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Chapter 54.5 The Musician’s revival


That day, Jin visited a room of the mansion in the capital of Estia kingdom.

The purpose was to have a talk with the daughter of the former duke Garfield, Fiyu, who had regained her consciousness.

Duke Garfield tried to recover the arms of his musician daughter Fiyu with the “Soma” Jin possessed. However, the means he took for that sake was Jin’s assassination, something one could not quite call it as proper.

Jin, whose life was aimed for, exposed Duke Garfield’s evil deeds in retaliation and let the duke’s family name fall. Once they fell, Fiyu, who had fallen into stupor from having lost her arms, was taken charge of as a slave by Jin.

Right after that, Jin, by using “Soma” on Fiyu in front of Duke Garfield’s eyes and letting her recover her disabilities, thrust at him how much of a foolish choice he had made.


Now that Fiyu’s arms have been restored, he thought Fiyu would open her eyes in the near future. But precisely because of the details, the possibility of her voicing her grudges towards Jin was by no means low.

Jin’s believers would not allow such thing in any way, so the room Fiyu was put to sleep in was constantly under the maids’ strict surveillance. And then, after waking up, the maids’ elaborate questioning was conducted before letting her meet Jin.

The result of that was that they judged that there will be no problems even if Jin were to meet her, therefore they conveyed the gist of it to Jin. Incidentally, there was even the possibility that she would be secretly made a dead person if she were to be judged unsuitable to meet Jin.


As Jin entered the room, the beautiful girl on the bed bowed.

From what could be seen of Fiyu on the bed, she was short and had little ruggedness. Even so, her impression was not one cute but one of a beauty, and she was evaluated as lovely. With her western look and her lovely, shoulder-length blond hair, her image was close to that of an antique doll.


[[Are you Jin-sama?]]


The girl ran her pen at an amazing speed on the sketchbook like thing and then showed it to him.


[Yes, that’s right. …You can’t talk?]


As far as Jin could see on her status, there were no such records. He rather thought that she had <Sing> skill, it would be natural for her to sing.


Fiyu once again ran the pen at frightening speed to Jin’s question.


[[That is not it, I don’t want to use my throat for anything other than singing songs, so pardon me for communicating by writing]]



Unable to comprehend what she was saying, Jin tilted his head and looked at a maid.


[It seems that she is dedicating her all to music. She perceived vocalizing as a burden on her throat, so she had decided to vocalize only for vocal training and singing songs.]

[…I have trouble understanding it, but I got what she was trying to say.]


According to what the maids confirmed through their questioning, the “Musician” seems an extremely important type of “Musicians” among “Musicians”, and her actions were quite extreme. Incidentally, using the pen gave exercise to the arm, her rehabilitation seems OK.


[[Jin-sama, I am truly grateful to you for restoring my arm.]]


Fiyu wrote on sketchbook and bowed.


[Don’t you have anything like grudges with what happened to the former duke Garfield?]

[[I do not. No, I have no qualifications to say them.]]

[What do you mean by that?]

[[While I was aware of my father’s unfair practices, I left him alone, thinking that it will be fine if I could continue my music. So I have no qualifications to say anything. I suppose we’ve arrived at the time for his expected judgment]]


Fiyu, who devoted everything to music, was completely indifferent to anything beside music. Even while knowing her father’s wrongdoings, she carried through her complete disregard to it after she judged that it would not have any negative influence to her musical activities..


[Then, what do you think about the fact you’ve become my slave by that?]

[[I can only think of it as being fortunate.]]

[Even though you’ve become a slave?]

[[It is because my arms have been restored.]]


Fiyu’s eyes were serious in and of itself as she shows him the sketchbook, she did not show any negative emotions like sorrow or anger at all.


[[Jin-sama, I am begging you, please allow me to continue my music activities from now on as well. If it means I cannot, then please kill me immediately.]]


Fiyu, as she set the sketchbook to show what she wrote, groveled on the bed.

Fiyu too understood the fact that she was not in a position to give a request regarding her own role from now on, seeing that she had become a slave.

Naturally, even “dying” requires permission of one’s master.

Even so, telling him “I want to continue my music activities!” and “If not, then I’d prefer to be dead!” must evidently be because she was devoting her all to it.


[I’m fine with you continuing your music activities, but since you’re my slave, I’ll have you do your job too.]


