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Chapter 30

The Hero, Demon lord and Adventurers return alive




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“Isvel, take Leona and get away from here”

“You don’t need any support?”

“No, I’ll be fine”


Isvel nodded and ran up to Leona.

With this I can fight to my heart’s content.

I prepare Echsdarc and first calmly observe the mystery bird.


‘ ‘t would seem it has quite the thick film of wind. Even if I were to hit, our might may be washed away by the wind like this’

“I suppose so. You don’t have any ability of some sort to nullify black magic?”

‘Heh, who do you think you be talking to! I have no such ability!’

“You-… don’t have any, I see”


I lost what little I anticipated from her.

The sacred beast fluttered his wings and began to store magic power into his mouth.

That one is bad news.



‘Here it comes!’


What was released from its mouth was a bullet of hardened wind attribute magic power.

I leaped to the sides and avoided a direct hit.

But the impacted portion was greatly scraped off and on top of that, the contained magic power released wind edges to its surroundings, like it bursted open.




To think it has this kind of byproduct.

I made sure to roll and hide behind a tree.

The trees and shrubs around me were simply cut and scattered about.


‘Hya~! Showy is he not!’

“That guy called him a sacred beast didn’t he… “

‘Lo~ng ago I have heard of them. I recall each of them were messengers of the gods of the five elements. I have heard they were imprisoned in a small shrine somewhere though…’

“It is likely that the people of the rainbow associations have taken them out”

‘No, the sacred beasts do not possess any substance and all of its soul was near their gods――is what I have heard. By killing this one, it should only cut its link to this world’

“In that case, they won’t blame me even if I take him down with all my strength I guess”

‘That is how it is!’


I rush out from behind the tree and run off towards the sacred beast.

The sacred beast went to send out the same attack the second and third time.

I’ve never heard he could attack consecutively, but if it’s an attack that I’ve seen once――


“Then I can avoid it!”


I dodge the wind bullet and make sure to evade the wind blades, which were its additional effect.

I immediately shorten the distance and jump towards the sacred beast.

The instant it entered my sword range, I swung in order to hit it with Echsdarc.

Echsdarc certainly drew a trajectory to cut off the sacred beast’s wing, but the wind armor protecting the sacred beast prevented that.

The center of the sword was pushed by the wind and turned away from her orbit.

Even if I do a straightforward attack, it will be difficult to even hit properly as long as he has this wind armor.


‘Its flapping is coming this way!’



I distribute my magic power in Echsdarc.

Confirming that she began to emit a black aura, I time my swing with the sacred beast’s flapping.

The gale and the black slash collided and brought forth a violent shock.

Just before I was thrown onto the ground, I performed an ukemi and immediately regained my balance.

The sacred beast too probably did not get away with it either; its body was shaking in the air.


‘If you’re going to do it, now would be the time’

“I know”


I concentrate the highest amount of magic power so far into Echsdarc.

The dark aura gushed out even more, dyeing my surroundings black.


‘Nuuuuoooooooh! I’m breakiiiiiiiiiIIIiiiiing!’

“Endure it!”

‘I’m tryiiiiiiiiing!’


Echsdarc was raising sweet voices, but she was somehow suffering.

To be honest, I also felt my body slightly creaking.

Echsdarc feels heavy, as if its gravity has multiplied several times.


“But this should be…!”



The sacred beast seems to have finally regained his balance.

But, it’s already too late.




I swing down Echsdarc.

I used it several times and understood, but Echsdarc has an effect which would throw up my magic power efficiency.

Pouring in one unit of magic power would display ten units of might.

In other words, if I concentrate this much magic power――


“ …Are you serious”


As soon as I released a black slash, that slash directly bisected the sacred beast.

As if he had no such thing as a wind armor.

Without stopping at that, the slash continued like it was dividing the forest, and it finally dispersed when I could hardly see it.



“A little less would have already been fine though”

‘It felt good to me though’

“I didn’t want to hear that”


The sacred beast dropped to the ground and vanished in green particles.

The wind around us stopped and the swinging of the trees settled down.

I could hear the sounds of small leaves rubbing, but this would rather seem silent.

I sheathed Echsdarc and began walking towards the direction where the adventurers had been gathering.

I’m already quite worn out today.


“Yeah, I got rid of that Green. Yellow kicked the bucket before I could start with him though”


Inside the forest fairly separated from the forest where Adel and company were in.

