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Chapter 40 Mind recovery & Report

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> Give & Take has become LV5.

> New ability is unlocked.

<Give & Take LV5>

Range of ability becomes 30m and taking speed 10 times faster than LV4. It is possible to simultaneously take abilities from multiple opponents in range. It is possible to increase the range to 100m and multiply the speed by 100 once a day.



> Avatar has become LV2.

> New ability is unlocked.

<Avatar LV2>

Preservation and protection of mind/memory has become possible. Restoration is possible depending on the conditions.


It looks like two of my special powers leveled up. On that note, <Avatar> also leveled up.


<Give & Take>’s part looks like a simple upgrade. Or more like, it has been upgraded by a lot. It got three upgrades; range and speed improvement, simultaneous stealing of multiple opponents within range and finally a once a day boost of taking abilities. I was able to boost the range and speed once a day before too, but now I’m able to take abilities at that range without that boost. In exchange, this once a day ability is improved even more and…… with 100m, I’ve become someone who could take away powers from afar like an idiot. If there is one problem with this, then it’s that it’s wasteful if I use it to take abilities before killing them, so I wonder if it’s practically useless for me.


As for <Avatar>, it’s obvious that you want to do something in this situation.


A: Yes, she has been made a monster follower, so by making use of <Engage Link>, I can restore her mind to normal.


I invoke <Engage Link> on Mira. She is my monster follower and has no rights to veto, so she is immediately registered as a subordinate.

For now, I will leave her in your care.


A: Please leave it to me.


I’ve decided to leave her treatment to Alta. Perhaps, this is an ability only Alta can use. Maybe the addition due to <Avatar>’s level up was an upgrade to the stand-alone Alta. Well, it’s essentially my upgrade, so I don’t really mind about that though…….


I have some time, so I should explain the current situation to the other members.


[<Avatar> leveled up, so it looks like Alta is now able to return her mind back to normal.]


[This has always been on my mind, but isn’t Jin’s special power too convenient?]


[I guess so. Because any problems we’ve gotten has been solved right away with my special power. We’ve almost got no troubles in this world. Our worst one was the time the portable food was bad.]


[That was a painful experience, wasn’t it?]




I’m really glad a cooking special power didn’t appear. ……Taking the fact that we can’t make cooking magic with Sakura’s special power into consideration, there’s even the possibility I wouldn’t be able to prepare anything great even with my special power……


[I have actually eaten portable food, but it has a better taste than the food from the slave dealer you know?]


[I agree. The establishment I was in was different, but the nastiness of the food from the slave dealer I was with went beyond preserved food.]


<<Even the thieves’ hideout had nothing but bad feed~>>


What the heck, so everyone experienced food worse than that already……


[Well the thing is, it may taste bad for ordinary people, but if you allow myself who had tasted the real low class food tell you, there is a bottom below that.]


[I prefer just being able to eat.]


It has quite the persuasive power when the once near dead slave group says it.


[Nevertheless Jin-sama, you were so troubled with it that you had bought slaves for cooking purposes after all. It’s thanks to that that you have decided to buy Mio-chan and you were willing to buy me who had caught your attention while you were at it. ……It should be better to be grateful to the portable rations being unappetizing, don’t you think?]


[It is quite strange for someone to feel grateful for it…… Even if portable food had been delicious, I still wanted someone who can cook for us, so I think it’s the same either way.]


[If that is so, then the only ones I have to be grateful of are Jin-sama and Sakura-sama just like before.]



It was supposed to be an explanation on the current situation, but it turned into an idle talk before I realized it.


It seems it will take some time for Alta to restore her personality. It should be holding quite the processing power though…… while I’m thinking that, Maria raises her voice.


[Mira-san, her appearance is strange.]


I look towards Mira after being told by Maria and I see her body convulsing. She’s opening her eyes wide, and drool is coming out too. Honestly it ruined the mood precisely because of her beauty. Mind recovery is scary isn’t it.


