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Chapter 53.5

The resurrected demon


[At last we’ve gathered this much MP…]

[Yeah, but didn’t we get it quicker than we’ve been expecting though?]


I replied to Sakura’s muttering.


[I guess… We did have many fights in the dungeon, so we’ve been given the chance to obtain a lot of MP as a result after all…]

[That’s also true.]


What are we doing, collecting MP?

That is, of course, to revive the dead.


We defeated a lot of monsters in the dungeon and the total MP we took away from them finally came to be enough to upgrade the Ankh spell.

The upgrade points for “Ankh” according to Sakura are the following three.


– Can resurrect Heroes and holders of special powers (Only skills are lost. Special powers probably remain.)

– Can repair at the time of resurrection, even when heavily disfigured. (Can resurrect even when bisected. It is desirable to have the head remain intact. When one side is resurrected, the other part will become impossible to resurrected. Which is natural.)

– Can resurrect people other than Heroes and holders of special powers without losing any skill. (Memories not guaranteed.)


Honestly said, it is quite the major upgrade.

At last, Sakura and I can be resurrected.


[Then, Sakura, can I leave it to you?]

[Of course…]


Said Sakura, and she started using her magic creation just like usual.


…Too long.

More than an hour has passed already. It is the first time that just her magic creation was taking this long.

Finally, Sakura’s spell was finally completed this time when the prepared MP decreased until there’s hardly anything left.


[<Magic Creation> “Ankh”!]


Sakura collapsed just like that. She completely fainted.

Spells that can change the logic of this world would seem to place a large burden on her, even though she’s strengthened.


While later, Sakura woke up.


[Hn… Jin-kun, good morning…]

[Yeah, good morning.]


Maybe still half asleep, she stood up while she was still dizzy

She stayed dazed for about 5 minutes.




Sakura seems to have finally rebooted.


[I’m sorry… It looks like it was quite a big burden for me…]

[I don’t mind it, you know. I can see that.]


She consumed a level of MP that no ordinary people would handle. It’s clear that there will be quite the burden mentally.


[So, did the upgrade go well? We can talk about this later if it seems difficult to talk though?]

[I’m already fine now… And yes, it went well… All the functions we were expecting have been included…]

[That’s great. Can I get you to create several copies for me, you and for emergency use? It doesn’t have to be right away.]


Sakura’s spells are easy to create once she creates one of them. But I still don’t want to place such burden on Sakura, who just got up after fainting.


By the way, I plan to give “Ankh” to our mansion’s head maid Lusia too. It’s because we need to give “Ankh” to other people in order to revive me and Sakura if, by one in thousand, one in million chances, both of us die.

Maria is fine too, but the person in question said that it’s impossible for a situation to happen where I’m dead and she’s alive, so I decided to give it to Lusia who is in a place somewhat separated from us.


[Well then, let’s resurrect Romaria just like we planned.]

Isn’t that dangerous?]



We’ve taken all the status and skills away from Romaria through <Give & Take>. Even if by any chance she tries to attack us, we will turn the tables on her on the spot. (Her HP is 1 too.)


And as for the problematic Curse, we won’t have a problem at all with it either.

That’s because the curse that Romarie had had disappeared at the same time as her death. Garbage appeared at the time with the gift, but curse disappears when its owner dies. This is also the same for Tyrannosaurus.

Therefore, the current Romarie is totally 0 threat. Even baby could kill her.


[Now you say that, it does feel like there are no places as safe as near you Jin-kun…]

[Even so, there’s chances that we could die, which is why we strengthened “Ankh” though…]



Sakura is pondering a little and then spoke again.


[I’m sorry… Can you wait a little more with resurrecting Romarie?]

[Is there something wrong?]

[Yes… It’s better to be sure, so I want to us to do it after I’ve made “Ankh” for several people and 3 people at the minimum… It’ll become hopeless if we make a blunder just this moment, so…]

[I see…]


She’s right, we only have 1 “Ankh (Complete Version)” at the moment. We will no longer be able to revive if Sakura and I die in this situation. The danger is nearly 0, but she must’ve wanted to make even more sure.


[Maria-chan will cry if we don’t call her…]



Maria would cry if she isn’t nearby in a situation where I have a one in thousand chance of getting injured.


[Alright. Then, let’s pass this “Ankh (Complete)” to Lusia, just in case.]



I think we’re being a little too careful, but if she can feel relief with that, then I’ll take that option without hesitation.



The next day, I moved on to prepare for Romarie’s resurrection along with Sakura, who created the remaining 2 copies of “Ankh (Complete Version)” early in the morning.

We haven’t taken out Romarie’s corpse yet. That’s because her memory will start to deteriorate once I take her out of <Inventory>.


[Then, let’s start.]




