BFTG-NT Chapter 53

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Chapter 53

Revelation battle & Disassembly


[Hm, the one who instructed that would certainly be me.]

[So it really is true, you must’ve tamed the monsters behind you the same way right?]

[That is correct. Then again, they will be released from being tamed after a certain amount of time passes. These dungeon monsters seem to be too unintelligent and could only do what they are told once I instructed them after taming them. It is still better to have them move by their own will.]


I saw how high-level the <Monster Training> skill of Zelvain, the demon in front of us, was, and thought that could be, and it seems to be correct. It’s because I thought it was impossible for them to go to the upper floors without any artificial reason.


[Are you going make those monsters go to the upper floor this time?]

[No no, that would be impossible. These floor’s undead are even more stupid. Because they will only move properly if I walk them around. That is why I am going to advance to a deeper floor. I will tame strong monsters by letting them fight with the tamed monsters. Repeating that over and over is how I will be capturing this dungeon after all.]


Zelvain’s curse can strengthen his follower monsters. He will be able to win if he strengthen them even they are weaker than its enemy. If he wins, he can tame the enemy, so a stronger monsters will become his subordinate. I see, that sure is quite an interesting way of capturing them.


[And my end goal is to take along an army of monsters from the lowest level of this dungeon to trample down this country!]


Ooh, I didn’t think he would even tell me about his goal. Really, conversing is important isn’t it?


[So, is that all of your questions? Now, it is your turn to answer mine.]

[Yeah, if I can answer them at least.]


No, I wasn’t acting like I was going to cut off the conversation just because the other side finished his talk you know. To put it simply, this is a fight with information at stake. In the sense of the winning side taking it all since the losing side will die.


[The location of the magic sword that Romarie had in her possession in Kastal. And while you’re at it, tell me who defeated Romarie if you know that as well.]


So asking about Romarie was an extra…? Judging from the way he speaks, is he someone related to the magic sword Eternal Pain?

Well, he answered my question honestly, so I have to answer honestly too. As I thought, sincerity ought to be returned with sincerity. Although I’m going to kill him after this.


[The answer to both questions would be “me”.]


I said and took out the magic sword Eternal Pain.


[The one who collected the magic sword was me, and the one who defeated Romarie and crushed her plans to collapse the country was also me.]


When I said that much, Zelvain began to shiver while being greatly perplexed.


[…Kukuku, kah kah kah! Wonderful! I was thinking it would be hard to regain my magic sword, but to think the magic sword would return to me this easily!]


Zelvain stared at the magic sword with bloodshot eyes as if overcome with emotion. Disgusting.


[So this magic sword was originally yours?]

[Of course! I was asked by His majesty the Demon king to lend it to Romarie after all! I was about to turn mad when I learned I lost one of my collection!]

[So you’re a magic sword collector? What a bad taste you’ve got.]

[Kuhahaha! I am not merely collecting them. I also research the effects of the magic swords. That lump of meat is also one of my subjects of experiment!]


So the lump, which I’m making sure not to look at as much as possible, was also the powers of a magic sword? Well, I’m doubting it because I don’t have something like that in my skills. Considering the history of the magic sword, the master blacksmith must have made it “I wanted to become one with my beloved one” or something like that.


[So, I’ll ask just in case, but do you know how to turn those adventurers back to normal?]

[No I don’t!]




[My collection will once again return to be 51. Woops, I have lent one to a vampire, so with this it will be 50 I suppose.]


It feels like another setting I didn’t ask for has been revealed.


[I probably have defeated that vampire too. The magic sword you’re talking about is this one?]


I took out the magic sword Blood Heart.

Zelvain’s tension suddenly dropped.


[…That too is mine. It seem whichever the case, I have no choice but to kill you. Just when I thought I can finally confirm whether the effects of the magic sword would be as the legends go, you seem to have ruined it.]

[Huh? The effect of this magic sword is to turn a human into a vampire you know? That Vampire used it.]

[That striped mosquito! I told him to call me when he would use it!!!]


Oh, so they had that kind of agreement. The vampire even used the magic sword in very high spirits for someone with that agreement.


[Enough of this! I’m going to kill you and take those magic swords back quickly! Go! Undead army!]


