Hiki-NEET Vol 11 Prologue

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Vol 11

Pioneer leader-cum-village head-cum-defense captain Yuuji also serves as elven convoy captain



The evening of april 12th of Japan’s calendar.

Yuuji was watching his PC.

Alice and Riese had been together with him up until some time ago, but both of them were defeated by their sleepiness and were now sleeping soundly in Sakura’s room.


“The responses when Alice and Riese posted were so funny”


Yuuji muttered in monologue.

Perhaps hearing Yuuji’s voice, Kotarou slowly stood up and climbed up Yuuji who was sitting in the chair.


“Oh Kotarou, what’s wrong? Are you worrying about me? You’re so gentle”


Yuuji gently stroked Kotarou’s head. 

He then shifted his attention to the PC again.

Projected on it was the campfire at Utsunomiya forest park lake shore.

Due to the sound being a strange scraping sound, Yuuji seemed to have turned off the sound.


“If I look at it this way, then our side and the other side haven’t changed! Right, Kotarou?”


Yuuji spoke while rubbing Kotarou’s head

Kotarou’s face turned strange by Yuuji’s hand, but Kotarou’s eyes looked worrisome.


On Kotarou’s fur, that was washed in the bath in the evening, fell drops of water.


A quiet short spring evening.

The fourth year since Yuuji came to the other world finished, and his fifth year had started.


“Morning, Alice and Riese!”


Yuuji sat on the sofa in the living room and looked at the garden where nobody was in.

The sole cherry tree that was planted in the garden fully bloomed this year as well.


“Morning~ Yuuji-nii!”



Alice and Riese returned their greetings as they entered the living room. They both spoke in the local language. It was just a single winter, but Riese too seems to have learned at least the greetings without problems.


“Yuuji-nii, what are we going to do today? Alice wants to camp overnight again!”

“Oh, so you took a liking to it~? But Mr Kevin may come anytime soon, so how about we look around the pioneer land today!”

“Uhm~, okay!”


Around the time they welcomed the thawing, Yuuji, Alice, Riese and Kotarou resumed the construction of the irrigation ditch.

Because it was no longer a day-trip distance, they gave up in the snow piled winter.

Yuuji took out his tent that once belonged to a hiking club and in two days and a night, the three and a dog headed to their construction work connecting the irrigation ditch to the river in two times. Well, although one might call it construction work, it was just Alice and Riese rapid-firing magic until they ran out of magic power however.

It appears that Alice seems to have enjoyed the camping afterwards more than the irrigation ditch construction.


“Morning Marcel! Is the construction of the field going well?”

“Good morning, Master Yuuji. Yes, it’s going well thanks to everyone! It looks like this year we will be able to enlarge the farmland by quite a lot”


Having finished their breakfast, Yuuji, Alice, Riese and Kotarou left the grounds of their house together.

Who they caught sight of first was Marcel directing the construction of the field after it thawed. Yuuji’s slave, dogkin Marcel, together with his catkin wife Nina, fellow dogkin Mark and the former adventurers party of four, was beginning their construction of the field today as well. 


Around last year’s autumn, the pioneer land had enough harvest that could get fifteen pioneer citizens through the winter. With the former adventurers party of four making full use of their physical ability, this year it would seem to expand even more.

They would eventually be unable to provide for the pioneer citizens though, since they would welcome the second pioneer group before long.


Alice and Riese greeted the seven who happened to be present. The two girls were thoroughly popular.

Kotarou was beside them, accompanying them as if she was their escort. As if to say, if you’re making a move on who I consider my younger sisters, then I won’t just leave you be. She was a helpful woman, though a dog.


“Good morning, Mr Thomas!”

“Aah, Mr Yuuji! Morning-su!”


Leaving the beastkin household and the former adventurers party of four, Yuuji, Alice, Riese and Kotarou walked on the pioneer land.

Who they encountered next were woodworker Thomas and his two assistants. Fence construction, house construction, arrow production, simple furniture, tool production etc; the woodworker team were playing a very active role in the pioneer land.

They were now making an effort in building the foundation of the seamster’s workplace and the second residential complex. All the while saying “My boss will come soon-su, so I will get scolded if I don’t finish the preliminary arrangements-su.” 

Incidentally, it seems they were struggling hard in learning the “marquetry” that aroused the woodworkers’ interests and the conventional Japanese construction method that does not use metal fittings. Even if they understood the way to construct it in theory, implementing it requires skill. However, the discussions and practice that unfolded among the woodworker team seems to be increasing their skills.


Yuuji and the others loitered around the pioneer land, and saw a woman.

That woman was sitting down on a well-lit tree stump and was writing down something on a wooden board with a pencil like thing made from soot.

By providing books to study the writing and reading of the local language that Yuuji received from Kevin, the pioneer citizen’s literacy rate increased.

Nowadays most of the residents were able to do simple reading and writing. The one who was learning it zealously among them was the former adventurers party scout Enzo. You will be popular if you can read and write, ah right, I wonder if I should try writing a letter to my dear Ivonne, he said. He was a hardworking single middle-aged man.


“Mrs Yurshelle, what are you writing?”

“Aah, Mr Yuuji! I have realized! That the dress Mr Kevin is going to give won’t be perfect if I don’t adjust it after having the person herself wear it! That’s why I have to go with Mr Kevin when he is going to the royal capital! But if I do so, then Valeri would end up teaching the seamster candidates, right? So I’m writing to him to teach them here!”


Who passionately talked to Yuuji was the female seamster in the pioneer land, Yurshelle.

The dress made of the silk that Kevin brought in was complete. But just as Yurshelle had said, it is necessary to correct the dress to fit her figure. Furthermore, this was a design first in this world. Whatever one’s technique, it was not something that can be tailored so simply by unknown people. 


“Re- really… But what if you wait until Mr Kevin comes? He may possibly bring her here to put it on, so…”

“What are you saying, Mr Yuuji! It’s the royal capital you know, the royal capital! The chances to go to the royal capital is rare, you know!”


It appears this woman was planning to go to the royal capital with Kevin’s money under the pretext of tailoring the dress. Of course there was also her pride as the manufacturer to finish it until the end by herself though. And so naturally, she seems to be thinking to have Valleri, now her husband, stay at home.

As usual, it’s a pioneer land with strong women.


Leaving Yurshelle, Yuuji, Alice, Riese and Kotarou were alone in front of the fence acting as the border between the pioneer land and the forest.


“Yup, the pioneering is going well! Or is it? Today’s a fine weather too, so how about we take it easy here for a bit!”


“Yay~!” Alice jumped up and down. Beside her, Riese too smiled happily.

Kotarou barked “Wan wan”. It was like she was saying how thoughtful of Yuuji, considering it’s him.


It became spring, and the piled up snow melted away.

It would not be strange for Kevin to come soon.

Would Riese end up going or would the elf come from the royal capital? They still did not know clearly, but it would soon be time for Riese to begin going back to the elven village.

It appears that Yuuji, who freed himself from being a socially withdrawn NEET and now became a pioneer leader, reached the point where he could worry about people.


Seven households and fifteen people.

Spring, the pioneer land was peaceful today as well as it reached spring.

Ever since they had destroyed the goblins, orcs and the monster village, it was sort of peaceful where they encounter nothing but animals.



Before long, the pioneer land’s peace will once again be broken.

Due to Kevin’s news as he turned up in the pioneer land.


Four years have passed since Yuuji came to this world, now spring of the fifth year.


The turbulent fifth year raises its curtain.


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