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Chapter 32

The demon lord moves house




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Isvel’s house was built in a place not so far from mine.

There weren’t many houses around here, so it’s not even an exaggeration to say we’re neighbors.




Seeing off Isvel, whose eyes shined as she jumped inside the house, I look at the whole image of the house again.

It’s an adequate one-story house for living alone and it’s structure is solid as well.

It may not even become broken even if Isvel or I swing our sword once.

And Addler constructed this in an instant.

He’s an old man who I’m constantly curious of what he is.


“Adel! It’s amazing! It’s a new building!”


It sure is.


“You come here too! Let’s look together!”

“What are you going to do, making me look as well… well, it’s fine I guess”


Pouring cold water on the cheerful Isvel’s expression is meaningless too.

I brush away the dust on my body and soles as much as I can and step inside.


The interior structure basically isn’t any different from mine it seems.

A living room, bedroom, kitchen, toilet and in addition to those, a furnished bathroom.

It’s in a condition where you won’t be troubled in life with all of this.

If I were to point out one thing that’s different from my house, then I guess it’s where it has the strong smell of a new building.

At the end of the day, quite some time has passed since I started living in this village too, so that smell has faded.


“It’s a bed! I have a bed!”

“You also have a bed in my house though…”


I was filled with bitter smiles seeing Isvel jumping up and down on top of the bed.

At the time Isvel was living in my house, I had Addler make another bed.

That’s why I avoided the situation of sleeping in the same bed.

That said, Isvel tossed and turned around a lot while asleep, falling onto the floor or slipping into my bed, so it was meaningless…

If there’s one thing I want to talk to her about, then it would be what I should do with the other bed in my house though――

This isn’t something I should talk about today I guess.


“But I see… This means I will be living in a different house from you Adel”

“That’s right. We originally did promise until you have your own house”

“Don’t you, don’t you find it… lonely?”


No, I don’t go as far as feeling lonely though――

Just when I was about to speak out, I stopped.

It’s not much of a distance in particular, and if we have some business with each other, then we can meet without taking even a minute, so there’s no particular problem.

But this is more of a problem of feelings.

It must be something Isvel thought a lot about, even if I don’t particularly feel much about it. 

The days where we came to converse like this, not as Hero and Demon lord, but as Adel and Isvel, were shallow, but I believe I came to understand such trifles.


“Well, I may have… felt it so somewhat. But we have this distance you know. You can immediately come to my house when something happens”

“Hu- hum… can I?”

“Of course. Food too, I can at least make your portion so you can come to eat, okay?”


When I spoke so, Isvel’s face brightened and she happily nodded several times just as she did.


“Okay…! Okay! I will go! I mean, your meals are delicious!”

“Why thank you”


I scratched my cheeks and averted my eyes for a little.

Being praised right in my face is embarrassing in any way.

And since we’re talking about Isvel, it’s clear that compliments aren’t included in her speech, so it resounded straight in my heart even more.


It was that time. Our voices were interrupted by the sound of the door being thrown open.



“Uoh, if it isn’t Dian… What’s wrong?”


Who came in was the man who was always guarding the village entrance, Dian.

Dian looked quite flustered and frowned after he entered the house and looked around.


“So she’s not here either… Well of course she wouldn’t”

“What- what’s wrong?”

“Well that’s――”


“Your daughter is gone?”

“Yeah… I just heard it from my wife. She should’ve been in the house and yet it looks like she’s nowhere to be seen. She ain’t a girl who would stay silent, so I thought maybe she was kidnapped”

“Kidnapped… is there someone in this village who would do such a thing?”

“Like hell there could be one! It’s someone from outside… there should be people who would do bad things after noticing the village’s existence. Actually, kids from other households are nowhere to be seen either it seems”

“Say that earlier!”


It’s no longer “A problem occurred.” A big problem occurred.

I stood up from the chair I was sitting on and grabbed hold of Echsdarc just in case.


“Isvel, let’s go”



Isvel nodded and left her seat too.


“He- hey…”

“What are you doing? Let’s get going”

“You’re going to help…? This is the village’s problem you know?”

“I may be living in a place somewhat separate from the village, but it doesn’t change the fact that you’ve let us live in your land. It should be natural for us to help, seeing that you’ve looked after us”


More help is usually better when it comes to searching people, and if this is the work of someone from outside, then even fighting power would become necessary.

I’m planning on living in this village for a long time, so there’s no reason for me not to lend my hand.


“I’m lending Adel a hand in lending you a hand though!”


And you don’t have to say something unnecessary.


“――――That’s plenty enough. I feel indebted to you!”


Dian deeply lowered his head towards us.

We have to settle this quickly and give the people in the village a peace of mind.

With the three of us, we first ran off towards the village.


“Listen~, good kids. Stand in a line, okay? Yes, like that! Amazing aren’t you kids~”


Inside a forest a little separated from the village where Adel and Isvel were retiring at, ten children were lined up.

Each and every one of them were village children, but for some reason their eyes’ focus point did not come together, as if they were unconscious.


“Of all the gentlemen, what are you, Lord Phantom, captain of the demon lord elite guards, doing?”

“Hm~? You don’t understand after seeing it, my dear Eleira? I am admiring them you know, the adorable children that is!”


The man called Phantom shouted in a loud voice while stroking the head of a child.

The woman called Eleira grandly sighed towards that.


“*sigh*… We’ve come here in search for the lady Demon lord. Is this really the time to be playing with children?”

“ … You’re right I suppose. Now where did these people come from I wonder”

“In all probability, the village must be hidden nearby don’t you think? A place that’s small enough to not be on the map and not reported by anybody either”


The hand of the weakly smiling Phantom, shone a suspicious light.

He slowly brought his hand closer towards the children’s head.


“Children are pure. They are easily swallowed by my illusion and they’re even easy to lure. Now, would you show me? Your everything”


From the children’s head, something white and shining followed Phantom’s hand.

Whenever that light reaches Phantom’s head, he nodded several times.


“I see I see… So you’re called Alice. Your dad is Dian and your mom is… hm hm, quite the beauty isn’t she. This peaceful village is where you live at? I see, cleverly hidden aren’t they”

“Have you learned something?”

“Yup! I learned the location of the village. Got it right on the first one”

“I see. Then, shall we go there?”

“Now now, don’t be in such a hurry”


Phantom walked towards the direction of the village, taking along Eleira.

Leaving behind ten children who were standing by, not moving.

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  1. if i am you finding secret village i am will choose not go because it something dangerous that make village hide

    1. Villagers are weak. Of course they would hide themselves if possible. Who knows how many hidden villages there are?
      Doesn’t matter, I’m a top aid to the (acting) Demon Lord.
      Nothing is a threat to me.
      I’m so powerful that I can even capture the real Demon Lord and bring her back…

      (Wait, if I were more powerful than her, why did I follow her and not usurp her place?)

      As I said, there can be no possible threat here, it’s just villagers so cowardly that they conceal themselves.

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