It seems the fight starts. The last part feels partly like getting angry at someone who would be angry at you though.

The whole army of 50 undead types rushed on. All of them crumbled down with their <Undead> skill taken.




Zelvain is showing a stupid face. Well, we have a way to defeat them easily, so there’s no .


[Are you done?]

[Wait wait wait! What did you just do!?]

[We’re already done questioning each other right? There’s no need to answer you.]


We ended the question phase and have moved to the combat phase, so I don’t have to answer him anymore. No, I don’t think I would have answered him even in the question phase either way though…


[Tch! It can’t be helped. My servants, rise up once more!]


He said, and once again around 50 undead monsters showed up.


[In truth they are my fighting power to capture the lower floors, but this does not seem to be the time to be stingy! Activate!]


He said, and a black aura began to build up from the undead-type monsters. It resembles the combination skill <God of War> that Saladin used. Their status rose across the board and rivals <God of War>. I see, this is a curse which is able to freely give <God of War> to subordinates if I have to say it. I think it’s quite a powerful ability depending on the situation though…]


[I don’t know what you have done, but this won’t go just like before. Time to die!]


In any case, he sure is in the wrong place.


Of course, the 50 undeads had their <Undead> skill taken and crumbled down like it was natural.

No, even if he raised their statuses, it won’t increase their skillpoints, so the results will be the same right?





Both Zelvain and I were silent.


[Are you done?]




Zelvain nodded.


[However, the ones you’ve taken down are only the undead monsters! Seeing that its effect did not reach me, I now see that your trick only applies to undeads! Now that it has come to this, I won’t care about my appearance! <Idea Drive> activate on myself! I’m going to kill you using all of my magic swords’ powers!]


Black aura rises from Zelvain. He pulls out 2 swords from his waist.


[This two magic sword possess properties of monsters, they’re called living weapons! They are also my follower monsters! Therefore they are suitable for <Idea Drive>! …I don’t want to use this since they will be intensely damaged, but you leave me no choice.]


Black aura rose from those 2 magic swords too. It looks like they have monster-like properties, so they couldn’t be put in “Storage”, can they?

Thanks to the enemy talking non-stop, Alta won’t have his turn.


A: !?


[You should die and consider it an honor that you have made me go this far!]


Just when he was about to ready his swords, I approach him with <Flash Step>







I brandish my sword horizontally as is and bisect Zelvain.


[How is this…possible…]


Zelvain collapsed, just like that. His HP went to 0.

You know, I think <Flash Step> is a cruel first sight killer isn’t it. Thinking like that, Saladin should’ve been quite strong I guess.


[So we aren’t getting a turn in this time’s demon battle either?]


Sera said with a frown.


[Sorry. I decided to kill that demon instantly.]

[You’ve ended up talking about many things before battle considering all that, didn’t you?]

[We managed to obtain various information in exchange didn’t we?]

[To think that he was involved in more than half of the troubles that have occurred in this country is a surprise isn’t it]

[You are right. The village in the beginning, the vampire, the volcano golem, ah. Only the Hero is unrelated, isn’t he]


When you think of it like that, you would end up seeing him as an amazing guy. His end was cruel though.


<<Master~ What are we going to do with this~?>>


What Dora pointed at was the explorer lump of flesh… or not , she pointed at the variety of magic swords scattered around. The contents of “Storage” will be scattered when owner dies. It seems Zelvein has put nothing but magic swords in his “storage”. Each and every one of them is holding worthless history and effects.

Should I destroy them? But they’re likely to leave behind something worthless even if I destroy them though.


A: There are 12 magic swords that will cause harm when destroyed.


*sigh*, That’s annoying, so I’ll just hoard them all away inside <Inventory>, I guess.


[We’ll collect them all. They’re dangerous, Dora, so don’t touch them.]


[Sera, Maria, please help me putting them in <Inventory> without touching them.]

[[Yes sir.]]


We diligently put the dropped magic swords in <Inventory> without touch them. Some of the magic swords probably has harmful effects just by touching them after all.

The 2 magic swords that Zelvein used in the end are also monsters, so I can’t put them in the <Inven…they went in. Why?


A: It seems that when the user dies while applying <Idea Drive>, the follower monsters who are in the middle of its effects being applied to would also die. In other words, they are corpses of living weapon.


