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Vol 11 Chapter 2

Bulletin Board

Yuuji, consulting about the methods to take down a wyvern


[Spring has come!] I kind of got to another world along with my house when I went out of my house after 10 years part 47 [Is Kevin still not here!?]


1: Anonymous ETNE

This is the thread where you can enjoy the information, images and videos [Yuuji] uploaded from another world!

Questions like “Is this really another world? How did he make them?” 

go to the verification thread. 


The snow has melted and spring finally visits the pioneer land!

It should soon come alive again after Mr Kevin comes.

I’m already tired of plain winters!


And so…

I got 1st post in both the first and second thread since moving the site!

Ah, reproduction is forbidden!


[From Gunji law office]

In the case that images/videos that are uploaded in this thread are used without permission, in any media or circumstances, I will take legal actions.

For information and inquiries, please contact Gunji Law Office.




The NEET posting >>900 opens the next thread.


14 : Anonymous NEET


Again with the old jokes like bots getting 3rd posts…

It’s full of old men here isn’t it!


15 : Anonymous NEET

Is it fine here?


16 : Anonymous MEAT


This is the new bulletin board for Yuuji!

We have already used one thread! 


17 : Anonymous NEET

Well, it’s consistent in ease of use

There were no strange registration either

By the way, what does Cerisier mean?


18 : Anonymous ETNE


Welcome new member!

It’s a catalogue mail order company!


19 : Anonymous NEET


Teasing isn’t cool!

They said it’s french for “Cherry tree” 

Yuuji’s sister Sakura-san proposed this 

when we were deciding the name of the village


20 : Yuuji

Mr Kevin has come!

And so I have something I want to discuss again though…

It seems we’re going to be fighting the wyvern on the pioneer land

The people of the former adventurers party said they can kill it if we can 

make it drop down to a place where swords and spears can reach

Don’t we have a good method for this?


21 : Anonymous NEET

Mr Kevin is hereーーーーー!!!

Also Yuuji


22 : Anonymous NEET

Hey it’s your turn, battle maniacs!


23 : YES Lolita NO Touch

Something like a bird that’s just big

Insta kill it with Alice-chan’s magic!



It should be wind magic when speaking of elves!

Have Riese-chan turn that into wind spirit-like that

with her magic!


25 : Anonymous NEET


That’s like Deedo (TL Possibly Deedlit from Record of Lodoss War?)


26 : Anonymous NEET



She’s not a high elf, you know.

Her magic doesn’t look like the spirit system either.

Also, Riese-chan said her strong point is water and earth right?


27 : Prof Acorn

Can magic hit them from inside the mystery barrier in the first place?

How’s that part like, Yuuji?


28 : Cool NEET

Don’t be in a rush everyone

First is what kind of behavioral pattern the wyvern has

Yuuji, the information


29 : Anonymous NEET

Well, it could also be a mid-boss level one

What will it be Yuuji?


30 : Yuuji


Riese is strong with water magic and earth magic

It seems there are many elves who are strong in wind magic,

but it looks like Riese is a little weak at it


I can attack from inside the mystery barrier

Weapons, bow and arrow and magic works

It’s just, I’ve reported it before too, but

It’s difficult to bring weapons inside the mystery barrier

Probably, it’s kind of impossible if it’s not something planned to be 

“Property of the residents inside”

Everyone of the verification thread that time, thank you!

It’s finally looking useful!


The wyvern is the no Breath, poisonous pattern one!

They said it mainly attacks with its poisonous tail while flying

They said it’s looking for a feeding ground because we annihilated the goblins

It may reach the point where it would come here every spring or something


31 : Anonymous NEET


That’s why I said not to exterminate it and maintain a goblin farm instead!


32 : Anonymous NEET

It’s for the sake of raising your rank too right!?

Goblin farm & orc farm!


33 : Citizen 1 of the tested land


Shut up you savages!

Farm management is super difficult, you know!


34 : Anonymous NEET


Now that’s a name with persuasive power…


35 : Anonymous ETNE

Letting a dragon flying in the sky?

Flashing pods, Yuuji!

Don’t forget to compound them if it’s male!


36 : Anonymous MEAT

It’s mainly a land battle if it’s female after all

Having plenty of them will be alright!

Watch out for its moonsaults!


37 : Anonymous NEET


What place are you a hunter from, really…

Well, wouldn’t Yuuji’s flash be effective?

What if he throws a stone or something and makes that shine?


38 : Overwhelmingly dog person

Hold you all

If it’s wind magic…

We have Kotarou-san then, don’t we!

Fly, Kotarou!


39 : Anonymous NEET


What is a dog (Philosophy


40 : Anonymous NEET


So the fight against Guilmas, huh!

The limits to running in the air is one or two steps, right?

Isn’t a wyvern tough?


41 Anonymous NEET

Dog… DOG?


42 : Anonymous NEET


Don’t think!



43 : Well-informed NEET

Anti-air battle, huh

What about the existence and acquisition of ballistas, cannons and catapults?

Also if it’s a bird, there are many species that can’t fly off if they have bad underfooting

Seeing that it could fly with that size in the first place,

Is it using magic?

There are many cases where birds of large sizes would gain an initial velocity

By flying off from a high place though…


44 : Anonymous NEET


Like always the mysterious information!

But there crossbows, so

There are ballistas right?

They’re pretty much the same thing right?


