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Chapter 28

Two minutes of Beast God




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“There! Caught you!”



Leona caught the head of Green and threw her onto the ground.

Dust fluttered about as Green groaned in pain.



“Look, if you give up, I’ll at least spare your life though?”

“… just kidding!”


Countless wind blades rushed on from the sky towards Leona.

Having noticed it quickly, Leona got off of Green and quickly took distance.

She made full use of her animal characteristic sharp senses to pass through between the wind blades.


“Wow wow, I’m beat! To think that you would dodge this too!”

“You’re pretty shrewd too aren’t you! Won’t you just let me catch you quietly?”

“Hm hm, even if you tell me that, I can’t let myself be caught so easily don’t you think?”

“That’s what I thought!”


Leona kicked the ground.

Her weapon was her astounding speed, making full use of her body movement and leg power.

Furthermore this was inside the forest.

The obstacles called trees were Leona’s allies.

She kicked the earth and kicked the trees.

She flew about inside the forest freely and attacked Green from her blind spots.


“Geez geez!  I’ve seen that attack before! Wind Cutter!”


While rotating her body, Green swung her arms.

Matching the movements of her arms, the wind edges created with black magic were fired to her surroundings.

The wind edges calmly cut down the trees.




Hindered by the trees, Leona stopped her feet.

By putting her senses towards dodging the collapsing trees, she somehow successfully dodged them.

But she Green slip away under her senses at the same time.


“Hey hey! It’s not good to look away you know!”


“Wind Blast!”


Green, suddenly appearing at point blank range, released a shockwave of wind towards Leona.

Due to her being too close in distance, it was impossible even for Leona to avoid it.

She was blown away while receiving cuts all over her body, and struck a tree right behind her.

Spitting out all of the air in her lungs, Leona’s thoughts stopped for a moment.


“Look look! You can’t avoid it if you’re flying you know!”



In pursuit, Green released a blade of wind with power to cut her body with certainty.

The blade that rode the violently blowing wind made impact on Leona.


“ … Oh, oh. You barely avoided a fatal wound. Amazing!”

“Haa… haa…”


Just when Leona was on the verge of getting hit, she avoided a direct hit by rolling on the ground.

However, her shoulders and calves were cut up, and hemorrhage occurred that could make pool of blood.

Especially the damage on her feet were grave.

Now it would be difficult for her to even walk properly.


“But but, it’s already over I guess?”

“That’s right… At this rate it’ll be the end of me”


Leona stood up while supporting herself on a tree.

She was supposed to be in a predicament and yet Leona’s eyes hadn’t died yet.

She controlled her breathing several times and then strongly clenched her fists.


“But you know, even I haven’t shown you all of my strength yet you know!”


When she wiped away the blood trickling from near her mouth, she strongly struck her chest.


“Beast Beat” (獣神の鼓動; beast god’s pulsation)


Leona’s pulses became stronger.

It wasn’t that it became quicker.

However, beat by beat it became stronger and bigger.

Eventually even Green, who was at a distance from her, heard those sounds.


“I may be called an A rank adventurer, but I’m still a novice I guess. I can only hold this state for two minutes. That’s why――”


Leona’s figure disappeared.

The dropped leaves whirled up, and made sounds.


“I’m gonna have you let me end it right away”



By the time Green noticed Leona, she was standing next to her.

Before Green could try to distance herself immediately, Leona pushed out her fist.

It was no doubt a fist of swiftness.

Green had no possibility to dodge it, and so Leona’s fist struck her stomach.

It made a thick sound as Green was blown far away.


“Gah… Geeh…”


Being thrown onto a tree like Leona before, Green went on her knees and spat out blood.

Unable to even move, she ended up crouching in that place.


“There, I can’t go easy on you anymore!”



Leona, who was beside Green before she was aware of it, kicked the crouching girl flying.

Bouncing on the ground while raising groans, Green once again ran her back into a tree.


“Beast Beat is a demi-human secret you see. By strengthening our pulses, it will send out more blood filled with magic power and strengthen our bodies explosively”

“Re- really really… it’s my first time hearing that”


Green not knowing it would not be unreasonable, since demihumans capable of using Beast Beat were limited.

In addition, in exchange for acquiring explosive strength with this secret, the burden in one’s body is not small.

Finishing the battle without using it whenever possible would be the optimal solution.

Even Leona, a powerful person, could invoke it for at most two minutes and invoking it for longer than that would affect her life.


(One and half minute remaining… I’ll settle it before then!)


While beating her fists, Leona approached Green.

After Green managed to stand up while leaning on a tree, Green pushed out her hand even while unsteady on her feet.


“But but, the point should be that it’ll be fine once I hold out for another minute, right?”

“I won’t let you!”


In order to not let her hold it out, Leona kicked the ground in order to interfere her at once.

However, all of a sudden she was greatly repelled.


“What is this!?”


Leona immediately recovered her posture and landed after being blown away, but a bizarre scene was reflected in her eyes.


“Holding out is my field of expertise you know! How about you try and break through this black magic of mine if you can!”


Numerous tornadoes appeared before Leona’s eyes.

The high-speed rotation of the wind did not permit contact of anyone and it had enough density to repel the things it touched.

Several of those appeared in this place.  


“Doing something troublesome again aren’t you”

“Now now, it’s strategy you know? With this you can’t use your prided speed!”


One minute remaining.

If she were to exceed the time like this, then Leona would be defeated by running out of time.

The magic power and physical strength that Beast Beat consumed was unlike other black magic.




Leona slowly breathed in.

The tornadoes did not come attacking her from their side.

She controlled her breathing and stopped exactly after taking in a large breath.


“Beast Fist――――”


Together with a step forward, Leona thrusted out her fist.

The tornadoes concentrated directly onto line of the fist and tried to disperse its power.

However, the Beast Fist was a technique that strikes the air and break forth a shockwave.

The tornadoes were blown off, and the wind ceased.

Green opened her eyes from having her black magic defeated.

If there was gap even for an instant, then it would be enough for Leona.


“It’s the end”

“Wa- wait――”


Leona, who approached at high speed, sunk her fist very deeply into Green’s body.

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