“Corpses of living weapon” is a phrase I’ve never heard of in my life until now. Well, if they can enter, then I’ll put them in.


[Well then, shall we go to the problematic part?.]

[Yes we should. We can’t ignore that after all…]

[To be honest, I do not really want to have anything to do with this.]


Of course, it is about that lump of meat.

I doubt you can possibly look away from it. Yeah, I’m not going to explain the detail of how it looks like. Or rather, I don’t want to. I’ll just say, I didn’t think I would see something in a worse state than Lusia.

Their minds were broken at the time they merged, so while they do have their mouths, they didn’t say any meaningful words.


[Sakura’s magic might be able to fix them. But according to Alta, they’ll become just like Mira if we fix them with Sakura’s magic.]

[Just like Mira, you say?]

[Yeah, a mind that’s once broken by body modification won’t be able to endure another body modification. If we do that, their mind will be destroyed completely, or so it seems.]


Mira’s mind was broken once when she turned into vampire. Alta said her mind will be destroyed completely this time, if she returned human with Sakura’s magic.


[Then, what should we do?]

[I’m thinking about freezing the girls.]

[Excuse me? What do you mean?]

[Oh, <Inventory>!?]


Maria seems to have noticed it too. The hidden function of <Inventory>.


Q: What is the advantage of <Inventory> over item box?

A: It has no capacity limit, ability to assemble/disassemble those stored away, ability to store corpses, ability to choose to stop/not stop the time of objects, ability to use item inside, ability to store living creatures if they are in a petrified or frozen state, and the ability to create a stock of spells..


These are the details that I confirmed with Alta, or rather Help before. The important ones are 3: the “Ability to assemble / Disassemble those stored away”, “Stop time of objects”, and “ability to store living creatures if they are in a  frozen state”.


So I’m going to freeze them and put in <Inventory>. Stop the passage of time and separate them while preserving their mind. If I let Alta fix their minds afterwards, we will be able to return the girls to normal, is what Alta said.


A: Yes.


[I see, so you will heal them that way]



Maria gave an explanation so Sera and Dora could understand too. Dora may only understand half of it though…


[Then, let’s start. Since Sakura doesn’t want to see them either, doing it here is the best I guess. Just in case, since this is a safe zone.]

[Well then, we will be watching the surroundings just to be sure.]

[Yes. (desuwa)]



3 people took some distance.


First I’ll apply <Slave Art> on the explorer lump of flesh. After all, Alta can only protect the mind of my subordinates. Besides, there are some things I’m curious about too …

Maybe because their mind are broken, <Slave Art> succeeded with no resistance at all. I’m registered as their master just like that.

What am I curious about you ask? It’s about what will happen to the slave contract if I separate them in this situation. Will it remain on 8 of them or just 1 person…?


Next, I freeze the explorer bundle with <Ice Magic>. I completely wrap them with ice, they still aren’t dead. The rules in this world in this field is different from our former world too. Normally you’ll die if you’re frozen this far after all.

The explorers only lost some HP and didn’t die. I store them inside <Inventory> as is.


[So they really do go in if they’re frozen.]


[Come to think of it, we’ve never tried it until now.]

[<Inventory> is shining like never before.]

[It is in a “simple but useful” position after all. …All of my special powers are often like that though.]


The most showy one is <Give & Take> I guess. But nevertheless, it’s a non-offensive ability so…


I then tried to disassemble them inside as is.

I gradually separated the explorers inside <Inventory>. The explorers had no names when in a bundled state, but I can confirm their names as I separate them.


It took some time, but I was able to safely separate everyone. By the way, slave art seems to be applied on all 8 of them. It seems effects are shared in their bundled state. But I think that’s useless information now.


A: Then I’m going to restore their mind.


I will leave them to you.


[First of all, the separation ended safely, so I leave the mind restoration to Alta. There’s no need to consider the place now that we’ve done this much. Let’s leave this place and go back to our mansion.]




I collected the magic stone and valuable stuffs in this place with “Vacuum” and returned with “Portal”. The equipment of the separated explorers have also been left behind so I didn’t forget to collect them while I was at it.


After returning to the mansion, I called Sakura and Mio and explained the circumstances to them.


