.

The core should be able to preserve the demon lord castle wherever it would be, so long it is not be broken, but――


(Worst case… she intend to hand over the heart to another person. Foolish girl)


Handing over the heart.

That, in other words, meant entrusting it to the next generation demon lord.


“I will not let you… I WILL NOT LET YOOUUUU――*COUGH COUGH*”

“Lo- Lord Gidara! Please settle down!”


The vassals rushed over to Gidara who choked after trying to shout.

It was few minutes later that Gidara regained his composure.


“ …It’s enough”


“At this rate we cannot overcome our troubles! Dispatch the demon lord elite guards and find our lady Demon lord! I do not mind if at worst this happens by force. Even the elite guards should be capable of defeating the current demon lord as she is…”

“Are you, are you fine with that!?”

“The current us need the existence called Demon lord Isvel. The humans seems to be moving busily as well, so if we are going to act, then we can only do so now. Find her, no matter what it takes!”

“Ye- yes sir!”


Receiving Gidara’s command, the vassals ran through the corridor.

The remaining Gidara clenched his fist with an indignant air, and waved his feather woven mantle.


“Isvel… You are already burdened with the lives of the demons… I can no longer permit any of your willfulness”



“What’s wrong? Even demon lords catch colds?”

“That’s not what it is! I’ve never been exposed to any illness ever since I was born you know!”

“ …”


It wasn’t that she is an idiot so she never realized, was it?


“That aside Adel, I can plow here right?”

“Yeah. From now on, this will be your field”

“That is true isn’t it!? Alright!”


Isvel swung the hoe and struck the soil.

That instant, the soil flew high together with an explosion, and a cloud of dust enshrouded the vicinity.

When the cloud of dust cleared away, I came to see Isvel petrified at the center of a large crater.


“ …Shouldn’t you have remembered to adjust your strength?”

“It has been too long, that’s all. I can properly do it next”


Isvel, who became expressionless, restored the soil with her own power from then on, and slowly began to swing the hoe downward.

Let me be honest, she was too careful and inefficient.

I sigh and then approach Isvel.


“Isvel, I’ll help you out”

“O- okay… Sorry”


I hold aloft Echsdarc which I was holding in my hand and swing her down at a place different from Isvel.


‘Wait milord!’

“? What is it?”

‘What are you going to use me for!?’

“What you ask… From now on I’ll be using you to plow the fields”



Without waiting for Echsdarc’s response, I swung down to the soil.

A small slash flew after I added some magic power into it.

That scooped out the ground and made the soil moderately soft.

She looks efficient, just like I expected.


‘ … I have existed in this world for several centuries, but this will be my first experience in being used as a farm tool’

“Well, nobody would have ever used a legendary sword this way after all”

“Of course nobody would! Being used in such way is too humiliating and…too humiliating and…!”

“Too humiliating and?”

‘Very exciting’



I swing Echsdarc in silence.

By progressively swinging down, I was able to plow a large field in the blink of an eye.

Ignoring Echsdarc letting out a strange voice in every swing, I turn around towards Isvel.


“ … Huf! … Huf!”


Isvel silently plowed the field using the hoe.

While it was quite the slow pace, she was certainly able to plow.

Is it strange for me to end up becoming unusually glad from just this much?


“Heey, the two of you!”

“Hm, it’s you Addler”


When I suddenly realized it, Addler, the head of this village, had approached us.

Addler, while stroking his back which is rumored to have become worse, pointed towards behind him.


“Isvel’s house is complete. I leave the check to you all. My back is already tired, so I will be going to bed”

“Mhm! We will check it out!”

“Yes yes. If you find anything inadequate, tell me alright?”


Leaving those words behind, Addler went back to his house.

I see him off, wipe away the dust on Echsdarc and and put her away.


“Shall we go check it then?”

“Mhm! It’s the new demon lord castle isn’t it!”

“That’s not quite right”


Ending the farmwork, we decided to head to Isvel’s new home.

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