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39 Eve before departure

Although it is short, the classmate (sunset) side is over for a while.
Next time I will see again.
Suddenly my classmates looked different when I entered the war tomorrow morning.
You want to calm down and calm down. Please imagine a place of battle and be excited at the last night of each departure.

“Well, is that okay?

There was a light in front of the private room of the setting sun.
After consultation with Elca who was trying to escape at the time of war, the sun rose without preparing time for light to pass through her room faithfully.

“What is wrong, did you finish preparing?”
“Oh, preparation is all right, I would like to talk a little bit before going to bed.”

When I heard it, the sunset frowned at an invisible angle.
In order to tell the truth, I wanted to go to bed and prepare for tomorrow, but unfortunate Mika Turu can not believe it.
For the time being, I sat in a chair in the room and sat on a chair holding another chair.

“Well … OK, what should I do?”
“How about tomorrow?”

In the evening it is a conversation between men and women, but I do not mind about that option, but I talked directly to the sunrise I do not want to deepen the relationship with Mitsunori.

“I am going to kill people tomorrow”
“… ….”

Devils and beasts have different appearances, and their content has appropriate intent.
According to the story, Mitsuaki hesitates and seems to remember killing.

(That’s such a story)

The sunset was attacked by a disappointed feeling I could not say anything by listening to the story.
It will be a boring story that you will not fight with magical vets.
Even if you are a classmate, the place you do not want to kill the difference of sunset for important people is sunset.
Educated to approach Elka’s set, she is not hesitant to kill.

“If you do not get lost and you do not want to be robbed of valuable things, are there opportunities for the only fight? Because shrine maidens are like class leaders, no one can move it even if you hesitate.

I intended to support real Mitsuki in the sun of the night.
She is a girl who gradually moves away from her classmates, but when Mitsuki, Jiro and Mizuki are injured, they get angry.

“… You changed since you came to this world … what you said … … it became stronger.

Changes in my mental condition are something I do not notice.
She was trained by Elka. Erca was never beautiful, I touched this part that grew strong and strong.
It truly recognized it and the sunset was fun.
I thought that she got a little close to Setsu and let her cheek relax a bit.
Indeed, compared with Setsu who does not take people, the spiritual side already overtakes him, but the sunset is sharp and unnoticeable.

“I said that it became strong … I should not do danger to you, I should not go to war as much as possible …”
“… It is impossible”

Mitsuko’s real wish will never come true.
Sunrise, an important human power, can not go to war.

“Even if I replace this life, I will protect myself, as you know, when you are on the devil continent you will not leave my side.
“Oh, yes.

Grasping the shoulder and seeing the face of the sunset straight The light of the true eye had an enthusiastic look.
If this was an ordinary girl, he probably was fascinated by him.
Unfortunately, the sunset heart is not moving at all …

“Well … I will go soon, the fight from tomorrow … Good luck”
“OK, good night…”

Mitsunori left the room and the sunrise did not move for a while.

(Do not leave … Not bad? It can not be easily restored with this … …)

Her plan, which was about to leave the battlefield for reasonable reasons, exacerbated the cloud a bit with the real light words of the previous word. in case
When a classmate is nearby, I can not arrange conditions to leave my classmate.
Depending on Elka and cereals, two can not leave the battlefield.
Because they are not friends of other tribes there are conditions that they will not participate in war, so now they live in the castle.
I told you to ignore that state and to do so, but Elka will not kick you out of the castle unless you know a brave man to die.
In other words, I can not get this degree of help.

(Well, does it need to be considered depending on the situation?)

Even if there is no choice, all the problems are summarized

39 Night before departure

Being abruptly informed of the departure for war tomorrow morning, each of the classmates were in different states.Some becoming flustered and pale, some already calmly considering what they ought to prepare, some showing excitement as they imagine the battlefield they will approach……Each of them spent the last night before departure as they pleased.


“Yuu, can I talk with you for a bit?”

“Hm? Kouma-kun?”


In front of Yuuhi’s private room stood Kouma. After having already decided to consult Eruka and Grein on devising the means of escaping at the time of war and also finishing her preparations without taking up time at all, Yuuhi now passed by Kouma towards her room.


“What’s up? Done with preparations?”

“Yeah, preparations are already fine. I felt like wanting to talk with you a little before I go to bed, Yuu.”


Hearing that, Yuuhi grimaced at an angle where he couldn’t see her face.

As a matter of fact, she wanted to quickly go to bed and prepare for tomorrow, but she felt ill-humored from being unable to do so because of Kouma.