[…That is all.]

[Hmm, so he was doing such worthless research in a creepy place like that. Demons aren’t decent after all.]

[I’m really glad I didn’t see that… I’m sure I would have vomited…]

[Yeah, that’s why I finished even their separation on the other side.]

[That really helps…]


Sakura is fine with horror but not guro. Mio is fine with guro but not horror. So by that they may have attained some balance in a sense. What balance, I don’t know either… Oh, both of them seem to hate zombies too. It’s guro+horror so it’s the worst.


A: I am done.


[Oh, looks like Alta’s mind repair finished just in time.]

[Oh, they’re the female explorer party who can fight in the 30th floor right? They can become splendid fighting power for us]

[All of them are over level 60, right? And all of them are 20 years of age too… Reaching that level at that age is amazing right?]


Mio and Sakura are right, they’re all 20 year old women and level 63 on average. They must have the battle power in itself…If you think normally.


[You are right. That said, if they fight with Cynthia party, Cynthia party would win though.]

[Huh? Why?]

[You will understand when you look at their status.]

[Well, if you say so master, then there is something about it.]


Well that’s, there’s definitely something up because I say so right?


A: I’m going to let them out.


As Alta said that, naked women fell in drops near me. It seems Alta canceled their frozen state when taking them out of <Inventory>

I see, taking something out of <Inventory> means it would drop near me after all…


[It looks obscene somehow…]

[All of them have nice figures after all…]


20 years old, naked women with nice figures fell on top of each other. If I have to put it in one word, it’s “Debauch”.


[Uhm. There are lots of things on their status that I can retort to.]

[This is… How should I say this, mismatched…?]

[I know right?]


Name : Rouge Crimson


Gender : Female

Age : 22

Race : Human

Skill : <Sword Mastery LV1> <Body Reinforcement LV1> <Experience Boost LV6>

Title : Jin’s slave, Crimson empire’s imperial princess.


This is the status of the highest level explorer who’s holding an unusual status. Yeah, just like Mio said, lots of places to retort to.


[Her level is high but her skill levels are awfully low… I think her status is also low compared to a similarly leveled person…]


[Personally I’m curious about <Experience Boost> skill I guess. The existence of this is big for a gamer… Oh, and also her title. Master likes to collect girls from royalties, just like I thought.]

[You’re misunderstanding things. At that time they were turned into a lump, I saw their skills, but I couldn’t see her title so it wasn’t like I saved her after learning she was an imperial princess.]


I saved them mostly because I thought they would become just the right subordinates. Not because she is an imperial princess.


[Hmm, so you wouldn’t have helped them if you knew about it? I smell the stench of trouble too.]

[I still would’ve helped them. I may be taking some trouble on myself, but I can’t overlook the <Experience Boost> skill as a gamer.]

[I know right~. This is an absolutely amazing skill after all.]


That said, if someone asks me if we really need it, I would doubt it since the raise in status through plunder is clearly greater than raising your status by leveling.

Like I said before, “it’s because I’m a gamer” that I can’t ignore this.




The dropped women began to wake up.


[Where is…, does this mean that what happened before wasn’t a dream…?]


Oh, looks like Alta already gave them an explanation for me.


[Ugh, Rouge-sama, are you alright?]

[Yeah, I’m fine. At the very least we’re alive.]


Rouge got up while she was still naked. She is tall and slender and has long red hair. Her breasts…could be said to be at Sakura’s level. (Neither too big nor too small)


[Geh, why am I naked!?]


She crouched down as is. It is natural since their clothes were torn when they were joined together and I didn’t put anything on them after separating.


[Hey, you are called Jin, right!? Why don’t you at least prepare some clothes!]

[Rouge-sama! If what we heard before is true, we are his slave then! Taking an excessively haughty attitude would be…]


The one who tried to stop Rouge from talking in a haughty tone was woman who asked her about her safety earlier. She probably must be her attendant or something. Oh, also huge breasts. They’re Sera-class.


[Shut up! Do you think I believe those words!? Look, there are no slave crests carved onto you and I, are there!]


Well that’s because set it so that you can’t see the slave crests. With high level <Slavery Art> .