She continued to be painful to watch for a while, but her movement gradually becomes weaker and then she finally stops moving.


A: It is done.


But, isn’t she still unconscious?


A: Let me wake her up.




Mira slowly gets up. Her breasts are shaking at that moment. I tried my best not to mind them during combat, but as expected, so huge……


[Oh my~, good morning~. You are Jin-san, aren’t you~?]


She called out to me with honeyed speech. Her breasts are pushed up as she crosses her arms, every single one of her movements is erotic.


[How did you know my name?]


[I knew it from Alta-sama~, it has given me the information~. Allow me to call you “Master” like Alta-sama, okay~.]


Alta with “sama” at the end. Rather, what the hell did you do, Alta?


A: Mio is not here, so although it is presumptious of me, I have allowed myself to explain our circumstances. To be exact, I have directly sent in the information to her.


What do you mean, directly send in information. ……Oh well. So then Mira understands our current situation, doesn’t she?


A: Yes, she has accepted everything, the fact the villagers had been wiped out, that her current self has turned into a vampire, that her mind broke down and that she has been tamed.


[Mira, you said you’ve heard the story from Alta, but why are you so calm?]


Mira’s face isn’t showing any disatisfaction or uneasiness. Alta did arrange her to her current state, but this is quite grand. It isn’t natural to keep one’s presence of mind in this situation.


[I’ve requested Alta-sama~ and had it directly remove all my emotional burdens~.]


Eh? Alta, you can do that? To be able to manipulate a person’s personality or emotions, you’re quite the dangerous power aren’t you……


A: It is normally not possible. This time was restoration, meaning I could tamper with her personality directly so I could afford to conduct the mentioned trick-like thing. The likelihood of being unable to cure amnesia is high. The case this time is that her mind broke down; it only ended up in pieces in other words, so I just had to rearrange them. During that process, I removed the anxiety and such, that originated from her memories.


So other harmful effects and stuff won’t appear?


A: I have been fairly careful in that aspect, so it should be fine.


If Alta says it’s fine then it shouldn’t be a problem. Oh, that’s right. I should ask the thing I got a little curious about.


[Come to think of it, don’t you have a problem with being tamed? Don’t you want to turn back to human?]


There’s pretty much the possibility to turn her back to human with magic after all……


[I don’t plan on turning back to human~. I don’t want to become a crippled person~.]


A: If we could turn her back to human, she will take the same amount of burden as she had done when she became a vampire and that will break her mind either way. In that case I won’t be able to restore it to normal the second time.


Is it impossible even for Alta?


A: It is impossible. Fixing something that is only broken the first time is the limit. There is no second time.


[I may be a monster~, but just the part that I have an ego makes it somewhat better~. I’d like to excuse myself from living like a beast~, even if I would have the body of a human~.]


I feel like she just said something amazing without hesitation……


[I will serve you as a monster follower~, so feel free to use me as you like please~. Look~, want to feel my breasts~?]


Saying that, she pushes out her sizeable breasts.


[Some other time. For the time being, I understand your thinking. I’ll be working you hard as a monster follower, so be relieved.]


[Okay~, I look forward to working with you~.]


[Oh, that’s right. I will give you the sunlight resistance skill I took from Georg.]


[Thank you very much~. That vampire was the worst~, but he became a little useful after he died, didn’t he~?]


I see, a wicked tongue huh. No wonder that her last expression was also toxic. She is masochistic though…….


Saying so, Mira bows politely. It seems that the magic sword – Blood Heart hands over lower quality skills of the vampire whose drop of blood entered it. However, <Daywalker> wasn’t handed over. If I don’t give her this skill, Mira would end up receiving large damage from the sunlight.


After that, we store away the vampire’s corpse. For now, this is about everything I want to do in this place. In that case……


[What’s left is the discussion about what we’ll do from now on. First off all, we have to return to Lilia city and report about what happened to this village.]


[Or perhaps we should ask, how will we report them about Mira-san? Are we going to report that a human has become a monster?]