45 : Yuuji


It looks like there are ballistas

Wyverns have attacked Premie city before, but I heard

it was easily brought down by brute force of number of bows and ballistas

Catapults are unknown, cannons seems unlikely

But I think it’s impossible to obtain one right now

It’ll be kind of that if it’s discovered by the wyvern on the trails too…


46 : Camera Ossan

Aah, and it’s such an ideal filming opportunity…

Yuuji, does the mystery barrier go as far as the skies?

It won’t be a laughing matter if you let it invade you from above, you know?


47 : Anonymous NEET



48 :YES Lolita NO Touch

How about it, Yuuji!

Depending on the situation, I will take Alice-chan into custody here!


49 : Former talented salesman


Aren’t you too excited, hey!

We wouldn’t have struggled if we could do that, don’t you think!


50 : Kemona Lv. MAX

What do you think you’re going to do, taking her into custody?

Ah, Yuuji, I’ll look after the beastkin family, okay?


51 : Clothes group member A

Get out, you perverts!


52 : In charge of the verification thread’s video


You winner’s group get out too!

Message me when your part-time job is finished, you bastard!


53 : Anonymous NEET


Your casual kindness is cool!


55 : Yuuji


I’ve checked it with stones and arrows before

The mystery barrier goes all the way to the sky!


56 : Cool NEET

Chaos like always, huh?

-Dazzling it with Yuuji’s light magic

-Attack the wings with bow and arrows and magic

-Once on the ground, don’t let them fly with mud (There’s chance it can fly with magic)

Is there anything else?


57 Anonymous NEET

Wouldn’t a bait be effective after all?

Look, right now there are the criminal slaves in road construction, right?


58 : Anonymous NEET


Oh, you savage!

Get the criminal slaves on their feet

The wyvern attacks

They throw a net on the wyvern

Fire magic and arrows without caring about friendly fire

And the former adventurers party for the finishing blow 

Perfect, ain’t it!


59 : Well-informed NEET

Milk the criminal slaves dry, huh…

That’s certainly valid, but isn’t that impossible for Yuuji?

But I think a casting net would be a good move

A bola or lasso or something close to it should be effective


60 : Anonymous NEET

No, it’s fantasy, so

Won’t we be able to manage that part with magic?

Like, what about a downburst-like thingy, or

conversely an aviation magic like Fly or something

Even if we don’t go that far, what about fire arrow like something?


61 : Anonymous ETNE

Okay Yuuji, show Alice-chan anime!




Always Riese-chan too!

Magical little girl and magical girl!


63 : Anonymous NEET

Is a nine year old… a little girl?


64 : Anonymous NEET

You cut down enough trees in the winter right?

What if you put them up and connect each other with rope like utility poles?

Even if it tries to avoid it you would be able to 

make it fall with its flying speed, right?


65 : Anonymous NEET

And so, wooden utility poles stand in a row in the other world!


66 : Overwhelmingly dog person


When I imagined it, I visualised Kotarou flying around between the ropes


67 : Anonymous NEET

… I’m bothered because that’s likely


68 : Cool NEET

-Dazzling it with Yuuji’s light magic

-Investigate whether if we can make it fall with magic by consulting with Mr Kevin and Riese-chan

-Attack the wings with bow and arrows and magic

-Once on the ground, don’t let them fly with mud (There’s chance it can fly with magic)

-Obstruct it by putting up wooden stakes in shape of a utility pole and with ropes

-Obstruct their flight with a casting net, bola and lasso and the like

That sums it up, huh?

I told you this is about as much as telling them to create castle siege weapons…


69 : Well-informed NEET


No, we’re not attacking a castle, alright?

This is defense, alright?

Yuuji, at any rate, consult magic with Mr Kevin and Riese-chan

Next, try asking Mr Thomas what they can make apart from 

having them make arrows and wooden posts


70 : Yuuji

Thanks everyone!

We have my plot for the time being too

And the residential complex is fairly sturdy too

So I’ll try preparing them while consulting with the pioneer citizens!

I’ll come again if there’s any development!


71 : Anonymous NEET

Don’t you dye Yuuji!


72 : Infra worker

Before you dye, teach Alice-chan how to

film and photograph and how to use the PC, okay!


73 : Anonymous NEET

Don’t be deceived you all!

Look, they can win just by rapid-firing arrows and magic

From inside the safe barrier, can’t they?

Isn’t this actually easy?


74 : Anonymous NEET


75 : Clothes group member B

I, I knew about that!


76 : Anonymous NEET

Lo- look, there’s no way we can let a wounded animal escape, right?


77 : Citizen 2 of the tested land

That’s right

A brown bear who was escaped injured is dangerous

If you’re going to do it, then you have to kill it


78 : Anonymous NEET


That time when it doesn’t seem like a joke due to your user name


79 : In charge of verification thread’s video

Yuuji, don’t forget to record it!

Aah dammit, I want to send in at least the equipment…

<<| TOC |>>



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6 thoughts on “Hiki-NEET Vol 11 Chapter 2

  1. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    63 : Anonymous NEET

    Is a nine year old… a little girl?

    I feel like something is went missing in translation.

    That aside, the barrier has to stop somewhere, right?
    The ozone layer? Just beyond the atmosphere?

    1. Yeah, he was questioning whether a nine year old is a girl or a little/young girl. The definition itself(幼女: youjou) is a step below 少女(shoujou) which you see more often refered to girls who are not yet adult. Youjou is probably what you call those in the first few years of elementary school.

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