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Vol 9 Chapter 7 Bulletin board chapter

Yuuji, uploading video of the pioneer village’s defensive battle part2




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[I made] I kind of got to another world when I went out of my home after 10 years part 41 [a contribution site! ]


805 : Anonymous NEEt

Oh, come to think of it, they’re not gonna get raw materials from the monsters?

There’s often the case that the skin can be used or the tusk isn’t it?

And if you take it to the guild later you receive money etc


806 : Anonymous NEET


Game Brain thank you


807 : Anonymous NEEt


There’s a sequel to this grotesque clip?

And it becomes even more grotesque?


808 : Yuuji


I got curious and asked Mr Kevin you know

He’ll turn dragons etc into raw materials, but

Goblins and orcs can be chopped into pieces and turned into fertilizer

And when it’s famine… you know?


809 : Anonymous ETNE


So dragons do exist!?


810 : Anonymous MEAT



Yuuji, go and take a video immediately!

… chop… into… pieces…?


811 : Anonymous NEET


Calm down!

Yuuji, so did you turn them into ground pork?

Also, did you try eating it?


812 : Anonymous NEET

Actually tasting food I’ve heard of before!


813 : Yuuji

No, we burned them away

It seems we’re still fine without fertilizer when I asked Marcel about it

Also I didn’t eat it, okay!

It’s not that it’s not edible, it’s unappetizing you know


814 : Anonymous NEET


You chicken!


815 : Anonymous NEET


Hey stop it

He might be the type to snap when called a chicken you know


816 : Anonymous NEET


Thy jest doth be ancient!

Nothing but old men in this thread eh?


817 : Dr Acorn


“Marcel” had his own field turn into a battlefield against monsters,

which was laid waste, and then turned into a slave right?

It’s hard to think that he wouldn’t use fertilizer

His personal feelings must’ve gotten into it.


818 : Anonymous NEET


Isn’t the problem about the amount of material?

Also labor

The amount is still too much, don’t you think?


819: Cool NEET

Yuuji, check with Marcel if he’s thinking about the future

He ought to be able to do it regardless of his feelings if he wants to

make a difference in harvest amount

And so, are there no rewards from the adventurers guild?

Even in Japan you often have cases where they give rewards for

extermination of harmful animals, you know?


820 : Anonymous ETNE


This guy, he’s treating monsters as harmful animals!

No, it does  fit though


821 : Yuuji


I wonder about that, I’ll try asking that


If we take their right ears, they’ll give out rewards just for

that number they said

For goblins just a bit

For orcs, moderate

And it looks like the orc leader would be a little more


822 : Anonymous MEAT



Then Yuuji, you went and removed the right ears,

surrounded by that grotesque?

Is your heart made of titanium?


823 : Anonymous NEET

Ears, huh…

Cutting off the left and right is twice the reward I guess!


824 : Well-informed NEET


The helixes and antihelixes etc of animals with ears on their head and

most human beings have an orientation

Isn’t that the same for the other world?


825 : Anonymous NEET


That quick and pointless knowledge, it’s a little disgusting!


826: Anonymous NEET


You’re just being insulting!

But still, it’s not a hand, finger or head right?


827 : Cool NEET


The ears are relatively typical isn’t it?

There seems to be a tribe that put ears they snatched away on their necklace

Besides, it’s also because it’s difficult to cut the bones when it’s the hand or head


828 : Anonymous NEET


I know right

The ears are also typical right

Is what you thought I would say, huh stuupid!

In what place are you an ordinary person!?


829 : Anonymous NEET


It reeks of crime…

The last conscience of this thread is…


830 : Sakura’s friend


Last conscience you say…

I’m here, you know!


831 : Anonymous NEET


832 : Anonymous NEET

Hey Infra worker, it’s your turn

Deal with this please


833 : Infra worker


You call and I jump out, tadadaduu~m!


How about we take our time talking about

My wife knows about you

Do not underestimate the countryside network


834 : Anonymous NEET


Magnificent bomb disposal with real life topic!