[Ah, that will be quite a major incident right?]


[Of course. This will overturn our common senses we’ve had so far and invite chaos.]


<<Dora will become a dragon too you know~?>>


[Dora-san, you are different!]


A: We have no other choice but to conceal it. The impact is too great.


[If we’re going to conceal her, then is letting her pretend to be a human good enough? I mean, Dora made it work out with that somehow……]


[That should be enough~. There are no criteria in judgment besides~ the appearance of a regular person after all~]


[Then, it could work out with just hiding your wings if that’s the case……]


[I understand~, mmh……]


Mira erases her batlike wings while letting out a coquettish voice. You could only see her as beautiful woman with gigantic breasts like this. Looks like the white of her eyes also turned back. Even though she could just change her iris at least (Mira’s former eye color was purple). If the white of her eyes becomes red of all colors, then you won’t be seeing it as anything other than hyperaemia. Like when you swim in the pool with your eyes open……


[Then, next. ……Is it a good thing to make this room public?]


[I wonder~……. Why this village turned into a ruin to begin with~ was because an epidemic had spread widely. A confirmation was obtained that it is already fine~, but looking at the circumstances~, people won’t gather at a plot of land with that history you know~……]


[What is the value of this “Safe Dungeon”?]


A: It is absurdly high. It’s a mouth-watering place for people like dungeon item producers and labyrinth researchers.


[According to Alta, this place seems very valuable. It’ll be bad if we don’t choose a partner even if we make it public…… I wonder if assigning it to Elinsia would be right……]


[But, Elinsia-san is still at the village, isn’t she?]


Sakura comes asking.


[No, I’ve confirmed that she left the village before we left the city, so she’s very likely to be in the city. I also need to report this to the guild, so I think taking along Elinsia and heading towards the guild would be just right.]


[Even so, the proprietor of this house has really been hiding such an important thing all this time, didn’t they?]


Says Sera while looking around.


[Considering it is connected from the building, it means that they had known it at the time the city was built, right?]


[That is reasonable if you think about it now~, but the dungeon items are a special product in this village~. They must have made use of this facility I guess~  It has no meaning if it ends up destroyed though~]


Maria and Mira responds.


[More importantly, what I’m curious about is the reason the vampire knew about this place.]


[Coincidence is how I’d like to perceive it, but that is all in all impossible, isn’t it?]


[Yeah, it’s impossible as one would’ve guessed……]


While there are still a few mysteries remaining, we’ve decided to return to Lilia city. Although we’ve collected the magic sword, we can’t carry the villager’s bodies away, so we leave them as they are.


Around the time we left the ghost town, I contact Mio with telepathy.


<<Mio, we’ve left the village, so take the horses with you and come back.>>




A few minutes later, the carriage with Mio on it moved out of the “Portal”. Mio jumps down from the coachman’s seat and prostrates herself as is. Is that the so-called jumping prostration thing……? (Source)


[I’m very sorry for going back selfishly on the way!]


[No, I’m not angry about it in particular, so relax.]


[But, but, I hadn’t gotten any telepathic contact after I left, so I was thinking whether you were seriously angry or not!]


[I just thought I should leave you alone though…… You wet yourself right?]


[Eh, ……yeah.]


Mio is being bashful. Looks like mentioning that is quite embarrassing for her.


[But I’m really glad that I only jumped to conclusions……]


She gets up and says so as if she pulled herself together.


[I don’t plan on forcing anyone to do what they’re bad with. After all, even I’m not thinking one bit about doing cooking myself.]


The right person in the right place, that’s the best right? We can do something like overcoming our weakness when we have the spare time. I mean, it is more comfortable to grow their forte than to overcome their weaknesss and it’s more effective.


[I’m really bad with it. I can’t even sleep in a completely dark room……]


[Huh? But I’ve been turning off the light in the room right now, didn’t I?]


[It’s a different story if there is someone else in the same room. And during my hospitalization in my previous life I was also sharing a room.]


