STOS Chapter 95

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Volume 4: The Seven Sacred Swords

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Chapter 95

Words of the beginning and the end




The island at the center of the three continents.

There was a remote and solitary island where none had entered since a few days ago.


 ――No. To be accurate, none were able to enter.


Except by turning into ornaments called corpses.


At the center of the island was a large structure.

It had a temple-like structure and each stone were mysteriously large.

It had several floors inside and the top floor had a window large enough to be able to see the other side of the sea.

From that window, god of creation Creasyl overlooked the world.


“… How is your condition, Lady Creasyl”

“ ‘tis not bad. I finally am in the mood to put the world in my hand”


Creasyl stretched her hand.

On her hand, she already seized the world.


“The world is in my hand. I can destroy it at any time”

“We, the <Seven Sacred Swords>, too have made preparations”


Hanging their heads behind her as she grasped tightly her hand were seven human figures.


“We will begin. Go destroy any cities. I am raising the beacon of massacre”

“Gihyahya! In that case, I will go!”


Who stood up was a tall man with a peculiar pointed red hair.

He raised a vulgar laughter while sending a sharp look at Creasyl.


“You know, I want all the most delicious parts! That’d be fine right? Almighty Creasyl!

“Mammon is it… Very well. You go”

“Gihya! Alright!


The man called Mammon jumped off the top floor as is and turned small until he vanished.


“… Will it be fine to let that man go?”


One of the sacred swords saw off Mammon and opened her mouth.


“I do not mind. His suicidal tendency is manageable. Left alone, he should come bring several heads of human leaders”


Creasyl turned around and created a throne behind her.

Sitting on the boorish and pointless ornament-lacking throne, she spoke the words of the beginning.


“Now―――― ‘tis the end of the age of mankind”


“That fool Creasyl… so she began her move”


Destroia murmured while facing the direction of the solitary island, where Creasyl was at.


“And yet our side is likely to take yet more time――”


Behind her was a shrine inside the forest.

Inside the shrine was Setsu’s figure on his knees on the worn-out throne, his arms bound in chains and his head hanging down.

His eyes were closed and he did not seem conscious.


“When necessity arises, I will――――no, I should have confidence in him”


Destroia entered the shrine.

Seeing Setsu’s “completion”, she closed her eyes in satisfaction.


“I will not let you end the age of mankind――――Creasyl”

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  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    A god of creation trying to destroy the world and a god of destruction trying to save it… Even after some time I’m still getting my head around that one.

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