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Chapter 75

Orange and the Knight King


“Hah… I certainly was no match for you at that time. But, now it’s different!”



Luke showed a wicked smile, and suddenly out of nowhere a bundle of flames came flying out of nowhere.

I remember the owner of these red flames.


“Adel, I’m leaving that one to you. Please let me settle a score with Luke first”



I stopped the bundle of flames with Echsdarc.

And the face of my destined enemy peeked through the crevices in the flames.


“Hey, Hero Adel”

“Red…! So you really did come out”

“How about the two of us have some fun time together? Since we’re here and all!”


Red grabbed my neck.

Next I grabbed that arm of his.

Red and I rolled along with the momentum and withdrew from under Isvel and Luke.


“So my opponent would be you…”

“Whew! It’s silver~!”


Who stood in front of Silvar, was the boy called Orange.

Some innocence remained on his face, but it was simultaneously littered in enough madness to give one cold sweat.


“You are not much of an opponent appropriate of the king-worthy me, but… It cannot be helped. It is to give assistance to a companion

“I’ve never killed a silver color I guess. Well, it doesn’t matter if I can kill you I guess!”

“Uncivilized brat. So you’re not thinking about conversing for a while”

“It’s useless to converse with someone who is about to die right?”

“ …”


Suddenly Orange disappeared and appeared right behind Silvar.

Equipped on his arm that he concealed under the robe was a mismatched claw of steel.

The claw drew near Silvar’s back.


“It is futile”


However, the claw did not pierce through Silvar.




What was destroyed instead was Orange’s claw.

Silvar’s characteristic magic that nullifies any attack, “Absolute defence”.

It had not been broken even once and it brought for great persuasiveness to him claiming to be a king.





Silvar’s sword was swung down on the shaken Orange.

Orange avoided it by leaping back at once, but the sword tip reached his robe and skin.


“Don’t think you will end it with just that”


Silvar kicked the ground.

Closing in the distance in an instance, Silvar pointed the sword tip towards Orange.


“Silver sword thrust――”


His sword was already clad in magic, it created astounding penetrative force and destructive power.


“――Silver Horn!”


Orange immediately moved his claws towards defense.

One blow from Silvar who properly continued training without relying on his own magic.

That this technique was not so soft that he could defend against with a steel claw like that, Orange himself knew as well.

Even so, he had no choice but to do so in order to raise his chances of survival.

The sword tip broke the claw.

The flash of silver pierced Orange’s flesh, without stopping.


“It is over”

“O- over…? What are you saying? I can still go, you know?”



Orange raised his other hand overhead.

A claw was attached to that arm as well, and Orange swung down to his arm towards Silvar’s face at point-blank range.

By all rights would this sort of attack not be significant enough to ward off.

Because Silvar is in a state where he could be called invincible, not affected by any kind of attacks.

Even when that was the case, chills ran through Silvar’s spine.

It was something like a bad premonition, something he had not felt in a long time.

The Silvar at that time was prudent.

In less than a second, he leaped back in accordance to his intuition.

He pulled out his sword from Orange at the same time, but he was not in a state to mind it at all.

Naturally the claw’s attack did not stop and was swung down straight forward.

As a result of having dodged it just before it, the attack stopped with just putting a scratch on Silvar’s cheek.

Yes, he received a scratch.


“Hehehe, I touched you a bit! I touched you, didn’t I!”

“Why you…”


Orange laughed foolishly, even though blood was spitting out from the corner of his mouth.

Large amounts of blood flowed from his wounds as well, and it was clear that he had bled so much that it threatens his biological activity.

Even so, he laughed.

Delightfully, cheerfully.


“A gem was embedded in my body, but I heard this would make everyone’s magic unusable. I don’t know what your magic is, but it looks like my attacks can reach you with this, isn’t it!”

“Tch… what a nuisance”


Something shined near Orange’s wounds.

Silvar too understood it was likely that gem.


“Your attack was awfully painful, you know! Next is my turn!”


While scattering blood, Orange leaped towards Silvar.

Silvar was surprised.

With a body that would not survive for long due to bleeding, Orange showed completely unchanged movements.

Therefore Silvar’s response delayed, and was overpowered.


“There and there!”


“What’s wrong? You’re gonna die you know!”


He narrowly dealt with the claw with his sword.

Orange violently threw his claw to Silvar, constantly with all his strength.

He ignored even the burden that his own arm would take from that, attacking Silvar as if he was playing.

This boy did not have any fears.

His mind, which does not fear of dying, excelled his opponent in aspects beside skills and the body.

If it adapts to this situation, then it would mean that the Silvar would be losing ground currently.


“Here! An opening!”



Orange, with the hand with the broken claws, gripped Silvar’s sword in eagle grip.

Even when blood dropped from its sharpness, Orange did not release his hand.

Orange made sure to pull his sword towards him, creating the decisive opening on Silvar.


“The end!”


The claw drew near his defenseless body like that.

The sound of armor breaking, resounded in the vicinity――――


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