It just makes me tingle all over!

And admire… your joke is too old and the mood is now ruined!

It’s too lame you know!


835 : Yuuji


No, I didn’t do any ear cutting

“Because we weren’t helpful” the old man scout and

Mr Kevin’s two exclusive escorts said and did most of it for us

The rest of us carried water jugs in the meantime

I thought about letting them burn with Alice’s magic


836 : YES Lolita NO Touch

Alice-chan playing an active role in tidying up the battle!

How nice Yuuji…


837 : Kemona Lv.MAX

Bipedal walking pup and cat carrying water jugs huh…

I’d like a video of that…


838 : Anonymous NEET


Perverts, get out!

Ah, then only I’ll be left in this thread if they do


839 : Anonymous ETNE

And then everyone was gone


840 : Cool NEET

If they came from the south, then were they from the aforementioned village?

So that means the village’s battle strength would be estimated 240 then

If it goes like this with 60, though it’s a base defense, then the village subjugation would be easy victory I see


841 : Anonymous NEET


I don’t want this anymore, you battle maniac…

Why do you regret your prediction of an easy victory…


842 : Yuuji

By the way

You got to watch the video of the defense battle, but…

Are there things I had better make more of?

Not for this time’s subjugation, but for the future village’s defense


843 : Anonymous NEET

What… the… Yuuji is thinking about the future?


844 : Anonymous NEET

What… the… Yuuji is thinking about the whole village?


845 : Anonymous NEET


Getting along well aren’t you two

Enough about the goblins and orcs

There are of course countermeasures against other monsters

and also people right?


846 : Well-informed NEET

He did made simple traps for now

That said, people huh…

No matter how well you set them

Traps would have little effect when you give them time

You wouldn’t be able to make powerful stone, concrete or metal walls immediately,

so piling up many layers of fences and increasing patrol should be the foundation

After that, create fences around the whole village which protrude and hold the roads in between them

The image would be like a five-sided fortification I guess

Next would be, if it’s the monsters that have turned up until now,

the wyvern you observed in said spring


847 : Anonymous MEAT


I forgot about it!

Yuuji, next year definitely video it alright!?


848 : Anonymous NEET

An enemy in the sky…

Realistically by the way, it would be bows, ballistae and magic isn’t it?


849 : Anonymous NEET


What are you saying!

We already have connections to dwarves and woodworkers you know!

Let’s create cannons!


850 : Anonymous NEET


Magic being realistic

Everyone’s gotten pretty corrupted eh..


851 : Anonymous NEET



We promised not to say that in this thread, remember!?


852 : Cool NEET


It’s a good idea, but it should be difficult to take an angle of fire

The wyvern’s air mobility is enormous so you can’t have expectations on accuracy rate

Wing length was about 10m right?

What if you spread ropes above the village?

Next you can just slowly end it with bows or magic

After that, you’re equipping yourself with roads, so

I recommend cavalry for anti-personnel


853 : Anonymous NEET

This guy’s no good, he actually mixed his desires with reality…


854 : Anonymous NEET

Cool people!

Recruiting people who are cool when it comes to battle!

No need during other times though…


855 : Anonymous NEET

Like I thought it’ll be that right!?

Anti-material rifles right!?


856 : Infra worker


You just wanted to say that didn’t you!?

Then it’s gonna be that right, railguns right!?


857 : Yuuji

Thanks everyone!

For now I’ll spread ropes!

I have to get Mr Kevin to bring some again…

As for the fence, I’ll get on with it little by little and

I’ll try asking Mr Kevin about the Ballista!

There are crossbows so I guess they already have those

And if not, we could likely make it easily I think

Horses huh…

They’re tall aren’t they…


858 :Anonymous NEET



Horses as working force would be good, but

there’s no need for cavalry you know!


859 : Anonymous NEET

Are you honest or stupid…

That’s the question


860 : Anonymous NEET



You’re completely ignoring the rifle and railgun you know

He might be unexpectedly calm

Well, horses and oxen as working force are indispensable

for pioneering after all

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