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Vol 11 Chapter 1

Yuuji, hearing the news of the wyvern from Kevin


Yuuji, Alice and Riese.

The three were talking leisurely in front of the fence dividing the pioneer land and the forest.

Kotarou, who was being on guard around her at a place slightly away from them, raised her head and moved her ears with twitches.

Kotarou shifted her eyes towards the trails connecting to the city and barked. It was like she was saying Yuuji, somebody is here.

Affirmation when barking once to their question and negation when barking twice. Yuuji trained Kotarou with that, but as a result, the times Kotarou barked increased. She was noisy. But that cannot be helped. Kotarou had no choice but to make sound more often in order to avoid being misunderstood as a negation or affirmation.


“What’s wrong, Kotarou? Hm? Is someone coming? Could it be Mr Kevin?”


Seeing Kotarou barking towards the trails, Yuuji too looked at the trails.

When he waited for a little while, the figures of over ten people could be seen eventually.


“Hmm, the one leading them looks like Mr Kevin. There’s somehow a lot of them, but I wonder what happened…. Heey, Mr Kevin!”


When Yuuji greatly waved his hand, Kevin who was spearheading the advance, seemed to have noticed him.


“Huh? Aren’t they in a rush for some reason?”


Yuuji tilted his head to such a state.

Beside Yuuji, Alice too tilted her small head.

Spring of the fifth year since Yuuji came to this world.

Kevin’s planned visit brought about unforeseen news.


“I’m glad everyone has been brought here along safely! Mr Yuuji, looking at you, all of the pioneer citizens are safe, aren’t they?”

“Eh? Everyone’s fine though… Mr Kevin. Did something happen?”

“Well… this time I’ve brought the woodworkers and the master, because they wanted to come here early at any cost, but… we happened to see a wyvern on the way, you see. Moreover it seems to be looking for food”

“Aah, it’s because it’s spring isn’t it? Every year around this time the wyvern would fly over here, grab a goblin and fly away”

“That’s right, you did say that Mr Yuuji… By the way Mr Yuuji, do you remember the fight in autumn?”

“Oh please Mr Kevin, how could I forget that? We took Riese in custody after that, and we haven’t received remuneration at the adventurers guild yet either!”

“Mr Yuuji… do you remember the monsters we went against? Have you encountered those monsters since then?”

“It was a goblin and orc village wasn’t it? We exterminated them together with everyone, so we no longer caught any sights of goblins or orcs in the winter and none this spring either…ah”

“That is right. Even along the road back from the pioneer land at the end, we did not encounter any goblins and orcs either. The wyvern flew here in search for food in that state”


Perhaps finally understanding him, Yuuji opened his eyes wide.

At Yuuji’s feet, Kotarou stared in wonder as well. She looked like she was surprised. She was a wise woman. She was a dog though.

On the other hand, Alice did not seem to understand it well yet. She was staring in puzzlement.

Riese, who joined hands with her, did not understand the circumstances. She learned simple words of the local language, but it still seems to be difficult to understand the conversation of Yuuji and Kevin.


“Mr Kevin, could this by any chance be bad?”

“Yes it is. There is a possibility that this place will be aimed at if we are discovered by the wyvern. That said, we hurried over to here since it would be terrible if we were discovered on our way here”

“Oh I see so it was because of that…”


Said Yuuji, and pointed a fleeting glimpse towards the residential complex.

The place where Yuuji and Kevin were having a conversation was a part of the garden near his house.

Kevin’s escort, now that the wyvern may come,, did not want to let go of his weapon and was vigilant in front of the gate without entering Yuuji’s plot.

Blaise, the former adventurers party leader, heard the circumstances from Kevin and guided the pioneer citizens inside the residential complex first. Unlike Yuuji, he understood the situation with the few words of “The wyvern is looking for food” that Kevin informed him of. He was an excellent man. Well, he would not have been able to become a third rank adventurer if he did not have this level of excellence though.

The pioneer citizens took refuge inside the residential complex. The master woodworker and his group that Kevin had brought were also there.

However, there were still men outside.

They were setting up a temporary tent in order to make use of the first protective wall that was created with the wooden fence. Seven men met Kevin on the trails and were brought here because it was an emergency. The two adventurers who picked a fight with Yuuji at the adventurers guild and ordered to do road construction service and five criminal slaves. They were colleagues of the woodcutter and monkey.