[How about when you were a slave?]


[The fear of imminent death won over that as you could have expected. Besides, I could hardly get any sleep……]


[Well then, how about you start overcoming your weakness now?]


[Eh? You’re not going to force anyone to do what they’re bad with right?]


[I’ll do it gradually within a reasonable scope, get it?]




Mio stiffens with her head still tilted. We will overcome our weaknesses when we have the time for it. Now, we have the time, don’t we?


I carry the still stiffened Mio under my arm and go inside the carriage, then I instruct Maria to depart. With sounds of galloping horses, the carriage slowly heads towards Lilia city.


……I want to take it easy and go back with “Portal”.


Mio, who had come to life inside the carriage while returning to Lilia city picks a fight with Mira.


[This person is the new subordinate, err, monster follower. Wow, the vampire Mira-san. You have a vampire-like name too, don’t you? It’ll be confusing with a name that’s like a mix of my name Mio and Sera……]


Don’t observe her from a strange point of view……



[Let’s see~, ah, you are Mio-san, aren’t you~? I’ve heard about you from Alta-sama~. You got scared before entering the ruins and ran like a kid~ and you’re a 24 year old woman on the inside, right~?




Mio looks at me in tears. I put her on my lap since she is really cute right now.


You too Alta, don’t say anything unnecessary……


A: I’m very sorry.


[Mira, I’m the only one who can toy with Mio. Don’t point that wicked tongue of yours at your allies.]


[Ugh- I’m really sorry!]


I face Mira and release a light killing intent. Mira prostrates herself with an amazing vigor and apologizes.


[What do you mean by that, I wonder……]


Mio mutters on top of my lap. Well, I just toy with her. I absolutely won’t stop doing so. But that’s because I cherish her.


[Mio-san too~, I’m sorry~]


[……Well, it looks like you had Master’s killing intent pointed towards you, so we can call it even with that. That, is quite scary after all……]


[Yes, I’ve gotten a little wet too~. With this I’m the same as Mio-san~]


[……That’s something I don’t like to have in common.]


Since it is already late today, we will sleep outdoors on the way and arrive at Lilia city tomorrow late in the morning.


Since Elinsia seems to be at the headquarter of the knight’s order, I have decided to take everyone along and head towards the knight’s order’s main office. Mira too. She is more or less the only survivor from the village. We’ve managed to coordinate her story.


The office of the knight’s order is a huge white stone building. As a matter of fact, there is a practice field and such as well.


We checked if Elinsia is in at the entrance and requested them to call her for us.


[I cannot let any nobodies meet the commander!]


Is what we were strongly told, so we show the envelop we had received from Elinsia for the dungeon card.


[Please wait for a moment. We are going to call the commander Elinsia now. Ah, shall I lead you to the reception room? Eh, not necessary? Understood. Please wait for a moment, we will call her at once.]


It was a magnificent change of attitude. Even though he was rejecting it sternly in armor, he is bending his back and rubbing his hands together the moment I show him the envelope. Elinsia’s influence is strong.


Few moment later, Elinsia comes to see us in great haste. She is slightly out of breath. By the way, she’s in armor just like when we first met in the village. Oh, the soldier from just then is also here a beat later.


[Sorry to have kept you waiting. Jin-san, what can I do for you today?]


[Err, there is something I would like to report, but can I have some of your time now?]


[Yes, that should be fine.]


Upon saying so, she turns away from us and calls out to the soldier from back then. By the way, I don’t know if he was running with all his might, but he is gasping with all his might and is drenched in sweat.


[You. Please adjust the afternoon inspection so it can go on without me.]


[Ye-Yes ma’am……]


He somehow manages to answer her and then runs off somewhere in order to relay the message. He is staggering though, will he be okay?


[It is alright now. Well, what are the details of your report?]


[Err, is it really fine?]