[However, you remember that we were defeated by the demon, don’t you? What happened after that too…]

[Ugh…, it felt like our body gradually merged …]

[Considering our situation,  it is true that they have at least saved us. In any case, you ought to pay attention to your conduct.]


Rouge pondered for a while after that, then she lift her face up and talked to me.


[Tch, it can’t be helped then. …Jin or something, prepare us some clothes for now. I am a key figure of a foreign country alright, so remember that. And then, it seems that it is true that we’ve been saved from the demon. Once I return to my country, I shall give you a reward. Feel thankful. Oh, and if you make it public that we were defeated by a demon, you will be executed immediately, alright.]

[…You don’t understand the situation at all.]


Huge breasts beside her feebly hung her head. Well, even after Alta already explained the situation, she still doesn’t understand the situation she is currently in right now.


A: I’m really sorry.I was incompetent in my management.




Rouge makes a groan and immediately collapsed. Foam spewed out of her mouth and the white of her eyes were visible. Her body repeatedly twitched and convulsed.


[Rouge-sama!?] x7


A: Taking a haughty attitude towards master is not something I will approve. I will make them understand their position. Please wait for a little while.


Oh, okay.

Alta got angry like never before.


[This is, directly into my head!?]

[My body won’t move!? Why?]

[I’m losing strength… No! I don’t want to die!]


Ooh, ooh…

Alta seems to be doing various things and the other 7 girls fell into panic. If I have to describe it in a single word, it would be “Pandemonium”.


[Wow… Alta is quite scary when angered…]

[Well, she took that sort of attitude towards Master, so it’s natural right. I’ve also gotten a little irritated so…]


Sakura drew back a little from it. Mio’s making a face telling me that’s natural.

It’s true that I’ve also become a little irritated too, but seeing that I’m already holding power over their lives, I can also say I don’t really feel like caring about it.


A little later. Lying down there were the figures of 8 naked 20 year old women. Unlike the time they came out of , this time their eyes have lost their light, though they’re all conscious, and they were divided into girls who were convulsing, girls who were groaning, girls who were being incontinent and girls who were laughing.

Personally I find the laughing one scariest. In one word, they’re a “pile of corpses”.


[I’m really sorry!] x8


After taking another bit of time, after everyone returned to normal (?), all 8 groveled in the nude towards me.

The re-education by Alta seems to have finished, and even Rouge isn’t showing a look like she’s embarrassed of her nakedness. No, it’s more correct to say she’s too desperate to even think about it. After all, I was told that punishment will be waiting for them once more if I don’t tell them I’ll forgive them.


[I forgive you.]


Bodies of those 8 loosened up as they heard me say that.


[So, tell me about your circumstances.]

[But before than, I want to put on some clothes…]

[Huh? What did you say?]

[No it’s nothing…]


Rouge gave up and sunk into silence. Seeing that, Huge breasts started talking in her stead. It’s about time I show her status too I guess.


Name : Minerva


Gender :Female

Age : 25

Race : Human

Skill : <Blunt Mastery> <Recovery Magic LV3> <Body Reinforcement LV1>

Title : Jin’s slave


[We came from the Crimson empire to this dungeon.]

[I’m aware of that. Please tell me the why.]

[Alright. We have 2 reasons for coming to this country. First is to send resources that are native to the dungeon and to the Crimson empire. Another one is to clear this dungeon and obtain the items in the deepest floor. Both are in the end, actions for the sake of fighting this country.]


Estia has high defense capabilities by the items for dungeons. But those items are hardly usable outside of their territory, so this would give them the property that they are not good at invading. In other words, it means that it is necessary for outside countries to secure a certain amount of items from the dungeon in order to fight Estia.


[The people around me have been quick to grow strong since a long time ago. We’ve been dispatched by the current emperor, my brother, who thought we will be able to manage even against the dungeon. Of course, after concealing our social status. We’ve been moving for 3 years reached 32nd floor you see. We …were the fastest generation.]

[The one who is faster than us are in front of us, so it’s past tense.]

[Not even spending a month, there should be a limit to abnormality…]


From a normal people’s perspective, Rouge party is abnormal enough though. By the way, <Experience Boost> doesn’t go as far as increasing skill point acquisition rate. That’s why they have huge gap between their levels and their skill levels.


[So, are you saying you’re going to invade this country? I mean Crimson Empire will?