Though it was a state of emergency, it was impossible to let criminal slaves stay at the same place. They were taken care of, but at a distance where they could take care of them even if they were to get involved in something. By Kevin’s instructions, they had been supplied one person tents that they used up to autumn.

It may seem cold, but this was on the gentler side as far as this world’s treatment towards criminal slaves goes. 

The four man former adventurers party approached Yuuji and Kevin who were deep in talk. It appears the first instruction had been finished. The four were armed to the teeth. Due to “those holding weapons cannot enter” their feet stopped outside the mystery barrier, in front of the gates to Yuuji house, similar to Kevin’s escort.


“Mr Yuuji, first of all everyone has gone indoors. The woodworkers Mr Kevin brought in too. Decide what to do from now on”


Who called out to Yuuji was the party leader Blaise.

It appears that it has been decided that Yuuji will be taking command of the second defensive battle as this pioneer land’s defense captain.


“Mr Blaise, about how strong is a wyvern? Can we win with our current military strength?”

“About how strong, huh… well, we can kill it if it can’t fly to a high place though…”

“Is that so… Like, could it use Breath?”

“Breath? No, a wyvern’s main attack is with its tail. Also it would attack by biting and with its rear legs I guess. Its tail has poison so that’s troublesome. It would endlessly come attacking with its tail at a height where swords and spears won’t reach and everything but bows are useless”

“No Breath and the poisonous pattern, huh…”


Yuuji muttered in a whisper.

Kotarou, who was at Yuuji’s feet, looked at him with eyes that looked like it was saying oh dear Yuuji, so you know about it well, don’t you, I’m seeing you in a better light now.  

But It was not that Yuuji knew. Whenever he reported the existence of the wyvern flying over there in spring every year, the bulletin board residents discussed it. Wyverns were famous in fantasy, but it was a monster where its strength is varied, from strong ones who are venomous or can do Breath to weak ones who were just big.


“In the first place, why only spring? Do you two happen to know anything?”

“It appears that wyvern children would hunt independently when they leave the nest. Their intelligence should not be significant, but what could their behavior be”

“Eh… Then, does it mean that the ones flying here every spring is a different one? No, if we defeat its children, then wouldn’t its parents come for revenge?”

“Mr Yuuji, that won’t happen. There are occasionally those who would come flying to the city, probably because they were playing with something. One came in and was killed by violence of several ballistas and bow and arrows, and that was the end. I don’t know if they are a species who don’t flock together or are emotionless though…”


Kevin told Yuuji about a new spring tradition. He was not happy. Well, if it was the former world where Yuuji was at, it would have become a tourist attracting however.


“I’m generally speaking. We’ll manage somehow if it doesn’t fly to a high place. We have bows and arrows and also Alice’s magic. If we can take it down with bows and arrows and magic to a height where our swords can reach, we’ll be able to kill them with our party though…”

“So the problem is how we’re going to bring the wyvern down if we’re discovered by the wyvern then…”

“Mr Yuuji, please consider me and my exclusive escort as military strength as well. Also, because I have brought woodworkers including their master, I think we could have them immediately work on something like a place to take refuge in inside the residential complex”

“Thank you very much, Mr Kevin. I’ll think about the strategy for a bit, so first of all please make sure not to let anyone go outside as much as possible for today. I’m leaving it to you too please, Mr Blaise”

“Sure, leave it to me. Well, it is easy to drive the wyvern away if it comes here. It either won’t notice this pioneer land unexpectedly or our party will easily kill it!”


Former adventurers party leader Blaise hit his chest and smiled meaningfully.

Seeing that figure, Kotarou barked *Wan wan*. As if saying, you do like raising flags like always don’t you?


In any case.

First, Yuuji, Kevin and Blaise went their ways headed to their place.

Kevin and Blaise went to the residential complex where the pioneer citizens and the woodworker he brought in were taking refuge.

Yuuji went to his house where Alice and Riese were waiting.


Yuuji went in front of the PC where the bulletin board residents were waiting.


How to bring the wyvern’s altitude down or how to shoot it down to the ground.


With the information he got out of Kevin and Blaise in hand, he immediately went to consult about it.



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