[Yeah, it is more or less scheduled, but we are organized in order to go on with our schedule without me. An organisation that is too inclined to one person in charge is very fragile after all. I’m creating an organisation that will have no problem with one or two personnels missing.]


Honestly speaking, I’m surprised. Her idea is closer to the businesses in my former world. At any rate, this world tends to rely on individual talents. To be at the stage of being able to form such an organization within that world, I can understand how high Elinsia’s ability is.


[Okay. It’s about the details. It was an incident during our actions as adventurers, so can we go and do the report at the adventurer’s guild at the same time?]


[Understood. Are we leaving right away?]




[Then, let’s go.]


After saying so, we head towards the adventurers guild with Elinsia. Our group increased with Mira who she hadn’t seen before and Cloud’s party is gone, but she didn’t ask about anything. Quite consistent isn’t she……


I can understand from experience that people walking along the road side are observing us. Is it because we have a lot of beautiful woman/girls? Mira’s huge bust? Wrong, it’s all Elinsia. Elinsia’s influence is strong.


We arrive at the adventurer’s guild. As we open the door, the very few adventurers made a startled expression.


Among them, the receptionist-san notices us.


[Ah, the vampire’s…… Wait, the iro……, Elinsia-sama!? Why!?]


[I have something to report to both the adventurer’s guild and the knight’s order. Could you call the one with the highest position here if that is possible?]


[I-I think the guild master could take some of her time. I-I will call her at once.]



Saying that, the Receptionist-san went inside to call someone.


What appears from the inside is a woman in her late twenties, a beautiful woman whose brown hair almost reaches the floor.



[Let’s see, you said you want to report something? Oh, Elinsia, it has been a while.]


[Guild master, it has been a while. I was told to be at the report as well so I am here.]


It seems that Elinsia and the guild master are acquaintances. Well, they are the top of the knight’s order and the aventurer’s guild, though small. It wouldn’t be strange if they know each other.



[I see. I’ve occupied the reception room, so let us discuss it over there.]




After saying that, the guild master leads us to the reception room. Even though we moved to a different country, it doesn’t look like the reception rooms really change, so there aren’t any great differences between the countries.


[So? What is it that you want to report?]


The guild master sits on a chair and asks us.


[Yeah, it’s the report regarding the request we’ve received.]


[Request……, I’ve heard it from the receptionist, but you’ve received a vampire extermination request from her didn’t you? Have you returned? Has everything gone well?]


[Have such a request appeared……? You could’ve passed that to the knight’s order, you know?]


[No, the knight’s order seemed busy after all. We wanted to do it if we are able to deal with it. Well, I also feel the same if I were to use a special case though……]


Considering the state of adventurers in this country, it means it’s very like it will become a request to the knight’s order huh……


[So, it’s fine, we took down the vampire, but the village that probably reported it was wiped out.]


[What did you say!?]


[Is that true!?]


Both of them stand up and raise their voices.


[It is true. Mira here is the only survivor.]


[I’m Mira~. The vampire manipulated the villagers with <Illusion Magic>, made them enter the ruin and then killed them there~ I’m the only one who was saved, but all the other villagers died~……]


[Hmm…… So the damage is as large as the destruction of one village……. Have we underestimated the vampire’s threat too much……?]


[Understood. Let us immediately organize the troops to confirm the damage. Could Mira-san come with us then?]


Well, Mira, the sole survivor ought to go along with them I guess.


<<You can go>>


[Understood~ I’ll be happy to lead you the way~]


[Then, let us immediately……]


I stop Elinsia who said that and was about to leave.


[I’m not done yet, you know.]


[I-Is there something else?]


[What is it this time……?]


As expected, even Elinsia and the guild master couldn’t hide their nervousness.


[There was a basement in the ruin, no, building of the abandoned village. That basement is linked to the dungeon.]




Both Elinsia and the guild master fall down on the ground.


[Do-Don’t tell me……, are you saying you’ve discovered an undiscovered entrance to the dungeon?]