[Err, to be accurate, we’ve prepared to be able to fight at any time. That’s what I will say. It’s absurd to do war while during a demon’s activities. I think it will be when the situation calms down to a certain level, but… considering His Imperial Majesty’s personality, I don’t think there are no choices to not fight.]


Judging from the way she said it, the emperor guy is extremely warlike.


[In other words, it means you are his vanguards. I wonder if it was a mistake for me to help you…]


[Your forgiveness! Your forgiveness!]


Again the nudes fell into panic.

It’s bothersome that they’re going to start a war with this country. It’s not on the level of Kastal, but I still have attachments to it, and Cattleya is already my subordinate after all. I shouldn’t ignore this.


[Be silent.]


Everyone became silent with that single word. It seems Alta’s education was very thorough.


A : There won’t be a second time after all.


[I don’t like Estia being attacked… Rouge, you’re his sister, can’t you at least persuade him?]

[It is impossible. My brother would not accept things like persuasion.]

[Oh, I see…]


Well, he wouldn’t have wanted something like war in the first place if he can be persuaded that easily…


[I guess that’s true. This is just right, so I guess we’ll go Crimson Empire next.]

[Crimson Empire? I haven’t really heard any good rumors about them though…]


Crimson Empire is one of the large countries neighboring Estia.


If one were to express their characteristic with one phrase, it would be a “Military State”, and their military holds the largest authority. It’s an empire, so it’s not a king, but an emperor becoming the most powerful person and also the top of the military. There are not called a “Knight’s order” but an “Imperial Army” instead.


Like Maria said, they have a bad reputation in their neighboring countries. Their reputation is especially worse after current emperor came in.

First of all, they keep setting up skirmishes with their neighboring countries. It didn’t go as far as a war, but something like small scale disputes would happen several times a year. Opinions are that they’re investigating the entire neighboring countries. For that reason, they’re expected to cause a large-scale war.

And the one interesting fact is that this country is on the anti-hero faction. They declared that they would protect themselves with themselves without relying on the Heroes and refused the Heroes’ entry to their country. It is quite respectable declaration in a sense. The idea of abducting people from a different world and make them fight itself is abnormal in the first place.

As far as I know, there are no other countries that can be said to have rejected Heroes from start to end. Kastal would have supported the Heroes if it weren’t for us and Estia was originally a hero supporting country. In that sense, the Crimson Empire stood out in contrast to other countries.

For that reason too, I was not so uninterested in the Crimson Empire. Of course, it could be very possible that we’ll experience something unpleasant. I think I ought to take in something of that level, seeing that I’m thinking about ascertaining it with my own eyes. There is a limit though..


[It’s going to be difficult to avoid the Crimson Empire in order to go to the elven country…]

[The elven country?]


Sakura inclined her head.


[Yeah, we talked about the possibility that they know the way to go back to our former world.]

[Oh! We did have that sort of talk, didn’t we…]


It seems Sakura completely forgot about it, but one of the purposes for our journey is to search for a way to return to our former world. Sakura didn’t think about wanting to go back and I think either way is fine, so it’s quite low in our priority list. But I have to make sure to looking for method of return to our former world.

Alta, no, it was Help-sensei at that time. According to Help, it seems to be someone who is likely living from ancient times. And what came up as a candidate to that is the elven loremaster. Since the elven loremaster seems to be in the elven country, I have been considering to stretch my legs in the elven country too.

The elven country is beyond the Crimson Empire. Of course, there’s no reason to avoid them, but it’s quite a detour. Those reasons overlap and it’s just right, so now we have a reason to want to head to the crimson empire at this chance.


When I was about to talk with everyone else about this…


[If you have decided that, Jin-sama, then I have nothing to say about it. What I can do is only to protect Jin-sama.]

<<Dora will protect you too~>>

[It looks like there’s chance that we get to see something unpleasant but at least there shouldn’t be any Heroes there…]

[Crimson Empire, I hope their cooking is delicious]

[You are right~, I don’t have the Crimson Empire’s cuisine in my repertoire. This is just the right time. Let’s memorize them.]


There were no particular objection against it, so our next destination is decided to be the Crimson Empire.

