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Vol 11 Chapter 8

Yuuji, being appointed leader of the elven escort party by the feudal lord


“Ooh, you have brought down a wyvern! Not bad, Lord Yuuji!”

“Ah, yes, thank you very much, Sir. All of the former third rank adventurers are in the pioneer land, so…”

“Ser, we will offer you once we finish tanning them. Do you wish the leather as is or would you wait after we make it into something?”

“Huum, that’s right… How about it, is there anything you wish for?”

“I will be happy with anything if it’s a present from you”


Yuuji and co were still continuing their conversation in the feudal lord’s house.

Though at times the feudal lord couple went on about each other, the conversation continued calmly.

Perhaps because of the feudal lord’s personality, Yuuji’s tension seems to have relaxed considerably.


“Hum…Hm? The fact that the wyvern appeared in spring, could it be!”

“This may be good news isn’t it?”


He was supposed to be thinking of his present to give to his wife, but the feudal lord Fabian opened his eyes wide like something came to mind.

Successively, the premie city magistrate muttered like he agreed with the feudal lord.


“Yes Ser. It must likely be the wyvern’s hunt after leaving the nest. We expect them to come flying next spring as well”

“Ooh! Hum, next spring…”

“You can’t, dear. You have work even if you fulfill your duty in the royal capital and return to the city”

“But you cannot fight flying enemies properly, you see? Is that still not good?”


Showing an uncontainable smile, the feudal lord pondered.

But before he declared he would go, his wife stopped him. Fabian, who was both Premie city feudal lord and a knight, seems intent to participate in the wyvern subjugation. Is he a battle maniac?


“Sir, about that, you see… could we not receive approval for the production and installation of a ballista for anti-wyvern use?”

“Huum, Something like that would be unnecessary if I were to go… with my halberd like this”

“Dear, I said you cannot, didn’t I?”


The feudal lord’s wife interrupted the feudal lord’s words and put her hands on him. She was smiling, but her eyes were not smiling.


“Ye- yes. I will give you permission for the production and installation of ballistas. But I will ask you to appoint the workshop, alright? Magistrate, I entrust you to confirm its preparations and installation”

“Understood, Sir”


As a noble governing a city, one could not bear having them create large-scale weapons like ballistas and cannons. It seems castle siege weapons that could be pointed to a house, to his own city, were on approval basis.

As lively he may be, he was a noble. He gave out instructions to confirm whether the produced weapon is installed as requested and not taken away.


“And now, these are the aforementioned trial products. It’s something we produced this winter, so not much time has passed yet, but… We have brought the head chef’s portion, so if I would have the privilege of talking about it afterwards”


Kevin gazed at the exclusive escort behind him and let him prepare something.

It was the canned food that was developed for nobles. It was the snow rabbit stew trial product that was produced in the winter under the guidance of the feudal lord’s mansion head chef.


“Oooh, so these are the canned food intended for nobles mentioned in the letter!”

“Yes, dear. Someday we will be selling them to all of the nobles”

“Lord Kevin, could I open this?”


The feudal lord, despite asking Kevin, took out a dagger without hearing his answer. He stabbed it into the metal canned food and opened with his finger. It appears that a great man exceeding two meters was a military man like his appearance suggested.

Without stopping, the feudal lord put his finger in the contents of the canned food and tasted it.


“Ser Fabian, you are before the guests. At the very least do it after preparing the tableware please”

“Is this not fine!? This is a frontier, there are no noisy nobles here! Yes, it is somewhat cold, but it certainly is tasty. How much would be the period we can have without it going bad?”

“We are already selling those intended for commoners and those can be eaten even when an entire year has passed. According to Mr Yuuji, they can last for more than two full years when complete”

“Ooh, that is amazing! Lord Kevin, how many of those can you produce? How much for a meal? Depending on the situation I could be the middleman to the chivalric order- no, I suppose securing a territory’s worth of food for countermeasures against crop failure goes first…”

“Dear, please calm down a little”


The feudal lord, who also had the duty as a knight, must have understood the importance of provisions that one can keep for a long time. With enthusiasm he asked Kevin.


“Currently we can only produce a small amount in order to protect the secrets of our manufacturing method and recipe. If there is a road passing to the pioneer land and a workshop is completed, then we will plan for mass production”

“Yes, so the road construction aid is for that reason! Lord Kevin, so how long until the road is made for producing canned food against crop failure with our surplus harvest from autumn and the snow rabbit canned food intended for nobles in the winter?”

