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Chapter 76

The armorless knight king




Orange’s arm certainly pierced the armor.

However, there were no sensations of piercing the important flesh.


“How did you escape?”

“That armor is connected with my magic power. If its magic supply is severed, then naturally it would get unfastened”

“Tch, just when I thought I have killed you”


Orange said bored-looking while pulling out his arm.


“But the next time I hit, you’ll die right! From here on, the performance will be――――” “――a disgrace”


Silvar stamped at his feet.

He glared at Orange hatefully, pointing his sword at him.


“Making me undo my armor, deserves certain death”

“Aah! I know that one! That kind of thing is called the grumblings of a loser!”

“A loser? So you would mock me even further…”

“Heheh~! Then let’s continue――”


It was a momentary happening.

Silvar disappeared the instant he blinked.

And when he appeared once again, he had grabbed Orange’s neck and pinned him down on the ground.


“Eh… Eh?” “By taking off my armor, I have gotten quite light. Could you have truly thought I was sluggish?”

“Le- let go of me!”


Shaking his body, Orange escaped from Silvar’s restraint.


“This is an accident! I am faster than you!”

”Shall we try it out?”



Orange’s smile disappeared from his face for the first time.

Kicking the ground and leaping, Orange fast enough for ordinary people to mistake it for teleportation.



“You are slow”


Silvar’s sword flickered.

Immediately afterwards, blood spurted out of both of Orange’s arms.

Not knowing what had occured, Orange’s arms hung feebly.


“The armor is my identity. And it is also to show greatest honor to my enemy. Once it was taken off, I will show my respect to you no longer”

“Huh… my arms…”

“Next will be your legs”


To reiterate, Silvar had not taken a rest from training even a single day.

It was not that he excelled in handling magic power.

It was not that he had a great amount of magic power either.

What he carried to the extremes was his technique.

Without depending on the fact he was invincible, he constantly continued to polish his techniques.

And so, his technique eventually reached the level of gods.




Blood spurted from Orange’s acchilles tendons.

A swordsmanship where he could not even respond with his eyes.

Silvar swept away the blood stuck on his sword and sheathed it.


“Haah… Haah…”

“It’s over”

“I- I’m… going to die…?”


A great amount of blood had already flowed around Orange as he lied down on the ground.

It was clear that it was a lethal amount and brought attention to the fact that his life would be over soon, no matter how one looked at it.


“I can’t walk… it’s cold… I can’t play anymore?”


“I don’t… want that…”


Light vanished from Orange’s eyes.

After closing his eyes once, Silvar turned his back to his corpse.


“Quite the shady-looking face you have”

“Fufufu, I do get that often”


Who Phantom took on was Violette.

Though not having innocence like Orange, one could not read what is in Violette’s heart from her expression.

She called Phantom shady-looking, but she was so as well for the most part.


“Come to think of it… The one who killed Sir Gidara was you wasn’t it?”

“Gidara? Aah, it is that old man, isn’t it? Yes, that is right. I was surprised that he was not much of a challenge. Demons are surprisingly not much of a big deal aren’t they”


Violette herself was not aware that she was inciting Phantom.

She just genuinely put what she experienced into words.

Phantom’s experience did not change.

Even if he was someone who he accompanied with for a long time, reading his expression from his face would be a herculean task.


“Would you entertain me for a little bit?”


A purple whip appeared from under Violette’s robe.

When she swung it once the pointed end of the whip flew over Phantom’s eyes.


(She is quick!)


Phantom’s shoulder jumped up from surprise.

Even so, his title of commander of the demon lord army was not just for show.

At once she jumped sideways, dodging it.


“I won’t let you escape!”


Violette turned her wrist, changing the whip’s direction.

Phantom was not in time in his evasion from the attack that was impossible to expect.

The whip twined around Phantom and then tied him up.


“Hum, I have been caught”

“I have captured you”


He put his strength to escape from the whip, but he was bound so strongly that he could not create a single opening.

In fact, it gradually began to eat into Phantom’s skin.


“There are no means of escape after getting caught by my whip. Reason being, my whip has some interesting tricks”


Phantom dropped his sight to the whip, and confirmed there were countless thorns on it.

Those looked to be biting into Phantom’s body.


“What do you think would happen if I were to pull my whip that has been cutting up your body like this with all my strength?”

“ …You are joking aren’t you?”

“Unfortunately, I hate jokes”


Violette pulled her whip.

The whip, pulled with strong force, ripped Phantom to shreds.

While blood gushed out from his whole body, he slowly lay face down.


“Words can’t describe my disappointment… Aren’t there any tougher ones I wonder――”

“Forgive me for the disappointment. It would be nice if I will meet your expectations next though”



Violette distanced herself from the voice she could suddenly hear behind her.


“Is it not fine not to avoid me so? I was weaker than you imagined isn’t it?”


Even after escaping, a voice came from behind Violette.

She turned around and swung her arm, but she felt nothing on her hand.

Even when she looked around her, Phantom was nowhere to be seen.


“Wha- what was that!?”

“Fufufu, you are more fun to tease than I imagined”


The air shook, and then Phantom appeared at a somewhat separated place.

Before anybody was aware of it, his ripped up corpse vanished, no more traces were there.


“Gh… you are skillful at petty tricks isn’t it”

“Yes, my specialties are petty tricks at any time. However… Those petty tricks will torment you from here on, so I hope you can enjoy this until the end”


Phantom, faced Violette with an unusually uncanny smile.


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