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Chapter 77

The illusionist smiles


Violette had been most excited since she was born.

During the time she followed Luke, she did acquire battle training of course.

However, it was her first time fighting this sort of enemy.

Therefore she was deceived by a mere illusion.


“ …I have understood your ability. But don’t think I will be taken down with that!”

“I wonder about that. People like are easily caught in illusions after all, you see. You may lose surprisingly easily, you know?”

“That is impos――”


The instant she opened her mouth, iron spears suddenly protruded from a part of the ground.

They struck Violette’s abdomen, letting it drip blood.


“――hnngh… Aah!”


Violette shook her head, shaking off the illusion.

Not surprisingly, no holes were opened in her abdomen.

Before she was aware of it, the spears vanished.


“My, so you found out”

“How insolent…! You can’t defeat me by repeating such things!”

“So you think? In that case, how about this?”



This time, countless spears protruded from the ground, piercing Violette’s whole body.

The mind is a bothersome thing.

However much one believes it was an illusion, the information caught by one’s sight would end up deceiving the mind at once.

It would end up perceiving pain that they were not supposed to have.

That will stop one’s movement and would create a mere second of opening.

For a fight between them, that one second was similar to eternity.

Phantom immediately closed their distance and thrust his arm towards Violette.




Phantom’s palm heel stuck into Violette’s abdomen.

She spat out air within the ashes, her voice clogged.


“Victory has been decided”

“Victory… decided? Please don’t be absurd… the amusing part will be from now on”

“What did you say? …Wh-”


The next moment, after Violette showed a daring smile, Phantom collapsed on his knees.

Assailed by an overpowering nausea, Phantom spat out large amounts of blood.

His eyes blurred and it had even become harder for him to breathe.


“My ability has taken effect I see. Being on guard and spreading it is a poor move”

“What did you… do? *Cough*”

“Why don’t you try to guess it?”

“Po… poison…?”

“That is correct! It’s an immensely pleasant ability, don’t you agree? After receiving the magic gem from Master Luke, I’ve become able to emit poison this way!”


A violet orb appeared in Violette’s palm.

When she struck the ground with it, violet miasma began to drift in its surroundings.

The instant when Phantom inhaled the miasma, he spat out even more blood and tears of blood flowed from his eyes.


“*cough*… Gah…”

“The tables have turned. My poison is one that will slowly kill you when it enters the body. I won’t deny it’s a little plain, but I believe it’s a good ability where you can kill without dirtying your hands. Of course, if you take in a large amount in a short time, it is possible to die instantly! Like this!”


Violette’s hand colored violette.

And then she thrusted her arm to pierce Phantom who was on his knees.




Just before being pierced, Phantom used his strength to roll to the side to avoid her.

And then, surprisingly, even the ground turned violet, with the ground her fingers had struck as the center.

Phantom, with his instinct, guessed that even the parts she would touch would change into poison.


“Oh gentleman, who is tired of running. Won’t you accept my present?”

“Do I need… *cough*, a present intended to kill me…”


So replied Phantom, and vomited the largest amount of blood until now.

His death was drawing near.

It was the moment that he strongly felt so.


“You will die before long even if I leave you as is. But that wouldn’t be interesting. I won’t be satisfied if I don’t feel that I have taken your life with these hands”


Violette grabbed Phantom’s neck.

Phantom moved in order to escape, but he was caught without even being able to move, possibly due to having used up all his strength in his evasion before.


“Guh… Aaaaaaah…!”

“Look, it gets more and more difficult, right? The feeling of being encroached from the throat”


Phantom’s throat gradually turned violet.

He was no longer able to breathe, and both his mind and his insides were affected by the poison.

Eventually Phantom began to give off blood from his whole body, turning into something that only repeated spasms.


“You can’t even reply anymore. Phew, I have somewhat tested my abilities, so let’s release it”


Violette’s arm pierced Phantom’s chest.

Phantom, whose heart was destroyed, jumped up once, but after that he no longer moved at all.

Convinced of the end of his life, Violette pulled out her arm and threw the corpse on the ground.


“Now, I wonder what Orange’s side is like. It is not possible for Master Luke to lose to start with, so it may be better to assist him if he is strug――――eh?”


Violette looked back and was surprised.

Reason being that Phantom’s corpse was not there.

And then she noticed.

the fact that the scenery around her had become one completely different from before.


“… So that is how it is”


This time Violette went on her knees.

Even while doing so, the scenery around her changed countless times.

Eventually each and all of the townscape in her sight gradually crumbled.

There was nothing in the crumbled place, and the black that represented nothingness, spread as if encroaching.

Violette, while looking at the sky, let out a dry laugh.


“Fufu… Was I in the palm of his hands from the beginning I wonder”


Violette laughed for a while, and then she strongly grasped her fist and struck the ground.


“――――Let me out. Let me out of here! I don’t want to die in a place like this! Let me at least die in front of master Luke!”


Her expression crumbled already, and what remained was just the figures of a crying and shouting woman.

Before long, the world crumbled and all that remained was an empty black space.

No help came to Violette, who was crying and shouting at the center of it.


“So she finally fell”


Phantom separated his hand from the kneeling Violette’s head.

Violette was hanging her head with a blank expression and showed no signs of movement.

Which was not surprising.

Violette whad been eternally imprisoned in a dream world that Phantom had created.


“Poison magic, it was correct for me not to fight her properly”


Phantom wiped his hand and turned his back on the woman.

And when he turned his sight to Violette with just his head, he softly smiled.


“――Sweet dreams”


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  1. Yooo thanks for the chapter!! The fight between those two was intriguing, I liked how phantom used his ability to destroy her willpower. It just shows how a commander has power fitting for his position.

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