“That’s right, bearing in mind the making a round trip with the carriage a road is connected… I suppose at the very least the end of summer”

“Understood! Magistrate, I entrust you with the arrangements! The commissions to the adventurers guild too if necessary”

“Ooh, dear me. Thank you very much, sir”


Receiving the feudal lord’s words, the supposedly escort guildmaster Salomon warped the scar on his cheek and showed a satisfied and villainous smile. That seemed to be his customer service smile.


“Yes. Magistrate, document the project and estimation. And so Lord Yuuji, Lord Kevin, is the pioneer land focusing on the production of wyvern leather and canned food?”

“Eh, no, we’re also creating farmland beside those of course”

“It’s as Mr Yuuji says. After that we intend to put efforts into clothing and accessories between farmwork, in the evening and during the winter”

“Clothes… Forgive me, but I have no understanding on such matters, you see”

“Dear, leave anything regarding clothing and accessories to me. Which reminds me Mr Kevin, could you have produced a trial product?”

“Yes, I have brought in several of them. It is just that they are intended for commoners, but… would you like to see them?”

“Yes, show them to me, would you?”

“Certainly. Well then, I will have them brought from our carriage, so please wait for a short while”


Taking a glance to the exclusive escorts behind him, one of them exited the room. It appears that Kevin had brought a sample product. He was a well prepared man. Well, this may be reasonable if one is a merchant though.


“Lady Alice, Lady Riese, sorry for boring you. I cannot stay in my territory for long after all. I want to proceed with the discussion while I am here”


The feudal lord shifted his attention to Alice and Riese who had become air and notified them. It appears that though he was a noble, he had considerable understanding for commoners.


“Hm, that’s right I forgot. I have prepared a title for lord Yuuji for protecting you lady Riese. Magistrate, bring me that”

“So you have remembered, Ser Fabian. Here it is”


Along with cold words, the magistrate took a small box from the lady attendant and handed it over to the feudal lord. As ever the composed man. He worked day after day without his heart swayed by the huge breasted married woman with plenty of sex appeal. Is he an owner of a steel heart? Or is he a sage or eunuch?


“Yes. Lord Yuuji, be sure to show this seal and document when something happens. This is valid in my territory and even if you are in another territory you will not be treated bluntly”

“Tha- thank you very much. So uhm, by the way, what is this?”

“I appoint you as the elven escort leader”

“Eh? Escort, you say?”

“Yes. Well, for now we are unable to come in contact with the elf in the royal capital, so it may be unnecessary if you do not go anywhere except the pioneer land, the road between here and this city though. If it is decided that Lady Riese would move, you may consider it again at that time. I have said to lord Salomon that he could off the heads of cheating fellows before, but this will become identification papers supporting that”

“It means that we will not charge you with a crime if it is for the sake of protecting an elf. Also this will become something like an elven proof of residency when in Pasteur territory. Also a travel permit if you move within territory. It is just that they are not valid in another fief, so please be careful. The seal and document will conceal the elven part”


As if following up the words of the feudal lord, the magistrate continued.

Certainly, due to Premie city having been prepared in advance, the elven girl Riese smoothly entered the city. However, like Yuuji had been once told that he “could not enter the city”, originally you could not enter without proof of residency. This would seem to be like Riese’s proof of residency. 


“Uhm, if Riese were to travel, would it mean that I will escort her?”

“Yes, well there is also the safety aspect around that. I am thinking about assuming the situation where she would lose connection with either the pioneer land or Premie city. The plan is to take it into consideration when we understand when and where you will go. Well I’m saying it on the spur of the moment though!”


“Gahaha” The feudal lord laughed with his mouth open wide.

Hearing the conversation after each of their words were interpreted, Riese had a pensive look.


“We understand, sir. Please let us know if you have made contact with the elf in the royal capital or if there are any movements. Now, the sample clothes have arrived, so shall we look at those?”

“Yes, Mr Kevin. By all means, show us!”


Even if she heard it was intended for commoners, she was a woman. Perhaps being curious about it, the feudal lord’s wife answered Kevin with enthusiasm.


“Well then, at once” while saying so, Kevin took out the clothes from the wooden box and lined them up on the table.


The jeans and overalls.