Well, we actually decided to go to Atto Union though. But if I were to draw a line between Crimson Empire’s capital and Estia’s capital, then just a part of the Atto Union would be on the line. It is troublesome to circle around them and it’s just right for sightseeing, so a visit won’t hurt much.


[We will go there after capturing this dungeon, how about we hurry up with the capture?]

[Oh~! Let’s especially finish the graveyard area quickly!]

[That easily!?]


Rouge is surprised, which is normal reaction.

Thus, while we still haven’t cleared the dungeon, we have decided on our plans for the future.


[Come to think of it, what kind of fight did you have with that demon?]

[Oh, I’m curious about that too!]


We’ve decided to go to the crimson empire after capturing the dungeon, but there was something else I’m somewhat curious about too, so I decided to take this opportunity to ask them.


[Oh, that… It’s not really something I would like to recall, but I will speak about it.]


The huge … Minerva starts her explanation.


[Although I say that, it’s not a significant story. That day, we encountered that demon in safe zone and have to fight with the undead type monsters, which were the demon’s followers. As for undeads, we created some advantage against them but we had a hard fight against the volcano golems that were together with them… Not to mention the volcano golems suddenly became stronger once, so they overcame our resistance.]

[Hmm, there weren’t any volcano golems when we fought.]

[Oh, come to think of it, he said “This is about their limit but it can’t be helped” or something before they became stronger.]


I see, so the volcano golems were at the limits of their lifespan from overuse of <Idea Drive> . He’s using the monsters from the 32nd floor, so there is no reason for him to have that many monsters remaining from the upper floors.


[But, you’re strong enough to defeat the flame dragon, right? Even if volcano golem would have appeared at this point, I wouldn’t consider them much of a big deal…]


Mio is right, volcano golems, although tough, are enemies with clearly low status. It wouldn’t be strange even if they won.


[No, these girls won’t understand that way of thinking.]

[What do you mean?]

[I saw their item box, but there were only things in it that are effective against undead-type monsters. Maybe they have chosen their equipment and items that matches each floor.]


Of course, that itself isn’t bad. The monsters that appear is completely different in each floor, equipment for the previous area can be called unnecessary.


[Ah, if you don’t have a countermeasure against volcano golems, it’ll be difficult even if you have higher statuses.]

[Above all, there is no one among them who can use <Water Magic>. It would be impossible if they don’t have <Water Magic>, weapons with the right affinity or protectors with heat resistance.]


Minerva can use <Recovery Magic> and there are other people can use other attributes at low level. Above all, they don’t have the essential .


[That’s why we went against the volcano golem in the volcano area with water attribute hammers and such you know… Changing areas and still keeping the weapon in the item box is impossible, so…]

[We would have been fine no matter how many of them they were if they were undead! We’ve been granted light attribute weapons, anti-undead armor and even accessories with mostly resistance or effectiveness towards them!]


Rouge is feeling frustrating, but the real problem is not there.


[You rely too much on items. Can you believe it? The equipment and accessories these girls have are mostly “Rare” or “Artifact”. And you change them each floor…]

[It is quite the luxurious talk.]

[Honestly speaking, you’re pushing through the dungeon by level and items right? Well, I’m not one to say anything about that, but… At the very least, you lack skills and abilities.]


I’m conscious that we’re pushing through with skills and status, but for that reason I don’t ignore raising my own ability. That’s also the reason why I expressly reduce my status and repeat fights. Oh, we’re completely pushing through the graveyard area though.


[Ugh…, my brother told me that too. “You excel in physical strength, but that is all. They’re pointless attacks lacking both skill and resolution” he said…]


You say something quite nice, Emperor.


[We have equipment we brought from our country and equipment we bought here. I’m a royalty, so we have a plenty of money to spare.]

[My brother is not eager to temper equipment with good things though. Well, he hasn’t said that really strongly though…]

[Actually, we’ve been told 7 attendants is too much haven’t we?]

[Come to think of it, I never asked too deeply about it, but what sort of relationship do you have?]


I think they are attendants or something, but let’s ask just in case.


[We are attendants. Attendants exclusively to the princess, Rouge-sama. They had us look after her from the side since we were children. 4 or 5 of us were also once noble’s daughters.]

[Stop it with the princess. I told you I don’t act like that.]