When Jin said so, Fiyu suddenly lifted her face and made an expression like she was struck with some idea and began to take off her clothes immediately. Fiyu, who was wearing nothing but a single dress-like clothes, went nude in the blink of an eye, and once again ran her pen through the sketchbook.


[[By all means, use any of my body parts you like if it is one that is useless for music, please.]]


Without shyness or embarrassment, Fiyu showed Jin the sketchbook (and various things).


[No no, I don’t mean that kind of job…]


Jin, realizing that he made her misunderstand him with a single word, began to explain in a hurry.


[I basically get my slaves to be a maid or an adventurer.]

[There are some who are acting as both.]


One of the maids by his side supplemented.


[I plan to have you do one of them. Which would you prefer to be?]

[[Maid please.]]


Fiyu wrote so without hesitation. That would be natural.

Even Jin did not think she would pick adventurer out of these choices.


[Being a maid is quite rigorous too you know? Your hands will get rough from the washing and your throat will suffer damage from cleaning…]


Of course, it wasn’t something where a countermeasure can’t be made, but it was Jin who tried to frighten her for the time being. He was a brute.




Fiyu dropped her sketchbook. She seem to have received quite a mental shock, being suggested of damages to essential body parts for her musical activities.


[Laundry is conducted with magic, so you will hardly come in contact with water, and we also have roughening prevention cream. We have been cleaning everyday so there is hardly any dust and we put on a mask when cleaning. Currently there are no maids having problems with their throat or hands]


A follow-up from the maid who knew the actual workplace.


[[Please don’t frighten me.]]


Fiyu looked at him like she was somewhat sulking.

Being a slave, she was prepared for jobs besides music, but wanting to avoid any damages to body parts necessary for music would absolutely be understandable.


[I’m changing the subject, but what do you plan to do for music activities?]

[[I will undergo rehabilitation for the time being. Since I wasn’t able to touch any musical instruments for a long time and I haven’t had any vocal practice ever since I lost my arm.]]


Thinking about it calmly, she should be able to sing even if she had lost her arm. However, uncompromising in relation to her own musical activities, Fiyu must have been shocked enough to lose her willpower to live if she were to lose either <Musical performance> or <Singing>.


[[I don’t think I can stand on stage with my slave position, so I will at least continue my performance inside the mansion afterwards I suppose. I would be happy if I am approved to play in front of everyone from time to time.]]


Fiyu thinks “music definitely has meaning when people listen” so she would not approve of continuing her practice on her own..

However, she considered it difficult to announce on stage that she had become a slave, so it was a petition that she at least want to have the residents of the mansion to listen to her.


[Eh? You can just stand on stage though?]


Jin’s answer was exceedingly simple.


[…] [[Eh?]]


The “Eh?” just now was something that came out after Fiyu went mentally slow for a while. It took an unusually long time for her to write it.


[It’s limited to this country right now though.I’ve at the very least done the announcement of your slavery and the recovery of your disabilities in front of the king, so there’s no need to hide your position, you know.]


Seeing that they had grandly announced her being a slave, it wasn’t possible to conceal her slave crest. However, there was no need to hide the fact she is a slave, so it would not obstruct her outside activity. Of course, this is a talk if they could close their eyes to some prejudice because of her being a slave however…


[Well, if you say you don’t like appearing in public as a slave, Fiyu, then I won’t say the unreasonable though…]

[[If I can stand on stage, then there would be no problem at all!]]


Just in case, Fiyu was a former noble’s daughter. However, it seems that she had no pride in anything but music, and she didn’t seem to mind it at all even if her title when standing on stage would be “slave”.

In the past, Fiyu has often been the overall victor in contests, …Correction, has been nothing but the overall victor in contests (Excluding fixed-matches), and often held solo concerts.

Therefore, many music fans were grieving when Fiyu disappeared from the stage due to illness. (Former duke Garfield had decided to hide the true reason and call it a potentially recoverable illness)

As a matter of fact, there were a great number of music fans among Estia kingdom’s nobles. Or perhaps one could say that the ones who have a money consuming hobby like music were largely nobles.

At the time Jin used “Soma” on Fiyu, a great number of nobles were present at that place beside the royalty. Of course, there were few of them music fans among them. They saw Fiyu’s state and guessed the real reason of her vanishing from the stage, and understood that that was resolved.

The detailed account had not been spread due to a gag order. However, news of “Fiyu’s revival” silently spread among music fans, and the fans with keen hearing were eagerly awaiting her with impatience..

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