The feudal lord did not quite get her teeth on it, both the feudal lord couple and the magistrate understood the concept of durable clothes. Rather, the feudal lord who is a knight held onto it.


The cloth corsage.

“Oh dear, this may be good if you can be particular in its material and dyeing isn’t it,” The feudal lord’s wife said with sparkling eyes. This time the feudal lord did not seem to be interested at all, opposite to before.


And then.

“This is not for sale and neither can we create it with this cloth even if you were to order one. It would be a different story if you were to supply them for us though” Kevin conveyed the preface. It did not mean he was putting on airs.

What Kevin took out was the silk dress that he would give to his loved one in the royal capital.


“*sigh*, it’s lovely…”

“Lord Kevin, this is Gageus company’s…”


With permission from Kevin, the feudal lord’s wife softly stroked the dress with ecstatic expression. Erotic. Even when her captivating cleavage was hidden by a thick cloud, she seemed to have sex appeal like always.

On the other hand, the feudal lord noticed the origin of this fabric. He was unusually sharp sighted. It appears that this man was not a mere muscle-head.

Beside Yuuji, Alice and Riese’s eyes were sparkling. It seems they will be captivated by a beautiful dress no matter how often they look at them. Though Riese was twelve and Alice nine, girls are girls.


“Hm? Lord Kevin, it seems there is one more small box remaining though?”


The feudal lord, standing in a stooping posture trying to look closely at the dress, noticed the case placed at Kevin’s feet and asked.


“Eh, ah, no, this is uhm…”

“Would it be something unpleasant if it is seen? It will be alright, Mr Kevin. These people would not mind the details and I will not charge you with disrespect, so show it to me, will you?”


Kevin shed cold sweat ot the noble couple’s words.

Kevin’s exclusive escort who brought the samples from the carriage clearly showed an “Oh no” face. “Well then,” while saying so, Kevin gently opened the lid and placed them on the table like the other samples.

Yuuji opened his eyes wide and his face went pale.


“M- Mr Kevin…”

“Oh? This is… I see, I understood why Mr kevin hesitated. Would this be a substitute for a corset? This one is… Oh my!”

“Hum, you did say it is tough tightening your stomach. More importantly, what is this one? This is an awfully small cloth though…”


The things Kevin took out.

It was one trial product of Brassiere.

The other one was panties. Moreover it was a T-back.


“Lord kevin, what is this piece of cloth?”


Perhaps unable to understand the T-back that he saw for the first time, the feudal lord asked Kevin. 

Putting his upper body on the table, Kevin secretly whispered into the feudal lord’s ear.


“I see! Hey, please stand up and turn your back for a little bit!”


Having heard its wearing method from Kevin, the feudal lord had his wife stand up and turn her back to him.


The feudal lord’s wife’s clothes today was a halter neck that concealed her chest armor. The front part showed a rich bulge, but it did not have so much seductiveness.

Receiving her husband’s words, the feudal lord’s wife stood up and turned her back.

Her bare back was displayed.

It must have been custom-made. It was covered by her dress, but a beautiful line was uncovered from buttocks to her feet.

Unconsciously, Yuuji swallowed his saliva.

“Fuwaa~” Alice and Riese was amazed with similar expression.


“I see, this underwear would certainly make this line invisible! Hm, well done!”


While saying so, the feudal lord traced the line that stood out in the light clothing worn by his wife, as if checking it.

A sigh leaked out of the feudal lord’s wife.


“Geez, dear. we are in front of our guests”


The feudal lord’s wife looked up to her husband with moist eyes and cheeks dyed red.


“Ye- yes. Lord Kevin, we will take these two. Please accept the money from the magistrate there. We have finished our business, so if you excuse us!”


The two small pieces of cloth in hand and his hand his wife’s back, feudal lord Fabian Pasteur exited the room after his hurried greetings. What was their business? What are they going to do?


Kevin and Yuuji dumbfoundedly saw them off.

What was in the hearts of the two was not envy.


“Aah, Mr Enzo… Sorry, it looks like you won’t be able to put them on Ivonne-chan…”


They felt sorry for the former adventurers party scout Enzo, a fellow bachelor.

In any case.

It seems Yuuji finished his first conversation with the feudal lord favorably.


But perhaps the feudal lord couple’s business did not end favorably. Setting the T-back aside, the bra had the wrong size. But then again, the prototype bra for some reason was a half-cup and the reason he left unsatisfied was… that he probably must have had other plans, surely.


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