For the time being she had him sit in the chair in her room and then she also sat in another chair she had put for herself.


“Hmm……well, okay then, what shall we talk about?”

“How about tomorrow’s matters or something?”


Yuuhi was having problems with that choice for a conversation between a man and a woman in the evening, even as a joke. But she didn’t have any particular reason to want to deepen her relationship with Kouma, so she obediently joined that conversation.


“Tomorrow……we are going to kill people, right?”



Demons and beastmen differ in appearance, but what’s inside possesses a proper intention.

According to the conversation, Kouma appeared to be hesitating in the act of killing.


(Huh, so it’s that kind of conversation)


Yuuhi was struck by an indescribable feeling of disappointment upon listening to that conversation.

It must be a tedious conversation from the perspective of the girl who was indifferent to fighting demons and beastmen from the beginning.

The point that differs between Kouma who doesn’t want to kill and Yuuhi who is indifferent to killing is that Yuuhi would make her move even against, for example, her classmates if it is for the sake of her important person. She who had received training from Eruka for the sake of being to Setsu’s side had no wavering emotions on killing.


“Hesitating is bad you know, Kouma-kun. You have no choice but to fight if you don’t want your important things taken away, you know? Kouma-kun, you’re like the leader of the class so yeah. If you hesitate, then everyone will end up unable to move. That’s why, do your best okay?”


Yuuhi intended to cheer up Kouma in her own way.

She is gradually growing apart from her classmates, but if Kouma, Jirou and/or Mizuki get injured then she would feel anger in her own way.


“……You’ve really changed since coming to this world, didn’t you Yuu? How do I put this……you’ve become strong.”



Changes in one’s own mental state is not quite something one is able to notice themselves.

Becoming thoroughly tempered by Eruka and having aggressively come in contact with parts of this world that by no means could be called beautiful, she had grown resolute and strong before she had noticed.

Kouma was reminded of that and Yuuhi became happy on the inside.

Thinking that she’s getting closer to Setsu, her cheeks became just a little softer.

As a matter of fact, if she were to compare her mental level with Setsu, who had become unable to perform an act of robbing a person of their life, then she had already overtaken him, but Yuuhi wasn’t perceptive enough to even realize that.


“Even though I said you’ve become strong, Yuu……I don’t want you to do anything dangerous. If possible, I’d like you not to depart to war either……”

“……That’s impossible, you know that.”


Kouma’s wish would never come out.

It would likely be possible to use some flexibility if one is at least not in Kouma’s party, but Yuuhi, an important fighting power of the humans, would never be allowed not to go.


“I know. That’s why I will protect you Yuu, even by exchanging this life of mine. That’s why, please don’t leave my side when we’re at the demon continent.”

“Eh……ah, ‘kay”


The eyes of Kouma, who had said those lines as he grabbed Yuuhi’s shoulder and looked straightforwardly in her face, was filled with a feverish gaze.

If an ordinary girl was here, then she is almost likely to become his victim of love.

Regretfully, Yuuhi’s heart didn’t move even the slightest however……


“Okay then……It’s about time for me to go. Let’s do our best……in the fight from tomorrow on.”

“‘Kay, good night……”


After Kouma left her room, Yuuhi did not move for a while, worrying about something at that place.


(Don’t leave……he said. This is bad, I won’t be able to easily separate that way……)


Her plan, which was to leave the war for a while with a proper reason, was rained down a little with Kouma’s words just then.

If she were to be near him, then she would be unable to prepare the condition for her to separate from her classmates.

Even if she were to rely on Eruka and Grein, the two could not be on the battlefield.

They were able to live in the castle now because there was a condition for them to not participate in the war so as to not let them ally with the other races.

Eruka and the others had told her they would ignore those condition and come running when the necessity arises, but as long as the matter of the supposedly dead Hero hasn’t cleared up, they could not afford to separate themselves from the castle.

That is to say she could not afford to acquire their assistance for something of this level.


(Well, I can still play that by ear, right?)


“Have no choice but to take things as they are,” Yuuhi said and so she crammed all her problems into the corner of her mind in one go and went to her bed. She wasn’t so tired from capturing an S rank dungeon, but she was told by Eruka to go to bed earlier than usual, so she closed her eyes and slowly submerged in the ocean of sleep.


The next morning, they were seen off by many people and departed Destinea with an army of 5000.

What awaited them was something they were unable to imagine while they were living an ordinary high school life, a battlefield named hell――――――



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