[Yes, Rouge-sama.]


If they’ve been together since they were small with with <Experience boost>, then I can understand this high level group. But their skill levels are low though…


[Well, you are my slave now though…]

[Ugh…, but that you truly hid the slave crest is…]

[I’m surprised. Because I haven’t heard about it before.]

[I think Alta told you before, but don’t reveal our circumstances alright? This is an order.]


I’ll forbid them from revealing us.


[Oh right. I wanted to ask something on that subject, but what will become of our treatment from now on? I understood that we are slaves. I understood we can’t disobey Alta-sama either. Also that we cannot disobey Jin…sama either. But I am still royalty. I understand that I’m not one at a level where things will come around when saying that, but you cannot possibly say in public that you have turned an imperial princess of another country into your slave can you?]


Rouge’s right, it’s not really a subject that can be made public. Though I say that, already have made the royalty (women) of 3 other countries my subordinate, though in secret.


[It’s already settled. Continue your explorer work like nothing has happened. Keep the fact you are my slave in secret too.]

[Eh? What do you mean by…?]

[It means you’ll be acting just like before until we make our move. I also don’t mind you distributing the items through illegal channels either.]

[Is that fine with you? it will only strengthen the Crimson Empire though…]

[That amount won’t change anything. I’ll also give back your equipment too.]

[You are really out-of-standard…]


Rouge sighed as if she had given up.


[In exchange, you will get the minimum amount of support from me. I will have you report to Alta one by one, but basically we will work with hardly any point of contact apart from that.]

[…Alright. There is one more thing I want to know, but what will you do after heading to the empire in the end? You’ve said that you would hate it if it turns into a war, but my brother did not accept my persuasion you know?]

[Oh, about that… First I’m going to wait & see, but I guess it’s basically decided that I will persuade him.]

[Master’s coercive persuasion isn’t it . It is powerful.]


Mio nodded “Uh-huh” as if in agreement.


[And if that is no good either, then we will make sure to change heads I guess…]



The Crimson Empire group became speechless.


[Because I don’t intend to show mercy if they plan to put their hands on this country. When that time comes, Rouge, I’m going to make you the empress.]

[…I see. I hope my brother will respond to your persuasion. I don’t have ability to be an empress at all. By the way, what will become of my future treatment after my brother responds to your persuasion or I become empress?]

[It won’t change much. I’ll have you live normally and listen to my orders at important times.]


The same with Sakuya and Cattleya. That said, I haven’t given them any special orders even now.


[So it means I’m free while not being free …Well, if I can’t escape no matter how I struggle, then I have no choice but to give up and take allegiance with you. Jin…sama, I will obey.]

[You sound terribly reluctant.]

[There is no other way. Since birth, I haven’t adhered under anyone nor shown respect towards anyone other my family.]

[And you didn’t use honorifics. Even though you are slave now.]

[T-That is… Alta-sama allowed me to do somehow. I don’t understand how to use it, because I’ve never used it in the first place. I’ve been told to study it as my task, so I’d like you to wait for a while.]


She is quite the selfish princess. That and Alta’s amazing to be able to make her listen to what she says.


[Alright. If Alta says it’s okay, then I’ll be patient for a while.]

[I’m sorry.]

[Jin-sama, we are Rouge-sama’s subordinates, but… What should we do from now on…?]


Minerva stepped forward that time.


[Right. You can be the same as Rouge. Just stay as Rouge’s subordinates and listen to what I tell you to do.]


[Understood. Err, this might be little selfish, but you give us an order that Rouge-sama can do and us too, then could you give priority to giving orders to us only? We can’t bring ourselves to see only Rouge-sama working…]

[You girls…]


Rouge was deeply moved by Minerva’s line. A beautiful master-subject love isn’t it. Is it the same as Maria’s loyalty? Amazing! I won’t lose to you!


[Understood. I’ll take that into account.]

[Thank you very much.]


Well, there is nothing left I want to ask, so I guess I’ll call it a night soon.


[Then, I’ve heard what I wanted to hear for now, so we’ll break up today. I will send you back to dungeon, make an innocent face and go back with a transfer stone afterwards.]

[Understood. And err… what about our clothes?]


Come to think of it, these girls have been naked the whole time.

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