[The abandoned village, it should probably be that village…… There shouldn’t be any dungeon entrances there. If there is, then we cannot leave it as is in a abandoned village ……]


[Perhaps the proprietor of the building must have been hiding it. For some reason the vampire was inside that dungeon. By the way, we’ve checked inside and  found that it doesn’t continue to other places and there doesn’t seem to be any monsters appearing inside.]


A blank expression is shown on the both of them. I don’t know about the guild master, but I didn’t expect to see Elinsia making that kind of expression.


[Thi-This is a huge discovery! What should we do at this time? Report to the king? Or is it better to go through the minister? What should I tell the trade union?]


The guild master is making various interesting movements. Her head is filled with things for the future.


When I thought that, I was embraced by Elinsia. Your armor is in the way.


[I knew it! I knew my eyes weren’t mistaken! You’re a wonderful national interest!]


[Please remove your armor first, if you are going to embrace me.]


I decided to honestly tell her.


[Oh, right.]


Elinsia obediently removes her armor then she hugs me again. Not bad.


After waiting for the two to calm down, we resume our conversation. Well, Elinsia calming down equals her finishing embracing me after all.


[Annihilation of a village and the discovery of a concealed dungeon area. You’ve certainly saved us a lot of trouble reporting these matters.]


[I agree, we are going to become busy from now on.]


[Yeah, let’s see, Jin-kun, was it? I think we will give you a reward for these reports. I just think that it will take some time. It doesn’t mean I will say “In exchange”, but I believe a splendid amount of sum will be given so I’d like you to be relieved about it. Well, the verification will go first……]


[Yes, let us make preparations for you two to head to the village immediately. Would it be fine if I leave it to you to contact the feudal lord and the explorers’ guild as well?]


[Yeah, I will contact them as soon as we have permission for it.]


[Well then, I’m sorry Jin-san, but I shall excuse myself now.]




Says Elinsia as she takes Mira and goes out in a hurry.


Afterwards, we leave the reception room with the guild master and return to reception desk.


[I also have various things to do, you see. Please take the remunerations of the subjugation itself at the reception desk.]





I show my adventurer card at the reception desk and get the reward.


[Amazing! Adventurer-san, no, Jin-san. You must be an able person for defeating a vampire so easily!]


[No, this much wasn’t such a big deal.]


It was a simple job where we just cut our opponent down when he was blown our way. And I wasn’t the one who did it either.


[You’re higher than B rank ability-wise aren’t you!? Oh, you’re a “Stop at C rank” guy right!?]


[Well, I guess.]


So there’s a term like stop at C rank isn’t there? Well, it doesn’t really seem like there are many people doing that though……


I’m digressing, but I did think whether it was fine or not for the receptionist to be talking with such a loud voice, but there isn’t a single person inside the guild so it didn’t seem like a problem. I’ll leave aside the fact that having not even a single person inside is a bigger problem.


After that sort of conversation, we leave the guild.


We have decided to end the day without doing anything special. The maid education of Cynthia and the twins will also be done tomorrow noon after all. Finally, it’s the beginning of our dungeon exploration.


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        Elinsia is so adorable, but since ishtar is part of ‘heroes supporting faction’ , I’m affraid there is a chance she will become hostile towards jin and his party.

        1. Love hotel. Now that’s a way to make lots of money. Charge them a lot for the potential of raising future dungeon explorers and people of the country will flock to it.

          I don’t know. Elinsia strikes me as a woman who would act according to what’s best for the nation. If the heroes or hero supporting faction oppose Jin and Jin is more valuable to the nation than them, then I think she’ll readily take them down or actively hinder them. I mean, she readily killed some of her subordinates for that exact same reason already.

          1. Now it’s only a matter of whether Jin can appear to be more valuable than the heroes. I mean of course he can I guess, but there are at least 800 heroes after all.

  7. “Have such a request appeared” -> {Has such a request appeared}

    May be more, but I had to take a break while reading, sorry. Hope it helps.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation!

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