Today we properly called in Maria.

When we explained where we were at yesterday and asked “Will you come?”, she answered with “I will go!” around the time I said “Will”.


I began chanting “Ankh (Complete Version)” which Sakura has given to me. It’s because Chanting is necessary for Sakura’s original spells, which aren’t covered by the <No Chanting> skill.

I’m digressing, but we prepared a stock of “Warp” and “Portal” inside <Inventory>. And increasing this stock has become the maid’s work. When I asked, they said “We can’t let Jin-sama’s time be spent for such trifles.”.


We went off-topic, but, well, it can’t be helped. I mean, nearly an hour has passed already since I started chanting.

The normal “Ankh” took 30 minutes to cast, so I guess it’s normal for the chanting time to have become longer though…

Sakura seems to have gotten tired as expected, she’s reading a paperback like book on the side.

Maria continued to look at me without making even a single move.


Finally, I finished the chant and prepared to cast “Ankh (Complete Ver)”.

Having noticed that, Maria took Romarie’s corpse (with hole in stomach) out of <Inventory>.




There’s no need to pronounce “(Complete)”.


Romarie’s corpse (with hole in stomach) was wrapped up in light. As the light settled down, the appearance of Romarie with no hole open in her stomach was there, opening her eyes.

Of course, memory and knowledge is still there, but we resurrected her without her consciousness. Although there’s no problem even if she would attack us, I don’t have a hobby to be attacked for no reason.


[Well, let’s start with the customary question. What is your name?]



Romarie responded while tilting her head.




The 3 of us unintentionally let out a strange voice.


[Err, you don’t know your own name?]



It doesn’t feel like she could speak a language.

What is this about? We stored Romarie’s corpse in <Inventory> immediately after killing her, so the damage on her memories can’t be that extreme you know?


A: Master. Please use slave art and <Engage Link> on her.




I cast <Slave Art> like Alta told me. It succeeded without any resistance at all, probably due to level difference. I then use <Engage Link> to make her my subordinate.


A: It seems she has lost her memory and knowledge along with her curse. Also, unlike with Yurika, she lost general knowledge and even language.


[Could something like that even happen?]


Sakura asked since Alta’s voice reached her and Maria too.


A : Right now, I have checked Romarie’s mental condition so there is no mistake. Anything that resembles “Knowledge” and “Memory” doesn’t exist inside her.


Alta could grasp the condition of those subjected to <Engage Link> to a certain extent.

That Alta has said that, so it shouldn’t be a mistake.


[If I were to say it, could it means that she’s in a baby-like state…?]

[You are right. She has no memory or knowledge. No, seeing that they were taken, she’s not much different as a baby in what she could do I guess.]


Yeah, they were taken. Perhaps, by the demon king.


Zelvain, who we took on yesterday, also said that he could  “take away memories after killing”. One of his magic sword also has that sort of effect, so there is no mistaking it.

If I use “Ankh”, I could do something similar.


And it seems like the demon king didn’t plan on allowing that.

You lose your memories and curse immediately when you die. As if he had no intention of handing over their memories, curse, or anything to the other person…


[This is a failure…]


Our plan to resurrect Romarie and get information about demon king from her was a complete failure.

It can’t be helped, since we killed her and the plan wasn’t viable in the first place.


I’m holding onto Zelvain’s corpse too, just in case, but he’ll be useless too like this.

That’s because it’s not at the level where I can do repairs and such, it’s completely removed… For example, something like taking out an HDD from the recording machine of an external HDD. There is nothing we can do about this.


[Then, we capture the demons alive from now on, isn’t it. I will torture them afterwards.]


What Maria said is disturbing, but we have no other way except for that if I’m really trying to gather information about the demon king.


[No, they might have something they want to hide that much. If they’re not allowed to reveal it, then that is fine.]



Yeah. To tell the truth, I have no reason to be that fixated on the demon king.

I immediately eliminated the demons loitering around in front of me because it was depressing, but I have not much of a grudge against the demon king himself. In the first place, he hadn’t accomplished anything to resent him for.


I just thought about checking it because we had just the right demon corpse by chance, there’s not even a single reason attached to that.


Although, it looks like I anticipated it a little so it doesn’t feel good…


[Then, what should we do with her?]




Maria and I were at a loss for words towards Sakura’s question.

Though she’s a demon, I have a problem with taking away a resurrected person’s life again. That and a person who lost her memories and turned baby-like at that…



[Yes, master. Did you call for me?]


Lusia appeared in less than 5 seconds after called her.


[This girl’s a demon, got no memories. Raise her.]

[Yes, I understand.]


Without asking anything, Lusia took Romarie with her.

Yep, having an excellent subordinate, quite the fortunate person aren’t I?

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