While leaning on the base of a tree, Red spoke something towards a magic stone.


“The one who killed the two? Yeah, they were a strange duo. Yellow looks to have been killed by adventurers, but who actually could stand up there were those guys”


Red was groaning and conversing for a while, but he suddenly wrinkled his eyebrows.


“Ah? Sure, he did have that kind of appearance though… what are you smiling about?”


When Red asked the question, a one, two word reply came.

Breathing a sigh towards those words, Red once again opened his mouth.


“Alright alright. I won’t oppose you. Everything will be as you say, Master Luke Roy.


Red put away the magic stone, stood up and began to walk.

His expression gave the slight feeling of ill humor, and his way of walking was rough.


“If it was such a freaking troublesome organization, then I shouldn’t have entered it”


Red disappeared inside the forest.

What remained at the base of the tree he was at were slightly burned leaves.


Time went on and we were able to return to the city by carriage.

We ended up having several casualties and the Greed Tiger people seems to have been spurred to deal with that.

To still be able to move despite having struggled that hard, they’re really tough people.

Although Leona recovered her consciousness, she had muscle pain all over her body and was unable to move.

With the key people unable to move, the delivery of the rewards will be tomorrow.


“Those are the details of the situation”

“So they really did come to attack, the rainbow association”


I once again visited Silvar on foot after the quest end.

I thought about reporting at least about the rainbow association, so I pushed on my still fatigued body.


“Red called a person’s name Roy. Perhaps that might be the boss’s name.”

“Roy I see… Are you aware of the phrase ROY G BIV?”

“Hm? No, I don’t happen to know of it”

“ROY GI BIV is the phrase that combines the initials of the seven colors of the rainbow, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. Seeing that the name “Roy” had appeared, I believe that would be certain”

“ …I see”


Who we encountered so far were Red, Blue, Yellow and Green.

Remaining ones would be Orange, Indigo and Violet.

And then, ROY G BIV.


“It looks like this will greatly advance our investigations. You’ve done good work”

“Thanks. Also here”



I rolled a yellow stone in front of Silvar.


“That’s what was embedded inside the body of the one called Yellow. Red broke the green stone that was inside Green, but it looks like he didn’t have the time to collect just this one”

“I can feel strong magic power… What is this?”

“From what I see, a sacred beast seems to be locked up inside it”

“What, a sacred beast you say!?”


Silvar opened his eyes and took that stone in his hand.

He looks considerably surprised.

Now that I learned of its strength after actually fighting it, I can even nod to his response.


“ … If they are using the might of the sacred beasts, then the military strength of the rainbow association may likely be larger than expected. Deliver this stone immediately to the guild. Research on the stone and the liberation of the sacred beast, we have a pile of things to do after all”


I take the yellow stone he returned and put it away in my pocket again.

Silvar seems to have begun pondering somewhat with a serious face.

After a while, Silvar finally opened his mouth.


“What are you going to do from now on? If you have nothing to do, will you not pursue the rainbow association together with us? I will offer rewards”

“I’m sorry, but I plan to return to the village”


“Yeah. We saved up money after all, I’m going back to the countryside”

“ …I see. Well, there is no helping that then. Approving a retainer’s holiday is also a lord’s duty”

“Yes yes, I am thankful and blessed”


I turned away and left Silvar’s clan house.

Who stood there when I went out of the clan house was Isvel.


“Are you done?”

“Yeah. Next we deliver the stone to the guild and return to the inn”

“So we have to leave this city tomorrow…”

“Once we get the rewards for this that is. That was our plan from the beginning right?”

“That is true, but… I feel something lonely about this”


I do understand her a little.

We had several encounters in this city.

Close relationships… is what they may not have become, but making acquaintances and partings becomes inevitably lonely.


“… We can come again, you know”

“! We can!?”

“If you go with me that is. I also have several things I would leave behind.”

“Tha- thank you! Adel!”



Isvel came clinging to me.

Although I’m glad because there were no signs of life, she even called me by my name――well, it’s fine I guess.

While feeling a certain warmth that did not seem like that of a cold-hearted demon lord, I smiled a little.

There looks to be plenty of things I have to think about though, like the matter with the rainbow association, including Red.

… It should be enough for today.


I’m thinking about having them let me enjoy a peaceful slow life for a while.

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